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How Much Do Amazon Drivers Get Paid

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‘we’re Asking For Pretty Simple Things From Our Drivers’ Amazon Says

How much I get paid as Amazon delivery driver (third party company)

Alex says he does not actually know whether drivers are required to deliver all their packages, even after their 4-hour-block has finished.

The wording in Amazon’s service agreement is ambiguous.

“Amazon expects that you will deliver all the packages you picked up as part of your Delivery Block,” it reads.

“In an instance where delivery is not possible, you are expected to return all packages to the Amazon delivery station, unless otherwise directed by Amazon.”

Alex says it is unclear what “not possible” means. He thinks it should mean that the driver was unable to deliver all their packages within their 4-hour block

Amazon disagrees.

“We ask delivery partners to still attempt to deliver the packages, even if the 4-hour block has expired,” Michael Cooley says.

“We know that approximately 90 per cent of delivery walks are actually completed in under the period of time it’s allocated to them.”

Amazon says if drivers cannot deliver all the packages within their 4-hour block, they can apply for a top-up payment through the Flex app.

Yet the company declined to say how many top-up applications have been lodged and how many have been successful.

Alex says he lodged one application for a top-up payment, but it was declined.

“We undertake a proactive pay reconciliation process across Australia, on a regular basis, to ensure all delivery partners are paid for excess time spent on delivery work,” Michael Cooley says.

Is Driving For Amazon Flex Worth It

As we mentioned above, driving for Amazon Flex is one of the best methods to make money with your car.

First of all, Amazon is such a well-known brand, so you can be safe in the knowledge that this isnt a scam its a legitimate opportunity.

And, secondly, and just as importantly, the pay is pretty high.

For a lot of similar opportunities, such as Uber and Lyft, the pay per hour often is much lower sometimes as low as $3 to $5 an hour.

The fact that at a minimum, youre making $18 an hour is great.

And finally, its such a flexible job. You can choose to work when you want.

For the most part, driver reviews for Flex are really positive, with many stating the same pros that we have in this section.

Of course, there are drivers who report that there are downsides to the job. Some drivers say that Amazon doesnt provide much advice when a customer isnt home, for example.

So, this job might not be for everyone.

But, its definitely one to try out if youre looking for a flexible job that pays well.

Download the app, and give it a try after all, you could earn yourself $700 per week, just by picking up one shift per day!

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Do Amazon Delivery Drivers Get A Salary Or Hourly Pay

Amazon drivers who work for Amazon DSPs are paid hourly, with some range available for tips and promotions.

Amazon Flex drivers are paid by block.

Each block that a driver signs up for is worth a certain amount.

These are all listed on the Flex app, which means you can know exactly how much youll be making for each block.

Hourly rates for DSP drivers can average out to be less than the Flex driver.

However, DSP drivers have the advantage of a vehicle provided to them, the company covering gas and other expenses, as well as more consistent schedules.

As a Flex driver, you use your vehicle, pay for your gas and car repairs, and pick up work as its available.

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How Does Driving For Amazon Flex Work

Its simple really.

You pick up deliveries from Amazons warehouses and then drop them at the customers home or office.

Using the Amazon Flex app, you can schedule the delivery blocks that you want to work ahead of time.

Or, you can just check in on the day to see whats available.

Usually, delivery blocks range in length they are 3, 3.5, or 4 hours long.

Delivery opportunities are available seven days per week, so you really can fit them in around your schedule.

‘not Once Did I Speak To A Human’

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make In 2021?

Ryan McBain still has no idea why he was terminated from Amazon Flex.

“It makes me feel worthless like I’m just a number,” he says.

He signed up for Amazon Flex in March last year, after being stood down from his job in retail during Australia’s first round of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Ryan stopped using the platform in August last year when he started picking up more shifts at his regular job.

But when he tried to log back into Flex when Sydney’s latest lockdown left him without work, he discovered Amazon had terminated him.

“I was devastated,” he says.

Ryan recalls receiving a handful of warnings last year for returning undelivered parcels, but his termination email from Amazon does not say exactly why he has been cut off.

“Due to violation of the Amazon Flex Independent Contractor Terms of Service you are no longer eligible to participate in the Amazon Flex Platform.”

Ryan says the email from “The Amazon Flex Team” made him feel like he was being fired by a robot.

“Not once did I speak to a human,” he says.

“It was just a computer on the other end. You’re not getting a human interaction.”

He is now trying to dispute Amazon’s decision though an internal appeals process.

“They said they would get back to me in about six days, but I still haven’t heard from them.”

After initially asking the ABC for details about Ryan’s case, Amazon declined to comment on the reasons for his termination.

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Frequently Asked Questions About An Amazon Delivery Driver Salaries

The national average salary for an Amazon Delivery Driver is $36,462 per year in United States. Filter by location to see an Amazon Delivery Driver salaries in your area. Salaries estimates are based on 341 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by an Amazon Delivery Driver employees.

The highest salary for in United States is $45,097 per year.

The lowest salary for in United States is $29,480 per year.

