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How To Add An Amazon Gift Card To Your Account

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How To Redeem Amazon Pay Gift Card Via Website

How to add Gift Card balance to your Amazon account | Amazon Pay

The company also allows you to add Gift Cards from its official website. The process is fairly simple and you need to do the following:

  • Go to website and log in by entering your email address and password.
  • Now, go to the Accounts & Lists option at the top-right corner and click on Your Account.
  • You will be taken to the Amazon Pay page and on the left side you will have an option to Add Gift Card. Click on it.
  • Enter the redeem code and click on Add to your balance.
  • With this, your Gift Card amount will be added to your Amazon Pay balance. It is important to note that when you redeem an Gift Card or gift voucher to your account, the funds are stored in Your Account and will automatically apply to your next eligible order.

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    On How To Redeem Amazon Vouchers

    Amazon gift cards are rising in popularity as a great gifting option, thanks to how convenient and affordable they are. If you have got one as a gift then here’s how to use:

    Redeem gift cards directly at the checkout process while buying something on Amazon India. You can directly redeem vouchers to shop for something on Amazon. For this, here’s what you need to do after you fill your cart and proceed to checkout:

    • Select the delivery address

    • Choose the delivery option

    • On the ‘Select payment method page’, scroll down and click on the ‘Enter a gift card, voucher or promotional code’ link.

    • Enter the gift card code in the given box and click Apply.

    The balance amount will be used to pay for your order. If the balance is not sufficient, then you can pay the remaining amount using other payment options except for COD and EMI.

    How Do I Add Gift Card Balance To My Account

    For Physical Gift Cards:

  • Enter the Gift Card Code given on the gift card and tap on Add to your balance.
  • For eGift Cards :

    If it’s an e-mail gift card, you can directly add it from your email by clicking on the Add to my Account link. If it’s a gift card shared via link, you can directly add it by clicking on the Add to your balance link.

    You will be asked to login to your account and your gift card funds will be automatically added to Your Account.


    • An eGift Card Code is 14 characters long and contains both letters and numbers .
    • A physical Gift Card Code is 14 characters long and contains both letters and numbers ).
    • You should NOT enter the Gift Card Reference ID in this field. A Gift Card Reference ID is different from Gift Card Code and is 16 characters long containing only numbers .

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    How To Add Amazon Pay Gift Voucher To Your Amazon India Account

    • Sign up or log in to Amazon India

    • On the menu bar, click ‘Amazon Pay’

    • On this new page, you can see your Amazon Pay balance added directly or through gifts and credits. Here, you can also add money, view statements, recharge your mobile phone, and manage your payment options.

    • From the options given, click ‘Add Gift Card’

    • Now you have to enter the gift card code or the voucher code that you want to redeem, in the given box

    • Note: The gift card code is a combination of letters and numbers separated by hyphens. There will also be a 16 digit number on the gift card this is the gift card ID, not the gift card code.

    • Then click ‘Add to your balance’.

    You can also add the Amazon voucher by clicking on the ‘Add to my Account’ link provided in the email in which you received the gift card.

    How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card Via The Website

    How to pay with Amazon Gift Card?

    The process is pretty similar if you go through Amazon’s website.

    1. Head to Amazon and log in, then hover your mouse over the Account & Lists option in the top-right.

    2. In the menu that appears, click Gift Card Balance.

    3. You’ll see your current gift card balance and transaction history. To redeem a new gift card, click Redeem a Gift Card and enter its code.

    Quick tip: Just like on the mobile app, you can set up an “auto-reload” schedule so your gift card never runs out of money. Just head back to the Gift Card Balance page and click Set up Auto-reload.

    You can also redeem an Amazon gift card right from the checkout page. Under Add a gift card or promotion code or voucher, type your gift card number and then click Apply.

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    If You Have An Amazon Gift Card Or Gift Voucher And You Want To Redeem It Check Here The Step

    Amazon is the most well-known organisations on the planet. It is one of the market leaders in the e-commerce sector in India. It is an American multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce and digital streaming. If you have an Amazon Gift Card or gift voucher and you want to redeem it, follow the easy step given below.

    When you redeem an Gift Card or gift voucher to your account, the funds are stored in Your Account and will automatically apply to your next eligible order.

    Check here the step-by-step guide for the users to redeem your Amazon gift card.

    Get The Best Amazon Pay Gift Card Offers Through Zingoy

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    Search For Fresh Deals

    Apart from the deals, you are bound to find on the front page. There are two specific places you can find awesome deals on Amazon. First, you can check out Amazons Warehouse to find returned items that are in good condition or you can go to any of its outlets in search of new items that have been discounted by at least thirty percent. You will be doing yourself a world of good by regularly checking these places.

