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How Does The Amazon Affiliate Program Work

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Receive Your Affiliate Link And Marketing Tools

How Does The Amazon Affiliate Program Work

Once youve been accepted to an affiliate program, youll be given an unique affiliate link and marketing tools. Youll also be able to check statistics on how well youre doing in your affiliate dashboard. Lets break it down.

Affiliate Link

Every affiliate has a unique affiliate link. This is how the merchant can link sales or leads to you and compensate you accordingly.

A typical affiliate link may look something like this:


Try to shorten or cloak your affiliate link, for the following reasons:

  • To make it look better / shorter.
    • You can use Bitly to shorten your affiliate links.
    • Where possible, dont post the naked URL, e.g. merchant.com/?aff=name. Rather use anchor text. Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a HTML hyperlink.
    • If youre using WordPress.org as your blog platform, use a plugin such as PrettyLinks or ThirstyAffiliates to cloak and shorten your affiliate links.
  • Some people dont like clicking on affiliate links.
  • Customers dont pay more for a product if they find the merchant via an affiliate link. However, for one or other reason, some people just dont like clicking on affiliate links.

    Different merchants have different cookie lengths. Normally a cookie will last for at least 30 days. So, even if a customer only makes a purchase 30 days later youll normally still earn a commission.

    Note there are exceptions to the above explanation about cookies.

    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Affiliate Dashboard

    How Much Can You Earn From Amazon Commissions

    Theres no set amount of money you can earn from Amazon commissions it varies depending on factors like how many links you put on your site, how much traffic your site gets, and how relevant the product links are to your content.

    That said, Amazon does offer fixed commission income rates, which are varied amounts for different categories. For example, if you get someone to buy a home improvement product, you earn 3% of the profits from that sale. But for a video game product, you earn 1%.

    While it can be tempting to promote products based solely on how much youll earn from them, be sure not to promote things that have no relevance to your company.

    Get Ready And Focus On The Holidays

    We all know that the holiday season is crazy for anyone who has a business that sells products Search traffic is up, and conversion rates are higher than ever.

    Make sure that you get ready for the holiday season since thats when you can make most of your sales. Get busy two months before Christmas, but dont forget about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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    Should You Move Things To Consider

    Knowing the pros and cons of Amazon Associates doesnt actually help you determine whether or not you should move away from the program.

    Yes, there may be other programs that offer better Amazon commission terms and plans, such as longer cookie lengths, etc. But, there are a few other things to keep in mind before making your decision so you can make sure that youre actually getting the best deal.

    You must assess your business model, and to help you make a more informed decision, Ive listed a few of the important factors to consider before deciding whether or not you should consider a different affiliate program.

    How To Use Amazon Associates To Bring You Affiliate Income

    How does the Amazon Affiliate program work?

    Ive had a lot of people on my list and in my ask me about affiliate marketing and passive income.

    So I wanted to create this tutorial on Amazon Associates because I think its one of the easiest entry points to becoming an affiliate marketer.

    Amazon Associates is easy to join, they approve almost everyone, they sell just about everything, and you can start promoting Amazon links right away.

    NOTE: How much you make each month depends a ton on the traffic you bring to your blog and the size of your list.

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    Amazon Affiliate Eligibility Guidelines

    Amazon has strict policies on where its services and products can be advertised. Websites or platforms that do not qualify to be affiliates are referred to as unsuitable sites. If you are planning to become an Amazon affiliate, you need to make sure that your platform or website DOES NOT:

  • Promote or contain sexually explicit or obscene materials
  • Promote violence or contain violent materials
  • Promote or contain false, deceptive, or defamatory materials
  • Promote or contain content that is hateful, harassing, harmful, invasive of anothers privacy, abusive, or in any way discriminatory
  • Promote or are involved in illegal activities
  • Violate any intellectual property rights
  • Additionally, your websites and content should not be directed toward children. It should not collect or disclose information about children under 13 years of age It should be compliant with all local child protection laws.

    Who Is Eligible To Be An Amazon Affiliate

    Amazon is open to affiliates from all over the world. You dont need to pay a registration fee to join, nor do you need to maintain a quota to earn your commissions. Once Amazon approves your application to be an affiliate, you can advertise their goods right away.

    You will just need a suitable medium for promoting Amazon products and services.

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    Start Making Your Links

    Finally, you will need to create Amazon affiliate links that you can use to send your visitors to Amazon.

    You should have a personal homepage that you can use to track your performance dashboard.

    This will also give you a summary of your total clicks, the total amount of money you have made, and give you access to the information you can use to follow trends over time.

    It is relatively easy to create a link using the Amazon Associate program.

    You simply must click on the product linking area in the top banner, add the ASIN of the product or service, then click the button to generate a link.

