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How Much Is Amazon Music Unlimited For Prime Members

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How Does Amazon Prime Music Compare To Spotify And Apple Music

Gorillaz | Song For That | Amazon Music

Amazon Music Unlimited offers a library of 50 million songs, the same number as Spotify and Apple Music.

Aside from their similar Amazon Prime Music and Spotify’s free plan are both free, provided that you’re a Prime member.

Apple Music and Spotify Unlimited and Amazon Music Unlimited offer similar experiences, though Amazon’s “tens of millions” song library isn’t as inspiring as the “more than 30 million” that Spotify and Apple claim.

Also, Spotify connects you to all of your Facebook friends’ listening habits, whereas Amazon doesn’t do social media. Apple is introducing social sharing in iOS 11, due this fall.

While both Amazon and Spotify are both on Echo speakers, Android and iOS devices, PCs and Macs and Amazon’s Fire devices, Spotify is available on so many more devices that it made to catalogue them all. Apple Music is available from iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Sonos speakers, Macs, PCs, 4th Gen Apple TVs, CarPlay automobiles and the Apple Watch.


If you’ve amassed a large collection of MP3s over the years, you’ll want to use Apple Music instead. Both Apple and Google’s services include the option to upload your own tunes for streaming and downloading to your phone and on other devices. Amazon is terminating Music Storage, its version of this feature, with uploading now disabled and playback ending after January 2019. While Apple’s cloud storage comes with the $9.99 per month you spend on Apple Music , Google’s upload-and-stream is free.

Benefits Of Amazon Prime Memberships

According to James Thomson, a partner at marketing agency Buy Box Experts, The most important thing Amazon can do is drive loyalty to the Amazon marketplace. He said the retailer does so through its Prime membership and the variety of benefits it offers, many of which are designed to offer shoppers convenience. The company wants to get consumers to say, Im not going to walk into a physical store because its so much easier to buy on Amazon, he said.

Get Up To 4 Months Of Amazon Music Unlimited Completely Free With This Early Prime Day Deal

While Prime Day doesnt officially start until 12 and 13 July, Amazon isnt hanging around until then to roll out this year’s epic Prime Day music deals. This Amazon Music Unlimited promotion is a mega way to kick things off, offering up to 4 months of the music streaming service completely free if you’re a Prime member . If you’ve been looking for ways to slash your monthly bills, this offer will keep the tunes pumping, whilst saving you £/$35.96 in the process.

From now until 11 July this offer will enable you to stream a library of 90 million songs from your favourite artists, listen to curated playlists and find your new favourite podcast.

You can enjoy all this music completely ad-free, and with unlimited offline downloads to your device, so no need to worrying about eating into your data allowance. Got an Amazon Alexa device like the ace ? Control Amazon Music, ask for suggestions and even create playlists using just your voice. When your trial period ends, it will only cost you £/$8.99 per month to continue using Amazon Music Unlimited, making it one of the cheapest streaming services out there right now.

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Amazon Music Unlimited Vs Amazon Prime Music

Curious about the differences between Amazon Music Unlimited and ? We’ll break it down. Amazon Music Unlimited is a standalone streaming music service that offers more than 75 million music tracks. Amazon Prime Music, on the other hand, is bundled in your Prime subscription and offers 2 million songs. Both are ad-free listening experiences and are available on numerous devices.

If you don’t care too much about music, and just want to dabble here and there, Prime Music is a decent option. That said, you’ll notice that some tracks and albums encourage you to sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited to hear them. For example, there was a time when you could not stream Taylor Swift’s Reputation with Prime Music.

Signing up for Amazon Music Unlimited causes the service to replace Amazon Prime Music as your Amazon jukebox, so you needn’t worry about launching the wrong streaming service.

Where Is Amazon Music Unlimited Available

Amazon Prime Music app gets Alexa support for hands

Amazon Music Unlimited is available in the UK, US, Germany, Austria, Japan, Belguim, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rixa, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Uruguay.

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Amazon Prime: A Short History

Amazon Prime launched in 2005, and it originally offered members benefits like two-day free shipping the retailer charged an annual $79 for a membership initially. At the time, Bourlier said, this seemed like a pipe dream, and it has remained a substantial factor in motivating people to become Prime members. But over the years, Amazon has greatly expanded what members get when they join, like entertainment, fashion, savings and other perks.

In a in April 2021, CEO Jeff Bezos said there are more than 200 million Prime members worldwide. In January 2020, a little over a year ago, Amazon had more than 150 million Prime members globally, according to marketing research company Digital Commerce 360. Thomsom partially attributes the approximate 33-percent increase in members to the pandemic. Not only were people forced to stay home and increasingly depend on delivery services like Prime Delivery to shop for everything from office supplies to food, but they could also utilize Prime Video, Music, Reading and more to stay entertained. Quite frankly, if Covid didnt encourage people to get a Prime membership, I dont know what will, Thomson said.

