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How Does The Amazon Seller App Work

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What Is Vendor Central

Amazon Seller App Tutorial For Beginner Sellers

Amazon Vendor Central is the web interface used by manufacturers and distributors. If you sell via Vendor Central, youre called a first-party seller. Youre acting as a supplier, selling in bulk to Amazon. Registration on Vendor Central is by invitation only.

A tell-tale sign that a company is selling through Vendor Central is the phrase ships from and sold by

Use Google Or A Similar Keyword Research Tool

One of the easiest ways you can sort through products to decide what might be good to sell on Amazon is by using keyword research. You can simply perform a Google search, or use a keyword tool like SEMRush to see what the search volume is for different terms, products, and categories.

As an example, say you think you want to sell customized winter hats. You can perform a search for “customized winter hats,” as well as other variations of the term, to see how many people are looking for this item, as well as what the competition looks like.

Through this process, you might also gain some insight on how to find the product you’re looking to sell on Amazon as wellas wholesale or direct suppliers may appear in your search.

How To Install Amazon Seller For Pc:

  • Get started by downloading BlueStacks Android emulator in your PC.
  • When the download process is done double click on the installer to get started with the installation process.
  • Through the installation process mouse click on “Next” for the first couple of steps anytime you see the options on the screen.
  • While in the final step choose the “Install” choice to start off the install process and then click “Finish” whenever it is completed.During the last and final step click on “Install” to get going with the actual install process and then you may mouse click “Finish” to complete the installation.
  • Next, either via the windows start menu or desktop shortcut open BlueStacks app.
  • Before you start to install Amazon Seller for pc, you will need to connect BlueStacks Android emulator with a Google account.
  • Finally, you must be driven to google play store page this allows you to search for Amazon Seller undefined utilizing search bar and install Amazon Seller for PC or Computer.

Just about every day quite a few android apps and games are deleted from the play store especially if they don’t follow Program Policies. Just in case you don’t find the Amazon Seller undefined in google playstore you may still free download the APK from this site and install the undefined. If you ever wish to go with Andy emulator to free install Amazon Seller for Mac, you may still follow the same procedure at anytime.

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Prepare Your Products For Shipment To Amazon

Now, click Work on Shipment.

This will allow you to create and print shipping labels for your box. Choose SPD as your shipping option unless your boxed items weigh over 150 lbs.

The other options are LTL and FTL , and hopefully, you wont need to worry about these massive haul options for now.

Select UPS as your carrier because it partners with Amazon in other words, using UPS gives you a shipping discount.

Now you can start printing out your packing slips and shipping labels.

To this end, it helps if you have your own scale that will immediately weigh your boxes. If not, you can input the dimensions of your box online and have it weighed out at your local UPS. Just be sure you eventually print out your labels using FBA and not your local UPS. Amazons reduced shipping rates will amaze you.

Some Things To Consider When Becoming An Amazon Seller

How Does Amazon Wish List Work?

1. Amazon will charge you for everything. Aside from the fees for your selling plan and the referral fees , youll be paying plenty of fees.

Youre in charge of the shipping fee of sending your items to Amazon. When you ship inventory to a fulfillment center without proper preparation or labeling, Amazon will charge you for unplanned services.

Amazon charges you for storing your items in their fulfillment center, based on your daily average volume of inventory in cubic feet. Inventory stays there for more than a year? Youll get charged long-term storage fees.

Of course, Amazon charges you fulfillment fees per unit for picking and packing your orders, shipping and handling, customer service, and product returns.

When Amazon provides a customer with free return shipping, theyll charge you a return processing fee.

2. Co-mingling issues. Because Amazon has numerous distribution centers, it uses the distribution center located closest to the customer when shipping products. As a result, the product you end up selling may not actually be your own if you agree to co-mingle your merchandise. This can happen easily if, say, you are selling a DVD or book that another Amazon seller may also have listed.

The advantage of using co-mingling is that you sell more of your stuff faster. The disadvantage is that you cant exactly vouch for the quality and legality of another sellers merchandise. This can lead to problems or even Amazon account closure because of pirated goods.

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Great App Needs Two Things Added

Really like the app, great easy way to check my account, especially to keep up with customer messages. The two things I would really like added would be PPC monitoring and ability to modify. Also I would like to be able to modify sale prices, currently I can only modify the regular item price, which doesn’t help me when I want to run a sale or modify a sale. Otherwise it is great. The app actually has something that I can’t get on the web app- I can filter messages to see all received messages. This is awesome for following up on customer messages that I may not have gotten a response on in a while or something. On the web app I cannot find those conversations back easily if I send several other messages out in the mean time. That would be nice to pull from the phone app and get in the web app functionality.

Think About Whether To Ship Products Yourself Or Use Fulfillment By Amazon

You have two options when it comes to shipping your products.

