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How To Add Debit Card To Amazon

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Ways To Shop On Amazon Without A Credit Card

Add Debit Card on Amazon | Add Payment Method on

Want to shop on Amazon but dont have a credit card? Here are 5 ways to complete your purchaseno credit neededeven a way to sign up for Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Day kicks off on July 15th. For those who dont know, Prime Day is Amazons Black Friday in July with even better deals on popular tech products. This year, Amazon is looking to up its record numbers by offering more discounts and extending Prime Day to two days.

But how can shoppers who dont have a credit card cash in on the savings? Weve rounded up the best options to shop Amazon without a credit card .

Manage Cards From Amazon Web Application


  • First of all, go to and login using your Amazon credentials. Once logged in, click on the down arrow which is below the welcome message as shown in the following screenshot. As next, click on the option named Your Account.


  • Now to add a debit or credit card to your account, click on the link Add A Credit Or Debit Card.


  • As next, you need to fill in the information regarding your card. You need to select a billing address as well to complete the card addition process. Either you can choose an existing address or you can enter a new address.


  • To Edit or Delete a card associated with your account, click on the link that says Edit or Delete a Payment Method.


  • Here you have separate buttons for Delete and Edit options. You can click on the respective buttons to achieve those functionalities.

Select A Delivery Address

After selecting buy now or checkout option further you need to provide address details such as full name, pin code, landmark and other details. They will reach you and give the parcel to this address.

  • Enter your full name at the top section.
  • Enter the mobile number which is active and with you.
  • Provide your area Pincode.
  • After that, you need to provide a Flat and House no or Building, Company, Apartment or any other particular address. No need to worry about it just provide a home address or any address like a place details. You can use the google map to find your location name.
  • Similarly, provide an area name and street name here also you can use google maps to find the details.
  • Further, give landmark details it means any place which can be identified easily or famous place or anything thats near your address. For example, school name, Company name, or anything like this.
  • Further, provide a town or city name here also you can use google map if you are not familiar with it.
  • At last, enter the state name.
  • In Additional Address, select the type of time, which is comfortable for you to receive the product.
  • Click on the continue option after providing all the details.
  • Select the standard delivery and click on continue. You will be directed to the payment option.

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How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon

  • Open Amazon Homepage and click on the ‘Your Account’ tab from the dropdown menu
  • Scroll down to Amazon Pay and click on ‘Add Gift Card to your balance’
  • The user will be presented with two options, either to add a gift card or add money to your gift card. Click on Add Money to Balance and enter the amount on the Visa gift card.
  • The user will be redirected to the Payment Method page. Scroll down to ‘More Ways to Pay’ to add a card. Add and edit the exact information given on the gift card i.e. name, card number, expiration date.
  • When asked for an address, the user must then add their own address as the gift card is technically not confined to any location.
  • The gift card will successfully be added as a payment method like any other regular debit/credit card. So the next time users’ shop, they can select the gift card for payment.
  • If a user wishes to avoid this hassle and access the gift card on Amazon easily, they can use an alternate method of buying an Amazon gift card or code from the Visa gift card balance. But the first method is advisable as an Amazon gift card can only be used for shopping at Amazon whereas a Visa gift card can be used for both Amazon as well as other physical stores.

    With The Hacks Given Below One Can Access Visa On Amazon How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon Read Further Ahead To Know The Detailed Steps

    How to add your Apple Card to your Amazon account  JemJem

    Visa Gift Card has become the new normal way of gifting people and there are many underrated benefits to it, too. A small comparison between a Visa gift card against any other gift card would be that while other gift cards can only be used at specific locations, Visa can be used a maximum amount of times in various scenarios. Amazon, today, is changing the idea of shopping and is quickly becoming an essential part of everybody’s lives. Naturally, people will wonder if gift cards can be used to shop there. Note that a Visa gift card cannot essentially be used on Amazon but there are several ways available in which one can trick the site into thinking that it’s a debit/credit card.

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    Select A Payment Method And Enter Card Details To Order In Amazon Using Debit Card

    Click on Add Debit/Credit/ATM Card to order At Amazon Using Debit Cards.

    Add Name On Card in the first bracket

    After that add the card number. The card number is present on the front side of the debit card.

    Select Expiry month . It is written as valid up to in the card

    Select the expiry year of your card by clicking on it. The above image also shows the expiry year of the card similarly enter your expiry year.

    After this enter the CVV of your card. CVV of your card is present on the backside of your debit card. Enter the three-digit number. The below image shows the location of CVV.

    Once you entered CVV and other details, click on add your card.

    For a quick reference, this below image shows all the details of the debit card.

    After this, you will see your card added with your bank name with expiry month and year.