Are Amazon Delivery Drivers Full

Amazon drivers can be full- or part-time employees, or independent contractors. Let me explain.

As employees, drivers dont work directly for Amazon but for the Delivery Service Partners that Amazon contracts with.

The DSP is an independent organization that helps Amazon with the last mile of its deliveries.

Drivers are considered independent sub-contractors for Amazon.

They operate out of Amazon delivery stations, which are spread across the United States and eight other countries.

Amazon Flex

There is an independent contractor option as well.

This program is called Amazon Flex, and it all runs out of the Amazon Flex app.

In this program, there is a simple sign-up process that requires you to have a reliable 4-door vehicle and a working smartphone.

Through the app, you can sign up for different delivery blocks of time.

You are given a pick-up location, a route, and off you go.

In the Flex program, you arent exactly your own boss, but you do have the advantage of creating your own schedule around your other commitments.

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Amazon Flex Vs Postmates

Amazon Flex and Postmates drivers may make similar money. The average for a Postmates driver is $17 per hour, according to Glassdoor, compared to Amazons $18 to $25. Postmates drivers work on a last-minute schedule when compared to Amazon Flex.

You can schedule in advance with Amazon and have a good estimate of how much work you can expect in the selected block and how much youll earn. With Postmates, you log in to the app when youre ready to start and wait for a delivery to pop up.

Pro Tips To Maximize Your Earnings

How Much Amazon Paid Me After Driving For Them For A Month! Driving For Amazon UK

The following ideas can help you make more as an Amazon Flex driver:

  • Check the schedule regularly for new delivery blocks. Cancellations may come up and you could snag a last-minute opportunity.
  • Ramp up for the holidays. November and December are peak delivery times when you can make more money than the rest of the year.
  • Look for busier block times, which pay more. It may require you to work later or earlier hours, but it may be worth it.
  • Be courteous and thoughtful on deliveries and you may earn extra tips. Small details such as dropping mints into a food order bag from the restaurant pickup or placing grocery orders neatly at a customers door could earn you extra cash.

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Can I Work As A Full

Its definitely possible to go full-time as an Amazon Flex driver. However, its important to recognize the program does not guarantee youll always get enough shifts to meet 40 hours.

This is especially when demand is low since there are other drivers vying for the same delivery blocks.

This is why many Amazon Flex drivers prefer to consider the gig a part-time earning opportunity.

How Much Should You Tip Amazon Fresh Drivers

As mentioned above, $5 is the very least you should tip your Amazon Fresh driver.

In fact, this is the amount that Amazon automatically fills in when it comes to the tip space.

Considering a minimum order in many cities is $35, that means a $5 tip comes to about 14%.

Additionally, It is expected in the service industry to tip at least 10%, and 15% for acceptable service.

So if your order hovers around $35, $5 is a fully acceptable tip for the driver, however, if your order is much larger, consider giving a larger tip.

Other things to consider: If your order is heavier than most, if you live somewhere inconvenient, or in a location with terrible parking.

If any of these sound like your living situation, or worse, your living situation combines any of these factors, you should consider tipping more than $5.

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How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make

So now, to the part youve been waiting for: the money.

How much do Amazon Flex drivers make?

The is $18 per hour .

From there, hourly pay can climb as high as $25 per hour due to factors that increase the difficulty of the delivery.

Possible factors include high demand, inclement weather or the holiday rush.

If youre delivering for Prime Now, youll also have the chance to earn tips.

Customers arent required to give tips, but you can increase your chances of receiving them by providing prompt, professional customer service.

Youll be able to see the hourly rate for a given schedule block before you select it, so there will be no ambiguity about how much youll be making on a shift.

That being said, the precise amount you make per week or month will depend on how many shifts youre willing to work, as well as how many Amazon will give you.

To ensure that your work remains part-time, Amazon caps the maximum number of hours you can work as follows:

  • Max per day 7 hours
  • Max per week 29 hours
  • Max per 30 days 116 hours

This is because, as an Amazon Flex driver, you are a self-employed, independent contractor.

Your are not an Amazon employee. If Amazon were to regularly give drivers 40-hour weeks, this could open them up to lawsuits demanding Amazon delivery drivers be treated as employees .

Amazon doesnt want this, so they put the above caps in place .

Note, however, that these caps can be lifted during busy periods such as the winter holidays.

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make A Week

Amazon Flex: How to Get Paid As a Driver, How to Sign Up ...

Amazon Flex Delivery Driver Salary

Annual Salary
$31,000 $596

How many hours do you need to work for Amazon Flex? There is a weekly hourly limit of 40 hours on Amazon Flex. This limit can be raised at any time to anything above 40 hours, but usually for the busy Christmas season.

Can you make a living off Amazon Flex?

