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How To Apply Amazon Seller Account

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How To Create An Amazon Seller Account For Free

How To Setup Your Amazon Seller Central Account | Complete Seller Registration [START HERE!]

Amazon offers two types of seller accounts: Individual and Professional.

The Professional account costs $39.99 a month, which is enough for many beginners to think twice about setting up their account. In this guide, Ill show you how to set up an Individual account so you can get started today without any upfront charges.

Please pay close attention and follow the steps exactly or you will be charged the $39.99 even if you choose Individual.

There is a quirk in the registration process that is forcing many people who want Individual accounts to pay the $39.99 fee anyway. You can request a refund immediately after, but following the steps below will ensure you dont have to deal with this unnecessary headache.

If you find this guide helpful, please consider signing up for eCommerce Insider and taking our free Fundamentals of a Successful Online Selling Business course. Our goal is to help you realize the benefits that generating a full-time income from online retail offers while avoiding things like unnecessary risk and debt.

Have You Checked To See If The Products You Plan To List Are In Categories That Amazon Has Gated

Amazon has restrictions on who can sell in certain categories, and while the ungating process is usually surmountable, its important to recognize that if your desired categories are gated, you will have to apply to get ungated.

Review Amazons approval category page before you decide to register on Amazon to learn more about the ungating process and whether it applies to your product categories.

Provide Contact Info And Verify

Once you select your seller plan, you now have to provide your business email address and a password of your own choice to get your account started. Hit next and enter the OTP that Amazon mails to you on the email address you provided. Once they verify the email id belongs to you, you can now start updating your account with information.

The first thing you have to fill out is your business location, alongside the business type. The location refers to the country where your business is located. The business type is to specify whether its state-owned, public-owned, private, etc

Next, youll have to fill out your full name. Make sure all the information you provide is accurate and based on verifiable personal identification documents.

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Setup An Amazon Seller Account

To become an Amazon seller you must register yourself on Amazon Seller center and make Amazon seller account.

  • Register yourself on Amazon Seller Account by clicking on start selling.
  • Choose the Type of Account.
  • There are two types of account on Amazon. Individual and professional.

    Individual Account: There is no monthly fee of this account, although you can sell a maximum of 40 items/month and have the access to 20 categories. There is a per-item fee of $0.99 that will be charged on every item sales.

    Professional Account: There is a monthly subscription fee of $39.99 where you can sell more than 40 items monthly. A professional account holder can get into any categories, however, there are some restricted categories that can be accessed after the approval.

    If you are a newbie and planning to sell items up to 40 or less then you should choose individual account otherwise goes for the professional account.

  • Sign up by entering email and password and enter the following information
    • Legal Business Name
    • Tax Information
    • Product Information

    The name that will be shown to your customer, so you would better to choose it from the publics point of view.

    You can take help of our Free Business Name Generator tool to come up with great name ideas.

    After providing all the required information youll see a home screen of your newly created account.

    Selling In Gated Categories

    Sign up for an Amazon Pro Seller account  Never Settle ...

    Amazon also calls these Categories and Products Requiring Approval. As we mentioned earlier, some dozen categories on Amazon are gated, meaning you need to get special permission to list/sell items in those categories. If you have products in those categories to sell, you should start the ungating request process immediately after getting registered, so you can take advantage of the first 30-days free program that is typically available on all new Professional Seller accounts. So if your request to sell in a gated category is turned down, you should still have enough time to decide whether to cancel your Professional Seller account before you are charged a monthly fee after the first 30 days has passed. If the majority of the products you plan to sell are in gated categories you dont get permission to access, it may not make a lot of sense to continue efforts to be an Amazon seller.

    While you wait for your ungating request to be processed, you will not be able to list any products in those relevant categories, but can list products in any category that doesnt require such ungating.

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    When Selling On Amazon:

      You can add new products to the Amazon catalogue whenever you want.By using Fulfillment by Amazon, we take care of customer service, product shipping, and all logistics.You can check our help pages within Seller Central to help answer any questions you may have. Our seller support team will help you manage your account.Sell your products in Canada, United States, and Mexico. You control what you sell and where you sell it, managing your business from a single seller account.Earn a better location on the product detail pages.Customize the shipping rates of your products.

    Amazon Business Vs Seller Account: Whats The Difference

    But as you start looking into creating an Amazon account for your business, you might quickly become confused. Right off the bat, youre presented with multiple types of accounts, and you may not know which one to choose.

    Youll have the choice of an Amazon business vs. seller account. But what are those? Whats the difference? If youre struggling to figure it all out, no worries! Well explain it all below.

