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How To Add To Amazon Wedding Registry

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Reasons To Choose An Amazon Wedding Registry

how to setup an amazon wedding gift registry

Getting engaged and planning a wedding often means that a friend or family member will offer to throw you a bridal shower, and Amazon Wedding Registry will make the gifting part easy for you and your guests.

Bridal showers stem from the old-fashioned practice of the bride needing a dowry to marry well. If the money wasnât available or the brideâs father didnât approve of the marriage, friends would shower the bride with gifts that would act as a dowry. While dowries are a thing of the past, the tradition of bridal showers remain to help the bride celebrate her upcoming nuptials and build a ânestâ with all of the small appliances, kitchen tools, towels, and sheets that the couple would need.

Wedding registries allow guests to easily choose gifts for bridal showers and weddings that they know the bride and groom would like to receive, and while some may still think picking out your own gifts is poor etiquette, the Emily Post Institute approves this modern convenience.

10% Registry Completion Gift. Get 10% off remaining items on your registry after the event for a savings of up to $100.

Largest Selection. has massive inventory and carries nearly any item youâd want to add to your registry. Youâre not limited to just housewares at â they sell items for nearly any hobby, tools, luggage, games, camping equipment, , housewares, and nearly anything else you could think of to put on your registry.

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Create Your Wedding Registry

Create your Wedding Registry profile and add items to your registry.

To create your Wedding Registry:

  • Go to the portal.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Note:

    • To protect your privacy, people viewing your registry only see your name, city, and state.
    • If selected in your preferences, it may take up to 36 hours for your new registry to appear on
    • After creating your wedding registry, you can visit your list by selecting or selecting the Wedding Registry option on the Account & Lists drop-down menu.
    • You can edit your profile information any time by selecting Settings from the menu at the top of your registry.

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    No Opportunity To See The Product

    If you were to create a wedding registry at a traditional department store, you would usually set up an appointment with a consultant and then take a tour of the store, armed with scanners. When you saw a product you wanted to add, you scanned the tag and it was included on your list. This gave you and your partner to see and feel the product. Was it the right color? Did it feel as soft as it looked? Did it look as good in person as it did on the company’s website?

    Amazon wedding registries do not offer this service at all. Since there are no stores, you and your partner can’t see the products in person before adding them to your registry list, and this can cause problems. While you may feel confident adding a Cuisinart toaster to your list because you’ve seen it in other stores, you may not be able to judge the quality or color of other products from online photos alone. When you receive the product as a gift, you might have to return it because it’s not the right shade or size or because the quality is so poor that it’s already unravelling.

    When you can’t see and feel the product in person, you take a chance and accept that you might be making several trips to Whole Foods or Kohl’s to return or exchange gifts. That can be a lot of extra work.

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    How To Delete Your Wedding Registry On Amazon

    If you need to delete your wedding registry, follow the following steps:

  • Choose the menu and select Manage Settings
  • Find the Delete Registry option and select it
  • Select Confirm Deletion, and youre done
  • It would be helpful to know when to register for wedding gifts, so you wont feel pressured to make a list. Your guests will also be able to get you gifts in advance.

    Sign Up For An Amazon Account

    Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

    When you create a registry on Amazon, it is necessary to have an account. Although having an Amazon Prime account isnt required to set up an online wedding registry, if you do not have one, you must determine whether you are eligible to get a cost-free Amazon Prime account.

  • Visit the Amazon Wedding page and click to create your registry.
  • Sign in, if necessary.
  • In this step, youll be given a formal form to outline your wedding. Im not going to list every step because its pretty simple to understand, and the template will likely change as time passes.
  • After youve completed the steps after which youve clicked to create your registry, you now have amazon wedding registry login & you can begin adding items!
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    Easy To Stray From Traditional Wedding Gifts

    Amazon really does sell just about anything you could possibly need for your home, but it also sells clothing, movies, video games, electronics and more.

    With so many other items available, some couples find it difficult not to stray and add non-traditional products to their wedding registries. This can be extremely tempting, especially when you’re looking at that new video game console that you’ve been dying to get or that new winter coat you love.

    Couples should stick to the home goods department because guests may feel offended at being asked to buy you clothes. They want to help you two build your new home together, not your wardrobe. Older guests who are more traditional might opt for a gift card or even skip the gift altogether. Even younger guests who might accept a Nintendo Switch as a home goods item might feel slighted over having to buy you books, movies or clothes.

    The last thing you want to do is hurt your guests’ feelings. Many guests won’t complain to the couple but they will talk amongst themselves and even possibly with your parents. You don’t want to hear about guests’ displeasure from your parents.