    Once again, enter the CVV and click on the continue option.

    Chose the billing address. No need to add anything, just click on use this address option.

    Then you will land on a page where you will get all your details of the order such as shipping address, price, product details. Click on the place your order and pay option.

    How To Add Another Credit Or Debit Card To Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video is among the best video streaming services that has great content, including its own called Amazon originals that are not available on any other streaming service. Back when you created the account, you added a credit or debit card. But what if your card has expired, or you want to use another card for the service? If thats the case, you will have to add a new card. If you are not sure what steps to take, keep reading. In this article, we are going to share a quick guide with all the steps. Lets see how to add another credit or debit card to Amazon Prime Video.

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    Log In To Amazon Shopping Site

    Open an Amazon app or website and create an account. You can find the Amazon official app from google play store for android mobile. Otherwise, visit the .

    • Click on the sign-in button if you have an Amazon account. Or else create an account by simply clicking on create an account.
    • To create an account, you need to enter your name, mobile number, and password. And verify the mobile number.
    • After creating the account just click on login after that login with the same mobile number and password.

    Do Return Policies Differ Depending On Your Method Of Payment

    How To Add & Remove Credit Card Or Debit Card On Amazon Prime & Amazon Wallet (2020)

    No matter the payment method, you still have the 30-day return window for Amazon purchases. The only aspect that differs is how you get your money back and when.

    If you pay with a debit card or checking account, youll get your refund back in the same account, but it could take up to 10 business days. With a prepaid debit card, refund time depends on the issuer and can take up to 30 days. However, if you use Amazon Cash or an Amazon Gift Card, or select to have your funds returned as an Amazon Credit, your refund is immediately credited to your account.

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    Finding The Eligibility To Use Hdfc Debit Card Emi Scheme

    Now, for the HDFC debit card holders, there is another process. You have use the registered mobile number for sending SMS to 56767. You should type DCEMI last four digits of your card. Then, deliver this message to the number.

    Thus, in an easy method, you will be able to know the eligibilities. However, there is no reason to get frustrated while the SMS shows that you arent entitled to get Debit Card EMI service.

    When you have credit card, you may use it and continue your shopping at Amazon. For these credit card users also, there is This is one of the good offers as you wont have to spend an additional amount for paying through the EMI system. Enjoy the schemes investing an amount just for your essential products at Amazon.

    Add Debit Card To Amazon Wallet To Earn Up To $50 Credit

    Amazon has a targeted promotion that can earn you up to $50 credit just for adding a new debit card to the Amazon wallet. This offer is available only to customers who are able to see the offer in their account and only applies if you add a valid, non-expired qualifying debit card to your Amazon Wallet. Lets see the details.

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    View Gift Card Activity

    Once you have successfully been able to add your Visa gift card to your Amazon account, you can view details of the transaction in Gift Card Activity, which is on the same page where you clicked âReload Your Balanceâ.

    When you see this, you know that you were able to add your Visa gift card to your Amazon account successfully.

    Shop With Amazon Gift Cards

    How To Order In Amazon Using Debit Card In 2020 All Steps

    Most major retailers across the United States sell Amazon gift cards with no purchase fees. Sellers include dozens of grocery, drug, and convenience store chains such as CVS/Pharmacy, Walmart, Safeway, and Office Depot.

    Purchase a card in cash and load it onto your Amazon account under Gift Card Balance. Youll just need to enter the 15-digit claim code on the back of the card to have it applied to your balance.

    Then, as long as the cost of your items and shipping is covered by your balance, you can shop without entering a credit or debit card number.

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    Editor’s Notes & Price Research

    • You will receive an email confirmation that the promotional credit has been applied to your account. -qwikwit
    • Don’t have Amazon Prime? Students can get a with free 2-day shipping, unlimited video streaming & more.
    • You have chosen to thumb up this deal.
    • Great deal
    • You have chosen to thumb down this deal.
    • Not a good price

    Terms and Conditions

    Add Your Visa Gift Card And Update Your Info

    Below this âAmountâ section is the âPayment methodâ section. At the bottom is the option âAdd a cardâ.

    Youll find the option to add a card.

    Enter the requested information as if the card were a credit card.

    The name on a gift card is often âA Gift For Youâ, âEspecially For Youâ, or âGift Card Recipientâ. Be sure to enter that name in the âName on cardâ box.

    If the gift card were a credit card, Amazon would verify that the selected billing address matches the address associated with the card. In the case of a gift card, there is no address associated with the card.

    Enter your billing address.

    Select the newly added card.

    After selecting an address, the new card is added to your account. If the card is not automatically selected, select it from the list of payment methods.

    Select the card if it has not been automatically selected.

