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How To Add Kindle Device To Amazon Account

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For Older Kindle Fire Versions: Rooting The Device

Add a Kindle or Kindle App to Your Amazon Account

If youve ever rooted an Android device, you shouldnt have plenty of issues, as the operating systems are fairly similar.

On the other hand, if this is the first time youre rooting a device, follow the steps thoroughly. This isnt a simple process, and youll need both USB cable and a PC to successfully perform it.

  • Go to the Settings app from the app menu on your Kindle Fire.
  • Tap the Device Options.
  • Tap the serial number multiple times until the Developer Options displays under it.
  • Go to Developer Options.
  • Toggle the Enable ADB under the Debugging section.
  • Confirm the command when prompted.
  • Plug the USB cable to your Kindle Fire and the empty port on your computer. The PC should get the necessary drivers automatically.
  • Tap the OK from the Allow USB debugging? dialog box.
  • Open the browser on your PC.
  • Unpack the .zip file and launch the 1-Install-Play-Store.bat. This should open the Command Prompt.
  • Type 2 to innate the installation command.
  • Hit Enter.
  • Wait for the tablet to install the app.
  • Once the process is finished, restart the Kindle Fire and go to the app screen. You should see the Google Play Store icon on the list of apps or on the home screen.

    You can use the app the same way that you would use it on your Android device. However, you should keep in mind that some apps wont work so well on the Fire OS.

    How Do You Register A Device With Amazon

    To sync a device to your account, first download the Amazon Appstore or Kindle Reader on that device. When opening the app for the first time, you’re prompted to sign in to your Amazon account. Once this step has been completed, the device is automatically added to your Amazon account. Devices can also be managed by going to My Account on the home page, scrolling down to Digital Content, and clicking Manage My Content and Devices.

    Once Manage My Content and Devices loads, a menu with several options appears at the top. Clicking on the Devices tab displays a list of devices registered to an account. From here, it is possible to de-register devices, set a device as the default and find out details about the registered devices.

    To register a Kindle, tap the Menu icon on the Kindle and select Settings. Once you have reached the Settings option, select Registration. You can then select which Amazon account to link to your Kindle. If you do not already have an account, the screen prompts you to create one. A registered account allows you to transfer books and content across devices and to purchase books and apps.

    How To Register And Deregister Kindle

    Before everything, lets check out how to register and deregister Kindle.

    How to register Kindle?

    It is easy to register a Kindle device. At the Kindle home screen, tap settings button at the menu bar, tap Your Account and register your kindle with your existing Amazon account or create a new account to register.

    Q: How to register a kindle without wifi ?

    A: For now, there is no way to register Kindle without wifi. But you can , tell them your Kindle serial Number, and request them to add this kindle device to your Amazon account. This is the only way to register a kindle without wifi.

    How to deregister Kindle?

    If you want to deregister your Kindle, just tap the top menu> settings> All settings> Your Account> Deregister Device. In the pop-up window, tap DEREGISTER and then your Kindle device will be in unregistered situation.

    If you dont have the Kindle in your hand, how to deregister your Kindle? In this case, you need to go to Manage Your Content and Devices on the Amazon website to .

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    Why Should You Use A Kindle Without An Amazon Account

    When you first use a Kindle, youre asked to connect or create an Amazon account. One of the reasons Kindles are cheaper is that Amazon offers them at a discount with the hope youll spend money on Kindle ebooks, apps, magazines, and more. You may even subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

    However, you can actually skip this step. If you just need a basic tablet for reading free ebooks or ebooks from other sites and services, you can still use a Kindle. After all, they are designed specifically for reading.

    If you dont connect your Amazon account, you wont be so tempted to spend money every time Amazon has a discount ebook deal. Plus, Amazon wont be tracking your reading habits to personalize your account.

    Another benefit is you can easily give a kid a cheaper Kindle, or even an older device, to serve as a low-cost tablet for school or entertainment. Without an account, theyre not making purchases without your permission. This is also a great way to give a friend or family member your old Kindle for use.

    Setting Up Calibre To Work With Kindle

    Booko: Comparing prices for How to Add a Device to my ...

    While the other tools I mentioned are great for converting ebooks, thats all they do. They dont offer the option to transfer to your Kindle or keep track of your files. If youre like me and have an overflowing ebook library on your computer, you need a way to manage the chaos. It also lets you transfer ebooks to your Kindle device.

