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How To Access Amazon Photos

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Upload Photos And Videos Using A Web Browser

How To Access Amazon Photos

Save photos and videos to Amazon Photos to access them anywhere.

  • Select the Add icon on the top right.
  • Choose Upload photos or Upload folder.
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    Limitations Of Using Amazon Photos

    When new image formats come out, sometimes Amazon doesnt recognize them as images. Because of this, it eats away at your low 5GB-storage cap of other files. I had this happen to me when I was testing a new camera that had a brand new RAW file type.

    This isnt an issue for most people and you can see the supported image formats to confirm that your images are supported. If they arent supported, you can convert those unsupported RAW files to DNG files.

    Ive found the uploader to be buggy at times, and I found that the upload speeds arent as good with some other image backup services. Amazon is always improving its software, so this might not be the case for much longer.

    How To Access Your Photos In Amazon Photos

    When youre done uploading your pictures, you can view them all simply by tapping on the Photos tab in the bottom-left corner.

    Something to note: Amazon Photos is purely a backup service. So if youre looking to free up some space on your iPhone or iPad, youll need to manually delete those pics from the Photos app after they have been uploaded.

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    Upload And View Images

    To get started, open your desktop browser to the and sign in with your Amazon account. Assuming you havent yet uploaded or synced photos with your account, the page will prompt you to drag and drop photos or browse and select them from your computer. Upload the photos you want to store on Amazon Photos.

    After youve uploaded an array of photos, you can view them in different ways. Click one of the four small grid icons on the right to change the layout of your photos to use different numbers of rows and columns.

    From the left pane, you can filter the photos you see based on media type , the year taken, the types of things in the photos, and the people identified. Check one or more criteria to narrow down your selection, then uncheck the boxes to view all your photos again.

    Want to edit your photos? Click the ellipsis icon and select Edit photo. At the editing window, you can rotate the photo, apply different filters, adjust the brightness and contrast, add text, and tweak the focus.

    At the top left, click the Stories category. If youve taken at least 20 photos with the location enabled, Amazon Photos will create a story based on those photos.

    Click the People category to see photos based on identified people. Here, click the phrase Whos this? for a specific person and type their name. Click the Places category to see photos based on identified locations.

    How To Add Pictures To Amazon Photos From Your Iphone Or Ipad

    How To Access Amazon Photos

    First, download and install the Amazon Photos app.

    Once installed, the Amazon Photos app will automatically scan your iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the Amazon Photos app.
  • Log in using the email and password associated with your Amazon Prime account.
  • Wait for Amazon Photo to upload all of the photos you have stored on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Uploading could take a very long time, depending on whether you are using Apple’s iCloud Photo library or if you have a lot of pictures on your iOS device. You can see pictures as soon as they have been uploaded, but completing the process may take a while.

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    Setting Up Your Account

    If you dont have an Amazon Prime account and you want to test it all out, you can use this link for a free 30-day trial. Then you can follow the rest of the steps as usual.

    If you are already a Prime member, simply log in to your account. To get to Photos, click on Hello Accounts & Lists then scroll to Your Amazon Photos and click to open.

    There are two settings to check before you get started. In the top right corner, click on your name then Settings.

    • Find People, Places, and Things: by default, this setting is turned on. This means that the software will scan your images and detect faces and objects. The purpose of this is to provide easy sorting & filtering based on people, locations, and even themes like dog and sunset. I keep this feature on for easy searching, but if youre sensitive about technology like this, you can turn it off easily.
    • Add Uploads to Family Vault: You can automatically add all of your photos to the Family Vault . By default, this option is turned-off, since using Family Vault is optional. If you know that youll be sharing every photo with your Family Vault members, this option would save you from manually adding photos each time. Most people will probably keep it off, though.

    How To Use Amazon Prime Photos

    Amazon Prime Photos is available on your existing Prime membership. It provides web, desktop and mobile access to your photos. It’s a great tool for keeping your photos safe.

    I collect a lot of travel photos. In fact, Ive taken over 60,000 photos in the last 3 years! I have a solid system for backing up my travel photos already, and I wanted to expand on how useful can be for you!

    Amazon Prime Photos is available on your existing Amazon Prime membership. It provides web, desktop and mobile access to all of your photos. With your Prime membership, you get unlimited photo storage and 5GB of video storage. If you dont have Amazon Prime, .

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    Creating A Lasting Habit Of Managing Your Photos

    The relief of having all of your photos in one place will only last if you continue keeping your photos there. This takes building a regular habit of maintaining your photos, but it can be done easily and very quickly.

    Plus, a huge added benefit of creating a photo management habit is the ability to see, enjoy, share, and use your photos more regularly!

