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How Much Can You Make Amazon Flex

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Making Money On Amazon Flex Faq

How Much Money You Can Make Through Amazon Flex

How can I maximize the earning I could get from Amazon Flex?

The best way to maximize your Amazon Flex earning potential is to drive a fuel-efficient vehicle. Unlike other delivery services, Amazon does not compensate drivers for fuel costs, so youll have to be strategic about your gas consumption.

How much can I make as an Amazon Flex driver in a week?

According to ZipRecruiter, . This isnt as high as many other jobs, which makes it the perfect side-hustle. At around $19 per hour, according to ZipRecruiter, you can earn a good amount just by working on the weekends or using your days off from another job.

Are Amazon Flex drivers allowed to receive tips from their customers?

Yes, they are. As a general rule, Amazon only allows drivers to receive a tip equal to 10 to 15 percent of the total order. If someone wants to give tips that will go to the driver directly, they can do so by tipping using the app. Amazon doesnt allow drivers to receive cash upon delivery.

Is there a dress code to follow when working as an Amazon Flex driver?

No, Amazon doesnt impose a dress code for their delivery drivers. However, to make your job seamless, use clothing and accessories that would aid in quick deliveries. While youre free to choose what to wear, its also better if you wear something comfortable and professional. Through this, your customers will have a good impression of you.

Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

How To Become An Amazon Flex Driver: Driving It Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened doors of opportunities for those who want to explore Amazon delivery jobs.

You can make money while delivering packages. The best part of it is that you remain in control of your time. You are in control. It could be your ticket to get yourself unchained from the office desk and spend some time on the road while thinking about what direction you want to take in life.

It might not be a smooth ride all the way, but Circuit Route Planner is your best partner to get things done efficiently. Get your free trial today.

How Much Do Amazon Delivery Drivers Make

The honest answer to your question is… there is no answer. Helpful, right? Heres the thing: Theres no one set global hourly pay for Amazon drivers.

Amazon operates worldwide, and the pay varies according to the country, and even the region within that country. For example, drivers in big urban hubs may earn more than drivers in rural locations, where theres less demand.

That said, one thing all Amazon drivers can enjoy is consistent work and a regular paycheck. Whether you work for Amazon full time or part time, youll get a steady income.

On top of that, your job security is pretty much unparalleled. Amazon is huge, with some around the world and 1.6 million packages delivered every day.

So, while we cant give you an exact salary expectation, we can assure you that the job prospects are good. Read on for some idea of what you might earn delivering for Amazon depending on your location. Here are the Amazon driver hourly earnings :

$28.75 AUD

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Downsides To Amazon Flex

The main downside I see here is that if a package can’t be delivered you have to return to the Amazon Warehouse after your block. If your block was back near your house, you’d have to drive all the way back to HQ, then back to your house .

Additionally you’ve got the cost of maintaining, running and servicing your car. Plus what happens when you inevitably get stuck in traffic.. your 4 hour slot could be an 8 hour slot.

But there’s many pro’s and like any business model, it’s up to you if you implement it.

Complete The Amazon Signup Tutorial

How to become an Amazon Flex driver in London

After downloading the app, a newbie Amazon flex driver must complete the signup tutorial. If you have trouble downloading the app or navigating the tutorial, call 888-281-6906 from 9 to 9 EST for more information.

Using the app, you can also navigate to a complete menu of short-training video designed to help new workers.

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Amazon Flex Vs Postmates

Amazon Flex and Postmates drivers may make similar money. The average for a Postmates driver is $17 per hour, according to Glassdoor, compared to Amazons $18 to $25. Postmates drivers work on a last-minute schedule when compared to Amazon Flex.

You can schedule in advance with Amazon and have a good estimate of how much work you can expect in the selected block and how much youll earn. With Postmates, you log in to the app when youre ready to start and wait for a delivery to pop up.

Insurance Requirements And Coverage

To qualify for Flex, you must maintain your own personal auto insurance policy. Amazon says that the policy must be, the required insurance for delivering packages in your area, but does not give extra detail.

Amazon provides commercial auto insurance to Flex partners while they are on the job . The policy offers liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and contingent comprehensive & collision coverage. Comprehensive collision coverage means that you receive comprehensive coverage from Amazon if you maintain comprehensive coverage on your own personal policy.

Your personal insurance policy may not cover package delivery. Its a grey area in insurance that isnt well established in all states. Most personal policies dont cover package delivery, but Amazon doesnt scrutinize personal policies and reject applicants for having the incorrect insurance. Insurance products that cover rideshare activity may not include delivery. Contact an insurance agent in your area to learn more about insurance regulations in your state and how you can get a policy that properly covers you.

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Amazon Flex Payment Structure

Amazon Flex drivers are paid a flat sum for every shift known as a delivery block they accept and complete.

