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How Much Does Amazon Brand Registry Cost

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Amazons Tools To Protect Your Brand

How Much Does Amazon Brand Registry Cost? What if I Told You it Was FREE? | Nine University

The second part of is in regards to brand protection tools, making for a consistent experience on the consumers end in regards to your brand on Amazon. The primary purpose is to help you preserve your brands integrity, image, and listings to ensure youre protected from counterfeit products or sellers.

Brand Registry Tool #5: Accurate Listings

With Amazons Accurate listings, your brand has complete control over the information used on pages that feature your products. This helps to maintain your brand image and ensure customers always see accurate information about your products. With Amazons Accurate listings, you even have the ability to remove counterfeit items yourself instead of having to wait for Amazon to improve the removal.

Brand Registry Tool #6: Brand Protection

Amazon uses automated tools to ensure that your brand is protected at all times. When you sign up to be a part of Brand Registry, youll provide data about your brand through trademarks. Logos, and more.

Amazon will automatically scan the market to find anyone pretending to be your brand or any inaccurate content and will remove it from the market. This automated process works better and improves your brand experience the more you submit information to Amazon about your brand.

Brand Registry Tool #7: Violation Reporting

You can even submit photos of listings that are using similar product pictures or stealing your content. Its important to note that you must be the brand owner to file a violation.

Is Brand Registry On Amazon Free

Unlike in the real world, there is no cost associated with the Amazon Brand Registry. A Trademark applicant must still have their trademark registered in order to qualify, however. Usually, the registration fee for a trademark is $225 to $400. It depends on what type of protection you are seeking to what level of protection you will receive.

Amazon Brand Registry Helps Amazon Registered Brands Show Up On The First Page Of Amazon Product Searches:

Im sure youve noticed that besides having , the product listings at the top of the first page of Amazon product listing searches have:

How Amazon Brand Registry Helps Amazon SEO:

  • A+ Content
  • Amazon Product Listing Video
  • An Amazon Storefront

Well, as an , intimately familiar with Amazons a9 algorithm there is a direct correlation between a listing that sells effectively and showing up on the first page in Amazon product search results.

So, improved sales = improved Amazon SEO and more reviews = improved Amazon SEO.

But thats only part of the story for Amazon brand registered sellers.

Using A+ Content gives you the opportunity to include a ton more keywords than you normally would be able to.

Just like traditional eCommerce SEO, when you upload images to Amazon A+ Content, you get to use Alt Text!

Think about it, each image you include in an A+ Content template gives you more opportunity to show up in Amazon Product Searches for profitable searches.

Amazon Image Keywords Best Practices:

  • Describe the image while also using keywords you are attempting to target
  • NOTE: Keywords only need to appear on the front end or back end of a listing ONCE
  • There is no benefit to keyword stuffing on Amazon , so use keywords you havent used elsewhere.

Now, as you know, the more popular you are, the more likely you are to get unauthorized sellers, listing hijackers and knock-offs.

So what can you do about them?

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What Does Being Brand Registered On Amazon Not Mean

Although being brand registered provides a lot of luxuries, its protections are not exhaustive.

Here is a list of things that Brand Registry does not do:

  • Gate your brand or limit other sellers from selling it
  • Allow you to whitelist/blacklist other sellers from selling your brand
  • Allow someone other than the brand owner to submit infringement claims against other sellers

Amazon Brand Registry Requirements

How to get brand registry on Amazon from Australia

There are over 60,000 brands hosted on the Amazon Brand Registry. Registration isnt as simple as claiming you have rights over the products in question. You must have an active registered trademark thats placed on either the items you sell or the packaging theyre sold in. This means going through the trademark registration process in your country.

You can also protect your products in other countries by providing evidence of trademarks in each enrollment country. Fortunately, you can still receive protection in other regions through the Amazon Transparency program, explained in-depth later. To get on the Brand Registry, youll need to go through the following process:

  • Ensure your trademark meets the Brand Registration eligibility requirements.
  • Have your trademark registration number handy during signup.
  • Provide documents that prove you are the owner of the trademark in question.
  • Sign in using an Amazon account. Only account holders can register a brand.
  • Enroll your brand. Youll need to provide:
  • Your registered trademark.
  • All product categories where your property might be listed.
  • Countries where you do business .

There is plenty of additional information you can provide to the Amazon Brand Registry. The aforementioned points are simply whats required for your brand to be registered. Keep in mind that your intellectual property rights will receive more protection based on the level of information you enter into the system.

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • European Union

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Sign Into Amazon Brand Registry

If you meet the eligibility requirements, the next step is to sign into Amazon Seller Brand Registry. If you are a Vendor or Seller on Amazon, use your Vendor or Seller Central credentials to sign in.

Using the same username and password will enable you to access the features and benefits of Amazon Brand Registry that are linked to Vendor and Seller services. If you dont yet have an Amazon account, you can create one for free here.

