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How I Create Amazon Account

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Amazon Business Account Perks

How To Create Amazon Account

There are various benefits and perks which business members get when they subscribe to Amazon Business Prime. Some of these benefits include

  • Better and discounted pricing exclusive for Business Prime members as well as Prime Day offers
  • Businesses can use AWS QuickSight to visually analyze their spending trends and expenses
  • It offers account administrators with a unique guided buying procedure by allowing them to consolidate suppliers and select certain products and services which are usually ordered.
  • Business Prime members are given a non-annual fee Amazon Business American Express card
  • Businesses enjoy extended terms for pay by Invoice from 45-60 days depending with the plan
  • Business delivery is also enhanced for members as they also enjoy same-day or two-day shipping on all eligible products. For bulk orders, a consolidated delivery is done so that you can easily get all your items delivered to your doorstep all at one.

Enter Your Personal Information And Select A Username And Password For Your Amazon Account

You’ll need to enter some information here. In the top set of boxes, click in the box marked “My Name Is” and type in your name. Then, click in each of the boxes marked “My Email Address Is” and “Type It Again” and type a copy of your email address into each. Then , click in the box marked “My Mobile Phone Number Is” and type in your cell phone number.

In the middle set of boxes, where it says “Enter A New Password” and “Type It Again,” click in each of the boxes and type in a password that you want to use to secure your account with. .

Now, click in the last box, where it says “Type Characters,” and type in the letters and numbers that you see in the distorted image above the box. This is a security check to make sure that you’re an actual person, and not a computer program trying to mass-produce fake accounts.

Why Should You Sign Up For A Business Account

It may or may not be worth it depending on your business goals. There is a free plan for Amazon Business and you have the following capabilities:

  • Manage all the users on your Amazon Business account
  • Save preferred suppliers for easy purchasing access
  • Establish order-approval procedures and spending caps
  • Make a company credit card accessible to certain account users
  • Opt-in to Amazon Corporate Credit
  • Integrate purchasing systems so your customers have a punchout option
  • Set certain qualifying purchases for consolidated delivery on a pallet to your doorstep or dock

Plus, Amazon Business got a 4/5 stars with 70+ ratings! I think it’s worth trying the free Amazon Business version & possibly upgrading to Amazon Business Prime.

The main reason to become an Amazon Business member is because of how much money you can save by shopping & selling on Amazon Business. Similarly, Amazon Business gives you the tools to help manage your business easier. In my opinion, signing up for an Amazon Business Account has been worth signing up for. I use Amazon Business and it has made my life simpler. My recommendation is to sign up for an Amazon Business account and try it out for a month. That way, you can see if it is helpful for you & your business. If it’s not valuable for you, it is super easy to cancel.

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Know Who Is Already Selling The Same Skus As You On Amazon

Shockingly often, new sellers join Amazon and list their products, only to discover that the level or type of competition on their listings will make it next to impossible for the new seller to make any sales or any margin.

Before setting up an Amazon seller account, I strongly encourage every seller to spot check their intended catalog on Amazon to see if Amazon Retail is already selling these items.

If so, its best to walk away from those items now.

Also, I encourage sellers to gauge what price points are competitive on Amazon. If you find that you are competing with low-priced competitors, it can serve as a valuable indication that, as a seller, it will be difficult to make money in that particular category.

Getting Started As An Amazon Seller

Make An Amazon Account Without A Credit Card

To sign up, you can go through a few different self-service options:

  • Go to , then click on one of the Start selling links.
  • Go to , then click on the Register now button or the Selling on Amazon link .
  • Go to the bottom of the home page and click on Sell on Amazon under the Make Money with Us section.
  • It doesnt really matter through which of these pages you start your registration process, as they all take you to the same signup page on

    Next, you will need to decide what type of seller you want to be: a Professional Seller or an Individual Seller. Professional Sellers are typically sellers that plan to list more than few handfuls of products and expect to be regular sellers in the future, whereas individual sellers are typically sellers that have a small supply of product that they want to sell and then be done with selling. Being an Individual Seller makes more sense if youre a college student wanting to sell some used textbooks at the end of term, or youre cleaning out cupboards and found some old gifts you dont want so you decide to sell them on Amazon, rather than selling them locally.

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    Amazon Has Already Started Gating Specific Brands And Skus

    During your first 30 days with a seller account, we encourage you to add all of your intended catalog to your Amazon seller account.

    It wont take long to establish whether you will have problems with specific brands and SKUs.

    You may need to change your catalog or close your account if Amazon is restricting the products you intended to sell.

