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How Much Does Amazon Take From Sales

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Removal And Disposal Order Fees

How to Find Number of Sales of a Product Selling on Amazon

When you no longer want an item stored at an FBA warehouse, you have two options:

  • Create a removal order and have the item sent back to you
  • Create a disposal order and have Amazon dispose of the item for you.
  • Currently, the fee removing an item is the same as having Amazon dispose of the item for you. As a result, we always create removal orders.

    The fees for this vary based on the size of the item. On the majority of items, you will pay less than $1 in removal order fees.

    You can see the full fee schedule here:

    Consistency Is Of Higher Value Than Inconsistent Huge Margins

    If youre faced with the choice of selling two items, one at a 10% margin and another at a 100% margin, which would you choose? Naturally, the latter.

    But what if we muddy the waters a bit by stipulating that the lower-margin item has a sell rate of 90% and the higher-margin item has a sell rate of 1? Now, which one would you choose?

    Unless your goal is to sell a ridiculously expensive item once and retire from Amazon, your better bet would be to sell the lower-profiting item that sells more often and more consistently. This is a much more sustainable way of doing business than the one-off. Plus, it gives you more options to play around with variable costs, which well take a look at next.

    The Types Of Margins On Amazon Youll Encounter

    There are two types of profit margins on Amazon: operating, and gross. Your operating margin is how much money you can put back to the business after sales, and it includes fees and expenses. Your gross margin is similar, but counts all the fees in totality from start to finish.

    And when it comes to fees, these are the ones you can expect to encounter.

    • Seller Account Fee: This is how much you pay Amazon each month to have a Seller Account. The basic plan charges $0.99 per item sold, while the Professional version charges $39.99 for unlimited sales.
    • Referral Fee: Whichever category you sell in, Amazon will charge you a fee on every sale you make, which is a percentage of the products price.
    • FBA: There are tons of benefits to using FBA, but you do have to pay fees for it .
    • Variable Closing Fee: This is how much gets charged on shipping the item and gets taken off the grand total of the sale.

    Learn more about and FBA fees.

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    What Should My Daily Advertising Budget Be

    We recommend starting with $50 to $100 a day for your PPC campaigns, but you can easily start with just $5 to $10 a day and make adjustments over time. Gather data while you let your campaigns run for a few weeks, so you can make informed decisions on which keywords to target and what keyword bids to make and further improve your listings. Watch your budget: if it runs out early, your campaigns will be paused. If you find your budget running low, simply increase your daily budget if youre profitable, or remove/change costly keywords that are not converting into sales.

    Ultimately, it doesnt really matter what your daily budget is, as long as it is profitable, and brings you a positive return on your investment.

    Example: Your ads run for 7 days with a daily budget of $10 a day. At the end of the 7 days, you will have spent $70 on ads. If those ads yielded only $100 in sales after Amazon fees and your cost of goods, your campaign isnt profitable. You will need to take a look at the keywords you are targeting and figure out why theyre not converting into sales.

    But, if those ads brought $500 in sales, then you have done something right. This is an opportunity to think about increasing your daily budget so your effective ads run longer, resulting in a boost in sales.

    Amazon Tools Marketing And Community

    Infographic: Breaking Down How Amazon Makes Money

    Alan Taylor does not work for He joined the Associate Program, signed up for Amazon Web Services, downloaded the API and built Amazon Light.

    The goal is pretty straightforward: “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company where people can find and discover anything they want to buy online.” The implementation is complex, massive and dynamic. Amazon’s marketing structure is a lesson in cost-efficiency and brilliant self-promotion. Amazon’s associates link to Amazon products in order to add value to their own Web sites, sending people to Amazon to make their purchases. It costs Amazon practically nothing. Some associates create mini-Amazons — satellite sites that do new things with Amazon data and send people to the mothership when they’re ready to buy. Amazon Light, built and maintained by software developer Alan Taylor, is one of those satellite sites.

    The level of customer tracking at is another best-of-breed system. Using the data it collects on every registered user during every visit to the Web site, Amazon points users to products they might actually be glad to discover — and buy. Amazon recommends products that are:

    • similar to what you’re currently searching for
    • related to what you’ve searched for or clicked on at any time in the past
    • purchased by other people who’ve searched for what you’re searching for or have bought what you’ve bought

    For more information on and related topics, check out the links on the next page.

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    Choose The Right Product Category

    The category you choose for your product will play a significant role in how much youll be paying in referral fees. If youre not careful, you may end up spending more money than you have to.

    For example, lets say that youre selling necklaces on Amazon. If you choose the Jewelry product category, youll be paying around 20% in referral fees. However, if you opt for the Apparel Accessories, youll be paying 17% instead.

