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How To Be Best Seller On Amazon

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Get Great Picture Of Your Product

How To Get a Best Seller on Amazon in 24 Hours – Simple Step By Step

In online selling, pictures are sole representation of your product so you cannot compromise on that. On Amazon, you need 8 pictures per items so always seek out for expert assistance for your product photography.

There are many experience freelance photographer available on Fiver and Upwork that could help you out here to get the best picture of your product.

Work Smarter And Earn A Much Better Income

Before owning a business, I felt trapped. I didnt want to wait a whole year for raise season for a raise. I wanted my income tied to my performance.

I got up the nerve and turned in my resignation and took a sales job hoping that it would help me build the skills to own a business someday.

Problem was, I struggled. I had some great weeks, but it became obvious that things werent going so well for the whole sales account, and people were jumping ship like crazy.

For some reason, I kept sticking it out, enduring the pain. This wasnt like me. I knew I can be successful. Why am I having such a hard time?

Fulfill And Ship Your Products

Listing products for sale in the Amazon marketplace and managing your inventory are the hardest parts of learning how to sell on Amazon. This being said, once a customer places an order, the next step is to get that product into their hands.

Amazon offers two options for product fulfillment and shipment:

  • Fulfillment by Merchant : You, as the Amazon Seller, are responsible for maintaining inventory, packaging, labeling, and shipping products to individual customers.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon : Amazon stores your products in their fulfillment centers, and theyll handle packaging and shipping products to customers.
  • Fulfillment by Merchant

    Self-shipping is typically a good option for small sellers and those with smaller margins. You can opt to charge for shipping or offer free shipping. The biggest advantage of FBM is that you can keep everything in-house and not lose more of your profits to Amazon fees.

    The disadvantages are that its harder to qualify as an Amazon Prime shipper when you do FBM, so you could lose out on customers with Prime accounts. The other downside is that its more difficult to win the buy box when you choose FBM.

    Fulfillment by Amazon

    If the nitty-gritty of processing and shipping orders yourself feels overwhelming, go for the shipping method. Through FBA, you can use Amazonâs world-class fulfillment centers, customer support, and other operational tools to scale your business faster than you ever could on your own.

    Image source: Amazon.com

    How FBA Works

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    Amazon Promotions & Coupons

    Amazon Promotions allow you to create coupon codes that you, and deals that allow you to drive more sales. For example, you can create a promotion that gives 10% off if a buyer purchases 2 or more of your product. The wording gets displayed right on the product page.

    Amazon also recently introduced Amazon Coupons for 3rd party sellers. This is different that coupon codes. Items placed on coupon get special placement on the coupon page, and there is a very small cost associated with running the coupons, but its a great way to get some volume sales going on your items as well as helping to fix any of your slow selling products on Amazon.

    How To Start Selling On Amazon

    Sell Trending Products on Amazon to make easy Money in 2020

    Once youve made the decision to sell your products through Amazon, it’s time to take care of formalities. You’ll need to create a seller profile, add your products, and attract customers. Amazon has guides to walk you through each step, but you can expect the following:

  • Choose and pay for a plan, either by each individual sale, or as a subscription model with the Professional plan.
  • Create a seller account, where you can identify your business and streamline payment processes.
  • Add your products, with detailed descriptions and any technical specifications required.
  • Set pricing, and attract customers through one of Amazon’s many marketing add-ons.
  • You do have to fit into one of almost 70 categories in order to be a third-party seller. Some of the more common and most profitable categories are clothing, healthcare, beauty products, baby products, jewelry, home and garden items, cell phones, and electronics, though just about anything youd want to sell is covered.

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    How To Choose Products To Sell On Amazon

    To a large extent, your profitability on Amazon is tied to the product category you choose to sell in and how well you can create a distinct brand. If youre selling simple commodities like kitchen utensils or paper products, its going to be hard for your brand to stand out from the crowd.

    You also need to become and how to optimize your listings to rank higher when people search.

    Thats why its crucial you understand private-label products.