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    Using The Amazon Website

  • 1Go to using a web browser. You can use any web browser on PC or Mac. This is the home page for Amazon.
  • 2Click Account & Lists. It’s the first tab with bold letters in the upper-right corner. Placing the mouse cursor over this tab displays a list of account options. Clicking this tab takes you to the sign-in screen.
  • If you are signed in under a different account, place the mouse cursor over Account & Lists and click Sign Out at the bottom of the menu.
  • 3Click Create Your Amazon Account. It’s the grey button at the bottom of the Sign-in screen. This opens a web form you can use to create an Amazon account.
  • 4Type your name. Use the first bar at the top of the page to enter your full name.
  • 5Enter a valid email address. Use the second bar to enter an email address. This is the email address you will use to log in to Amazon on other devices. Make sure you use an email address that you can access and that you can remember.
  • 6Type your desired password. Use the third bar in the form to enter the password you would like to use to sign in. Your password will need to be at least 6 characters long. A good password should have a combination of capital and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters . Make sure you use a password that you can remember, or that you write down your password and put it in a safe place.
  • It’s best not to store your password on your computer or smartphone, as this may be a security risk.
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    A Developed Process For Identifying And Addressing Stale Inventory

    While everyone wants their products to sell, the reality is there will always be some that dont sell well and need to be liquidated or sold on other channels to help convert the inventory back into working capital.

    Amazon has tools to help FBA sellers identify stale inventory, while the non-FBA Amazon seller will need to monitor its inventory by SKU to figure out what might need to be promoted for faster sale.

    Congrats You Have Successfully Created An Account On Amazon Business

    How do I create and activate a new Amazon Web Services account?

    You can then manage your account information, sign up multiple users, and organize people into groups to keep them separated. You can even designate different payment methods and spending limits for each group or user.

    Amazon Business also allows you to set up approval workflows if you’d like to be notified of purchases or have a supervisor approve any or all purchases through the platform. Also, if you’re a non-profit or any other business that gets tax-exempt status on purchases, there are options for that too. Anyway, once you’ve set all that up, it’s time to shop.

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    How To Create An Account On Amazon

    Step 1: Open the app or visit the official website from your computer.

    Step 2: Tap Create a new Amazon account.

    Step 3: Enter a User name.

    Step 4: Enter a Mobile number and Email address to connect.

    Step 5: Enter a Password.

    Step 6: At last tap on Continue.

    Step 7: A new page appears, here enter the six-digit OTP in the space provided and click Verify.

    Note: Before making an account make sure that you are using a valid mobile number because the addition of a mobile phone number is mandatory to create a new account on, whereas the addition of an email address is optional.

    You can log in to Your Account anytime by clicking on Your Account at the top of each page. You just need to enter the same mobile number or e-mail address and password to access your account.

    After creating your account you will be able to check the following:

    • You will able to check your order history
    • You will be able to track your orders
    • You will be able to change your account settings
    • You will be able to view your Amazon Pay balance
    • You will be able to update your communication preferences
    • You will be able to update your recommendations and your profile
    • You will be able to leave reviews on products
    • You will be able to create wish lists

    What Else Can You Do

    You can also choose to create wish lists on Amazon. Often, Amazon will send you a notification when the price of an item in your wish list drops. A wish list is also great for when someone wants to send you a gift they know you need/want. Similarly, you can also choose to check out your friends wish lists and send them gifts youre sure they need/want.

    You can also connect your Amazon account to your social media accounts. This will also enable you to share and like the products youve bought or want to buy.

    The entire process of setting up an Amazon account is a simple procedure and should not take more than 10-15 minutes. Congratulations for getting all set up! You can now shop at Amazon.

    To know more detailed information about How to Create an Amazon Account you can contact our Amazon Experts by visiting our business website

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    How To Create A Japanese Amazon Account

    On, you can purchase the latest Japanese anime, movies, manga , Blu-rays, electronics, furniture, appliances and much more. Amazon is nothing short of a one-stop shop to fit all of your needs. In addition, Amazon Gift Cards act as the perfect gift for your loved ones to allow them to have freedom over what they want to buy! In this guide, we will teach you how to make your own Japanese Amazon account so you can get your shopping spree on.

    Setting Up Your Free Amazon Seller Account

    Create An Amazon Account

    If you decide on an Individual seller account, all thats left to do is sign up.

    You can sign up for an individual seller account at .

    Once you click that link, do not click the button that says Start selling!

