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How To Add New Product On Amazon

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The Most Important Part Of Your Set Up

How To List Your First Product on Amazon Seller Central | BEGINNER TUTORIAL

Change the default option from ‘None’. If you don’t change this, then everyone will receive the promotion irrespective of whether they are eligible or not.

If you choose the Group code, a single code is generated but the code can be used by multiple people. This option could be a bit risky, if the code were to be shared amongst a large number of people, then your inventory would empty out within no time.

Choose the ‘Single Use’ optionThis opens up a new section with the following sections.Check the box next to ‘one redemption per customer’ This limits each shopper to a single discounted purchase.

Claim code:The best would be to opt for Amazon to suggest a code. Or you could also go ahead and suggest a code.

The Claim Code Combinability is to be set to ‘Exclusive’

Click on the ‘Customize Message link and uncheck the box that says ‘Detail Page Display Text’. If left checked, every person will be able to see the details of your promotion and your .

Prepare Before You List Products On Amazon

There are a couple of things you need to take care of first before listing products on Amazon. Theyre pretty straightforward, but its important not to miss any of them because itll cause a ton more work later on.

  • Get UPC codes for all products Each item you list on Amazon will need its own UPC code, whether thats a single item or several bundled together . We wrote this that outlines what they mean, how and where to find them, and the differences sellers need to know about.
  • Measure and weigh the products One of the parts of uploading a product to Amazon is including its measurement and weight, and there are two ways of doing this. If youre lucky enough to find that your product is already sold elsewhere on Amazon, you can copypaste the dimensions and weight from that listing. If not, youll need to physically measure it and weigh it. Plus, knowing what your items size and weight can help you with selling and storage strategies.
  • Take pro-quality photographs Product images are one of the most important parts in a product listing, so take the time to really get this step right.
  • Make your products findable The last step before actually listing products on Amazon means ensuring buyers will be able to find them once theyre live. For starters, double-check that you have the right category selected, as you might have to get approval to sell in restricted categories. Once youre sure youve got the right ones, spend a fair bit of time on keyword research.
  • Amazon Product Promotion: How To Create Percentage Off Discounts

    continues to be a powerful strategy for ranking products. Discount coupons are an excellent way to increase sales, if followed by the right strategy increases your organic rankings.

    Offering promotions are an excellent way to give your newly launched product a boost. The outcome benefits of product promotions are many

  • Increases the sales of the product
  • Makes it easy to get product feedback and reviews
  • Increases the organic ranking of the keyword
  • A discounted promotion is the most common promotion on Amazon. To offer these discounts and price offs you need to set up a promotional money off on your Seller Central Account. Follow the steps below to create a money off promotion for your Amazon product.

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    Guidelines For Adding A Product Video On Amazon

    Before you upload a video, make sure to keep a few things in mind:

    Bear in mind that Amazon keeps updating its product video guidelines. So, make sure to look at the EBCs help page or directly go to the link that says Video Guidelines within the EBC UI.

    How To Add A Product Video On Amazon?

    Adding a product video is simple, given that you have been enabled to use this option. Follow these step-by-step guidelines:

    • Step 1: Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.
    • Step 2: Go to Advertising and click on A+ content manager.
    • Step 3: Search for your products SKU .
    • Step 4: Click on the button Get started to add the video to the respective ASIN.
    • Step 5: Upload the video file.
    • Step 6: Add the thumbnail for the product video, title, and description.
    • Step 7: If the uploaded video includes content that isnt appropriate for audiences under the age of 18 years, then make sure to select the box that says adult audience.
    • Step 8: The process of adding a product video is now done.

    It takes a maximum of 6 hours for the video to be available on the products page. Once it is published, it shows up on the image block on the upper left pane, and again, in the related videos under the products information section.

    If you want to remove the product video from the page, do this:

    Earn Quality And Valid Customer Reviews

    How To Add Products On Amazon

    Customer product reviews play an essential part in the Amazon shopping experience. They benefit sellers and customers alike.

    Familiarize yourself with the right and wrong methods to get more so you can avoid policy violations. You can learn more from the Seller University.

    Seller University is an online resource from Amazon. It lists videos that feature step-by-step guides, tutorials, and training to help you start your Amazon business.

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    Sign Up For An Amazon Seller Account

    You need to register as an Amazon seller before selling products. Registration involves subscribing to one of two seller plans.

    • Tax information
    • Phone number

    Go to Seller Central to register, then follow the prompts for setting up a seller account.

    Your business type determines the requirements that will be asked of you when you sign up for a Seller account.

    Once you complete these steps, youll have access to your Seller Central Dashboard and can start listing products to sell on Amazon.