  • Start by on the system of your choice. Its available for Windows , macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and as a portable version for USB drives. The latter works well to take Calibre with you to use on other computers.
  • Launch the installation wizard and choose a location for your Calibre library. Its fine to keep the default. Alternatively, you can set up a cloud-based library.
  • Select the ebook device you want to use with Calibre.
  • If this ever changes, just run the Welcome Wizard again from the Preferences tab of Calibre. Choose Amazon from the Manufacturers list, then choose your device. Kindle Basic works well as a generic option.
  • You can set up Calibre to send books to your device via email using your Kindle email . Skip this step for now and just choose Next.
  • Youll see a Congratulations message and can start using Calibre.
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    Add Books To Your Childs Account

    The final step is to add books to your childs Kindle profile. You can do this directly from the Kindle device, from the Parents dashboard on Amazon, or from your . This is the step where you get to choose which media from your account you want your child to have access to.

    Of course, you can also add more books later . To do this, you will simply open settings on the Kindle, click Household & Family Library , and then click the person symbol next to the child profile to open the Library and choose which books to grant access to.

    However, at this initial setup stage, once youre ready for the child profile to go live you will click Start and it will launch the child profile that is safe for your child to use. Remember, you will need your parental controls password to exit once the child profile starts, so you dont have to worry about your child accessing content from your Amazon library that you dont want them to.

    And thats how to keep your books off your childs Kindle! Have questions or struggled with one of the steps above? Feel free to leave your questions in the comments!

    How To Share A Kindle Book From The Product Detail Page

    One of the easiest ways to share a Kindle book is by heading to its product page in the Kindle Store. Heres what you need to do to get there:

    • Navigate to the Kindle Store on your computer, and type in the name of the title youd like to loan.
    • Click Loan this book on the product page. Once done, youll be sent to the Loan this book page, where you can enter the recipients email address and an optional message.
    • Click Send now.

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    Add Books To Collections

    Add books to specific collections by clicking the action button next to a title and selecting Add to collections in the pop-up menu. You can create new collections as a way of organizing your books, such as one collection for historical non-fiction, another collection for science fiction, and maybe a third for autobiographies. A book can then be added to a new or existing collection.

    How To Add Kindle Fire To My Amazon Account

    Session 1 Add Kindle Account

    ArchRead more October 30, 2019

    When you first set up your Kindle Fire device, youll need to enter your Amazon account credentials so you can register the account to the cloud. If you dont, you wont be able to purchase new content or use the Appstore.

    You may have left the Amazon account empty, or another user may have been registered to the Kindle Fire. In any case, youll need to add your account so you can fully experience the device.

    Fortunately, you can easily add your Kindle Fire to the Amazon account manually. This article will explain the process.

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    Solved: Cant Register Kindle

    Here I have collected some workarounds to solve the Cant register Kindle issue.

    Workaround 1 Before everything, please ensure your Amazon account information is correct. You can check it by .

    Workaround 2 You are not using the latest version of firmware. If your kindle device hasnt used for ages, or you purchase a second hand kindle, please check your Kindle firmware at first and update it to the latest version. If the firmware is too old use Amazon’s automatic updating service, you need to download the Kindle software update manually and install it.

    Q: I cannot register Kindle DX? I’ve already install the latest firmware 2.5.8.

    A: As for registering kindle DX, besides installing the latest firmware 2.5.8, you need to install the Kindle service update. Please choose the correct update for your kindle DX device. Please ensure the kindle firmware 2.5.8 has been installed at first and then install the kindle service update. For manually installing Kindle firmware and kindler service update, you just need to copy the downloaded bin file to the root directory of your kindle device, then at the home screen of the Kindle, find “settings” and tap”update your Kindle” to install these two updates.

    Some kindle won’t register to Amazon account even these two updates have been installed successfully. Here is a workaround: turning off your Two-Step Verification and try to register your kindle again.

    Q: I’ve tried everything above mentioned, but I still unable to register my Kindle.

    Keep It On Your Account

    If you opt to have the Kindle on your account , then you’ll have to make sure you use parental controls to ensure they don’t spend on your account, which makes things much simpler. There there is Fire for Kids and FreeTime – now called Amazon Kids – to consider as well.

    This is how Amazon has really designed this arrangement to take place, specifically to cater for kids in an Amazon household.

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    Replacing An Existing Kindle Fire Account

    On some occasions, you may want to replace one Kindle Fire account with another. This can happen if you bought a used Kindle Fire or got it as a gift, for example. Regardless of the story, you can easily deregister an account and add your own.

    If you want to deregister the account, simply follow the steps 1-3 from the previous section. Instead of Register, select Deregister. This will remove the account. Then proceed with the next steps.

    Note: When you deregister the account, it will automatically remove all the data connected to the account from the device. This includes all downloaded books, audiobooks, apps, and other content that belong to the previous account. However, the content will remain on the Cloud so when that account registers to another Kindle Fire, all the files can be downloaded again.