    The button starts the process of setting up a Professional account and will open a registration screen like this:

    If you enter your name and email here and click next, your email will be connected to a Professional account even if you back out and try to start over for an Individual account.

    The correct link to click looks like this:

    If the page is updated and looks different for you, youre looking for a link that says Sign up to become an individual seller.

    If you cant find the link, use the find function to identify the sign-up link.

    You can do that by holding down control on your keyboard, then press F. So press Ctrl +F or Command + F and youll be able to do a search. Search for individual and scroll through the results and one should be the link to sign up as an individual seller.

    After clicking that link you will be walked through the process of setting up your Amazon Seller account. As you can see as you go through the process, there is no monthly fee.

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    How To Create Amazon Account: Step

    4 months ago

    Do you want to sell on Amazon, and you dont know how to create Amazon account? Lucky for you because we got your back. To create an Amazon account is pretty easy when youre ready with your business and personal information.

    With Amazon, youre likely to generate more leads and increase your profit margins from the platform. Most buyers trust Amazon. In fact, than other eCommerce platforms.

    If youre not already familiar with the statistics, you now have more reasons to create Amazon account. The purpose of this guide is to take you through the various steps to create an Amazon account as a beginner.

    Lets get started.

    Setting Up Your Seller Central Space

    Seller Central is the space that Amazon provides for you to set up your FBA business, manage inventory and orders, and so much more. You can reach Seller Central by going to and logging into your account.

    Once you start exploring Seller Central, youll discover that its pretty user-friendly. Start by exploring the different drop-down lists on the upper left side Inventory, Orders, Advertising, Reports, and Performance to familiarize yourself with what these areas look like.

    If you check out the drop-down list for Inventory, youll see Manage FBA Inventory. As an FBA business, youll become pretty familiar with this page, full of your Amazon-fulfilled inventory.

    When youre ready to enter your first product, you can select Add Product from the Inventory drop-down list and follow the steps.

    Under Advertising, Amazon provides you with ideas on how to reach your audience. Below, youll see that theyre suggesting my store Beach Bum Accessories should participate in the Early Reviewer Program, where I would send my products to someone and they would provide me with a review based on their experience.

    Performance will probably be one of your most-utilized subsections, and for good reason. Amazon provides you with an Account Health Dashboard that breaks down customer service, product compliance, and shipping performance, letting you see how your business is doing in a more detailed way .

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    Choosing Between Youtube Mrss And Brightcove

    Need help choosing between YouTube, MRSS, and Brightcove? Here’s a little more information.

    YouTube provides free online hosting that serves up your video in a stable, robust way. But if your videos aren’t on YouTube , you can use an MRSS feed or Brightcove instead.

    Using an MRSS feed requires you to host your video content outside of YouTube, on your own server or on a supported video host, such as Ooyala, Kaltura, AWS S3 with Cloudfront, or others. With the MRSS approach, you manage your video descriptions and other details through your feed elements. Note that you can use only a single MRSS feed per app.

    With MRSS feeds, Amazon Creator lists items in the category navigation bar based on the category element for each item. With YouTube, Amazon Creator picks up categories from the sections on your YouTube page. These sections can be based on playlists in your channel. With Brightcove, the playlists in the app are converted into categories in the navigation bar.

    Brightcove offers a professional platform for online video hosting, and as such, it gives you more features and capabilities, such as live streaming, a customizable player, interactivity, analytics, ad management and monetization, and more. For more details about why you might want to use Brightcove, see 5 Reasons Video is Better With Brightcove.

    What Is The Amazon Business Credit Card

    How To Create a Free Amazon Account

    Amazon Business launched a credit card with American Express! Here are some benefits of an Amazon Business Credit Card:

    • Earn up to $200 in savings.
    • Get a $100 Gift Card upon approval.
    • Plus, earn an additional $100 statement credit after you spend $3,000 on the Card in the 2% Back and 1% Back categories in your first 3 months.

    I suggest reading through the terms, conditions, & disclosures to get a better idea of the American Express/Amazon Business credit card’s interest rates, APR, fees & more.

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    How To Apply For An Amazon Business Credit Card

    All customers seeking a business purpose Card are welcome to applynot just Amazon Business customers. The Card benefits are designed for the needs of business owners, and Card Members who also have an Amazon Business account can take advantage of the enhanced data views available with the Card. If you are approved for the Amazon Business American Express Card, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of expedited registration for a new Amazon Business account . Here is a link to take you to the Amazon Business Credit Card Application Page.

    The reviews for the Amazon Business Credit Card are pretty positive! I recommend reading through the comments before applying. A little additional information never hurts.

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