    Read on to find out more, and get help with your Amazon marketing by partnering with the digital marketing agency thats been in the industry for over 20 years! Just call or contact us online to get started.

    Want to speak with an expert? Call us at

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    How To Start An Amazon Store

    If you have read about the benefits of using a storefront, you may be wondering how to create an Amazon store to improve your chances of success in the marketplace.

    Step 1: Here, youll have to create your Amazon store. The following steps will help you get this done.

    • Open Amazon seller account dashboard and click stores
    • Next, navigate to create Amazon store and choose your brand name in the pop-up menu.
    • Afterward, click create Amazon store again.

    Note: If your brand name doesnt come up in the pop-up menu, youll have to verify your brand. Only verified brands will appear in the pop-up.

    These arent all the processes involved in starting an Amazon store. In the next couple of steps, you will have to provide some important information.

    Step 2: Input brand name and logo

    Step 3: Pick a design or template for your page

    Step 4: Customize the design of your home page

    Step 5: Product upload

    Step 6: Create new pages and subcategories

    Step 7: Preview the details, design, and products. Then, launch your store.

    Learn more on.

    How to Scale your Business using FBA Software

    Making money as a seller does not end with completing your registration. There are several other processes that you will have to carry out in other to scale your online business and start earning 6-8 figures monthly.

    Not only is the manual execution of these processes stressful, but it can also be time-consuming and complicated if you are just starting. This is where FBA softwaresuites come into play.

    What Does It Cost To Sell On Amazon

    Amazon Seller Central Tutorial | Account Setup | Jungle Scout

    You can start selling on the platform for free, which is a great thing.

    However, there are costs associated with the private label business model since you have to purchase your inventory first. But you may be surprised to learn that it isnt as costly as you might think.

    What are the fees involved in selling?

    The following are some of the fees that you might need to pay:

    • The referral fee: This refers to the commission that AMZ takes from you for selling on their platform. The percentage varies from category to category but is usually between 8-40%. A referral fee of 15% is typically applied to most products.
    • Individual Seller fee: There is an additional $0.99 fee for each sale you make on top of your referral fee. This fee applies only to sellers who have decided on an individual plan over a professional plan.
    • FBA fees: Using the FBA program requires that you pay for fulfillment and inventory storage fees. These fees are usually higher for heavier and larger items, the fees go up.
    • Miscellaneous fees: Additional fees sellers may pay include long-term inventory storage fee , variable closing fees , refund administration fee etc.

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    Want To Start Selling On Amazon Here Are The 7 Steps Needed To Activate Your New Amazon Seller Central Account In 2021 Start Your Amazon Business Now

    So youve heard all about the exciting world of successful Amazon Sellers and now you want to try it out for yourself. Building an Amazon business requires a strong foundation. Once you set the foundation and learn a bit about product sourcing, what products to sell on Amazon, and how to keep inventory, your business will begin to flourish.

    But first, you need to set up a free Amazon seller account. Starting an Amazon Business is easy, fun, and an exciting experience but can be challenging if you do not know what to expect. Use this guide as a paved road to help you start your own Amazon seller account.

    How To Become An Amazon Seller In 5 Simple Steps

    Anyone can become an Amazon seller, but its not always easy to build a successful Amazon business. And the good thing is that with Amazon, there is no one-size-fits-all rule. As soon as you start your amazon business account setup, you can choose what products to sell and how you want your business to run. But at the end of the day, your success on the platform is largely dependent on what choices you make.

    This is the first step to starting a business. You should first figure out if you want to do wholesaling, private labeling, or even dropshipping. Would you rather be a wholesaler or use the online retail arbitrage approach? Will you be creating your handmade products to sell on the website? Are you going to buy bulk and resell the products for a profit? There are several options to choose from, but the first step to success is choosing what works best for you.

    Choose your fulfillment method

    As you already know, AMZ offers two seller options. The next thing to do after deciding how you want to run your business is to decide your fulfillment method. Many adjustments need to happen if you decide to go with the FBA or Fulfillment by Merchant option. You should carefully examine both methods to see which one works for your business. There are pros and cons for each, but they can both help you make more money if used well.

    Choose products for your store

    Apply to become an Amazon seller

    Start sourcing your products

    Create your product listing

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    Keyword Tool For Amazon

    Keyword Tool lets you discover the most popular Amazon keywords potential buyers are searching for. All you have to do is enter your product keyword, and the tool will automatically generate a large list of related keywords for you to put in your Amazon listing.

    These keyword suggestions are pulled from Amazon autocomplete and is the most reliable and relevant source of keywords on Amazon.

