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How Many Hours Do Amazon Drivers Work

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Overtime Hours Of Work

Amazon driver fed up with long hours and ‘making 200 300 stops a day for $15 50 per hour’ quits

Any hours worked in excess of the standard hours of work are considered overtime hours.

Overtime pay at a rate of a minimum of 1.5 times the regular hourly wage for those hours would apply, with the following exceptions:

  • Managers and professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, architects and engineers, are exempt from overtime.

For technical guidance, please consult Clarification on Excluded Employees

There’s A System Amazon Uses That Tells You How Many Packages You Have In Your Van And Based On The Algorithm Can Tell You If You Are Ahead Or Behind On Your Deliveries In A Prescribed Amount Of Time Per Shift

The Android device Amazon issues its drivers for deliveries is called a “rabbit,” and maps out your deliveries in terms of how many stops you have. The algorithm is loosely based on 20 stops per hour.

Depending on where you deliver like in a city with apartment complexes or suburbs that are dense you can deliver up to 40 packages in an hour, or a delivery every one or two minutes. If you deliver in rural parts of the state, it can be only 17 stops in two hours if you are up in the mountains or on gravel roads.;

If you have to go to the bathroom, scope out the nearest public restrooms before your shift. Know where the grocery stores are and public parks with restrooms. Sometimes in developing areas, there’s construction sites with portable toilets. Stay hydrated, but be aware of where you can go if you need to.;

If you are a well-organized driver, you can sometimes be up to 15 stops ahead of schedule. If you are ahead, sometimes they will make you “rescue” another driver who is behind and take a few totes from their load. When all your packages have been dropped, you head back to the depot for a final inspection.;

Sign Up For Deliveries

Scheduling and completing deliveries for Amazon Flex mostly takes place on the app.

Delivery blocks, which are shifts that are typically three to six hours long, can be picked up in two ways:

  • Claim shifts offered to you by the app. Once you fill in your availability, youll periodically be sent options that fit your hours. Go to Calendar in the app to access shifts. These opportunities expire, so pick them up as quickly as you can.

  • Score hours on short notice. You can find same-day opportunities in a section of the app labeled Check Available Blocks. These appear on a rolling basis up to 24 hours before the shift begins and are first-come, first-served. Sometimes blocks at busier hours of the day are up for grabs, and these high-traffic hours can pay more.

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Is Amazon Flex A Good Job

Amazon Flex is among the best of the on-demand app jobs ;when you can get a shift. Flex is likely to pay better than Uber, Lyft, and delivery apps;in your area. One major benefit is that youll always know how much youll earn from a Flex shift. With Uber, Lyft and delivery apps you can expect to make around $10-$20/hour after expenses, but the income can be very unpredictable.

One downside of Flex is that getting shift blocks can be difficult because drivers are competing for a limited number of delivery blocks. You cant just sign on and work whenever you want, which is a benefit of rideshare and on-demand delivery apps. With Flex you have to constantly check the app to grab new shifts.

The work you do for Flex is mostly straightforward and doesnt involve too much customer service, which is a plus compared to Uber and Lyft. The work might be frustrating if you run into issues with your deliveries or with the app. Trouble Parking, figuring out how to get into apartment complexes and office buildings, and safely leaving packages in the right location are all challenges youll run into that could make your shift longer and harder than expected.

  • Upsides of Flex: High pay compared to similar jobs, flexible shifts, not too much direct interaction with customers
  • Downsides of Flex: No guarantee of shifts, lots of mileage on your car, issues with deliveries and app glitches can be frustrating
Other Delivery Gigs to Look Into:

Packages 3 Hours $5850

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make in Detroit?  Alvia

I nabbed a 3-hour shift on a Saturday afternoon, set to start at a facility in North Seattle. This one was much different not a big warehouse, but a small dedicated Amazon Flex office with a parking lot.

I parked, walked into the office, and checked in by scanning a QR code. Shortly after that, a friendly attendant lifted a blue cover off of this:

41 packages? For me? In my car? Wowza.

The attendant told me that 15 packages per hour was the average workload, so I prepared myself for a full 3-hour shift.

I had watched some how-to uploaded by other couriers and learned that some people strategically organized packages in their vehicle depending on address and drop-off order, to speed up the delivery process.

After scanning each package with my smartphone, I wasnt quite sure how to position each box in my car to optimize for efficiency. I wish Amazon made this process more systemic, because I ended up spending a lot of time searching for the right package during my drive.

This shift took much longer than my first two hours and 25 minutes but I drove less than 10 miles.;Some quick observations from this particular shift:

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How To Schedule Order Blocks

Amazon Flex drivers work in shifts known as blocks or offers. The Offers area of the app displays available shifts, along with the shift length, location, order type, and expected pay. After you accept an offer it will show up in the;Calendar section of the app, which is a useful way to keep track of your work.

There are three types of shifts available to Flex drivers:

Reserved shift offers ;A reserved offer is a shift that has been set aside for you based on your stated availability. You can choose to accept or decline the reserved offer, but there is a deadline to accept the shift so make sure to accept it before time runs out.