Most available blocks typically last between two and six hours from the time of your arrival to the pick-up location to the time of your final package drop-off.

Before you accept any delivery block, youll always see your guaranteed earnings as well as an estimate of how long it will take to complete the relevant deliveries.

This way, youll be able to calculate how much youll earn per hour before you commit.

For example, if a two-hour block offers a $36 guarantee, youll know that youll earn $18 per hour once you complete your shift.

As long as all your packages are successfully delivered , youll soon receive the exact earnings that were offered for your delivery block.

This makes far more transparent than those of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, which take at least 20% commission from rides that are offered with unclear trip totals.

If you complete Prime Now deliveries, youll also get the chance to get customer tips on top of your guaranteed earnings. Delivery partners receive 100% of the tips customers provide.

Mileage reimbursement is not included in the payment structure for any Amazon Flex delivery blocks, so keep this in mind as you calculate your real earnings for each trip.

Driver Requirements For Amazon Flex

How Much I Made Working Amazon Flex for 12 Hours.

You’ll need to meet these requirements to join as a driver on the platform:

  • Must be over 20 years old
  • Have a full unrestricted drivers license
  • Have full comprehensive insurance
  • Have a suitable Android or iOS smartphone
  • Have a suitable vehicle.

The vehicle must be a modern 4 door passenger vehicle. While Utes and trucks seem like a smart option, they are excluded, as are 2 door vehicles and motorcycles.

It’s advisable to have a vehicle where the back seats fold down or a large boot, but this isn’t a requirement.


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How Long Does It Take To Become An Amazon Flex Driver

It usually takes around 2 to 7 business days for Amazon Flex to complete your background check. Many drivers say that you can expect to start working within a week or two after youve signed up.

In some cases, when there are discrepancies in the documents and information that youve submitted, this process could take more than two weeks.

If Amazon Flex is not actively recruiting in your area, meaning there are too many drivers already, you may have to wait until theres an opening. Amazon Flex will then contact you via the app or email to let you know that you can start driving for them.

Amazon Prime Now Delivery

Prime Now is the delivery service of Amazon on steroids. The customers want to receive what they bought through Prime, such as everyday items, household essentials, and other Amazon products, in as quick as an hour.

From the perspective of a customer, its shopping made ultra-convenient. Consumers order what they need or want from Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods, Monoprix in Paris, or Morrison in Leeds. Amazon partner drivers then deliver them to their doorsteps lightning-fast for a fee. Amazon wanted to make the customer experience magical, even giving the code name Houdini when developing the concept. It gives a seamless shopping experience with an I-just-clicked-the-buy-button-and-its-already-here approach.

As a delivery driver, you will get a one-hour or two-hour window to complete the jobs. Since customers pay a premium for this service, keep in mind the time-sensitive nature of the delivery. Because of this, you receive higher base pay, and you are eligible to keep 100 percent of the tips you receive.

Depending on what goods you will deliver, there may be extra requirements such as customers being present to receive the items, age requirements specifically for alcohol deliveries, or the need for a special container if youre bringing cold or frozen items from a store or warehouse.

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Keep Protocol In Mind

Amazon expects its drivers to deliver all packages assigned to them, and you might have to go back to a customer more than once. If you fail to follow this protocol and only try delivering once, your undelivered package will bear a black mark. If this keeps happening, Amazon can put your account under a soft block so you get fewer bookings.

How Much Amazon Flex Drivers Make

How Much can You Make as a Delivery Driver with Amazon Flex?

The claims vary widely, depending on where youre getting estimated numbers. On its website, Amazon says hourly earnings are $18$25 per hour for Flex drivers, while some more realistic sources report that its more like up to $20 per hour.

At Gridwise, however, we dont have to speculate. We have actual earnings data from Amazon Flex drivers, which has been made anonymous so we can give you an accurate reading.

Lets start by looking at earnings per hour. In January 2020, average earnings per hour for Amazon Flex drivers were at $15.40. Matters improved greatly throughout 2020 and into 2021. Even though theres been a slight decline, hourly earnings havent fallen too far off the peak of $19.08 in March 2021, and were still at $18.04 in May.

These figures represent the median hourly earnings for Amazon Flex drivers across the U.S. Its possible that in some places, drivers are making more. Still, the claim of $25 per hour seems to be higher than what reality shows us.

Looking at earnings per month can help us gauge what its like to try to earn a workable income with Amazon Flex. As we can see from the graph below, earnings hit a peak of $571.05 back in February of 2020. Monthly earnings hovered around $400$450 from that point through May 2021, when average monthly earnings were $432.

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Pro: Choose Your Hours

The ability to choose your hours is one of the main selling points for many workers looking for a part-time gig. You can work at your main job during the day and pick up extra shifts on the Amazon Flex app for nights and weekends. Many college students may find it convenient, as this job allows them to work around their class schedules.

