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How To Add Photos To Amazon Listing

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Upload Photos And Videos Using A Web Browser

Amazon Advantage 101: How to add images to book listings

Save photos and videos to Amazon Photos to access them anywhere.

  • Select the Add icon on the top right.
  • Choose Upload photos or Upload folder.
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    What Amazon Guidelines Should You Follow When Selecting Your Product Images

    Amazon provides detailed guidelines for the different product images. Youmust follow these guidelines because Amazon will exclude you from the search results if you do not meet the requirements.


  • Ideally, images should have a minimum resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels. The zoom function is activated from a resolution of at least 1600 x 1600 pixels the zoom function is activated. A maximum image size of 10 000 x 10 000 pixels are allowed. The larger the image, the more detailed a customer can view your product.
  • Every product must have a main image.
  • The image background must be 100% white for each main image.
  • the main image may show only the product offered for sale.
  • The product must be photographed in the front view for the main product picture.
  • The main picture must show the exact scope of delivery.
  • The product shall occupy at least 85% of the space of the entire image area and shall have an aspect ratio of 3:4
  • the product’s main image must show the whole product
  • The product color on the images must correspond to the original color.
  • Format requirements: JPEG , PNG or GIF where JPEG is preferred
  • Bans:

  • offers without pictures or with placeholders instead of pictures .
  • main pictures in black and white
  • main pictures with schematic representations or sketches
  • none of the images may contain text, borders or frames, logos, labels, price tags, or watermarks
  • Upload Photos To Amazon Photos Using Your Browser

    As long as you have your photos stored on your computer, you can upload them to Amazon Photos using your web browser. Here’s how to do this:

  • Open Amazon Photos.
  • Select your photos.
  • All of your photos will be uploaded, and you can start organizing them and sharing them with others. You can also upload an entire folder that contains your photos, as well as create albums.

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    The Desktop App: Because Nobodys Drag N Dropping 40000 Photos

    If you have a lot of photos to upload and youre not interested in the hassle of manually uploading them, the desktop app is the path to happiness for you. The app also allows you convert the names of the folders into album names, which is especially handy.

    Visit the Prime Photos splash page and download the appropriate version for your operating system. Run the app to install it and then log into your Amazon account.

    After signing in, youll be prompted to confirm which folder you wish to use as the syncing folder. By default the app creates a brand new folder in your user directory called Amazon Drive as seen below. We recommend you leave this as the default for now. This will give you an opportunity to play around with the file syncing by adding a few folders to the directory before you unleash the syncing process on all your photos at once. . You can always change the default directory later once youve confirmed it works the way you want it to. Click Next.

    Next, youll be prompted to sync folders from your Amazon Drive account to your computer. Unless you have a compelling reason to want to sync all your drive folders to this computer, its best to skip this step and choose not to sync. Choosing not to sync here has absolutely no impact on your photo backup process.

    Finally, youll be presented with a handy little key for reading the Amazon Drive interface, and the Drive app will park itself in your system tray, awaiting some files to upload.

    Adding Pictures To Your Listings

    How to setup an Amazon Wishlist to share online or with friends ...

    Including several high-quality pictures is one of the best ways to attract buyers to your listings. eBays photo uploader makes it easy to add and edit photos of your items.

    When you list an item for sale on eBay, you have to include at least one picture. The first picture you add, called the gallery photo, appears next to your items title in search results and is the main photo in your listing. You can add up to 12 pictures.

    We store copies of your photos on eBay and theyll stay in your completed listings for up to 90 days. You can re-use them if you relist the item or create a new listing for something similar.

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    Best Practices For Amazon Product Listing Images

    Amazon success involves catchy titles, searchable keywords, and eye-catching images. In a visually motivated world, even product photos should be picture-perfect. Great images are one of the top aspects in helping product listings rank as high as possible in Amazon search results. But, getting images right on Amazon isnt as easy as it appears. Excellent product photos that entice customers to click and convert are essential to a great Amazon strategy.

    Because the picture quality of an Amazon listing could mean the difference between a click or a pass, its especially important to optimize images for increased sales. Sellers should visually enhance listings by adhering to technical requirements while also maximizing image composition, proper lifestyle imagery, and creativity.

    How To Upload Product Pictures On Amazon: A Complete Guide

    1. How can I send photos to a seller using the Amazon app?

    Go to the Message Center and click on âBuyer/Seller Messagesâ. Choose âSubject: Product Customizationâ. Select attachments and upload the image file.

    2. How can I attach a file to an Amazon message?

    To attach a file to an Amazon message, you will be required to send attachments. To do so, click on “Browseâ” under the replay box. Select the image and attach it to the message.

