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How To Be An Influencer On Amazon

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How To Track Amazon Influencer Marketing Results

How To Become An Amazon Influencer

You may be asking: How do I track Amazon Influencer results?

To track Amazon Influencer results you track promo code usage, the estimated monthly views of the blog post you were featured on, the video views of the YouTube video you were featured on or the engagement rates of the social media posts you were featured on.

You still may be asking: How do I track Amazon Influencer conversions?

Amazon has had Amazon Influencers in one form or another since 1996 and to this day, Amazon has still not made this metric available.

In my experience, if it hasnt been released in 25+ years it wont be.

So what do you do?

You focus on tracking the results from the content you were featured on as well as promo code usage.

  • Estimated monthly views of the blog post you were featured on
  • Monthly views and engagement of the YouTube video you were featured on
  • Engagement of the social media post you were featured on
  • Usage of the promo codes you gave to your Amazon Influencers

To make tracking these metrics simple, Id recommend .

Not only does it make finding Amazon Influencers easy, but you can also manage your relationships and campaigns all in one place.

Whats more, they have a feature that allows you to track the results of the content youve been featured on like this:

How Do I Find Someones Amazon Storefronts

  • The Amazon website offers a wide variety of products.
  • Right next to Other Sellers.
  • If you want to check another sellers store name, select them on the list.
  • Store front names are marked under the names of the sellers on this page.
  • View their seller ID along with their merchant id in the HTML bar.
  • Updates will be posted on the sellers information as they are confirmed. Look for the letters combination.
  • Host Amas Contests And Giveaways

    If you are wondering how to become an influencer with a devoted follower community, the answer is to keep them engaged.

    One of the most effective ways to boost audience engagement is to host an AMA session on the platform of your choice. In addition to keeping your audience engaged, it will also help establish your expertise in certain subjects in your niche.

    Another clever way to improve engagement is to announce a giveaway. Typically, you offer your followers a reward in exchange for likes, comments, and shares on your posts. You can also ask them to tag their friends on the giveaway announcement.

    You can use customizable templates from VYPER for your giveaway. This will save you time and effort in creating and running your giveaway.

    A contest is similar to a giveaway, except that the participants are required to upload specific content or use your branded hashtag in order to be eligible to win.

    Contests and giveaways also help you reach out to a wide audience and grow your followers. You can collaborate with other influencers or brands in your niche in order to make them more effective. Make sure you clearly specify the rules, deadline, rewards, etc., and announce the winner at the promised time. One of the best answers to the question of how to become an influencer is to hosts giveaways and contests to keep your audience engaged.

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    How To Register For The Amazon Influencer Marketing Program In India

    To be an Amazon influencer, your first step is to fill out an application which upon review is subjected to approval or rejection. Having a following of at least 100,000 to 500,000 is the sweet spot and plays a significant role in improving your chances to be an Amazon influencer.

    Here is a step-by-step approach to crack the Amazon influencer marketing domain.

  • Application: As mentioned, this is the first step of your journey into becoming an Amazon influencer. Fill in your information and ensure that your application form has no missing points and is as comprehensive & clear as possible. Once you hit the submit button, you can only hope that Amazon likes your profile.
  • Set Up a Payment Method: Before you start earning, you are supposed to fill in your tax information and payment details which is later be paid out as cash, Amazon gift, deposit or card. However, make sure that you have made at least $10 or 720 to start encashing your commission.
  • Acceptance: If your application has been accepted, Amazon will send you an email, confirming your acceptance and then chart out the next steps that you should take to establish your store.
  • Your Very Own Amazon Shopfront: Like we have our conventional brick & mortar shops, Amazon too provides you with a virtual shop front where you will work to curate brands and products to resonate with your profile and your following.
  • The Benefits Of Partnering With An Amazon Influencer

    How To Be An Influencer On Youtube

    Influencer marketing utilizes leaders in different industries to share your companys products and messaging with a specific audience.17% of businesses spend over half of their marketing budgets for the year on influencers, so its not an insignificant market to tap.

    Shoppers on Instagram and other social media platforms follow influencers and look to them for product recommendations. Partnering with an influencer and getting featured on their social media feed is great for your brand.

    There are a few tips you should keep in mind when figuring out what influencers to partner with:

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    Use The Best Software

    Getting your class online means making sure you have the best software for the job. This can include several tools, however, the basics needed for remote teaching are:

    • A decent video conferencing tool
    • A slides-based presentation platform
    • An online forum for work submission and feedback
    • A quiz platform both for teaching and assessment, which is less essential but very useful

    So, to cover those off, you’ll want to check out the likes of Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. All are great and which you pick may come down to which platform your institution works best with. Other connection tools such as Remind and ClassDojo can also be helpful. And for screencasting there is the excellent Screencast-o-matic.

    For slides-based tools there are Microsoft PowerPoint, Flippity, Pear Deck and Nearpod, to name just a few.

