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How Much Pay Amazon Flex

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Complete The Amazon Signup Tutorial

Amazon Flex Pay , Real Earnings proof. How much you can make

After downloading the app, a newbie Amazon flex driver must complete the signup tutorial. If you have trouble downloading the app or navigating the tutorial, call 888-281-6906 from 9 to 9 EST for more information.

Using the app, you can also navigate to a complete menu of short-training video designed to help new workers.

How Much Money Can You Make With Amazon Flex

This is an important topic, and well briefly cover the basics in the column below. If you want detailed information about this topic, check out the entire post we put together that goes into great detail on how much you can earn as an Amazon Flex driver.

According to Amazon Flex, drivers make between $18 and $25 per hour.

Amazon pays by the delivery block, so youll make a guaranteed amount for each 4-hour block you complete.

The base rate is $18, and it will never be lower. It is not uncommon to see $25 per hour rates during busy times, like when the weather is bad or during the holidays.

The rates can also go up to $25 when a block is more difficult or other drivers have had trouble completing similar blocks in a reasonable amount of time.

If you finish your shift faster than 4 hours, you will still make the same amount, so you could actually earn more than $25/hour if youre fast. On the flip side, it could take you longer to finish your block and you wont be compensated for your extra time.

It is important to remember that like most gig-economy jobs, Flex drivers are independent contractors. That means drivers are responsible for all expenses, including car insurance, car payments, gas, vehicle maintenance.

A general rule of thumb is that it costs workers about 54.5 cents per mile to operate your vehicle according to the IRS. Use this number to estimate your actual hourly revenue.

What Does A Shift Look Like

As an Amazon Flex driver, there are four types of deliveries you can complete:

  • Amazon.com: Deliver Amazon orders to customers
  • Prime Now & Amazon Fresh: Pick up groceries and everyday essentials from delivery stations and deliver them to customers
  • Store Orders: Deliver packages for Amazon from local stores to customers
  • Instant Offers: Only available in certain areas with delivery pickup points near your current location

Your shift will look a little different depending on the type of delivery you complete.

For example, Amazon.com orders begin at an Amazon delivery station. You use the Flex app to navigate to your starting location.

From there, an Amazon employee scans an arrival code from your driver app.

Once inside the delivery station, you go to a check-in point to pick up the packages youre delivering. You scan each package with your driver app as you load your vehicle.

After loading, you use the app to navigate to each dropoff location.

There are nuances with other delivery types. For example, you sometimes collect Prime Now packages at a waiting area, like a parking lot, instead of a delivery station.

Amazon Fresh orders involve delivering groceries, making this side gig similar to jobs like Instacart.

When completing a delivery, you scan each package again with the Flex app. You also select the dropoff type from a list of options, which includes:

  • Front door
  • With a household member
  • In another safe location

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Do You Need Insurance

Yes, you need to have Compulsory Third-Party Injury insurance for your vehicle as well as a liability policy for third-party property damage.

Amazon also provides Amazon Insurance Coverage for drivers. This includes Auto Liability Coverage, Third Party Property Damage and Contingent Comprehensive coverage. This is only applicable during the hours youre delivering for Flex.

Schedule Amazon Delivery Blocks And Availability

Amazon Flex Pay: Here

Once youve downloaded the app, you can search for available delivery blocks in your chosen area.

Each block is estimated to take about an hour to complete the deliveries. Blocks are typically offered as a minimum of 2 or 3 hours.

Prime Now and Amazon Fresh blocks are typically 2-4 hour blocks. Amazon.com blocks are typically 3-6 hour blocks.

Each available delivery block includes an estimate of how long it will take to make deliveries to customers, and how much money a driver will make per hour. Compensation varies per block.

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Work During The Holiday Season

This one may seem obvious, but its incredibly crucial. If you dont work during the holiday season, youre going to miss out on a lot of potential income.

The holidays, of course, are the peak season for Amazon.

According to CNBC, nearly half of all online shopping happens on Amazon. Some have gone so far as to say that the company has stolen Christmas.

Ultimately, this means that there is a high demand for drivers during this period. This also means you may have to forego a bit of your spare time to capitalize on this demand for Flex drivers.

After all, the company depends on Flex drivers to take care of their last mile deliveries, transporting packages from their fulfillment centers to their customers homes.

Whereas most drivers are paid the Flex base rate of $18/hour during regular shifts, the price usually increases when there is a high demand.

During the holiday season, youre likely to get paid far more than you would during the rest of the year.

Some drivers have reported that there are shifts worth as much as $30/hour in December.

So, if youre looking to make some real money with Amazon Flex, the holiday season is the time to do it.