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    How To Order In Amazon Using Debit Card In 2020 All Steps

    If you are purchasing something from an online shopping website like Amazon for the first time. And have no idea about How To Order in Amazon Using Debit Card, Credit card, or ATM Card then you are at the right place.

    In this article, I have explained step by step with the screenshot from which card to choose to till guide on how you can receive your product. And helps to complete your first successful order from Amazon through amazon payment debit card.

    Load Prepaid Gift Cards To Amazon To Get Rid Of Small Balances

    How to Add a Credit Card to Amazon Account

    Heres a quick hit for your Sunday morning. Maybe you knew this already or maybe someone wrote about this already, in which case why didnt you tell me?

    Anyway, I loaded $150 of Amazon gift cards this morning and when I was done I noticed this graphic:

    Its extremely likely that I knew this once and forgot. Regardless, I had a Staples prepaid card worth $7.98 just sitting around so I figured Id try it out. Its an extremely straightforward process.

    First, after starting at the above page, I clicked Reload your Balance. I then added my payment card in as a payment method, which annoyed, but oh well.

    I then needed to input my billing address I just used my home address. My guess is for some prepaid cards you need to actually register them, though I havent played around with that. After that, I just reloaded my balance normally using my new card for exactly $7.98. After that, I was told it might take up to five minutes. It indeed took five minutes!

    Anyway, one less tiny gift card denomination for me to worry about. When I was heavy into 5backs, Id find myself with all sorts of random denominations left on my cards because Id use the 5back for walking around money. Id always end up draining with multiple swipes but that was kind of annoying. So its good to have another source, especially one I can use at home!

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    Shop With A Prepaid Debit Card

    You can shop with a prepaid debit card on Amazon just like a credit card. Prepaid debit cards are basically like credit cards without the debt or checking account debit cards without the checking account. Some of the better known cards include Netspend Visa, PayPal Mastercard, and Walmart MoneyCard.

    To use a prepaid debit card for online purchases, including Amazon, your card has to be registered first. Thats because you need a billing address to complete any purchases, and an address can only be assigned to a prepaid debit card through registration. So, the temporary cards that you can buy in stores wont work online until you setup your account online with the card issuer.

    Once your prepaid card is registered, you can use it just like any credit or debit card on Amazon.

    However, if you decide youre not satisfied with that discount 4K TV on Prime Day, refunds for returns on prepaid cards usually take longer than credit cards, depending on your card provider. Some refunds take up to 30 days to process.

    How To Transfer Your Prepaid Card Balance To Amazon

    Looking for a way to quickly unload that $3.54 remaining on your prepaid card?

    Most merchants wont let you split a purchase between your prepaid card and another payment method at checkout. ATM withdrawals and cash back options are typically in round numbers starting at $20. So liquidating your lingering prepaid card balance can be a bit challenging.

    If you are an customer, theres a simple, quick solution.

    Reload your Amazon gift card balance with the amount remaining on your prepaid card.

    Then, the next time you make an Amazon purchase, you can split the amount between your Amazon gift card balance and your regular payment method.

    Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Sign into Amazon, click on Your Account, click on Gift Cards, and click on the Reload Your Balance button .
  • Enter the balance remaining on your prepaid card in the custom amount field to the right of the fixed amount buttons.
  • Add your prepaid card as the payment source for the reload, and click the Reload button.
  • The next time you make a purchase on Amazon, youll be given the option of using your gift card balance to cover some or all of the amount due at checkout.

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    How To Shop At Amazon Without Using A Credit Card Or Debit Card

    Posted on

    Note: The links in this post are affiliate links.

    You probably know that Amazon is the worlds largest online retailer.

    Youre also probably aware that you can often save money on your purchases due to Amazons low prices and free shipping on many items.

    Its true that Amazon is a great place to shop for the items you need, but many folks think they cant shop there because they dont have a credit card or debit card and they dont want to use their bank account online.

    But truth be told, you actually can shop at Amazon without having to give them any credit/debit card or bank account information whatsoever!

    And best of all, its really easy. Just follow the steps below for the device you use to access Amazons website.

    If you visit Amazon with a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer:

    1 Visit and log in to your account.

    2 Shop for the item you want and place it/them in your shopping cart, then make a note of the total amount youll need to pay for the purchase.

    3 Visit a local retailer that sells Amazon gift cards and purchase enough gift cards to pay for the item youre planning to buy.

    Amazon gift cards are available in various set amounts so you can simply purchase enough gift cards to cover the cost of the items in your Amazon cart and then keep whatever gift card balance is left on reserve for a future purchase.

    4 Click the Gift Cards link on the menu thats located below the search box.

    5 Click Redeem an Amazon Gift Card.

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