    You May Be Able To Upgrade Into An Fba Site

    How Does the Amazon Affiliate Program Work-Your Questions Answered

    When you use Amazon Associates, you are able to track which of your listed products are selling best through your website. If you have a particular product that works really well with your niche, you may be able to turn your affiliate site into a . Read more about this and how to do it further down.

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    Explain Your Marketing Strategies

    You need a plan for how youll market the products to earn commissions. Thats why youll be asked for this information when filling in your account details.

    The questions are pretty straightforward and aim to narrow down your marketing strategies. Try to answer these as accurately as possible to increase your chances of approval.

    What Not To Do With Amazon Associates

    The ways to promote your Amazon affiliate links are limited only by your imagination, creativity, and, of course, Amazons operating agreement.

    Stay out of trouble by avoiding these donts:

    • Dont use email to promote your Amazon affiliate links.
    • Dont download and use images from Amazons website. Instead, use the SiteStripe tool or the product linking Amazon provides. This way, you will be in compliance, and your image will link directly to Amazon.
    • Dont copy and paste prices from Amazons website. Prices change, and Amazon does not want you potentially misleading customers. Also, avoid language like click here for the best price as this could be a false statement if another website has the product cheaper than Amazon. Again, use the linking tools Amazon provides. Something to consider: provide a link stating check on Amazon instead of actual prices. People may click out of curiosity, versus if you provided the price they would have moved on. Remember, the cookie lasts 24 hours.
    • Dont use pop-up ads to promote affiliate links.
    • Avoid using Amazons star ratings .
    • Dont copy and/or use Amazons customer reviews.
    • Failing to disclose your affiliation is a no-no.

    That last one is big.

    Its essential to be honest and transparent with your readers. You need to disclose as clearly as possible that you earn commissions from your product links.

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    How Much Does The Amazon Affiliate Program Pay

    You can earn, on average, from $100 to $20,000 from the Amazon Affiliate program, depending on how many referrals you generate for Amazon. The Amazon Affiliate program operates on a commission basis, meaning youll make a percentage per sale.

    The commission rate differs depending on the product category. For instance, if you run an automotive blog, you can earn 4.50% from each sale. If you sell three car parts at $1,000 each in one day, youd make $135 from those three transactions. If you sell the same product 30 times per month, youd make $1,350 every month.

    In the beginning of your Amazon Associate journey, the numbers can skew on the low side, so be sure to have another form of income in addition to being an Amazon Associate.

    Before signing up on the platform, its important to review the . That way, you can calculate how much you can potentially earn depending on your websites niche.

    Types Of Affiliate Programs

    How does the Amazon Affiliate program work?

    If you’re looking to promote your products or services, there are a few affiliate programs you can consider. When choosing an affiliate program, you’ll want to keep in mind the avenues or platforms where your audience spends the majority of their time. For instance, does your buyer persona typically read blog posts, scroll Facebook, or use search engines when researching new products?

    Alternatively, is your buyer persona someone who’s always looking for a good deal, and would appreciate a link on a coupon site? Or are they more interested in doing tons of research before purchasing, making your promotion efforts more worthwhile on a review site?

    While those are questions you’ll have to consider for yourself, let’s take a look at some general types of affiliate programs so you can begin brainstorming potential avenues for your own marketing efforts:

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    Amazon Affiliate Program: Getting Paid

    Profits earned from Amazons affiliate program are paid approximately 60 days following the end of each calendar month.

    Payments can be made by direct deposit, by check or via Amazon gift card. The payment option you select plays a role in how often youll receive payment because Amazon has a minimum payment amount for each type, as indicated below.

  • Direct deposit: If you choose to receive payments via direct deposit, youll need to provide Amazon with your banking information, which includes the bank name, account number and other identifying information. Amazon will hold payment until you earn the payment minimum of $10.
  • Check: For payment by check, you need to supply Amazon with only a mailing address. Amazon will hold your payment until you reach the minimum payment of $100 + a $15 check-processing fee.
  • Amazon gift card: For this payment method, Amazon will send gift cards to the primary email address on your account in the amount youve earned. Fees will be held until you reach the payment minimum of $10.
  • Test Out Amazon Fba Potential

    If you have considered getting involved with a Fulfilment by Amazon business, an Amazon affiliate site may work as one possible route into this. The FBA business model essential works with you providing and selling a product, while Amazon stores and ships it for you. They charge a fee, but in return you also benefit from their excellent delivery times and customer service.

    If you start selling the product youd like to turn into your FBA business as an Amazon Associate product first, you can gather real data about the demand for the product. And if you manage to turn it into your star seller, then you have a great indicator that your FBA business will be a success. As well as a stream of ready-targeted traffic in the right niche.