    Fund memories, not things.

    How To Add Items To Your Registry

    Adding items to your wedding registry is quick and easy to do. To add a new item, visit the product page for it and select the Add to Wedding Registry button. This is an option that works just the same as a Wish List. Once youve chosen to add an item to your registry, it gets saved to that last for everyone to see, to purchase off of, or combine together for a group purchase.

    If you arent sure exactly what to add to your registry, there are built-in tools to help you with that as well Amazon offers a Gift Advisor tool that recommends gift ideas based on your preferences and what is popular for others that have wedding registries with Amazon. Here are There are also featured brands and collections to look through for ideas. Between all these different tools and the simple process to add items to your registry, you can fill up your list quickly and easily.

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    Wedding Registries Made Easy

    If you think Amazon has made wedding registries easy, then youll love what weve done at All our best wedding planning tips, tricks, registry FAQs, and etiquette advice can be found at our GiveIt Blog. Plus, your guests will love our registry search engine that allows them to locate and shop all your registries in one spot.

    This post was originally written by Sami Moss in 2018, but has been updated with new finds by Emily Rodriguez.

    What Is A Hybrid Wedding Registry

    How to Find a Person’s Wedding or Baby Registry on Amazon

    A hybrid wedding registry combines the traditional wedding registry with new types of registries, such as the honeymoon fund or cash fund. By combining the two registries, you can ask for all types of gifts, from the typical toasters and sheet sets to the honeymoon-centric city tours or snorkeling excursions.

    As you probably know, a honeymoon fund helps you raise money to pay for your honeymoon. It works just like an Amazon registry, but instead of giving towels and blankets, guests can chip in to help pay for accommodations, airfare, meals, special tours or even adventure excursions. Guests love finding that unique gift that will always be remembered, and sending the happy couple to a candlelit dinner for two on their honeymoon couldn’t be more exciting.

    Unlike traditional registries, guests don’t actually book anything or buy anything. When you add a gift, you get to set the amount. Your guests can then choose which gifts they want to give you, and they send you the money through your registry. Once you have the cash, you can use it to book flights and hotel rooms and set up that spa day.

    In most cases, two different platforms host these registries, but with Hitchd, you can build one registry with everything you need on it. Hitchd allows you to add both physical and honeymoon-related gifts, so you could build just one registry and ask for items from both types of registries. That’s just one way they simplify the wedding registry process.

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    Registry On Wedding Invitation

    According to proper etiquette, you should never put your registry information on your wedding invitations. It is considered a major faux pas and a request for gifts, so do not put wedding registry information anywhere on the invitation card itself.

    Instead, theres a better way lets discuss it.

    How to Share Your Wedding Registry on Invitations

    If youd like to share your registry with wedding guests on the invitations, there is one acceptable way to do it: include a link to your wedding websiteon an enclosure card. If you have an invitation style with back-side printing , you can choose to include the link on the back of the invitation vs. an enclosure card.

    Visit Amazon Weddings And Search By Name

    Once you have the couples name, you can head to Amazon, where youll visit the Find a Wedding Registrypage. From there, all you need to do is type in the couples name.

    With less than common last names, the wedding registry might come up right away. If it doesnt, never fear! All you need to do is provide a few more details.

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    No Option To Ask For Cash

    The most popular wedding gift the one many couples prefer above all other gifts is also the one gift that they cannot ask for directly: cash. Users cannot create a cash fund on Amazon. The only option is to ask for gift cards.

    You might think that gift cards are a suitable substitution for cash, but they do have limits. Amazon gift cards, of course, can only be redeemed on the site, which limits how you can spend your money. While you could use the gift cards on more personal items that you couldn’t list on your registry, you are still limited. What if you don’t like the quality of Amazon’s clothing or furniture? Or what if the product you want is sold out on Amazon but available through another retailer?

    Without a polite way to ask for cash, you and your partner will likely get gift cards when you would have preferred a cheque. Amazon gift cards can go a long way but they can’t help you buy a house or pay for your hotel on your honeymoon.

    How To Search Wedding Registry On Amazon

    Amazon Wedding Registry

    Its very easy to learn how to search wedding registry on Amazon, and we simplified the steps according to their customer support. We will also discuss everything you need to know besides familiarizing yourself with how to find an Amazon registry.

    Perhaps youre also curious if its possible to be notified if someone bought from your list. And to tell your guests regarding your wedding registry, here is how to word registry information on the wedding invitation.

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    All The Convenience Of Amazon Built Into Your Wedding Registry

    This is how you set up an .