Drop-in shifts ;Other shifts may become available throughout the day that are open to the first person who accepts them. These offers are in high demand and are usually claimed quickly. There isnt currently a way to be notified of new Offers, so youll have to check the app regularly if you want to pick up a shift.

Instant offers Instant offers are on-demand deliveries from local restaurants and stores. In cities where available, an Available Now option appears on the home screen. Turn that on to make yourself available for Instant offers. You are free to decline Instant Offers with no penalty, but after you accept them youre expected to complete the delivery.

Reserved offers can only be claimed by you. Other available offers are below

Amazon Flex Is A Good Deal For Amazon That Is

For Amazon, Flex is a way to reduce delivery costs a small part of the companys greater push toward profitability, which also involves culling unprofitable items from its website while attempting to stick to its promise of two-day delivery for Prime subscribers, of which there are more than 100 million worldwide. Notably, Amazons shipping costs have increased by more than 1,800 percent in a decade, according to figures obtained by Business Insider. In 2007, the company spent $1.2 billion on shipping; last year, that number was $21.7 billion. Flex and the DSP program allow Amazon to cut costs by reducing its reliance on FedEx, UPS, and the Postal Service, whose unionized drivers receive higher pay than their Flex counterparts.

Since these drivers are technically self-employed, Amazon isnt responsible for the types of costs that are usually associated with having a team of workers, like payroll taxes, workers compensation, health insurance, or other benefits. According to Semuelss report, UPS workers make around $36 an hour, compared to the $18 to $25 per hour made by the best-paid Flex drivers. Flex workers, meanwhile, have no collective bargaining power and little, if any, means to advocate for higher wages or more humane working conditions.

Through Flex and the DSP program, Amazon essentially pushes many of the costs and the liabilities of delivering a package onto its drivers.

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Is Amazon Flex Pay Worth It

GOBankingRates Amazon Flex review finds that the side hustle is worth it if its available in your area and youre not too pressed about a steady gig. The Flex program is fairly new and not widely available yet, potentially making it less reliable or lucrative than other similar types of gigs. However, its nice to know what to expect ahead of time before you schedule a block and the tips can be a nice bonus.

Flex Driver Ratings & Deactivation Policy

Making $__ Per Hour Delivering for Amazon Fresh

Amazon measures the performance of Flex drivers with a system called standing. Your standing shows how well you are doing with the Flex program. Standing is made up of two metrics: Reliability and delivery quality.

Reliability measures whether you show up for your shifts or not. Delivery quality makes sure that you delivery or attempt to deliver all packages.

Your standing can be Fantastic, Great, Fair, or At Risk. As the name suggests, At Risk places you at risk of deactivation. You can check your current standing in the Activity Hub in the Flex app.

Amazon can deactivate you for these reasons:

  • Late for shifts
  • Failing to attempt to deliver packages
  • Bad customer service, too many customer complaints
  • Stealing, damaging packages
  • Inactivity. You may be deactivated if you dont schedule a shift for 180 days

The most common reasons for deactivation are failing to deliver too many packages, or for poorly placing packages.

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Amazon Flex Driver Requirements

One of the great things about Amazon Flex is that you dont have the strict motor vehicle requirements that Uber and Lyft drivers have to comply with. Amazon really doesnt care what your car looks like; it just needs to be able to get packages from Point A to Point B.

Heres what you need to have to be a Flex driver:

  • A valid drivers license that shows you are 21 or older
  • Social Security number
  • Have a bank account that can receive direct deposits
  • Modern smartphone
  • Have state minimum auto insurance coverage
  • A mid-sized sedan or larger but if its a truck you have to have a bed top to protect packages from the weather.
  • Ability to pass a background check

In addition to the above minimum requirements, its helpful to be able to lift up to 50 pounds and be in good enough physical condition to climb steps, navigate apartment complexes, and run from angry guard dogs .

How Do Amazon Flex Shifts/schedules Work

Amazon Flex drivers schedule their work in blocks, which they choose and self-assign through the app. Any blocks the company sends you will be allocated according to what you listed in the app as your normal available hours.

Beyond your regular shifts, theres also the option to take on instant offers, which are deliveries that come up in addition to your block. This is a way to bring in some extra cash, if you have the time, with additional deliveries.

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Things To Know Before Delivering For Amazon Flex

October 9, 2018 by Simon Kwok

8 Things To Know Before Delivering for Amazon Flex

There are a lot of drivers who are always looking to work for another delivery service. Amazon Flex is one of the top choices for most delivery drivers due to their high base hourly pay. Tips are earned on top of base pay and this makes earnings on Amazon Flex higher than Lyft or Uber in some cities. Some drivers prefer delivery since they do not have to deal with people and drivers have more freedom during deliveries than rideshare. There are many benefits to do deliveries, but Amazon Flex has some unique properties that may deter potential drivers from signing up for Amazon Flex.