    For work sharing spaces, the likes of Seesawand Wakeletare great.

    In the quiz world the big names are Quizizz, ClassMarkerand Boom Cards.

    For a full list of all the essential tools, categorized for ease, check out our Best Tools for Teachers guide.

    How To Reach Out To An Amazon Influencer:

  • Find a conversation starter they would enjoy.
  • Briefly introduce yourself and establish a common ground.
  • Get to the point about why youre reaching out and what you want.
  • The idea is to keep the outreach brief and to the point.

    You will want to know exactly why youre reaching out and what you want from them as well as how much the Amazon Influencer is worth to you.

    If you need help deciding how much an Amazon Influencer is worth to you, we have a comprehensive guide titled: .

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This initial outreach is not the time to get into why your product is amazing, to send them talking points, logos or product images.

    You are simply getting the conversation started here.

    After you have a dialog going, you can get into the specifics and send them your brand influencer kit that contains all of your talking points and assets.

    That said, dont forget to follow up!

    If it seems like Ive repeated the fact that Amazon Influencers are busy and dont always respond, just like us business owners, its because its the truth.

    The gold is in the follow-through.

    Dont be discouraged by the fact that they did not reply.

    Simply follow up.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Dont DM 20+ Amazon Influencers at a time if your brands social media account doesnt have any posts or engagement on it. Using your brands social media account for outreach without any organic engagement goes against the social media algorithms.

    Whats more, reaching out to Amazon Influencers could be even easier.

    Heres how

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    How Much Does Amazon Charge Per Influencer

    What is worth being mentioned that Amazon pays Influencers only when there is revenue. It singles it out of other companies. It is not enough just to create a publication and inform followers about a product. Make a profit and you will get paid.

    Each category of products has its own rate. For example, beauty products are worth 6%, furniture is worth 8% , Amazons private-label fashion line provides influencers with a 10% commission.

    What Is An Amazon Influencer Program

    How to Become an Amazon Influencer

    Since 2017, Amazon has been running an affiliate program for social media influencers, allowing them to earn money by promoting the products from Amazon within YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This year, Amazon has expended this project to a giant initiative. At present, influencers get their own URL and create their own page with a list of products they recommend. As a result, followers get to make purchases directly to Influencers page on Amazon.

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    How Do Brandswork With Amazon Influencers

    The Amazon Influencer program opens a door of opportunity for influencers to make money without stocking an inventory. It gets more interesting knowing that they can sell an unlimited number of products. But how will brands connect with Amazon Influencers seeing that major influencers will endorse different products?

  • A brand can reach out to its existing customers who are Amazon Influencers and ask if they will be interested in making money helping you with sales. It only costs to voice out to ask. Who knows, your next influencer can be a click away.
  • Use Intellifluence or other influencer marketplaces to get metrics from different Amazon Influencers and what they specialize in. Once you get this data, you can contact the influencer that specializes in your product offering to help you sell your items on their storefront.
  • Once you identify an Influencer, convince him to do a typical sponsored post for a fee. He will link your product, description, or caption to his store and gets paid after a sale.
  • Sending a formal email can boost your chances of collaborating with Amazon Influencers. As an Amazon seller, you want to create an email that will be opened, read, and responded to. To achieve this, you need to:
  • How Do I Get Paid From Amazon Associates

    As an Amazon associate or influencer in the UK, you have two options to get paid, Amazon gift certificates, and direct bank deposits. The payment option that you choose will often play a role in how often you receive your payment. This is because it has a minimum payment account amount for each withdrawal-type.

    When using the direct debit option, Amazon will regularly disburse funds from your influencer account into your bank account. However, there are usually hidden charges when sending or receiving money from Amazon. These fees can be significant and may impact your profit negatively. If you choose the direct deposit option, Wise can save you money on transfer fee.

    Wise is an upcoming player in the international transfer industry, disrupting the status quo in a good way. With over 4 million customers and some of the best customer service out there, many people are starting to turn to Wise. Wises goal is simple, to reduce the transfer cost by converting your money using the real exchange rate without any mark-up and charge a fair and transparent fee that is 14x cheaper than PayPal.

    You can also take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Enjoy instant or next-day delivery for a majority of currencies
  • Integration with Xero and Quickbooks to ease tax reconciliation
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    Get Featured In Amazon Editorial Reviews

    Locate Amazon Editorial Reviewers by searching for general or research-based searches on Amazon.

    NOTE: Make sure you are not logged into an Amazon Business account or they will not show up in product searches.

    Then, reach out to the publications and ask them to be included on the existing posts that show up in search results.

    It is worth noting that these articles are rotated regularly, giving many Amazon Editorial Reviewers the opportunity to get their content surfaced.

    WHY YOU WANT THIS: In short, there is no better time to get a glowing review and a recommendation to a customer than when they are searching on Amazon to buy what you sell. It is the peak time of buyer intent from the customer and your positioning here is critical to brand awareness and driving sales all in one. If you can get these, get them.