    3. What is the best image size for Amazon?

    The recommended image size for Amazon is a minimum of 1000 pixels in either width or height with 1600 pixels on the other side.

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    How Do I Get Amazon Product Images Done

    You have two options when looking to get listing images done.

    1. You get a professional studio to do it.

    2. You do it yourself.

    My recommendation would be to get a professional studio to take care of your Amazon product images. They ensure that images of your product are professional and poised to showcase your product in the best way possible. On top of that, Amazon has many product image requirements that you must follow, and it can be easy to miss certain requirements.

    But like I said earlier, this is the ULTIMATE guide after all! Of course, we are still going to cover how to actually take the photographs. I didnt mean to scare you earlier you can definitely take high-quality images by yourself. The key here is to be informed about what youre doing so that you can execute it.

    Creating And Choosing Secondary Images For Your Amazon Products

    Add Products Via Upload Tutorial – How To Edit Amazon Listings In Bulk

    Once youve got your main image figured out, more opportunities are available through your secondary images. As long as your main image follows Amazons rules for it to be featured in search results, you can play with the other images to show product features and unique selling points. This is a chance to show potential buyers why your product is better than the rest. The video above from PickFu, shows results from a very interesting challenge between agencies to optimize images for GermSharks product. If you would like to see how PickFu can help you optimize your Amazon Product Images by creating polls to real users, use the code WEAREGROWTHHACK at checkout for a 50% discount on your first poll!

    1 Shoot lifestyle images with PEOPLE in them

    Lifestyle photos are photos that feature a certain type of style of living that helps sell a product that fits your target avatars lifestyle. Whether thats a surfer dude style, a classic mad-men-esque 50s style or athleisure, a lifestyle photo can help the customer imagine the product with themselves in the picture. Feature a person with your product using it in the way its intended. For example, if you have a waterproof digital watch, have your model dunk their wrist and the watch in water or have your model go swimming with the watch and snap a picture of the action.

    2 Get textual
    3 Zoom into these amazing details!
    4 Make use of Infographics Instructional photos

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    Fashion Tips The Do Nots Of Your Amazon Fashion Listing Image

    Amazon only allows two forms of pictures to be done with clothing: Clothing on your model and clothing by itself. Amazon specifically disallows these situations:

    • All child or baby models
    • Gray backgrounds
    • Pictures of models holding food or other handheld items
    • Multiple model positions in a single image
    • Obvious mannequins or invisible figures.
    • Promotional text, logos, or other graphics overlaying on the image
    • Anything showing tags to display the brand
    • Anything displaying worn or second-hand products
    • Images of offensive materials

    Creating An Album In The Bucket

    To create an album in the Amazon S3 bucket, the application’s createAlbum function first validates the name given for the new album to ensure it contains suitable characters. The function then forms an Amazon S3 object key, passing it to the headObject method of the Amazon S3 service object. This method returns the metadata for the specified key, so if it returns data, then an object with that key already exists.

    If the album doesn’t already exist, the function calls the putObject method of the AWS.S3 service object to create the album. It then calls the viewAlbum function to display the new empty album.

    function createAlbum   if  !== -1)   var albumKey = encodeURIComponent   s3.headObject     if      s3.putObject       alert       viewAlbum     })   }) }

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    Why Are Amazon Listing Images So Important

    When shopping in an offline store, you get to check all the items in person. You can look at the products and test them before purchasing. However, there is no such option when purchasing a product on Amazon or another e-commerce marketplace. The clients are to go off only with the images. Thats why adding high-quality images to an Amazon product listing is crucial for merchants on Amazon.

    • Bring more traffic to your listing.
    • Generate more sales and increase conversion rate.
    • Reduce the number of negative testimonials you get.

    Your marketing strategy should start with adding great pictures, so lets delve into Amazon image requirements to learn how to do it right.

    Can You Add Videos To Amazon Listings

    Amazon Product Listing Variations: How to Add Variations to Your Listing

    Until recently, only brand-registered sellers and wholesalers selling via Vendor Central could add videos to their Amazon listings.

    Today, Amazon allows everyone to upload videos to their listings in simple steps. In other words, you dont need to be a brand-registered seller or a wholesaler to add a video to your Amazon listing.

    You can add videos to Amazon listings in the upper image block and upload Related Video Shorts on the detail page.

    Below is an example of videos on an .

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    How Does Photography Increase Conversion Rates

    We are in the era of visual information, a timewhere visual data plays a significant role in each stage of life.

    When you perceive how much amount of data has been expanded, it is quite alarming. Say, for instance, Google receives over 2 million searches per minute. Now, on a bigger scale, human beings generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day.

    From a humans perspective, visualization worksbecause he or she responds to it and processes the visual data much better thanother data types.