    Ways To Apply A Gift Card Code To Amazon

    How to add your amazon gift card to your account 2016 easy method

    5 Click Redeem an Amazon Gift Card. 6 Scratch off the protective coating on the back of one of the gift cards to reveal the cards Claim Code. 7 Type the Claim Code revealed on the back of the card into the text box on your computer screen, then click Apply to your balance .

    In the top navigation menu, select Gift card trade. From the first dropdown, select BUY BTC. From the gift card dropdown, select Amazon gift card. A list view will be populated on the page and you can select the seller based on his rating, offer and payment mode. Hit BUY BTC.

    Amazon has now updated their system so that you can check the balance without applying it to your account. As part of the regular Redeem Gift Card system, it now gives us the option to applying the gift card or just to check its balance without applying it. HT: Jake from Giftcardmart.

    Register for a new account by entering your name, email and password. Now, buy Zingoy Gift Cards or Paytm Giftcards . Select the value and the quantity of gift card you want to buy and add it to your cart. Now proceed to the payment page, select Amazon Pay as your payment method and pay with it. Congrats!

    Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time. Unless an Amazon Gift Card is the stated benefit of the promotion, promotional codes cannot be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards. Except as required by law, Amazon credit cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash.

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    How To Redeem Amazon Pay Gift Card Via Amazon App

    You can easily redeem or add an Amazon Pay Gift Card using the application. Heres what you need to do:

  • Open the Amazon Shopping application on your Android or iOS device.
  • There under the Amazon Pay section, you will see an option to Add Gift Card to your balance.
  • Tap on it and add the code that is present in your Amazon Pay Gift Card. Once done, simply click on Add to your balance.
  • With this, the Gift card amount will be automatically added to your account.

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    How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card Or Claim Code On Your Iphone Or Ipad

    I frequently receive Amazon gift cards and claim codes for my birthday or as bonuses for paying my cellphone bill on time from the carrier I use. Here’s how to redeem an Amazon gift card or claim code on your iPhone or iPad or on your computer. You’ll need to have an Amazon account and be signed in. Redeeming the credit stores it to your account balance until you’re ready to use it on a purchase.

    * This post is part of iPhone Life‘s Tip of the Day newsletter. . *

    To redeem Amazon credit such as gift cards or claim codes on your iPhone or iPad:

    • Open the Amazon app.
    • In the upper left corner, tap the three lines to open the menu. If you need to, be sure to sign in to your Amazon account.
    • Tap Your Account.
    • Scroll down to the section Amazon Wallet. Tap Manage gift card balance.
    • Tap Redeem another gift card.
    • Enter the digital gift card claim code, or 16-digit gift card number . Tap Apply to your balance and the credit will be stored for use on your next purchase.
    • For physical gift cards, you can also scan the code number with your device. Tap Scan your claim code to use your device’s camera.
    • If you’re using a computer, open your web browser. Type and you will automatically be taken to the Redeem a gift card page. Again, be sure to sign in to your Amazon account before trying to redeem any claim codes or gift cards.

    Now you can redeem credit to your Amazon account and use that money on your next purchase!

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    View And Add Gift Card

    To check the balance of your Amazon gift card online, you must first sign into your Amazon account. Once logged in, go to “Your Account” and click on “Gift Cards”. From there you can see your balance at the top of the page, or if you have not yet added the gift card to your account, click on the Redeem a Gift Card link to add your Amazon gift card.

    5. Enter any amount in custom gift card section. 6. Apply discount if you have magicpin points. 7. On Next Payment Page Now pay by Amazon pay balance. 6. Redeem Your Amazon Voucher In Another Amazon Account and Enjoy!!!! Amazon pay cashback Offer You also get 1% Extra Off On Amazon Gift Card Purchase.

    All you need to do is to add your gift card balance to the Amazon Pay balance. Select the Add Balance option and input the codes contained in your Gift Cards. It is however imperative that you keep it in mind that each gift card you hold has its date of expiration. You may also add your second credit card to your account as one source of payment.

    Relevant Answer. I’m sorry, you can’t use Google Play with your Amazon Fire. Amazon blocks the Play Store. Amazon only lets you use their own Amazon App Store with their Fire hardware. Google user. recommended this. Original Poster. Jim Moultrie. marked this as an answer.

    Can I Use Just Part Of My Verizon Gift Card For A Purchase Or To Pay My Bill And Use The Rest Later

    Turn Spare Change into Amazon Gift Certificates for Free ...