    Manage Cloud Drive In A Browser

    How To Access Amazon Photos (Updated)

    Choose to Launch Cloud Drive website like in the above image. Upon load will be a big button for installing the local software and a small one for viewing the drive in the browser. Because weve just installed the application, select to Continue to your Cloud Drive.

    Login with your regular Amazon credentials as we did in a previous step.

    The first screen will be a page with all the default folders like music, documents, pictures and videos. These are not required to stay in your account, as you can check the box near any directory and choose to delete it with the above menu.

    Lets use this menu to make a new folder by choosing New Folder with a unique name and complete it by choosing to Save Folder.

    Open this folder and well be given an option to upload files.

    A new window will prompt where we select the folder and files to upload to it.

    Now that we have a couple we can see they were placed in the appropriate folder.

    Place a checkmark next to a file to enable more menu options like moving it to another folder, copying, renaming or sharing.

    Managing files from the Cloud account in a browser is nice, and can be done anywhere with access. To pull images from an iPhone, or view ones contained online, the account will need to be linked to a device.

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    Can I Delete Photos After Uploading Them To Amazon Photos

    After youve uploaded images to Amazon Photos, you can rest assured theyll be safe. If you need to delete photos on your device to free up space, go right ahead. All your uploaded images will be waiting safely in your Amazon Photos account.

    Keep in mind that you can set your photos to automatically upload, providing an immediate and permanent backup if you lose or break your device. With this, you can delete photos on your device anytime, knowing theyll be waiting in the cloud. You can also turn off this feature if you prefer and upload your photos manually.

    If you need to delete a photo from Amazon Photos, you can do that too. The process is quite user-friendly. Simply select the photo you wish to delete, click on More at the top of the screen, then click Move to Trash. You can also just Remove from Album if that is your goal.

    Manage Your Cloud Drive Account

    Use a browser to manage account settings like storage plans. Select Settings from the main menu and choose Manage your storage plan.

    Present plan details are found under the Current Subscriptions section. By default, we all have 5 GB of storage. View what files are being used from the View your files link.

    Under the Change Your Subscriptions menu is where well find options for upgrading the account. Up to nearly a terabyte of space, at $500 / year is available for files. Approximately 1,700 images can be stored with a free account. Consider upgrading if more is required.

    Access your Cloud Drive at any time from Amazons website via the Your Account menu and selecting Your Cloud Drive.

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    What Is Amazon Photos

    is a cloud service that lets you upload and manage your photos. This way, your photos don’t take up space on your phone or desktop. Amazon Photos is included in all Prime subscriptions with unlimited storage space.

    If you don’t have Prime, you can get Amazon Photos for free with 5GB of storage. You can access the platform through a browser, on a desktop app, or through your mobile device. Amazon Photos allows you to upload all your pictures to create backups, share photos with others, create albums, and play slideshows.


    You can also upload other media, like videos, to Amazon Photos. But depending on the subscription you have, your usage limits will vary. If you access Photos using your Prime membership, you will have 5GB of video storage available.

    This is on top of the unlimited photo storage. When you purchase Amazon Photos through Amazon Drive, you have two options: 100GB for $1.99/mo and 1TB for $6.99/mo. Unless you are using Photos for your business or you have a photography hobby, the 100GB plan should be plenty of storage.

    Manage Amazon Cloud Drive Photos From Your Desktop

    How to use AWS IAM to grant access to Amazon Web Services ...

    Lets begin by installing the Desktop application. Head on over to the and select Get the Desktop app.

    Upon launch, choose to Install, like any other application to begin the download process.

    I noticed the download took me a few minutes to complete, so you will see this progress bar work its way to completion.

    Downloading is complete, so its time to setup the install. Choose Next on the first screen.

    To access and use Cloud Drive, an Amazon account is needed. On this second screen, choose to either enter your current Amazon credentials or select No, I am a new customer to open a new, free Amazon account.

    Agree to the terms to complete the setup process.

    Select Create my Cloud Drive folder to make and launch the Cloud Drive folder on the root of the user profile directory.

    The folder will automatically open and will be in %userprofile%\Cloud Drive.

    Also, youll notice a small cloud icon in the notification center. This is where youll begin access to the Cloud Drive or change settings. Click once on this icon to launch the above folder or right-click to find more selections like Options and Launch Cloud Drive website.

    The options menu only has a couple options, which include deregistering this computer from using the Cloud Drive with your account and starting the application upon system boot.

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    How Does Amazon Prime Photo Storage Work

    The interface is pretty simple to use. When you enter the photo storage page, an add button appears at the top of the page. Click on that and choose the photos you want to upload.

    Once you have them uploaded you can organize them into albums and change the display size and layout, just as you would expect with a photo storage app.

    You can also create a Family Vault, which is kind of like an online, searchable family photo album. Invite up to 5 other people to join your vault and you can connect everyones photo accounts together. Now everyone can upload photos and have them available in the same place for your family members without having to share and go to extra steps.