  • Fulfillment by Amazon will cost you money. But if you choose this option, Amazon will handle warehousing, shipping and returns for you.
  • If you prefer to do your own fulfillment, you might save some money. But it may deter Amazon Prime customers from buying because they will be charged for shipping and handling.

As with all selling decisions, use accounting software to test each scenario. That will help you decide which option is more profitable.

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Can You Sell Used Items On Amazon

In short, there are some instances in which you can sell used items on Amazon. Unlike marketplaces like eBay or Poshmark, however, Amazon is not designed for selling used itemsâin fact, Amazon has very strict guidelines and regulations about listing categories and what business owners can sell in each category.

If youre looking to sell used items on Amazon, they would have to be eligible under category and condition guidelines. Some categories that allow used items are books, music, software and computer games, toys and games, tools and hardware, and computers.

Additionally, certain applicable used items, like videos, DVDs, and Blu-ray, require that you obtain approval from Amazon to sell themâwhether used or new. In this case, you not only have to apply to sell these items, but you are also required to have a Professional plan .

All of this being said, it is worth noting if you become an established Amazon seller in particular product categories and meet specific requirements, you can apply to participate in the Amazon Renewed program, which allows you to sell refurbished, pre-owned, and open-box products.

What Can The Amazon Sales Estimator Do

How to Use the Amazon Seller App to list & sell on Amazon FBA / Ebay Part 1 the Basics
Discover profitable categories

Understand how many units a product sells in each category. The sales volume for a particular rank differs in different categories. Track down niches and categories with the best sales potential.

Analyze the competition

Know how many units your top competitor sells. Analyze how many units you must sell to reach on page 1 for the top product keywords. Know the exact numbers that will help you extract the complete product potential.

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Including Sales Or Coupons In Your Product Title

It can be exceedingly tempting to include a coupon, sale or store marketing message in your product title to make your store stand out on Amazon. However, this is a clear Amazon policy violation, and Amazon will hurt you more in the long run than any short-term benefits.

Avoid any title information with: 20% off, Lowest Price, your URL or other information that may be construed as promotional. Amazon will eschew any product information which isnt descriptive of the product itself.

Fba Fees Cover Two Services

Amazons FBA fees are pretty streamlined, they roll all of the picking, packing, and shipping costs into one charge, and the other charge is for inventory storage. FBA fees include boxes and packaging, and even covers returns handling if your buyers return items to Amazon. The two FBA fees youll see are:

  • Pick, Pack, and Weight Handling Fees: This is your entire pack-through-shipment fee, including your shipping cost.
  • Monthly Storage Fees: This is the cost of storing your products in Amazons warehouse.

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Getting Upset With Customers

Sometimes Amazon customers are unreasonably demanding or argumentative. Youre guaranteed to encounter an overly-needy or irate person more than once when selling on Amazon. Avoid arguing with these shoppers at all costs.

Do your best to mitigate any issues or disagreements with your Amazon customers. Remember Amazon shoppers are accustomed to getting treated exceptionally well by Amazon .

How To Measure The Worthwhileness On An App Highfive

How to Use the Amazon Seller App to Keep Track of Sales ...

We are going to go over each of the factors and see the tests the app should pass before it qualifies and can be used by you.

You dont have to go over all the questions and some factors may be more important to you than to other Amazon merchants.

Dont worry , the important thing is that youll know what questions can be relevant and ask yourself the ones that you care about:

The need

As an Amazon seller worrying about your monthly sales, you notice you are spending a lot of time managing feedback and review, leaving you scarce time to worry about your inventory, cost of goods, and other daily operations.

Ask yourself: Can the tool save me time asking customers for reviews and feedback?

The answer: Yes it does. The app, HighFive, completely automates the process.

Associated risks

Is the regular operation of the tool putting me at any risk? For example, buyer seller messaging apps, when not used correctly can get your account blocked.

Ask yourself: Is there a risk using the app?

The answer: No, it is safe. Actually it takes the risk out of requesting reviews.

Who created the app

Is the developer of the software tools or apps trustworthy?

Is the software they created approved by Amazon?

Are they working from a geography I trust?

Are the people behind it credible?

Is this tool for Amazon or mainly for another usage?

Ask yourself: Do I trust the people behind the app?

Does the app fit my seller type

Ask yourself: Is the tool specific or has advantages for my seller type?

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Refunds For Lost Inventory

sellerboard helps you find FBA errors and request your money back through the seller support. Sometimes your inventory is lost or damaged by Amazon employees in the FBA warehouse and is not reimbursed by amazon. Another possible FBA error are returns, that were reimbursed to the customer, but were never actually sent back. sellerboard finds these cases automatically and provides a text template, which you can use to ask the seller support to research the case and reimburse you the missing items. It’s pure profit!