    Amazon is already your go-to for almost everything you need or want at home, from a new TV to spare batteries to groceries you forgot to pick up for that dinner youre hosting later tonight. So it only makes sense to set up your wedding registry there, too. After all, you probably already have a wish list going, its easy for your guests to shop there, and your gifts will arrive faster than you can pick a honeymoon destination.

    Here’s everything you need to know about setting up an Amazon wedding registry and some inspiration for gift ideas.

    Top 10 Products On Amazon Wedding Registry

    You could scroll for days and days looking for gifts on Amazon, but you could aim for 1) splurge-worthy items you’ve always wanted, 2) upgrades to your home you have been eyeing, 3) fun things you wouldn’t have normally bought but now have a good excuse to do so, or 4) practical things you need anyway. Here are 10 products to add to an Amazon wedding registry.

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    They Have All The Best Brands

    Choose from all the lust-worthy brands that are popular for registries like KitchenAid, LeCreuset, Kate Spade, Cuisinart, Keurig, Wilton Armetale and so much more! They even offer curated collections of their top sellers in different categories that will help guide you to the best products for your registry and life!

    Search By Name Location And Date

    WEDDING REGISTRY MUST HAVES | amazon wedding registry favroites must have wedding registry items

    If youre looking for a couples wedding registry and they have a common last name like Smith or Martinez, youll need to provide more details on Amazons Find a Wedding Registry page.

    Beneath the space to enter the couples name Amazon allows you to search by state and general event date. You dont even need exact details for this to work! If you know the wedding is at some point in October on a California beach, you can easily use Amazons drop-down menus to find it.

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    How To Create An Amazon Wedding Registry

    First, make sure you sign up for an Amazon account. If you dont have an Amazon Prime account, we recommend signing up for the . You will get 20% off every eligible item on your registry that you dont get for your wedding, so worth the membership during your wedding!

    You can create a wish list in your Amazon account and simply select Wedding Registry as the option when creating your wish list or head to the to start your registry.

    Click Get Started and follow the on-screen instructions to create your Amazon wedding registry.

    If you opt to have your address hidden from those who purchase items, which is often recommended for privacy reasons when having a public registry list, those who opt to view and purchase items for you will only see your name, city, and state.

    You can click the option to have your wedding registry show up on the website, but that may take up to 36 hours to appear.

    Submit your information and you have created your first step in having a wedding registry on Amazon.

    How To Create Your Wedding Registry On Amazon

  • Go to Amazons official website and click on the
  • Follow the instructions as you go
  • Select Create My Registry and submit
  • To ensure that your registry will only be viewed by the people intended to, know that only your name, city, and state are shown when your registry is viewed
  • Select Wedding Registry on the drop-down menu of the Account and Lists to view your list
  • Select Settings at the menu on the top of the registry to further customize your Amazon registry
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    How To Invite Guests To Your Registry

    The moment you finish signing up for a registry for you and your significant other, you can create a custom link to give to everyone you know so they can use your list. Create a memorable link and start sending it out to everyone you know.

    As you send out the link, youll have friends and family members that begin to visit your registry and pick out different items. Be sure to send an invitation to everyone thats going to attend your wedding.

    What Is A Amazon Wedding Registry

    How to Create the Ultimate Amazon Wedding Registry

    In various cultures, it is customary that wedding guests bring a present for the groom and bride to the wedding ceremony. Its not uncommon for the gift to be beneficial to the couple while they begin their new life together. Amazon wedding registry is an opportunity to manage the process, both for the couple and guests.

    The registry can be described as a product offered, typically by a retailer, allowing couples to create an inventory of items that they can efficiently distribute to guests. The guests will be able to know what the couple requires as well as whether or not theyve already bought it by someone else.

    is the largest internet-based retailer that offers the registry service, which comes with many great options that well be exploring in this article.

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    Great Alternatives To Amazon Wedding Registries

    Above all, Amazon wedding registries feel impersonal. You can’t send out thank-yous from your registry, and you can’t personalise your registry by writing out your own introduction or gift descriptions. You and your partner will be limited to products, not cash or experiences, as gifts, and because you can’t add your own descriptions or thoughts, your registry will look just like every other registry that your wedding guests have seen. And where’s the fun in that?

    But Amazon isn’t the only option when it comes to wedding registries. Online platforms like Hitchd allow you to create the perfect registry that fits your needs and allows you to ask for exactly what you and your partner want. Instead of keeping it bland and predictably on Amazon, why not use your registry to fund your honeymoon or raise money for your community?

    Here are great alternatives to Amazon wedding registries that ask for what you truly want and make all guests feel welcome and appreciated.

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