    What is Seller Central?Seller Central is the website where sellers go to monitor their Amazon sales activity. You can also manage inventory, update pricing, communicate with buyers, contact seller support, and add new products.

    Set Up The Schedule Or The Dates For Which The Promotion Should Remain Valid

    This is the easiest section, that has no complications.

    Start and End Dates:Choose the start date and the end date for the promotional discount.

    Amazon takes a maximum of 4 hours to process the promotional offer, so the best is to choose a minimum start date that is at least 4 hours ahead of the time you set up your promotion.

    Internal Description:If you’d like to add an internal description, go ahead and add one. But this is for your reference only.

    Tracking Id:Amazon already provides you a Tracking Id, so you’ll not have to add one.

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    Elements Of A Great Product Listing

    As an Amazon seller, crafting a product listing is a juggling act. You have to optimize your listings with keywords to place them high in search results. At the same time, you have to include captivating copy and images that drive buyers to purchase your products.

    There are a few basic elements of great Amazon listings that drive sales. They have:

    • SEO-driven keywords
    • Scannable formatting
    • Engaging visuals

    Focus on these areas, and your listing will be in top shape with all of the content it needs to drive sales.

    How To Combine Two Asins Into One Variation Listing

    How to add a new product on Amazon Seller App? English

    Amazon lays out these steps within their Variation Relationship FAQ but we explain the steps in detail here.

    If you would like to combine two or more similar ASINs together into one variation family, the process is fairly similar to what was laid out above.

    Here is the information given to you directly from Amazon:

    1. Download the appropriate category template for your category using the Product Classifier or Templates for Specific Categories. Refer to the Valid Values tab in the template to see what variation themes are available.

    NOTE: If no variation theme is listed, you cannot create a product with variations in that category.

    2. In the inventory template, create parent and child SKUs.

    3. On the parent item:

    • Enter values for required fields, including SKU. This can be any alphanumeric string of 40 characters or less but must be unique . Sellers often append -parent to their base SKU to remind them that this is a parent SKU.
    • Leave the Parent SKU column blank.
    • Enter a value of parent in Parentage and enter a valid value in Variation Theme.
    • Leave Relationship Type blank.
    • Leave all other non-required fields blank.

    4. For each child item :

    • Enter values for required fields.
    • Fill in the Parent SKU field using the value from the parents SKU .
    • Enter child in Parentage, and enter variation in Relationship Type.
    • In the Variation Theme field, enter the same value that you entered for Variation Theme on the parent .

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    How Does Product Listing Optimization Impact Customer Decision Journey

    Youve probably heard of the term, consumer decision journey. Well, this is what we are going to discuss today! The consumer decision journey is a process where consumers decide which product they want to purchase for themselves or others based on their needs and wants. Sellers have four important elements that need improvement in order for them to be successful: availability, findability, conversion rate optimization , and post-purchase experience.

    The importance of Amazon Listing Optimization cannot be discussed without also discussing the Consumer Decision Journey, as they both rely on each other for success . Lets decipher how product listing optimization comes into play at every step of the customer decision journey

    Prime Is Not Always A Bed Of Roses

    Although the benefits are massive, there are also a few challenges with having a Prime eligible product.

    Despite having the No. 1 trusted brand and one of the most robust fulfillment centers in the world, Amazons centers are not shelf stable. Furthermore, if you have a product that does not sell frequently, you will incur storage fees. FBA storage fees are based on the size and weight of the shipment. If you have large and/or heavy products, or if Amazon adds additional bubble wrap or tape, added fees can grow rather quickly for a small business.

    If you are selling through Vendor Central, Amazon can create challenges, as well. Amazon has rigid policies that can result in tedious chargebacks and deductions. Amazon often orders in small quantities, ignoring brands preferences for master-case and minimum order quantities. Amazon may also ask brands to ship to dozens of fulfillment centers for the same itemadding additional costs. In my experience, the most successful brands recognize that having a Prime eligible product is essential for success on Amazon and make adjustments to meet their requirements whether they sell through Seller Central or Vendor Central. Keep in mind, if you adjust your processes to meet their requirements, you will still be expected to maintain best-in-class Vendor Lead Times.

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    Increases Discoverability For Each Child Listing

    Pair low-performing or brand new products with higher-performing products to increase the discoverability of the new or poor-performing products. For example, say you launch a new cat food flavor. Instead of creating a brand new listing without reviews, you add your new flavored product as a variation to an already established cat food listing .

    How To Set Up Your Amazon Listing

    How to Add Products in Amazon Seller Account ? Guide for Adding ...

    When you sell a product on Amazon, you have to create a new listing if youre the first seller to offer that exact product in the marketplace. When multiple merchants are selling the same product, they share an Amazon listing.