    Private label products are goods or services made by one company to be sold and branded by another company.

    With private labels, goods can be created by third-party producers, which allow you to sell them under your brand name with your personalized logo.

    As said, I would recommend the private label method. But why will I do that?

    Take Control Dont Let Your Future Be Dictated By Anyone Else

    Worries of a family to provide for and a mortgage payment hovered over my head. How were we to make it?

    I looked into so many opportunities. I searched how to make money online and as you can imagine, ran into a lot of junk. A lot of stuff that was either over my head, ethically challenged, or just plain outdated.

    I didnt need a quick fix I needed something that could provide for my family year after year. Something that could be reliable, not just providing cash to pay the bills but money I could use to build a better life for me and my family.

    The business I eventually started was the business of selling real-world products on Amazon.com which is the major place to sell online, and where Ive found success. Read on to find out How to Sell on Amazon.

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    Will This Process Work For You

    Yes, but you have to follow the steps. When you focus on the fundamentals of success and master those fundamentals, you will be successful. The process is the foundation for publishing success because it guarantees that you understand your customers, your competition, and your market so that you can provide the best books and communicate to your readers why they should buy YOUR book. This is a time-consuming process, however.

    Is there an easier way to find best-seller categories on Amazon?

    A few years ago, I realized that I was spending way too much time researching best-seller categories and trying to keep track of all the data for the books I was publishing. I knew I had to do something different. I hired a data genius and together we created Best-Seller Ranking Pro to automate this process. Now I can find the right categories for any book in 5 minutes or less.

    This simple tool saved me dozens of hours of work each week! I Immediately realized that this was something that other authors and publishers would love to use as well. So what does Bestseller Ranking Pro do?

    Lets take a closer look at the Bestseller Ranking Pro tool and see how easy it is to use.

    Getting Reviews Can Help

    How to get an AMAZON BEST-SELLER with a BLANK book!!!

    Technically, reviews dont matter at all to the ranking algorithm. Your books Amazon rank is based purely on sales.

    But reviews can improve your sales percentage among people who see your book. I like to see new books have at least 15-20 reviews by the end of the first week.

    If you want to know how to do that, read our complete guide to .

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    How Many Books Will I Need To Sell

    In order to hit #1 on Amazon, youll need to sell somewherebetween 3,500 and 5,000 copies in 24 hours.

    Want to hit top 10? Youll need to sell roughly 300 for print, or 2,000+ copies for combined formats. Those numbers arent exactly set in stone, but theyre a pretty close approximation.

    If that doesnt scare you away from the Lets hit #1! strategy, lets break it down further…

    Imagine youre an author with 100,000 email subscribers, and a few dozen friends who all want to buy your book. Youve been doing a good job getting your readers excited for your launch, emailing them 1-2 times a week to build anticipation.

    Lets say 40% of your 100,000 subscribers actually open your email to buy your new book.

    Of the 40,000 who open, maybe 10% will click the link to see the offer.

    Of the 4,000 who click the link, maybe 10% actually buy.

    Thats right. Youre down to 400 customers — a 4% conversion rate.

    So youre still at least 3,100 book sales left to be #1 on Amazon.


    Want to know whats crazy? It takes about 5X more sales to top the New York Times bestseller list, AND your book needs to be selling nationwide at physical retail outlets . Oy.

    The problem with the Lets hit the list charade is that youre pinning the perception of your books success on a single day of sales. Thats a ton of unnecessary pressure and wildly unrealistic expectations for any author!


    Actually, its not.

    # # #

    Bsr And Search Results Arent Dependent On Each Other

    There is also a misunderstanding when it comes to relating the Best Seller Rank and the ranking high in searches. There is no direct relation between the two.

    The latter depends on which products are being searched for more rather than which ones are being bought.

    BSR is also updated regularly. According to the blog Viral Launch, the products are updated every 2-3 hours after a sale.

    And since more weight is given to recent sales than historical sales, products can move up and down quite quickly.

    Viral Launch even reports drops of 10,000 places in a single hour unless a sale occurs.