Recommended Tools For Sellers

After going over all there is to know about Amazon seller tools, lets take a moment to discuss the best Amazon seller tools Amazon sellers can use.

As we mentioned, the apps should be assessed judging multiple axes. From cost to efficiency through the identity of the developer.

Lets use an example of how you can analyze the relevance of an app and its cost to your needs. We will use one of our apps, HighFive to walk you through the thought process to be taken. It is a free tool that you can get working in less than 2minutes.

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Getting Started Reselling On Amazon

If you already enjoy shopping and picking up great deals, why not start making a profit from it?

This business is a bit of a treasure hunt. When we go into a store, we dont have any idea what were going to find, Jessica explained.

To get started, you need three things:

  • Jessica recommended the free Personal seller account for people just getting started. Once youre selling more than 40 items a month, it makes sense to upgrade to the Professional account level.
  • The Amazon Seller app Available on iOS and Android for free.
  • A few dollars to buy your initial inventory.
  • With those three things in place, youre good to go. Now lets go hunt for some profit!

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    Why Your Decision Matters

    How to Use the Amazon Seller App (Walkthrough)

    It may be hard to fathom, but over 50% of all online shoppers now use Amazon as the first website they visit when making buying decisions. If brands havent created a strategy to reach these shoppers, theyre missing out on a major piece of the ecommerce market. In many ways, Amazon is more important than Google, notes Ezonomy founder Wes Grudzien.

    Its critical that you create a marketing strategy specific to Amazon. At content26, we are biased towards Vendor Central as it allows our clients to take full advantage of Amazons powerful marketing tools such as Amazon Marketing Services and A+ content. .

    Have you dealt with other pros or cons while selling via Vendor Central? Share your thoughts in a comment or send us a tweet.

    Want more advice on Amazon? Sign up for our monthly newsletter now to get tips and tricks for selling on Amazon and other e-tailers.

    Editors note: This post was originally published on 5/25/2014. For this update, we made major updates and added a link or two. Content26 wants to thank Ezonomy founder Wes Grudzien for his extensive contributions to this post.

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    Build Better Pages For Increased Sales Conversions

    Optimization doesnt end with keywords. After driving people to your listing through keyword research, its time to convince them to buy from you. You can do this by creating better product pages that clearly explain the features and benefits of your product.

    One of the variables that the A9 algorithm evaluates when deciding who to list in the top results for a search query is sales conversions. It does this for two reasons.

    First, the listings with best sales conversions are the listings that customers seem to deem the best solution to whatever it is they search for.

    Second, listings with high sales conversions also make Amazon the most money, whether thats through fees or advertising sales. This gives Amazon even more incentive to push these articles to the top to drive even more sales.

    How can I increase my online sales on Amazon?

    There are several ways to increase your sales on Amazon. One of the easiest is to make sure your product listings provide enough information for consumers to make informed buying choices.

    To do this, evaluate your product description. Does it have keywords tactfully incorporated? Is it interesting to read and compelling? Does it answer questions consumers may have about your products? Make sure that all these components are included in the product description, and add bullet points, if possible.

    Selling On Amazon Vs Selling To Amazon

    Which program you choose to use to sell on Amazon depends on your store, fulfillment abilities, ROI goals, and many other variables.

    Vendors who sell to Amazon avoid some headache with logistics, but are limited with their scope and ability to market products. Selling on Amazon is an option that is more suited to sellers who would sell to Amazon but want to take advantage of more exposure and other benefits of the Amazon Marketplace.

    The biggest difference between Amazon sellers and vendors is whos actually selling the product.

    • Sellers list, price, and market their products themselves.
    • Vendors sell their products to Amazon-employed buyers, who then list and resell the products to Amazon users.

    Heres a breakdown of other considerations when youre selecting between Vendor Central and Seller Central.

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    Listing Doesn’t Guarantee A Sale

    Amazon makes it easy for anyone to list a product, and anyone, in theory, can find it, but Amazon is huge, and listing a product doesnt mean it will sell. Dont expect to go from zero to hero just by creating an account and listing your product. Use the tools mentioned above to research the search and sales volume of your competition. Optimize your listing. Run ads through Amazons advertising platform. Sales will come from the efforts you put into making them.

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    How To Access Advertising In Seller Central

    How Much Does Amazon Charge Sellers?

    As an Amazon seller, you will likely need to advertise your product so you can generate as many sales as possible. In Amazons advertising console, you can create Sponsored Products ads, and if you are enrolled in Brand Registry, you can create Sponsored Brands ads and Sponsored Display ads.

    In Seller Central, go to the Advertising tab and click on Campaign Manager.

    You will be brought to the advertising console where you can view your current ads or create new ones.

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