    You will be fascinated by reading the fact that a human brain can process pictures 60,000 times quicker than text.

    About 90% of the information communicated to a brain is through visuals. Every human being is a visual creature. This makes it great for big to implement creative solutions to leverage data visualization and unveil their true perspective to meet the business goals.

    Talking about online shoppers, they are first attracted to the visual elements and not the written copy.

    Now, the products photo quality reflects thebrand image, building the first impression. This is a great opportunity forsellers. Every image should be appealing, polished, and professional enough toevoke maximum engagement.

    The right photography of a product can call forgreater conversions. Wonder how?

    Well, here are a few aspects to note.

    ImagesServe As A Key Element To Branding

    QualityImages Can Attract People To Buy

    Why You Should Add A Video To Your Amazon Product Listing

    There are many benefits that come with adding video to your product listing. Engaging videos can convert shoppers into buyers, improve the ranking of a product listing and drive more sales.

    Videos are more engaging and have higher retention rates compared to text and images. Therefore, they can easily improve the customer buying experience.

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    How To Upload Photos Through Amazon Seller Central

    Adding photos to new products is found under the Add a Product tool in Seller Central. After you click here, youll find an offer tab that will guide you to the Photos of Your Item link.

    From there, you can choose to upload photos from an existing folder. Its best to have a dedicated folder among multiple subfolders to sort your images. This prevents you from having to sort through numerous folders to get to what you need.

    If you want to add photos to an existing product, choose the Product Detail Page. From there, you should see a similar link to those mentioned above.

    You can also choose to upload through the listing loader, enabling you to upload multiple inventory pieces simultaneously. The listing loader is specific to new product uploads.

    Howto Take Product Pictures For Amazon

    How To Add Images In Product Description On Amazon? [A Content]

    When it comes to eCommerce, every product photo is a deal clincher. Hence, if that look and feel are missing, you will be losing out on sales.

    The experience that a customer gets when he or she is in a physical store is something that you cannot bring in the virtual world. But you can certainly use high-quality pictures of the product to bring about as real an experience as possible. In fact, this plays an equivalent role.

    The only way to accomplish this is by hiring a professional photographer. However, if you are tight on your budget, then renting a studio or hiring professional photography can turn out to be expensive.

    The best thing is that you can even do this at home. Although you can employ a lightbox for shooting small products, the tips given below focuses on taking photography with natural light. This technique is called the Window Lighting Technique.

    Now, you will be fascinated at how effortlesslyyou could turn your spare bedroom, garage, or living room into your photographystudio and how you can consistently shoot quality images of your product.

    Once you identify a spot to shoot, start equipping it. Even you know that the list of equipment used by professional photographers is long. However, you do not need too many tools.

    At home, just make sure that you have thefollowing things:

    1. A good camera

    2. A nice tripod

    3. A memory card

    These are inexpensive and hence, it is good tokeep a few handy.

    4. A white paper roll

    5. White foam boards

    6. A folding table

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    Different Types Of Amazon Product Images

    Once you understand the technical requirements of Amazon listing images, you can move on to image types. It isnt enough to choose high-quality photos. You also need a variety.

    Multiple forms appeal to different shoppers. Be sure to use the guidelines listed above if you need to remind yourself of Amazons image requirements.

    Zoom In On Product Features

    Since your customers cannot actually touch and view your product in person, its important to show them every possible angle of your product. You can do this by zooming in on different features or parts of your product. See below:

    This brand points out important details about their swing that customers should be aware of, like its durable iron hardware, weight limit, warranty, and adjustability. This helps sell customers on the quality and design of the product and distinguishes it from similar listings.

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    How To Transfer Images From Google To Amazon Photos

    Backup is really important when using any gadget such as a smartphone or PC. We always end up storing a number of photos that are important to us. People always step back and think hard before permanently deleting any photo from their smartphones. Thankfully, due to cloud backup, we can easily move or copy our favorite photos online. Even if the photo on the smartphone gets deleted, you still have it on the cloud storage. Google Drive is massively popular for allowing to store almost anything on it. Hence a lot of people use it. However, Google also offers exclusive cloud backup for photos in the form of Google Photos.

    However, when we store our photos on the Photos app, the image quality gets compromised. The reason is the compressing of the image bit rate. Similar to Gmail and Drive, we get only 15GB of free storage on Google Photos. So, is there any alternative for this that provides unlimited storage..? Yes, it is none other than Amazon Photos. It even allows us to upload and store the photos in their original RAW format. Hence, no loss in image quality. Now, you may be curious to try out Amazon Photos.

    You can create a new backup or simply migrate from Google Photos to Amazons photo cloud storage. In this guide, I have put up all the steps you require to move your favorite images from Googles camp to that of Amazons. So, lets check it out.

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