    Whether you can use just part of your Verizon Gift Card depends on what youre using it for:

  • You can choose to use a portion of your gift card amount to buy mobile devices and accessories or to pay your Verizon mobile bill and keep the remainder on your card to use later.
  • You must apply the entire amount of your gift card to your Fios Home Internet purchase or Verizon home bill. Any leftover amount stays on your gift card to use later.
  • Go to your Payment Options.
  • Choose an amount to pay and choose Continue.
  • Choose add/edit payment method. Select Gift card and click Add method. Follow the prompts.
  • When the gift card is added, you can select it as a payment option for your bill.To apply your gift card to your bill by phone call #GIFT from your mobile phone or 876-4141 from any phone.

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    Can I Add An Unwanted Visa Gift Card


    Lets say you have a Visa gift card with $2.37 remaining on it and youd like to use it up and get rid of it.

    Consider adding the balance to your Amazon account instead of holding onto it and probably forgetting to use the balance.

    To make it happen just follow these easy steps.

    Step 1 Go to your Amazon Gift Card Balance page and click on Reload Your Balance.

    Step 2Next youll want to enter the remaining balance of your Visa gift card in the Custom amount box. Call the number on the back of your card if youre not sure of the exact amount.

    Step 3 Before you submit youll want to click Add a Card and enter the details of your Visa gift card.

    Step 4 Then make sure you click/tap the circle next to your newly added Visa gift card so Amazon knows thats the card you want to use to reload your balance.

    Step 5 Click Reload at the bottom and your gift card balance will get transferred to your Amazon account so you can use it on your next purchase.

    How Do I Use A Prepaid Visa Online

    Buy online with a prepaid virtual Visa card. Select your purchase and proceed to the payment and invoice step on the purchase page of the website. Fill in your billing information with your name, address, telephone number and email address. Provide additional information if you would like the item shipped to an address other than the billing address.

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    Why Are Amazon Gift Vouchers So Special

    When you give someone Amazon gift cards give them millions of choices. Amazon India offers everything from clothes to automobile spare parts, from the latest gadgets to all kinds of books, from furniture to food and more. However, if you still think the recipient wont be able to find what they like on Amazon India, you can choose from the various vouchers of various brands available. For movie buffs, you can pick the Amazon gift cards of BookMyShow, PVR, Dominos, Lifestyle, ShoppersStop, Westside. Browse for Amazon gift vouchers page to find out the sheer variety of gift card vouchers you have access to.

    Buy Amazon Vouchers For Corporate Gifting

    How to Add Amazon Gift Card to Your Amazon Account

    If you are planning to give something big to your employees or clients then Amazon vouchers are the best solution if you are running a small, medium, or large business. Grab the at the best price from Zingoy which will help them to buy fashion, electronics, household items, and more from the top brands. So, if you are looking to order them in bulk you can simply fill out a form available in the Corporate gift card section.

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    How Do You Activate Your Credit Card

    Activate your card online You will find the activation information on your card. Enter the information on your bank’s website to activate the card. Submit the information. Confirm that you have activated your credit card online. Remove the sticker and sign the card. If necessary, create an online account with your bank or log in.

    Swap Your Mastercard Visa Or Amex Gift Card For An Amazon Gift Card

    At this point, you could start using your Mastercard, Visa or for purchases on Amazon. The problem is, though, that Amazon doesnt let you divide purchases among multiple cards. So if you have a $30 gift card, you cant make purchases for more than $30. And if you make a purchase for less, youll be stuck with a small remaining balance that is even more difficult to use.

    The trick to get around this is to use your Mastercard, Visa or Amex gift card to buy an Amazon gift card. With Amazon gift cards, the full amount can be credited to your purchase, and any additional funds required can be paid with your regular credit card.

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    View Your Gift Card Balance

    You can view your Gift Card balance in Your Account.

    When you apply an Gift Card to an order or add one to Your Account for future purchases, we store the available balance so you can view it at any time.

    To view your Gift Card balance:

  • Go to Your Account.
  • Select and view the balance on any of your Gift Cards.
  • Note:

    • Some physical gift cards bought from don’t come with values printed on them. In this case, you can view the value by going to . In Your Orders, find the gift card order, and compare the 16-digit serial number in the order details to the serial number on the back of the gift card.
    • You can review all changes to your balance in the transaction section of your , including order IDs or serial numbers.
    • Your Gift Card balance doesnt include possible promotional certificates added to your account.
    • Please review the to make sure that your item is eligible, when your balance is not provided as payment method during checkout.

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