    To create a unique listing, log into your Seller Central Dashboard. Go up to the menu option that says Inventory, and when you mouse over it, a menu will pop out with an option that says Add a Product.

    At the product creation page, you have a choice of either selecting an existing product or making your own. For a unique product, select Create a new listing.

    Choose your product categories and subcategories to classify your product.

    From there, youll be prompted to fill in your product listing information.

    This content your product title, description images is what makes or breaks your listing page. It has to be both informative and engaging so buyers trust your brand and understand why they should purchase your item.

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    Listing In Multiple Marketplaces

    Whether you are matching to an existing product listing or creating a new one, you have the option to reach more Customers by making your listing available across multiple Amazon marketplaces during the listing process. Provide additional attributes such as price for each additional marketplace in the offer tab to create listings in those marketplaces in addition to the marketplace you have selected in the Seller Central header. Prices should be provided in the local marketplace currency, which is denoted in the price field. If a detail page doesnt yet exist in those marketplaces, Amazon will attempt to automatically translate and create a page on your behalf. This process can take up to 48 hours to complete, and you will be able to suggest content changes in local language after completion.

    Available marketplaces are determined by where you are registered, and for marketplaces outside of regions like Europe or North America, by your linked accounts. To find out more about listing policies for each marketplace, go to .

    Launch Your Product With Amazon Ads Display Ads Sponsored Ads And Other Solutions

    Did you know that 75% of shoppers come to Amazon to discover new products, while 68% of shoppers window shop without having a specific product or brand in mind?1 This presents an opportunity for emerging brands to get their products in front of relevant audiences and be a part of their consideration set.

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    Match To An Existing Product Listing


    Before you match your product to the existing product listing on Amazon, ensure that you have the following information available:

    Information to provide Description
    Offer Details Offer includes the product’s condition, price, quantity, shipping options, etc. You can update your offer information at any time.
  • Select Add a Product from the Inventory drop-down.
  • Search for the product you want to sell on Amazon within the Find your products in Amazons catalog section.Note: Results are more accurate if you search for a product identifier such as a UPC, EAN, JAN, or an ISBN.
  • If you locate the product you want to sell, perform these steps:
  • Click on Show variations .
  • Select a condition.
  • Enter your offer details in the provided data fields.Note: Required fields are marked with an asterisk.
  • Click Save.
  • Creating Variations Using An Inventory File

    How To Add an Existing Product on Amazon

    Alternatively, some sellers suggest using an inventory file so you can easily update, delete, or add to it as needed.

    If you would like to create a parent-child listing using an inventory file, follow the steps laid out in this video provided by Amazon or keep reading below!

    To start, in your Seller Central dashboard, hover over Inventory and then click on Add Products via Upload.

    Next, enter in your product, chose the correct category, then click on Generate Template.

    The template will look something like this:

    As you can see at the bottom of the spreadsheet, there are various tabs. Fill in all of your product information in the Template tab. Amazon provides you with a lot of supporting information to ensure you fill out the template correctly.

    Filling out the inventory file can be a daunting task, but just take your time and follow the instructions so no errors pop up when you upload. We suggest clicking the Example tab to see how you should enter variation information.

    When you look under Example 2 in the file, Amazon states this regarding parent-child relationships:

    This is an example of a parent with two children. The parent is not a sellable product it is a description of a set of products.


    Child attributes must be unique. This means attributes such as SKU, product ID, model or part number, size, or color. Your products will not upload properly if there are any duplicates.

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    How To Add A Product And Match An Existing Amazon Listing

    We all know that listing an item is an essential part in building your online selling business. May it be on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. One of a good thing in selling an item on Amazon is that you can list a product against an existing product.

    Amazon allows product matching to eliminate duplicate listing and to prevent the product from appearing multiple times. Good product matching directly benefits you. When you match your product to an existing listing, you ensure that customers can find your offer.

    Now lets walk you in adding a product and matching an existing Amazon listing.

    Launching A New Product On Amazon: 3

    Let us warn you early on: During the launch phase of a new product, you will often have to operate at break-even point or even accept losses. The goal is to improve ranking rather than making profits. Be prepared to spend a little.

    It truly is no childs play. But it is not impossible. Here is how you do it:

    Our 3-step product launch strategy starts with generating the first few sales and encouraging your early customers to leave product reviews. Once you have collected 3-5 reviews, you drive paid traffic to your product to set off the , further push sales, and eventually start ranking on the first few pages in the search results.

    Please keep in mind that our strategy assumes that you have done thorough product research and already created an SEO-optimized product listing that is ready to go live when you need it to.

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