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    What Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing

    The is one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world. Members of the program add customized links to their websites that drive traffic back to Amazon. Then they earn a commission for every visitor that goes on to make a purchase on Amazon within 24 hours of using that link.

    Alternatively, the affiliate marketing platform, Refersion, recently launched , a solution for both eCommerce brands and affiliates that want to connect with new audiences and drive revenue. In contrast to the Amazon Associates Program, Amazon Affiliate Marketing empowers affiliates with the benefits of higher average commission rates, tailored campaign structures, and an extended 15-day window to get paid for more conversions on their unique link.

    Youve likely seen Amazon affiliate links around the web when researching products yourself. Sites like Wirecutter and ConsumerSearch are built on affiliate marketing and regularly feature affiliate links for Amazon.

    If you have a website that generates a decent amount of traffic, you could get in on the action as well.

    How To Add Affiliate Links To Your Blog

    How does Amazon affiliate work

    There are lots of ways that you can add your Amazon affiliate links to your blog.

    The easiest way to add links is to include contextual links. These are products that you mention in passing because they are relevant to what youre talking about, but they are not the start of the show.

    For example, if youre writing a post about working from home, you might mention your new coffee machine that makes amazing coffee that helps you start your day right. Then you would add a link to that coffee machine when you mention it, and thats it.

    Another really popular way of including links on your blog is to write product reviews. This will only work if you actually own and use the product that you are reviewing because your review has to be in-depth and helpful to the reader. And ideally, it needs to reflect your experience with that product, with a focus on the benefits you get from it personally.

    Note: Its against Amazons terms to use reviews left by other buyers, it must be an original review by you.

    And last but not least, you can create gift guides or round-up posts to showcase multiple Amazon products in one post.

    All in all, Amazons affiliate program is a tool that any blogger can use to make money with their blog and it has the potential to be a great earner if you know what youre doing! So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up for an account today and make your first affiliate sale!



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    Lower Commissions Than Other Affiliate Programs

    Amazon typically offers lower commissions than many other affiliate programs. ClickBank for example, an affiliate market for digital information products and software, offers up to 80% commission for certain products and stock products worth several hundred dollars. CJ Affiliate also lists many branded products with high commission rates at around 10%.

    How Amazon Affiliate Program Works

    Most people who have access to the internet know that Amazon is the biggest online marketplace in the world. There are millions of products with over 100 million buyers only from the USA. This creates a lot of opportunities for bloggers and other entrepreneurs.

    One of these opportunities is Amazon Associates, which is the affiliate program of the company. It allows you to promote any product from the marketplace without owning it or asking permission from the original seller, and you earn a commission from each referred sale.

    You refer to those sales via your unique affiliate link. Amazons toolbar called SiteStripe, will allow you to generate these links for any product in a form of text, or a button.

    With Amazon Associates, you can promote almost everything that comes to your head from socks to exercise machines. However, choosing low ticket products that dont cost even 20 bucks may not be a good idea.

    Its because Amazons commissions vary only from 1% to 10%, depending on the product category. Here are a few popular categories, and heres what they offer:

    Health & Personal Care 4,5%

    Pets Products 8%

    Fashion 4%

    Every category offers a wide range of product pricings, so you want to promote something at the price that pays off your marketing efforts.

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    How To Easily Sign Up For The Amazon Affiliate Program

    To sign up for this program, go HERE and youll enter your email address. Youll then follow the instructions to enter your info.

    Its important to know that you need a website before you can sign up and be prepared to sign up for the right country and tax info if necessary.

    Your application does not even get reviewed until youve earned your first commission.

    This is important to note because I have heard that people have earned commission and then get disapproved.

    If you get disapproved, you dont get that commission you earned.

    In order for you not to get disapproved, you will need the proper disclaimer on your website and your website should have some substance to it.

    Meaning your website should have some posts on it and look more established than a brand new site.

    If you need a disclaimer, just use this one here thats under the title Amazon Affiliate Links and just update it with your website info.

    Must Do #: Offer People Support For Amazon Products They Purchase Through Your Links

    How does the Amazon Affiliate program work?

    Finally, when promoting a product with the Amazon affiliate program, offer to help your audience with the product. Be a source of support. If people have questions or people want to know more about the thing youre promoting, make their decision easier and offer them that support! But, you might think, am I going to have people beating down my door asking for help with the product?Im too busy for that! Heres the thing. Very few people will actually take you up on that offer. But a lot more people will see your offer of assistance and appreciate it. Theyll see you as an authority figure, and someone they can trust to help them out if they need it, someone who stands behind the products they promote, even if those products arent your own.

    Plus, if somebody does come to you with a question about the product youre promoting, that means theyre probably interested in buying it, and by being there in a support role, you can help move them closer to a purchase decision. Thats a win for them, and a win for you.

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