    How To Set A Smartphone Or Tablet As The Default Device


    If you prefer to read e-books with your smartphone or tablet, you can set the Kindle app as your default device.

    From the same Manage Devices screen on Amazon, under Amazon Apps Installed on Devices, select Kindle.

    This will show you a list of all the smartphones, tablets, and computers you have the Kindle app installed on.

    Find the device that you want to set as the default, click More Actions, and click Set as Default Device. Finally, click Save.

    Now, if you buy an e-book, it will automatically get sent to your chosen smartphone or tablet, all ready for you to read.

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    How Do I Manage Devices On Amazon

    If you have multiple devices connected to your Amazon account, or you’re not sure how many are connected, it’s useful to know how to manage the devices. Here’s where to look and how to remove devices.

  • Sign into your Amazon account.

  • Click Account & Lists.

    You may need to log in here.

  • Click Manage Your Content and Devices.

  • Click Devices.

  • All the devices connected to your Amazon account are listed here along with any app connections too.

  • What Can You Do Without An Amazon Account

    Before you use a Kindle without an Amazon account, know the limitations. Without an account, you cant buy or access Kindle ebooks and freebies. All the Kindle reader features that are specific to just Kindle books wont work. Instead, youll just have a standalone e-reader and tablet.

    You also wont have access to the Amazon App Store. Instead, youll need to sideload apps from a third party. Additionally, some of Amazons preinstalled apps wont work.

  • Open the menu in the top-right corner and tap Settings. Choose Security & Privacy.
  • Select Install unknown apps and choose Silk Browser.
  • Toggle Allow from this source to On.
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    How To Return A Loaned Kindle Book

    Book loans automatically expire when the 14-day lending period is up, so you never have to worry about turning it in on time if youre on the receiving end of a book loan. If you happen to finish it early, you can return it early. Heres how:

    • Log in to your Amazon account as you would normally. Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page.
    • Click the Actions button next to the borrowed book, and select Delete from the resulting list of options.
    • Click Yes to confirm your return.

    Editors’ Recommendations

    For Newer Kindle Fire Versions: Installing Apk Files

    How To Register New Kindle Device | Amazon Kindle Support

    If your Kindle Fire is 3.5.1 or above, you can use the easier way to install the necessary data. Follow these instructions, or check out our full guide here.

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Kindle Fire.
  • Tap Security & Privacy.
  • Toggle the Apps from Unknown Sources to allow the installation of third-party apps outside the Appstore.
  • Open the web browser on your tablet and download these four files: , or You just have to go to the bottom of the page and select the Download button for all of these links.
  • Return to the Home Screen.
  • Launch the Docs app.
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    Can I Use Google Play Store On Kindle

    Yes, but youll first need to enable your device to install apps from unknown sources. Older Kindle devices might not have this option.

    Then youll need to download the following:

    • Google Account Manager
    • Google Play Services
    • Google Play Store

    Please note that not all apps in the Google Play Store will be compatible with your Kindle.

    Can I Have Multiple Devices On Amazon Account

    Amazon facilitates its customers by enabling them to register more than one device on their Amazon accounts.

    The user can easily use the Amazon Prime account on multiple devices. But, there is a limitation when streaming on devices simultaneously. The user can stream content on only three devices at one time.

    If the user desires for streaming on four devices at a time, he/she would have to pay $6.99/ month.

    In case you want to find out the number of devices that are registered in your Amazon account, you can easily log in to your account and find out the details of the devices in the Content and Devices option.

    You will not only be able to find out the devices that you have registered but you can also know the dates when the devices were registered. You can also find out the details of the product that each device has.

    You also have the option to deregister a device at any time. In case you think that you will no longer need a certain device to make purchases or make any in-app purchases, you can easily deregister it. To do so you simply have to select deregister under the Devices tab, and you will have that device removed.

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    What If I Dont Have A Computer To Transfer Books With Calibre

    Since it is available for Android and iOS, you can use your mobile device instead. You can also choose to store your ebooks and documents on Google Drive, Dropbox, or another cloud-based service. Then, as you add books to your cloud drive, just visit the drive on your Kindles browser to download the books directly.

    How To Manage Your Amazon Kindle Devices And Content


    Are you juggling a lot of Kindle devices, ebooks, and other types of content through Amazon? Heres how to manage your books and devices to keep them all in order.

    Whether you use an or run the Kindle app on a computer or mobile device, it can be hard to manage all the ebooks youve collected and the devices youve connected to your account. The good news is that Amazon offers a dedicated webpage where you can remove Kindle devices you no longer use, transfer ebooks to other people, and delete ebooks you no longer want. Heres how to manage your Kindle devices and content.

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