    Are The Amazon Seller Fees Worth It

    While it may seem like there are a lot of fees for selling on Amazon, they are more than worth paying in our experience. The vast majority if not all of the fees directly help increase our profits and revenues.

    The key number that we pay attention to in my business is how much we get paid for an item when we sell it, compared to how much the item costs us. If we can make our desired profit and return on investment, then we have no issue with the Amazon fees.

    The number of customers on Amazon is unmatched, so paying a fee to get access to them is a good idea in my opinion as long as you run the numbers in advance.

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    What Are The Ebook Delivery Costs

    If youre on the 70% royalty plan, ebook delivery costs will be deducted from your royalty payments. They vary depending on the currency used. For instance, youre looking at $0.15 per megabyte in USD and CAD, and £0.10 per megabyte in GBP. This cost is waived if you select the 35% royalty plan which may be a boon if you want to set a high price for your book anyway .

    Price Your Items To Sell

    Amazon FBA Sales Tax Collection 2022 USA | Everything You Need to Know

    If you want your items to sell, you need to price them accordingly. When you price your products higher than your competition, it can kill both your Amazon venture and any trust with your customers. 91% of customers buy from trusted branding, so you need to build this customer trust on Amazon, too.

    Once you build trust and start generating sales, you may see that Amazon starts to promote your products. Amazon automatically promotes other products in the section on the product detail page under Customers who bought this item also bought.

    Setting the price for your product involves the following strategy:

  • Have a profit margin over 50% to 66%.
  • Price your item between MAP and MSRP pricing.
  • Know your cost of goods sold .
  • Remember to count additional fees, such as the Amazon commission on sales, Amazon FBA fees, customer return fees, fees for returns that you have incurred, overhead costs, packing and shipping costs, and any category-specific costs. For example, vendors selling apparel on Amazon will incur category-specific costs due to the high rate of customer returns for these items.
  • Finally, search for other Amazon products similar to yours. Use the same three keywords that you used for your description page and search for other products to see what appears.

    Youll want to stand out from this list with strong pricing, high quality imagery, and a highly clickable product title.

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    Cost #: Advertising And Amazon Ppc Ads

    Once you list your items on Amazon, they arent going to sell on their own. You have to advertise using Amazon PPC!

    Editors Note: Make sure you check out my guide on

    When you first launch your product, your advertising costs may well exceed all of your revenues!

    In the life of your Amazon product, you will be continuously spending money on Amazon PPC, Facebook ads, Google ads and other promotional mechanisms.

    As you are calculating your fees, you should allocate at least 20% towards advertising your products for sale.

    Here are some other posts that Ive written on advertising

    Use A Chrome Extension To Research Products In A Niche Market

    There are two popular chrome extensions to help you conduct keyword research on Amazon — , which shows you monthly sales volumes on products, displays products with low competition, and allows you to save products to track them over time. Undoubtedly, Jungle Scout’s analytics can help you quickly and efficiently narrow down on a product or an industry in which you could excel. However, Jungle Scout is relatively pricey, particularly if you’re just starting out.

    Unicorn Smasher is Jungle Scout’s free alternative — while the data isn’t as accurate as Jungle Scout, and it lacks some of Jungle Scout’s sophisticated features, it’s nonetheless a helpful free option to gather estimated monthly sales and estimated monthly sales revenue for Amazon products.

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    Iv How Much Does It Cost To Sell On Amazon 3 Budget Scenarios For Sellers

    As mentioned at the very start of the post, there are 2 types of costs involved in selling on Amazon: financial costs and time investments.

    Professional product shots

    There is no one-price-fits-all cost calculation for selling on Amazon. But now that you have a better idea about whats involved, we can go through some examples. In the equation above we have already marked The Essentials, and theLuxury Items you need to start selling. Based on these, we have developed 3 Amazon Seller Personas for which we can calculate costs.

    Whilst each seller type is assumed to sell the same product at the same price, each of them has a different attitude towards spending money:

    This seller wants to cut costs wherever possible, even if it means that setting up the business can take days and days of manual research. This seller type is making trade-off decisions. If he can save a lot of time by paying a reasonable fee, he will choose to get the task done quicker using a service or tool. This seller has saved a lot of starting capital and is happy to spend it if it means setting up a professional business in no time.

    The figures below are to be enjoyed as examples only and are calculated for the 1st month. Some of the money and time costs are estimated, and will be highly variable depending on your location, the product you sell etc. And also keep in mind that there will be running costs in the future, that can change over the course of the financial year.

    Cost #: Shipping Goods To Amazons Warehouse

    How Amazon Makes Its Money

    While most people account for Amazon fulfillment fees, very few new sellers consider the costs of shipping goods to Amazons warehouse.