Can I Enroll In The Amazon Brand Registry Without A Trademark

Selling your products online and on Amazon greatly expands your potential customer base. It also increases your risk of counterfeiters and knock offs. Having a trademark and enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry can be a huge step toward protecting your brand on the Amazon platform.

Amazon has stopped 2.5 million bad accounts from publishing questionable listings and blocked 6 million suspicious listings. The brands that are registered in the Amazon Brand Registry enjoy this protection and a 99% reduction in suspected infringements after joining. Theres a dedicated team of investigators that work 24 hours a day and seven days a week to stop potential infringers.

If you sell on Amazon, joining the registry is a smart way to protect your online business. However, you cannot enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry without a trademark. Having a trademark does more than enable you to register with Amazon. It also lets you protect your brand and company goodwill from those who would seek to profit from it without your permission.

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What Are The Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

The extra features you get with brand registry are:

  • Adding products without buying UPCs or EANs.
  • You control the listings content, look and feel.
  • You may be able to remove hijackers a bit faster this is something I think will be dramatically improved when Brand Registry applications comes back into being.
  • You can apply Enhanced Brand Content to your listing. This allows you to add great images and descriptions down through your listing page and can really maximize the chances of a sale.

Amazon Brand Registry Step By Step

2021 – How to Register Your Brand in Amazon’s Brand Registry

Time is money, as they say, and for Amazon sellers, waiting to get the trademark required for Amazon brand registry isnt just frustrating, it costs money. Sitting idly by for over a year cuts into revenue you could be making. In this article, I will show you step by step the fastest and most affordable way to get a trademark without paying thousands for a lawyer or using the IP accelerator. I will walk you through the entire process, from finding the cheapest lawyer to correctly filling out the trademark form on Amazon. Lets dive in!

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Place Barcode On Your Product

Last, but definitely not least: put your barcode on your product!

If you havent packaged or designed your labels for your product, you can obtain a digital barcode file directly from GS1 to incorporate it into the packaging and labeling of your product.

Almost all manufacturers will be comfortable with the idea of working with UPC codes and understand how to incorporate them from a digital file. If you have already packaged and labeled your products, you can order adhesive barcode labels to stick onto your product or packaging.

As an Amazon seller, its important to place your barcode in a place that is visible and scannable.

Avoid placing your barcode on the edge of the package, and make sure theres enough white space around the barcode so its scannable. Make sure that the barcodes you use are printed clearly, sized correctly, and match the information on the GS1 database.

Amazon Wedding Registry: How It Works Plus Top Items For Newlyweds

Associate Commerce Editor, HuffPost

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Its not an exaggeration to say that has become a pretty integral part of most peoples lives.

In fact, half of millennials said in a 2018 study that they would. Theyre using the site to get groceries delivered via , stream the latest episode of The ous Mrs. Maisel on Prime Video and find an for spring break.

A lot of them are even using an .

Many couples get engaged in December and decide to get , meaning late winter is the perfect time to think about a registry the best time to register for gifts is seven to nine months before your wedding, according to the experts at

on Nov 13, 2019 at 12:50pm PST

Some couples might still enjoy the thrill of the store-scanning spree at places like Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams-Sonoma and Target. But others prefer the ease of wedding-planning sites like The Knot and Zola, as well as .

Many Americans are getting married later in life, some have already set up their first homes, an Amazon spokesperson said. As a result, registrants are interested in a mix of traditional items such as pots and pans and dish ware, as well as event related items like camping gear, serve ware for entertaining at home, board games, yard games and AirBnB gift cards.

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Is It Worth It

Unfortunately, this is the one question we cant answer for you. If youre looking for a dynamic way to sell your products on Amazon, A+ Content could very well be the right fit for you. It allows you to differentiate, boost your conversion rates, and showcase your products in the best possible light. The ROI on an additional 10% sales could be a game-changer for your business.

Strong Search And Reporting Tools

Amazon PPC: What Is Amazon PPC &  How to Get Started [Guide]

With the help of the Amazon Brand Registry Program, Amazon is simplifying the process of finding potential infringement cases with custom features that are specifically designed for brands:

  • Global Search: This feature allows you to search for content in different Amazon stores while staying on the same screen without having to navigate away.
  • Image Search: You can locate product listings on Amazonthat matches your products or logos using the image search feature.
  • Bulk ASIN Search: You can search lists of ASINs or product URLs in great numbers in this way you can keep exploring and can report potentially infringing content readily.
  • Once you are done with your search, the Brand Registry provides you a much simpler and guided workflow so you can submit the report of potential violations to Amazon after which necessary measures will be taken by Amazon.

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How To Register Your Brand

Enrolling your brand in Amazon’s Brand Registry is a simple and straightforward process. Before you enroll however you need to make sure your brand meets Amazons eligibility requirements, which can be found on this page.