Take Advantage Of Reserve Shifts

When we talk about doing independent contractor work, we often talk about how it gives you the freedom to work whenever you want and to be your own boss.

But, the fact of the matter is that sometimes you have to set a schedule for yourself if you want to make any money.

See, Amazon Flex offers two different types of shifts: On-demand delivery blocks and reserved delivery blocks.

On-demand delivery blocks are the ones you get by turning on the Amazon Flex app, which is available for both Android and iPhone, and letting the company know that youd like a shift.

Once a shift is available, theyll send you an offer, and you can accept it or deny it.

This is perfect for folks who want to pick up a shift here and there whenever they have some free time.

The problems with this, however, is that theres not always a shift available. So, if you expect to make a full-time living as an on-demand Flex driver, instead of doing this as a side hustle, you must go into it knowing that it might be difficult.


Reserved delivery blocks, on the other hand, are pre-booked shifts that you commit to ahead of time.

So, whenever you block out a section of time Amazon does its best to make sure that you always have a shift during that time. Youll mostly get first dibs on any orders that pop up for that block.

Now, you have to remember that there are likely hundreds of other drivers signed up for the same shift.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Flex

To conclude this guide, here are answers to some common questions about Amazon Flex

1. Do Amazon Flex drivers receive health insurance?

No, they do not. Since all Amazon Flex drivers are independent contractors, they do not receive health insurance, retirement accounts, or any other employee benefits. Amazon does provide insurance for drivers while theyre working, however .

2. Do I need a commercial vehicle to deliver for Amazon Flex?

No, you do not. A 4-door sedan, van, or pickup truck will work fine. Do note that if you use a pickup truck, Amazon Flex requires that it have an enclosed bed to protect packages from the elements.

3. What is the difference between Amazon Flex and Amazon Logistics?

Amazon Flex is a program through which independent contractors can sign up to make deliveries for Amazon using their own vehicles. Amazon Logistics is a program that allows you to start your own logistics business, or fleet, to make deliveries for Amazon.Applying for Amazon Logistics is a much more involved process and has more in common with opening a franchise than with a gig economy job. You can .

4. Does Amazon Flex provide insurance for drivers?

Yes, Amazon Flex provides liability coverage for drivers while they are making deliveries. This policy is called the Amazon Commercial Auto Insurance Policy, and it provides the following coverage:

  • Auto liability coverage
  • Uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage
  • Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage

Pass A Background Check

AMAZON Flex- How is the Pay Like?

Background checks for new Amazon drivers are done by a company called Accurate Background.

Before youre hired as an independent contractor, Accurate Background will check your driving record, making sure you have had no moving violations. Your criminal record will also be checked for the past 7 years.

The background check typically takes from 2-5 days.

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How To Register With Amazon Flex

Its very easy to : you just need to head to the website or download the app. You then need to answer a few specific questions and fill in some details about your vehicle.

If your city isnt on the Amazon Flex website, you can add your name to the waiting list so youre the first to know when they come to your area.

Once youre registered and have passed all the checks, youll be able to get started and deliver some packages!

What To Expect As An Amazon Flex Worker

Your block will begin by arriving at the pickup location. Depending on the type of deliveries you will be making that day, you may find yourself at a grocery store, distribution center, or restaurant.;

An attendant will have you scan your personalized QR code to check-in, and show you your assigned packages for your shift. You need to scan each package individually and load them into your vehicle before you begin to deliver.;

While the Flex app does provide you routes for your shift, locals may know shortcuts and better routes to avoid delays. In these situations, feel free to use your directions to navigate. Each delivery package must be scanned and confirmed before moving on to the next one. You can do this by simply taking a photo and checking off its delivery location.;

Deliveries will occasionally have specific requirements for the courier. For example, if you are delivering alcohol, you need to check that the recipient is over 21 years old. Some packages may require that the recipient physically be there to accept the package. Whatever the requirements, do your best to follow them to keep your shifts running smoothly.;

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How Much Does Amazon Flex In The United States Pay

Average Amazon Flex hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.00 per hour for Owner Operator Driver to $34.67 per hour for Human Resources Generalist. The average Amazon Flex salary ranges from approximately $19,403 per year for Store Shopper to $60,000 per year for Management Trainee.

Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

How Do You Accept A Job

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make in Seattle?  Alvia

Drivers can set filters when it comes to the time of day they want to work and the stations they can pick up from.

The Flex app will show available offers or blocks throughout the day that meet these needs, or you can choose to see all offers going in your area. If you see a block you want, you tap it and swipe to accept. If Amazon accepts you for the block youll receive a confirmation message in the app and a reservation will be added to your in-app calendar.