Vehicle Requirements: What Kind Of Vehicles Can You Use For Flex

The type of vehicle accepted by Amazon depends on the service you deliver for. Read about order types below.

Amazon.com orders require a four-door sedan, a pickup truck with covered bed, minivan or van. Two-door cars are not accepted because they may not be large enough to fit every package that youre assigned for your shift. Trucks with uncovered beds are not accepted.

Prime Now and Amazon Fresh deliveries allow you to use any vehicle with no restriction on the number of doors or the size of the vehicle. Begin the application process to see what vehicles are accepted in your area.

Is there a model year requirement for Flex? 1990 is the oldest model year that you can select during the Flex application. There is no vehicle inspection.

Need a car for Flex?Try HyreCar. HyreCar offers rentals that qualify for Amazon Flex, other delivery apps and rideshare.

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Other Jobs Like Amazon Flex

If youre stuck on a waitlist or want to try some Amazon Flex alternatives, youre in luck.

There are numerous jobs like Amazon Flex that pay you for making deliveries:

  • DoorDash: Deliver fast food and restaurant orders as a DoorDash courier!
  • Instacart: Deliver groceries for people as an Instacart Shopper and earn around $15 to $20+ per hour.
  • GoShare: Complete local and long-distance deliveries for people and businesses to get paid.
  • Roadie: Like GoShare, Roadie pays you for completing deliveries for people and businesses nearby or out-of-state.
  • Uber Eats: Make money delivering food as an Uber Eats driver.

Its hard to live off of DoorDash, Amazon Flex, or any of these delivery gigs.

But these gigs are effective ways to supplement your income and make more money in your spare time.

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How To Make The Most Money Working For Amazon Flex

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make??

One of the easiest ways to maximize your earnings working for Amazon Flex is to use a bigger car. A larger vehicle will allow you to deliver more packages. You can also try to schedule yourself to deliver during busy block times, which are marked in the app. Other workers prioritize deliveries with Prime Now and Amazon Fresh since they give customers the option to give you tips.

When scheduling your blocks, pay attention to surge times. These are blocks that are available at an increased rate. These surges happen around especially busy times, like around the holidays, long weekends, or even the Super Bowl. Some Flexers have even seen the hourly rate go up to $32 an hour during these surges, so dont waste time! Grab them when you can to make the most out of your shifts.

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Amazon Flex Vs Instacart

If you dont want to deliver packages for Amazon, Instacart focuses on grocery deliveries. Shoppers typically make about $17 per hour or just under $25 per trip, according to Gridwise. Amazon Flex is more consistent with guaranteed earnings between $15 and $19 per hour plus tips.

With Amazon Flex, you pick up the packages or orders and spend most of your time making deliveries. Instacart orders require you to go and shop for them. Youll have to decide on how much time you want to spend pushing a cart versus dropping orders off.

Do You Have The Necessary Equipment To Work For Amazon

Your Android or iPhone must run 6.0 or higher. You must have at least 2 GB of RAM. Your phone should have a camera with a flash available, and also be able to use GPS navigation.

Vehicle insurance requirements are: liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and comprehensive and collision coverage.

Whats a midsize car? Typically thats a four-door car. The typical two-door car doesnt have the packages cargo space needed to make deliveries in a block.

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Flex Driver Ratings & Deactivation Policy

Amazon measures the performance of Flex drivers with a system called standing. Your standing shows how well you are doing with the Flex program. Standing is made up of two metrics: Reliability and delivery quality.

Reliability measures whether you show up for your shifts or not. Delivery quality makes sure that you delivery or attempt to deliver all packages.

Your standing can be Fantastic, Great, Fair, or At Risk. As the name suggests, At Risk places you at risk of deactivation. You can check your current standing in the Activity Hub in the Flex app.

Amazon can deactivate you for these reasons:

  • Late for shifts
  • Failing to attempt to deliver packages
  • Bad customer service, too many customer complaints
  • Stealing, damaging packages
  • Inactivity. You may be deactivated if you dont schedule a shift for 180 days

The most common reasons for deactivation are failing to deliver too many packages, or for poorly placing packages.

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Is Amazon Flex Right For You

Amazon Flex Driver Review

If you are still intrigued after reading this Amazon Flex review, then you may want to give the app and delivery work a try. There is plenty of flexibility with the schedule and might be good if you are looking to make money on the side.

However, it does seems each person will have a different experience and view on the work. But the only way to know if its right for you is to give it a try and experience it for yourself!

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Answer Some Qualifying Questions

After creating an account or signing in with an existing Amazon account, the app will ask you to give permission for the devices GPS, camera, and phone state. These permissions are all required by the app for you to continue.

You will then have to answer some quick questions such as your availability, zip code, and the type of vehicle you will use to deliver for Amazon Flex.

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