    NOTE: Most publishers participating in the Amazon On-Site Associates program have a minimum sales velocity requirement, as of course, their goal is to earn commission on the products that sell, so they want to make sure you are converting customers.

    If youre looking for more examples, here are some of the for driving sales.

    Amazon Review Program Support

    Amazon Influencer Program
    • Vine Voices Registration, Implementation and Reporting
    • Early Reviewer Registration, Implementation and Reporting
    • Amazon Posts Setup, Management, and Reporting
    • Amazon Review Request Support
    • Amazon Accelerator Program Support Vendors Only

    We drive authentic reviews at scale for almost any product or vertical. Our capabilities are unlimited but a majority of our partnerships entail

    • Network Management
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Brand Building

    The biggest differentiating factor between brands on Amazon is your ability to drive awareness on and off of Amazon. True brands have great products and invoke customers to become ambassadors.

    Our brands get analytics on each campaign and halo effect sales from working with our influencers. They get authentic feedback and before and after content and feedback on new products. They also get access to user-generated content from the influencer to be used as marketing material. This all helps with driving brand awareness.

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    Qualifications For The Influencer Program

    For the Associates program, all you need is your own website or blog. However, for the Influencer Program, the qualifications are a bit more rigorous. Amazon will analyze your social media accounts to determine if youre a good fit for the program. When you apply, Amazon will ask to review the public social media account where you have the most influence. Currently, your options include Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. While Amazon does not specify a requirement for the number of followers, your follower account will be taken into consideration. As an influencer, there is more value in having legitimate, loyal followers who actually interact with your contacts rather than having a large, but disengaged following.

    Amazon will also look at your post count, post consistency, engagement, and metrics. These are the numbers that really count towards eligibility. The most important thing is having a good engagement. A good tip for improving engagement is to focus your content on your desired niche, rather than posting about a variety of unrelated topics. For example, if youre someone who enjoys the outdoors, build your social media posts around that topic. Your audience will come to recognize you as an authority on outdoor experiences and will be more likely to engage with you. At the same time, your audience will . Typically, if you show that you have purchased these products and use them in your daily life, your audience will trust it even more.

    How Many Followers Do You Need To Be An Amazon Influencer

    you need to become an Influencer with their program. They tend to look at a combination of follower engagement, the number of followers, and metrics as a whole. You must have a certain balance between these factors for consideration.

    A bare minimum of 200 followers is the number some estimate, with others saying it is 20,000. With either of these numbers, if you maintain your dedication to being an influencer, it could positively impact the rate of your audience expansion and growth potential.

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    What Are Amazon Influencer Storefronts

    Imagine an online space that lists all of your favorite productsthats exactly what this storefront is for Amazon influencers. It allows you to browse through an influencers curated list of recommended products.

    This draws several advantages. First, an Amazon influencer storefront allows influencers to showcase their brand. The design and content of the page both play into the user experience and can help you get to know the influencer better through their choices.

    These Amazon influencer storefronts allow content creators to promote products. They can either take a photo, create a video, or test these items in a livestream. Clicking on any of these products in the storefront leads to an Amazon page, where you can actually purchase them.

    The end goal is to convert or convince potential customers to buy an item from the storefront without necessarily shoving it down their throats. What happens when you purchase from the storefront? The Amazon influencer receives a commissionand the same thing goes for any Amazon purchases within 24 hours.

    While this sounds like a good deal, its not always the easiest job. Amazon influencers also compete against one another. To stand out, they need to utilize a few important components.

    Amazon Influencers: Everything You Need To Know


    What are Amazon Influencers? Amazon Influencers are Bloggers, YouTubers & Social Media Influencers who refer sales to Amazon and earn a commission as an Amazon Affiliate by being part of the Amazon Associates Program.

    What is the best type of Amazon Influencer for Amazon Influencer Marketing campaigns? Blog, YouTube and Twitch Amazon Influencers are the best at driving sales to Amazon. Amazon Live Influencers are effective at converting customers once on Amazon.

    You will get everything you need to know to 1) Significantly with Amazon Influencers through Amazon Influencer Marketing 2) Identify What Kind of Amazon Influencer is right for your brand 3) What are the benefits of Amazon Influencers 4) Learn what is an Amazon Influencer 5) Find out what Amazon Influencers cost 6) How to find and recruit Amazon Influencers 7) How to work with Amazon Influencers & more.

    A shocking fact that most Amazon sellers may not know is:

    Most Amazon Sales for most brands dont originate on Amazon.

    In other words:

  • Customer visits Amazons website and types in a keyword.
  • Customer clicks on an ad or organic search result.
  • Customer buys the product.
  • Thats NOT where most of the sales for products that are selling well happen.

    If you run most best-selling products on Amazon through a tool like Sellzone, you will see most of their sales originate off Amazon as referrals from blogs, YouTube & more.

    Take a look

    Have a look at the difference in impressions between Referral Traffic and Amazon.

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