    Getting your goods to Amazon can actually be quite expensive!

    What makes matters worse is that Amazon often forces you to send your goods to multiple warehouses across the country.

    For example, when you create a shipment on Seller Central, Amazon may ask you to ship your goods to California, New York and Texas!

    To combat these costs, you want to avoid shipping goods via UPS or other courier services because its super expensive.

    Instead, you want to ship full containers and LCL freight directly into Amazon or use LTL if you can.

    There is one quick tip that Id like to share that will save you on costs when Amazon asks you to ship to multiple warehouses.

    Instead of splitting up your shipment for each warehouse, simply send all of your inventory to a single warehouse in the beginning. Then, once you get your next shipment in, send it to the next warehouse and so on.

    In general, Amazon doesnt care when you ship to all of their warehouses as long as your product eventually reaches each one.

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    Take A Look At Your Amazon Fees

    All Amazon fees can be pulled in one-to-two-week time frames out of Seller Central .

    Keep in mind your FBA fees will be higher for heavy or large items.

    Also be sure to monitor any slow-moving SKUs, as stale inventory can cause you to rack up additional fees.

    Lastly, while some of your expenses may be SKU-specific, some are not.

    Once expenses are calculated by individual SKU, the remaining costs should be allocated across all units sold.

    This is a very simple approach to profitability calculations and will provide you the minimum amount of information you need to monitor your costs day-to-day, or month-by-month.

    To summarize, lets review your costs:

    • Wholesale cost.
    • Overhead cost allocation.
    • Returns-related costs.

    Unfortunately, if you dont have a constant pulse on your profitability by SKU, it can be difficult to make the necessary changes to vendor negotiations, inventory management or product sourcing promptly.

    This knowledge will help inform and educate future buying decisions.

    If Kathys Cat Toys is selling a lightweight feather toy that is incurring minimal FBA fees, has low overhead costs and sells like hot cakes, Kathy knows to reorder that toy.

    However, the Cozy Cat Castle that is heavy, large and slow-moving is a SKU that Kathy should consider no longer purchasing or even remove from FBA so as not to incur more fees.

    A lot of smaller brands choose to track all of these calculations through spreadsheets, but this can be extremely inefficient and time-consuming.

    S To Make $1000/month Selling On Amazon

    After you decide whether you want to ship products directly to customers or use the FBA system, you can start focus on building a well-trusted, well-reviewed brand on Amazon. The process of selling on Amazon begins when you grow your inventory and start listing products for sale in the Amazon Marketplace. The process of making money on Amazon starts with these four steps.

    Heres how make $1,000/month selling on Amazon.

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    How Do You Get Paid By Amazon

    When your Amazon Seller Account is settled and you have a positive balance, Amazon sends the money to your bank account using an ACH or electronic funds transfer. It can take up to five business days for the funds to appear in your bank account after Amazon initiates a payment.

    Before Amazon pays you, you must add a valid bank account as the deposit method within your seller account settings. Amazon cannot make payments to a credit card or online payment system, such as PayPal.

    Can I Sell On Amazon For Free

    How Much It ACTUALLY Costs To Sell on Amazon FBA 2022

    There is no way to sell on Amazon for free, but you can set up your account so that you are only charged after an item sells.

    This can be a great set up for beginning Amazon sellers who dont want to test the waters before making a commitment to the platform.

    The type of account youll need for this is called an Individual Seller Account.

    With that in mind, lets talk about the first type of Amazon fees: account fees.

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    Manipulating Operational Costs To Affect Profit Margin

    The good part of is no number ever stays the same. While it can make it tricky to 100% predict costs and margins, it does give you a tremendous amount of flexibility to affect both.

    Use marketing and advertising as an example. Say you decide to funnel 5% of your profits into marketing and advertising until you reach X dollars this temporary investment might eat into your profit margins and cut it down to, say, 20%, but once your campaign is over, if it was successful, it could lead to a spike of 45% profit margins, meaning your one-time cost led to a higher profit margin over the long run.

    Amazon Closing Fee For Media Category

    If you are selling items in the media category, you will pay a closing fee in addition to the referral fee.

    The media category includes things like books, DVDs, music, and video games.

    According to Amazon,

    Sellers also pay a closing fee of $1.80 per media item that is sold. Media categories are Books, DVD, Music, Software & Computer/Video Games, Video, Video Game Consoles, and Video Game Accessories.

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    Enter Your Product And Order Details

    Enter the following:

    • Number of orders per month
    • Average number of items per order
    • Average sale price per item
    • Average production cost per item
    • Average item weight and dimensions

    The weight and dimensions allow the calculator to compute your fulfillment and storage fees, while the cost, pricing, and order information factors into margins, profitability, and seller fees.

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