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Types Of Amazon Trucking Jobs

If you want to drive for Amazon in some capacity, there are two main types of jobs you can choose from:

  • DSPs: These are Delivery Service Partners and are independent of Amazon. These are individual carriers that work with Amazon to transport their freight. Drivers can work for a DSP and will be considered an employee of the DSP. As an employee, you will enjoy a reliable schedule, competitive pay and benefits. You also have the option of becoming a DSP yourself if you have dreams of running your own fleet.
  • Flex: The Flex program is really more for everyday drivers who dont have a CDL. Your job would be to deliver packages to customer doors using a regular vehicle. Flex jobs are less consistent and dont offer nearly the same pay rates.

In this guide, were only going to look at CDL positions and pay available through Amazon DSPs.

Does Amazon Pay Per Mile or By the Hour?

Truckers are used to getting paid by the mile with minimum weekly payouts. Its the industry standard. But when you drive for an Amazon partner, you will be paid by the hour.

CDL drivers for Amazon earn different rates depending on their location and the Delivery Service Partner they are driving for.

Most positions are regional, which means that you get more home time.

Some positions offer daily home time and local routes, but these positions are harder to come by due to low turnover rates.

Roman Freight Lines Regional Solo

  • Full-time position
  • $220-$240/day
  • $27.5-$30/hour

Drivers will be working for Roman Freight Lines out of Salt Lake City, UT. Along with this base salary, drivers will also receive the following benefits:

  • Medical, dental and vision coverage
  • 401 plans available
  • Guaranteed raises twice a year after the first year
  • Paid time off

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Is Amazon Dsp A Good Opportunity

Amazons promise of as little as $10,000 in startup costs makes the Delivery Service Partner program a much lighter lift for someone just getting started. I think theres a massive opportunity here, but only for the right person. However, the ultimate earnings potential doesnt look nearly as strong.

Amazon Flex Payment Structure

Amazon flex driver pay and tips how much can you make

Amazon Flex drivers are paid a flat sum for every shift known as a delivery block they accept and complete.

Most available blocks typically last between two and six hours from the time of your arrival to the pick-up location to the time of your final package drop-off.

Before you accept any delivery block, youll always see your guaranteed earnings as well as an estimate of how long it will take to complete the relevant deliveries.

This way, youll be able to calculate how much youll earn per hour before you commit.

For example, if a two-hour block offers a $36 guarantee, youll know that youll earn $18 per hour once you complete your shift.

As long as all your packages are successfully delivered , youll soon receive the exact earnings that were offered for your delivery block.

This makes far more transparent than those of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, which take at least 20% commission from rides that are offered with unclear trip totals.

If you complete Prime Now deliveries, youll also get the chance to get customer tips on top of your guaranteed earnings. Delivery partners receive 100% of the tips customers provide.

Mileage reimbursement is not included in the payment structure for any Amazon Flex delivery blocks, so keep this in mind as you calculate your real earnings for each trip.

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Amazon’s Power Extends To Drivers

Drivers employed by third-party companies are also closely controlled by Amazon, according to legal filings and interviews with Amazon employees and workers at courier companies.

Two Amazon managers said they had the power to indirectly fire drivers by barring them from their delivery stations. These bans typically happened at weekly meetings between Amazon managers and courier-company managers, according to people who attended these meetings.

“I had drivers, grown men, coming up to me just crying, with tears in their eyes, saying, ‘Please help me keep my job,'” a former Amazon manager said. “You’ve got to give them the line ‘You don’t work for Amazon, you work for the DSP, so I really can’t help you.’

“The very next day I could be sitting in a meeting with the technical employer of that person … saying he can’t work out of this station.”

This doesn’t equate to a direct firing, he said, because drivers barred from an station could technically work for another client at another site. But this directive often ended in a firing regardless, he said.

If Amazon fired a contracted driver outright, the company could be legally considered a joint employer, which could be held liable in court for labor violations.

“Amazon controls every step in the delivery process except how workers are paid,” said Sarah Schalman-Bergen of Berger Montague, a Philadelphia-based firm representing drivers in a lawsuit against Amazon and TL Transportation. “It’s a tremendous injustice.”

‘a David And Goliath Battle’

It is among the many controversial workplace innovations that have helped Amazon become the world’s richest retailer earning $1.1 billion in Australia last year and helped fund its founder Jeff Bezos’s history-making trip into space last month.

“I want to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for all this,” Bezos told a news conference in the West Texas desert after stepping off the spacecraft developed by his company, Blue Origin.

Flex is also emblematic of a wider shift in the workforces of established industries like the parcel delivery business, where salaried drivers are being replaced by subcontractors with fewer workplace rights and no guarantee of a secure income.

“This is the kind of work we saw in the 19th century, before the development of minimum standards under employment protection regimes,” says Michael Rawling, a senior lecturer in employment law at the University of Technology Sydney.

“This is a David and Goliath battle between vulnerable workers and large, multinational tech companies breaking into the Australian market and making conditions worse.”

Alex’s day starts with a drive from his home in Melbourne’s north-west to one of Amazon’s four depots around the city.

“If I start at 10 o’clock, I really have to be there at quarter-to-10 because of all the traffic of drivers queuing,” he says.

Once inside, he loads up the 30 to 40 packages Amazon pays him $108 to deliver in his 4-hour block.

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