    You have the option of adding photos to the Family Vault as you upload them, so dont worry about every photo you ever upload automatically appearing in your moms account. Keep your own private library as well as a Family Vault section that everyone can access.

    How To Add Pictures From Your Desktop Or Laptop Computer To Amazon Cloud Drive

    You can also store photos from your desktop or laptop in Amazon Cloud. You’ll need to download and install the to your computer to get started.

  • Open Safari on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Click .
  • The app will automatically download to your computer.

  • After the Amazon Cloud Drive app is downloaded, double-click on the Amazon Cloud Drive installer icon that has been placed on your desktop screen.
  • When the Amazon Cloud Drive window pops up, double click on the icon in the center.

  • When the application warning window appears, click Open.

  • After the app is installed, right-click on the Amazon Cloud Installer icon on your desktop screen.
  • Select Eject Amazon Cloud Drive to remove the installer from your desktop.

  • Open the Amazon Cloud Drive app on your computer.

  • Find the Amazon Cloud Drive app.
  • To move between Launchpad windows, click the Next Page dots at the bottom center of the screen, or swipe to the right or left with your track pad or Magic Mouse
  • Click on the Amazon Cloud Drive app icon.

  • Enter the email address and password associated with your Amazon Prime account.
  • Click Sign-in.
  • The app will automatically scan your computer and begin uploading all photos and videos you have.
  • To pause the upload, click Pause all in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Note: Amazon Cloud Drive will not upload automatically photos from Apple’s Photos app.

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    What Happens To My Photos If I Cancel Amazon Prime

    Whether you are just paying your Prime membership fee or an additional storage fee for Amazon Photos, there may be consequences to cancelling your membership. According to Amazons terms of service:

    If you no longer have a Service Plan or exceed your Service Plans storage limit, including by downgrading or not renewing your Service Plan or no longer qualifying for an Additional Benefit , we may delete or restrict access to Your Files, or limit your account functionality.

    While that sounds scary, the takeaway is simply to download your photos if you decide to discontinue use of Amazon Prime / Amazon Photos.

    It would be a hassle, since you cant download full albums at once , but its just a matter of planning ahead. At least your photos would all be in one place!

    We decided to rely on Amazon Photos because we honestly dont see ourselves cancelling our Prime membership anytime soon. We use so many features of the service that the annual price is absolutely worth it. If you are a loyal Prime member, I wouldnt think twice about centralizing your photos in Amazon Photos.

    Amazon Photos Not Working Properly As A Windows Service

    Amazon Prime Photos Tutorial – Download All At Once!
    • Consult the AlwaysUp Troubleshooter our online tool that can help you resolve the most common problems encountered when running an application as a windows service.

    • From AlwaysUp, select Application > Report Activity > Today to bring up an HTML report detailing the interaction between AlwaysUp and Amazon Photos desktop.The AlwaysUp Event Log Messages page explains the messages that may appear.

    • Browse the AlwaysUp FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions and troubleshooting tips.

    • Contact us and we will be happy to help!

    • Unrestricted 30-day trial for new users upgrade for existing users
    • For Windows 11/10/8 and Windows Server 2019/2016/2012

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    How Do I Set Up Photo Storage On Amazon Prime

    You dont have to do anything to set up photo storage on Amazon Prime. If you have an Amazon account, you can access Amazon Photos even if you dont have Prime, youll just be limited to 5 GB worth of storage.

    To sync your device with Amazon Photos and have it automatically upload photos, youll need to download the Amazon Photos app to your device. You can also use the app to organize and view images and videos.

    The Mobile App: Uploads On The Go Because Latte Snapshots Are Art

    Backing up your massive pile of photos on your desktop computer is important, but lets be honest: most of us are taking far more photos using our phones than with anything else. Furthermore, it just makes good sense to actively backup your smartphone photosyour phone is far more likely to get broken, lost, stolen, or dropped in a lake than your computer.

    To get started, visit the app store on your mobile device and download the Prime Photos app for either Android or iPhone. Install and run the app and log in with your Amazon credentials. If prompted to allow Prime Photos to access your photos, do so. The only real big decision when dealing with the app setup is whether or not you want the app to automatically upload all your photos or if you want to have manual oversight. When prompted, you can click OK to start the upload process right now, or Not Now to play around with the app first before committing to it uploading all your pictures.

    Regardless of what you choose, youll be greeted with your existing Prime Photo content. While the layout is different compared to the webapp, all the key items are there: albums, people tags, a search function for the thing tags, and a handy menu button, labeled More, down in the corner to get at the settings.

    There in the More menu, youll find a handful of useful links, including a top level link to toggle Auto-Save on and off, a link to manually upload photos , and an additional Settings menu.

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