You can also accept blocks ahead of the date of delivery. An orange dot will appear on the dates that youll be delivering on.

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How Does Driving For Amazon Flex Work

Its simple really.

You pick up deliveries from Amazons warehouses and then drop them at the customers home or office.

Using the Amazon Flex app, you can schedule the delivery blocks that you want to work ahead of time.

Or, you can just check in on the day to see whats available.

Usually, delivery blocks range in length they are 3, 3.5, or 4 hours long.

Delivery opportunities are available seven days per week, so you really can fit them in around your schedule.

Packages 3 Hours $5850

I nabbed a 3-hour shift on a Saturday afternoon, set to start at a facility in North Seattle. This one was much different not a big warehouse, but a small dedicated Amazon Flex office with a parking lot.

I parked, walked into the office, and checked in by scanning a QR code. Shortly after that, a friendly attendant lifted a blue cover off of this:

41 packages? For me? In my car? Wowza.

The attendant told me that 15 packages per hour was the average workload, so I prepared myself for a full 3-hour shift.

I had watched some how-to uploaded by other couriers and learned that some people strategically organized packages in their vehicle depending on address and drop-off order, to speed up the delivery process.

After scanning each package with my smartphone, I wasnt quite sure how to position each box in my car to optimize for efficiency. I wish Amazon made this process more systemic, because I ended up spending a lot of time searching for the right package during my drive.

This shift took much longer than my first two hours and 25 minutes but I drove less than 10 miles.;Some quick observations from this particular shift:

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How Much Can You Get Paid With Amazon Flex

  • May 22, 2021

Amazon Flex pays advertises that they pay $18-$25 per hour. But what are your actual earnings?

When you choose to accept a delivery block, you will be shown a estimated pay range . If you deliver for Prime Now, the bottom end of this range is your guaranteed base pay. Typically this is $18 or $20 per hour. On top of this, drivers can earn 100% of tips paid by customers when delivering. We find that the average amount of tips is approximately $3 $5 / hour, so typical gross earnings are in the range of $21 $25 / hour.

Because Amazon Flex drivers are considered independent contractors, all costs for making the deliveries are the responsibility of the driver. Driving distance covered will depend on the location, as well as the distance between your home and the Amazon warehouse. Based on typical route distances and the standard IRS deduction, most drivers will see average costs in the range of $5 $7 / hour.

At the end of the day, the amount of profit that Amazon Flex will pay is usually in the range of $14 $20 / hour. If you can manage to find enough shifts to work 8 hours per day, this equates to an annual salary of $30 $40K / year. Dont forget that these earnings are taxable and should be considered when calculating the final amount of money you can keep in your bank account.

When Amazon anticipates higher demand for drivers, they may offer increased rates of 20% to up to 50%. These can be lucrative opportunities to earn more than usual.

How To Start Working

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make??

Some delivery driver jobs let you work whenever you want just by going online. Amazon Flex is different and requires you to schedule shifts to start working.

Shifts are called blocks. You can view upcoming delivery blocks and the type of delivery involved within the app.

Blocks also display expected earnings and total delivery time.

Different delivery categories generally have different block lengths:

  • Amazon.com: Three to six hours
  • Prime Now & Amazon Fresh: Two to four hours
  • Store Orders: Two to four hours
  • Instant Offers: Deliveries normally take 15 to 45 minutes

You get a confirmation message in the app when you select a block. Theres also a calendar section that highlights upcoming delivery days.

You can cancel blocks 45 minutes before they start. Canceling a scheduled delivery shift with less notice counts as a missed block, and several missed blocks can result in deactivation from Amazon Flex.

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Is Amazon Flex Is A Good Job

In short and really the answer is YES, Amazon flex is a good job. It provides minimum wage to your work. And it enhances to grow with your work with own vehicle.

Hope the above short questions are the eve of basic idea on amazn flex, right!

Lets see how to start your amazon flex work. How to make money with amazon flex?

Pro Tips To Maximize Your Earnings

The following ideas can help you make more as an Amazon Flex driver:

  • Check the schedule regularly for new delivery blocks. Cancellations may come up and you could snag a last-minute opportunity.
  • Ramp up for the holidays. November and December are peak delivery times when you can make more money than the rest of the year.
  • Look for busier block times, which pay more. It may require you to work later or earlier hours, but it may be worth it.
  • Be courteous and thoughtful on deliveries and you may earn extra tips. Small details such as dropping mints into a food order bag from the restaurant pickup or placing grocery orders neatly at a customers door could earn you extra cash.

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