The main thing you need is an image-based trademark or registered text. At the moment however, Amazon accepts trademarks issued only by the following few countries:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • European Union

The first thing you need to do is find out what your local trademark requirements and procedures are and get to work on it. Once youve met the eligibility requirements you can simply provide your trademark brand name and number in Seller Central and youre ready to start reaping the benefits of Brand Registration once approved.

The Process Of Amazon Brand Registry

The process of enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry is pretty straightforward.

1. Sign up for a Brand Registry account

2. Complete the 4-step application

Youll need your trademarked brand name/logo, trademark type, trademark registration office, trademark registration number, product images, brand logos, packaging images, website, and social media information, manufacturing details, and product categories.

3. Amazon verification Amazon will send a verification code to the person connected to the trademark account.

4. Log in to Seller Central and enter the verification code.

After step 4, you should be accepted into the Brand Registry program within 1 2 days.

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Amazon Brand Registry Faq

Lastly, lets take a look at Amazon Brand Registrys frequently asked questions.

What Does it Cost To Enroll My Brand in Amazon Brand Registry?

  • Its free

Can an Agent / Marketing Company / Consultant / etc. Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry For My Company?

  • No, the brand owner will need to agree to and accept the terms.
  • You can add an agent thereafter upon enrollment.

Can Private Label Sellers Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry?

  • Yep

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved in Amazon Brand Registry?

  • This is all over the map. Ive seen 24 hours to a few weeks.

Does Amazon Brand Registry Help Me Prevent Unauthorized Sellers?

  • Yes
  • Transparency from Amazon Brand Registry was designed to help you fight knock-offs.
  • Once a product is enrolled in Transparency, it then becomes gated and only authorized sellers can list the product.

Does Amazon Brand Registry Help Me Enforce My MAP Policy?

  • No, you still need to police this manually.

How Can I Tell if a Competitor is Enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry?

  • Amazon does not have a customer-facing tool to identify Brand Registered products.
  • You can still identify these if they have Enhanced Branded Content or Amazon Product Listing Video or a Storefront
  • These are the benefits of Amazon Vendor Central as well.

Is it Worth Enrolling My Brand in Amazon Brand Registry?

  • Yes, 100%

By the way, having great products that are not selling is agonizing, so is , SEO, PPC & more.

I can get you where you want to go quicker & easier.

  • An active registered Trademark.
  • Powerful Search And Report Tools

    Amazon IP Accelerator Program Review | Amazon Brand Registry Tutorial 2021

    Amazon simplifies the process of finding cases of potential infringement with custom features designed specifically for brands:

    • Global search: search for content in different Amazon stores from the same screen without ever having to navigate away
    • Image search: find product listings on Amazon that match your product or logo using images
    • Bulk ASIN search: search for a list of ASINs or product URLs in bulk to explore and report potentially infringing content fast
    • Sort view of average customer ratings of ASINs to gauge popularity

    After you complete your search, the Brand Registry provides you with simple and guided workflows to submit a report of potential infringement that Amazon can review and take appropriate action on.

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    Strong Research And Report Tools

    Amazon explains the method of deciding cases of possible violation with custom features created especially for brands:

    • Global search: search for content in various Amazon stocks from the corresponding screen without ever having to drive away
    • Image search: find stock listings on Amazon that balance your product or logo utilising images
    • Bulk ASIN research: search for a list of ASINs or product URLs in bulk to examine and record potentially infringing content fast
    • Sort view of common customer ratings of ASINs to measure the popularity

    Moreover, after you complete your search, the brand registry gives you simple and controlled workflows to present a report of possible infringement that Amazon can analyse and take proper action on.

    Where To Get A Registered Trademark

    Contact – designed to make trademark registration easier. Internationally.

    How does Amazon Brand Registry Program work?

    You need to open this link: and start the process online. You will be asked your account details and the registration number of your trademark and once all the information is submitted and reviewed, your brand will be covered. This will allow you to protect your brand on Amazon.

    Why is this important?

    On Amazon, anyone can be listed as a seller of anything. Even as a seller of a product which is produced by you. Therefore, anyone can claim that he is selling an identical product for less, stealing your clients and tarnishing your brand. This will potentially destroy your brand and the efforts you invested in it and Amazon Brand Registry is the only available solution to protect your mark.

    What if I don’t have the registration number?

    The registration number is issued by a Trademark Office. It’s a governmental organization which handles Intellectual Property . In the US, the organization is USPTO. To get your trademark, you can start the registration process – here! The official procedure takes a rather long time to complete and you should start the process as soon as possible in order to get your brand protected on Amazon. Your trademark will be registered for 10 years.

    Is there any additional price?

    Do I need it if I don’t sell on Amazon?

    Do they accept trademarks registered abroad?

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