I have written extensively about Amazon Flex. Below are some posts that will help you learn more about Amazon Flex and see if Amazon Flex is right for you:

Below is a short list of items to know before signing up for Amazon Flex:

  • It is very difficult to do Amazon Flex full-time. The lack of shifts is a major hurdle to be able to do this job for more than 30 hours a week.
  • The base pay is $18 per hour for logistics , and it is $18 per hour for Prime Now blocks . It is also $18 per hour for Amazon Fresh blocks . These base rates can go up if there is increased demand. Tips are finalized 24 hours after the conclusion of an Amazon Block. The Amazon Flex app will send you a push notification if rates are increased. Drivers are paid twice a week via direct deposit.
  • How About Driving Experience Requirements

    How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make in Miami?  Alvia

    Uber, Lyft, Via, Juno, and other rideshare companies usually require at least one year of US-based driving experience with a valid drivers license. Amazon Flex does not have any of these restrictions, so you can be a Flex driver with even a week of driving experience with a valid license.

    Amazon will conduct background checks that usually takes anywhere from 2-5 days to complete. Anything related to theft or violence will disqualify you, along with a long history of major driving violations.

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    Getting Hired By Amazon Flex: The Application Process

    The Flex application process is straightforward, but it can take awhile to start working if there are no openings in your area. In my case, I filled out a preliminary application and waited two weeks before I could proceed. For others, it may take even longer.

    • If slots are open, enter your name, your device, and your vehicle
    • If no jobs are available, sign up to join the waitlist
  • Sign up using your existing Amazon account, or create a new one
  • Start your background check by entering your SSN, consenting to the check, and answering questions
  • Wait for your background check to complete
  • Watch training videos that describe the job and show you how to use the app to pickup and drop off deliveries
  • Provide your tax information, and your bank account information
  • You can choose to be paid as an individual, LLC, or S corporation
  • Set your availability and schedule your first shift
  • Can You Deliver For Amazon Flex Driver Requirements & Job Overview

    Updated By DougH

    What is Amazon Flex? Amazon Flex is an Amazon delivery program that hires independent drivers to complete various types of deliveries. If youve ever seen an Amazon package being delivered by someone in plain clothes and driving a normal vehicle, it was likely an Amazon Flex driver.

    Amazon Flex drivers earn around $18 to $35 per hour. On orders that accept tips, earnings can climb to the $35 per hour range. The downside is that it can be difficult to sign up because new positions dont open up often, and shifts are in high demand.

    What do Amazon Flex drivers do?;Flex drivers pick up packages from delivery stations, stores, and restaurants and deliver them to customers using directions from the Flex app. Amazon Flex shifts come in 1-4 hour blocks that can be scheduled ahead of time or as they become available. Read on for more detail!

    Article Contents
    • Have access to a qualifying vehicle: 4-door sedan, pickup truck, or van
    • Valid drivers license
    • Show proof of auto insurance
    • Have a smart phone: iphone 6s running iOS 13 or newer, Android phone running Android version 6.0 or higher

    Begin the application process at;.

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    Amazon Drivers ‘work Illegal Hours’

    Amazon delivery drivers regularly work “illegal” hours and receive less than the minimum wage, it has been claimed.

    Drivers for agencies contracted by the internet giant told an undercover reporter they were expected to deliver up to 200 parcels a day.

    Some admitted breaking speed limits to stay on schedule, while others said time was not allowed for toilet breaks.

    Amazon said it was committed to ensuring drivers drive safely and legally, and are “fairly compensated”.

    The retailer could face questions in parliament over the working conditions at the company.

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    A BBC reporter got a job with AHC services, one of many agencies which supplies drivers to the firm’s delivery wing Amazon Logistics in the south of England, and which the BBC had heard a lot of complaints about.

    How Do Delivery Drivers Get Paid

    Beginning Series #3- How many hours do I spend weekly working on eBay and Amazon FBA?

    Most delivery drivers are paid a sub-minimum hourly wage rate, earning the remainder of their wages through tips. Nevertheless, employers who hire delivery drivers at sub-minimum wage rates should proceed with caution, because there are many potential pitfalls with serious financial ramifications for the employer.

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    Amazon Driver Pay Vs Amazon Flex Driver Pay

    Beyond its traditional Amazon drivers, the e-commerce company also hires on contracted delivery partners called Amazon Flex drivers.

    As independent contractors, Flex drivers can pick up two- to six-hour shifts as their own schedules allow.

    As you select from available shifts on the , you can see your exact guaranteed earnings for every shift determined by how much time youll spend on any given route.

    Unlike Amazon driver pay, is not based on a set hourly wage.

    Rather, Flex drivers receive a flat sum per delivery block they complete, regardless of whether it takes more or less time than your smartphone app estimates to deliver all your assigned Amazon packages.

    Still, when you break it all down, Amazon Flex pays an average of $18 to $25 per hour which is considerably more than how much Amazon drivers make.

    However, its important to once again keep in mind that Flex drivers are independent contractors, which means they have extra expenses.

    On the contrary, traditional Amazon employees get far more perks.

    Keep reading to learn more about the hidden costs and perks behind different Amazon driver roles.

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