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What Does Music Unlimited Have That Prime Doesn’t

The first major difference between the services is that Prime Music only offers 2 million songs, while Music Unlimited offers “tens of millions” of tracks.

If you love to chat with Alexa, you’ll also prefer Music Unlimited, which allows for a stronger set of voice commands. For example, if a friend told me that Lorde’s latest record is amazing , I could just say “Alexa, play Lorde’s new album,” to hear it. If your needs are less specific, just ask the assistant to play music by an artist to get a playlist of that musician’s most popular tracks.

Music Unlimited also unlocks Alexa’s ability to name the song that’s stuck in your head. If you say “Alexa, play the song that goes, ‘You see what I mean?, USDA certified lean,'” it will recognize the tune as “The Man” by The Killers. You can also ask Alexa to pull up songs from a specific decade, mood or genre.

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Whatre The Differences Between Amazon Prime Music And Music Unlimited

1. Music Library: The main difference, in my opinion, lies in the music library selection. Prime members are given access to 2 million songs, which seems to be a large number. But compared to the homogenous 50 million collections of music library that belong to Music Unlimited, Amazon Prime Music looks like a lovely dwarf.

2. Price: For Prime members, you need no charge to enjoy Amazon Prime Music. Whats more, theres a nice perk to upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited for only $7.99/month and $79/year. If you havent subscribed to Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited will cost you $9.99 a month, which is around the industry standard. Besides, Music Unlimited offers discounts to students and family plans.

3. Streaming limits: If you have a Prime membership or Music Unlimited Individual Plan, youre allowed to sign in one device at a time. If youve subscribed to a Music Unlimited Family Plan, six devices at a time are supported.

4. Voice commands: As Amazon pushes its Music Unlimited services integration with Echo and the Alexa voice assistant, you can choose from more voice commands on your Alexa device. You can ask Alexa to play specific songs, artists, albums, or playlists, and Alexa can even pull up a latest song from the artist or play music based on mood, time, activity, and more.

6. Exclusive content: Amazon Music Unlimited owns a unique feature called Side-by-Side, which syncs artists commentary with racks from their catalogs.

Amazon Music Prices Are Increasing From Next Month

LEA | Song For That | Amazon Music

Following a price hike across the main Prime plans in the US, Amazon has confirmed that several Amazon Music subscriptions will also be subject to a billing rise.

Starting from 5 May 2022, there will be price changes to the Single-Device plans as well as the Unlimited Individual plans for Prime users in the UK and US.

Users will see the new prices in the first bill following that date. Heres how much they are changing by:

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How Does Amazon Music Pay Artists

Amazon pays artists $00.00402 per stream. You would need at least 366,169 streams to earn a monthly living wage in the US from Amazon streams. Artists are paid performance and mechanical royalties from their respective collection society. Payments are usually made quarterly.

You can find out how much youve earned from your streams with our streaming royalty calculator! Try it out its entirely free.

Amazon Increases Prices For Prime Members Once Again Is It Still Worth It

The streamer’s Music Unlimited offering will increase by $1 starting May 5.

Looks like there’s more bad news for Prime members. The service’s latest price hike makes the Prime membership virtually useless when it comes to Amazon Music.

The online behemoth raising the price for its Amazon Music Unlimited plan from $7.99 to $8.99 for Prime members, as well as increasing the price of a “Single Device” subscription by $1, from $3.99 to $4.99.

Most notably, prices for non-Prime members will remain at $9.99, meaning that Prime members now get only a $1 discount on the unlimited music service beginning May 5.


Those currently using the service as a part of a trial period or promotional offer will still be able to keep the discount they signed up for. “Once that period ends,” Amazon said in a statement, “we will honor the original subscription price plus applicable taxes for one billing cycle. The new pricing plus applicable taxes will go into effect on the bill after that.”

This latest price hike comes after February’s increases for Annual Prime memberships, which jumped from $119 to $139, while monthly subscriptions increased from $12.99 to $14.99. This was the first time increases in the service had been implemented since 2018.

Coinciding with this news, Amazon was down over 3.34% as of late Wednesday morning, and down around 1.63% year over year at the same time.

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Desktop And Browser Streaming

The desktop app has a clean interface that will make sense to anyone using the mobile app. The lack of access to surround audio mentioned above seems weird, but I tested using the app for Mac. That one is only Intel-based, so it runs through the Rosetta 2 translator on the M1 and new Apple computers. There were a few glitches in playback that I would attribute sato that translation. Once Amazon updates the app, those issues should disappear.