    What We Provide To Get You Incorporated

    Should You Respond To Amazon Answers Emails As A Seller

    Our Express International incorporation package includes everything you need for setting up your corporate presence in the USA, including all legal documentation, the completion and registration of all forms, the payment of necessary fees, and a starter corporate kit with business seal, sample bylaws and board meetings. We handle everything for you from beginning to end, and have done this for thousands of clients already.

    We require nothing from you other than your basic personal details, your desired business details, and our modest fee of $449.

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    A Developed Process For Identifying And Addressing Stale Inventory

    While everyone wants their products to sell, the reality is there will always be some that dont sell well and need to be liquidated or sold on other channels to help convert the inventory back into working capital.

    Amazon has tools to help FBA sellers identify stale inventory, while the non-FBA Amazon seller will need to monitor its inventory by SKU to figure out what might need to be promoted for faster sale.

    Amazon Has Already Started Gating Specific Brands And Skus

    During your first 30 days with a seller account, we encourage you to add all of your intended catalog to your Amazon seller account.

    It wont take long to establish whether you will have problems with specific brands and SKUs.

    You may need to change your catalog or close your account if Amazon is restricting the products you intended to sell.

    Want more insights like this?

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    Are You Allowed To Have Multiple Seller Central Accounts

    Around April 2020, Amazon changed their policy regarding multiple accounts and now allows sellers, with legitimate business reasons, to open multiple accounts without Amazons approval. As per Amazon:

    Selling Partners who have a legitimate business need can operate multiple Selling Accounts and do not require Amazons approval. However, Amazon recommends that you only open a second selling account if you have a legitimate business need and all of your current accounts are in good standing.

    According to this policy, you no longer even need to request explicit permission from Amazon to open an additional Seller Central account IF you have a legitimate business need.

    How To Sell On Amazon In 5 Steps

    How To Apply For Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime & Keep That Buy Box

    Although there have been entire books written about how to sell on Amazon, selling your products using this online marketplace can be a pretty fast, easy processâespecially if youre already chosen your products, found a supplier, and evaluated potential costs before setting up your account.

    This being said, regardless of their size, every new Amazon seller gets started with the same five steps. Here are the details of what you need to do to start selling on Amazon.

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    What Is Amazon Marketplace And How To Select Your Online Marketplace

    After you register your account, Amazon will allow you to pick your regional marketplace. Amazon Marketplace is different from Amazon. While Amazon is the e-commerce platform as a whole, Amazon Marketplace is the actual online shopping network where Amazon third-party sellers like you can sell your products. This step gives you the option to choose what marketplace you want to sell on before you opt for Amazon seller registration.

    Remember that each region has a different culture, perspective, and needs. Some items might overperform in one region over another. Amazon also charges fees differently based on the region. You could pay an extra fee to hit Japan and other global marketplaces and test your luck, but we recommend just selecting North America or whatever region you are living in and moving to the next step.

    How To Find A Supplier

    You know the type of seller that you want to become, now you need to understand how to choose the best supplier for you.

    In retail arbitrage, finding a supplier means continuous research to find discounted products from clearance sales or auction. In this case, there are some tools, which can help you to find the best-discounted product, such as Profit Bandit App, and Scanpower.

    Private label selling is one of the most sought after seller type and for the private label, you cannot find a better supplier than Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba.

    For Wholesale and Private Labelling, the best supplier for both seller type could not be better than Alibaba. It helps you to connect with overseas manufacturers, by that you can buy your selected product in bulk.

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    To Complete The Bank Account Creation Process We Will Also Need Some Basic Information From You:

    • Two forms of valid, current photo identification, one of which must be a certified passport.
    • Proof of your home address, for example a recent utility bill or letter from a government organization. Remember, this doesnt have to show a US address!
    • Proof of a currently active bank account in your home country, such as a statement or other bank communication.
    • A letter from your bank, stating that your account is open, in good standing, and has no issues.
    • An address of a fully functional website for your business.
    • A brief but accurate description of your business activities, current and proposed.

    We will use these details to complete your application form and present it to the bank with all the necessary supporting documentation. We aim to have your bank account open and fully functional within about a business week of your Delaware company being registered and for this we will charge a fee of $850, which excludes the opening deposit of $100 to be paid into the new bank account.

    Choose Your Account Type

    How to Contact Seller on Amazon from a PC, iPhone or Android

    Weve already discussed some of the key differences between individual and professional seller accounts in the previous lessons. The average benchmark for professional sellers is anything above 40 items per month. If your sales are anywhere below this mark then its best to stick with an individual seller account, at least until your sales average starts to pick up the pace.

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