Amazon also never passes on an opportunity to sell you something else, so theres a row of artist-related merchandise for sale in the very bottom row of the desktop app. If you need a t-shirt, poster or CD, you can head straight for the product page with just a click.

The service runs seamlessly in a browser, but streaming is limited to either CD quality or 320Kbps.

Does Amazon Prime Include Kindle Unlimited

What is Amazon Prime and What Benefits Do You Get?

Another great perk that many Prime members may or may not realize they have comes in the form of Prime Reading. This service is completely different from Kindle as a Prime member, youre entitled to free unlimited access to a rotating catalog of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and comics.

Youll also get to choose one free pre-release ebook each month from a selection of new titles. Just download the Kindle app on your smartphone, e-Reader or tablet before browsing through the current selections and choosing which titles youd like to read.

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Does Amazon Prime Include Amazon Music

If you fancy yourself an audiophile, youll love the free Amazon Music perks that come with every Prime membership. A subscription to the service provides you with free access to over 2 million songs from top artists. With thousands of ad-free stations and playlists to choose from, youre sure to find something you love, no matter what genres youre into.

Prime members can also enjoy offline listening, unlimited skips and hands-free listening with Alexa. You can even make your own playlists or select from curated suggestions that match your preferences. Just sign in to with your Prime credentials to start listening. To gain access to Amazons full catalog of more than 70 million songs, you can also subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited for a small monthly fee.

Where Can You Sign Up For The Family Plan

To sign up for the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan, go here in the UK, here in the US.

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How Much Is Amazon Music

There are several ways to answer this question, due to the multiple music plans that Amazon offers.

Your primary options are , Amazon Unlimited, and Ad-Supported listening on Alexa-enabled devices that support Amazon Music. Within the first two categories, there are several upgrades and family sharing options that sweeten the deal Amazon is already providing.

In addition, if you are already an Amazon Prime member, the basic Prime Music with 2 million songs is free with your membership, and the Unlimited plan is discounted. Which plan you choose to enroll in will often depend on your usage amount, library size you desire, quality of audio you will like or need, and price point. Because Amazon offers several different music plan options, it is a great place to start when thinking about your next listening subscription.

What Does My Amazon Prime Membership Include

Ashnikko | Song for That | Amazon Music

These days, you might feel like youre not in the majority if you havent signed up for an Amazon Prime membership, even if you only want to enjoy the benefits of free shipping. With subscriptions available for less than $15 a month, its easy to see why more than 120 million people have signed up.

But if youre still not convinced whether this ubiquitous service is right for you, why not explore the full range of benefits that are included with an Amazon Prime subscription? At no extra cost, you can enjoy perks that include everything from free photo storage to free ebooks, music and video games. Check out a sampling of the numerous services you can take advantage of with an Amazon Prime membership.

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What Is Amazon Music

Lets get the basics out of the way, and quickly define Amazon Music for those who have been under a rock .Amazon Music is a digital music streaming service operated by the Amazon company. Launched in 2007, the platform quickly gained traction. Since then, Amazon have expanded their repertoire, added various subscription packages and improved their service. As a company that is used by millions globally, the next step was to conquer music streaming. Knowing the giant that Amazon is, just imagine the many great things that the company incorporates into their streaming service.

Amazon Prime Membership Cost And Special Prime Day Savings

An Amazon Prime membership costs $13 a month, or you can pay $119 annually. The yearly Prime membership includes a 30-day free trial, so you can get free access to the final hours of Prime Day and all the associated perks of a Prime membership.

The retailer also offers a Prime Student membership for $7 a month, which typically comes with exclusive offers like for $1 a month and discounts on textbooks. Students can get a six-month free trial before they have to start paying for their Prime membership. To purchase a student membership, youll need a valid .edu email address.

As a Prime Day sign on bonus, all new Prime subscribers can score four free months of , plus subscribe to select Prime Video Channels for $1 per month for up to two months.

Multiple members of a family can also share Prime benefits like Prime shipping, video, photos and more through , which allows for up to 10 memberships:

  • 2 adults , each with their own Amazon account
  • 4 teens , each with their own Amazon login, which is different from an adult account in that adults can share digital content with teens and set viewing restrictions.
  • 4 children .

For a limited time, those who sign up for Prime using an Echo device will receive a $5 Amazon credit. All you have to do is say, Alexa, sign me up for Prime. Through June 20, Prime members can also get a $10 credit after spending $40 or more on select Prime-branded Amazon gift cards, which giftees can in turn spend on a Prime membership or other Amazon items.

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