    Hence the most searched product on Amazon may not be the best selling product on Amazon.

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    D: Listen To The Readers In Your Market

    Find out what readers want and what they dont want when they buy a book like yours.

    Read all the customer reviews of the top 100 best-selling books in your market. Take notes on all the things that they loved and hated. This will allow you to see where the opportunities are in your market. It tells you what your readers demand so you can supply it. Of course, your next step is to make sure that the elements they love are in your book and the things they hate are not.

    This simple process will allow you to understand your readers better than any other author in your market because you actually listen to what they say!

    What To Do After Your Launch Week Is Over

    Top 100 Items on Amazon 2018

    When your launch week is over, start by breathing a sigh of relief.

    A successful book launch has a ton of moving parts, and impressing Amazons search engine right off the bat takes a lot of hard work.

    Book marketing never really ends, but after your book launch week, the formula reversesat least when it comes to self-publishing.

    Up to and during your launch, youre working for your book. After your launch, your book should start working for you.

    To learn more, browse our success stories or read our post on the many ways in which our nonfiction Authors have made money on their books.

    Zach Obront

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    Easy Product Research For Newbies

    This is a useful method to uncover successful products. When researching , they must be in-demand, and the best sellers rank can provide this information. Remember, the lower the rank, the more sales are being made so you can create a short-list of products that are potentially viable by checking the BSRs. Generally, you should look for products that have a sales rank of 2000 or less.

    Gather Your Material For A Book

    I started to check what people searched for on Google. Its honestly one of the best tricks you can use to grow your audience. Because thats just it .

    I assembled a list of popular topics, and then I created a plan for a series about how to write a short story. If you find out what people want to learn, youll be able to help. When youre able to help, people will read your work.

    All of the articles I published in about three months. The response has been great. Ive had 300,000+ views on these posts on my blog and Medium combined.

    So thats when I realized there was a market for this information. I decided to bundle the articles, expand on them, and turn it into a book via Amazons KDP publishing tool.

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    Estrategia N : Enlaces De Bsqueda De Palabras Clave

    Cada vez que un cliente busca en Amazon y hace clic en su listado, Amazon rastrea cómo llegó ese cliente: todo es parte de los grandes datos que hacen de Amazon lo que es hoy. Pero también puedes aprovechar esto. El seguimiento de la ruta de un cliente crea un enlace único que es necesario para distinguirlo de otras rutas. Puede usar este enlace para averiguar qué palabras clave funcionan para usted y aprovecharlas.

    Encuentre estos enlaces buscando en Amazon la palabra clave principal por la que desea clasificar. Localice su listado y copie el enlace único. Haga lo mismo para cada palabra clave de alto valor para la que desee clasificar.

    Dont Mix Up Amazon Best Sellers Rank With Organic Ranking

    How to become an Amazon Best Seller (in one day)

    Both of these values are important, but both have totally different functions.

    If you seek to create your own product on Amazon as a private label seller, then organic ranking is very important to you. The higher your product appears in the SERP, the more likely customers are going to click on it and purchase it.

    Meanwhile, Amazon Best Sellers Rank is great for estimating the sales frequency of an individual product or an entire product category.

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    Choose A Niche That Works For You And Sell Your Own Branded Products

    If youre going to be selling sofas and mattresses and still want to work out of your basement, youd better have a big basement.

    If you have a warehouse, no problem, but if youre going to do this on your own, youll need products that you can easily manage.

    Now there are some tricks and tips for getting the big stuff in, and you dont have to touch it. Its part of the advanced strategies.

    Choose products and a market that you are genuinely interested in.

    This will help you write the best sales copy because youll be familiar with the market, and youll care about it. Youll be able to show potential customers why your product is better, and shoppers will pay more for the product they feel is better, and thats always a good place to be in.

    You can sell other peoples products, and thats fine to start, but to create a business that lasts and that keeps the competition at bay, consider creating your own branded products.

    Having your own branded or private label products on Amazon opens up opportunities to have your own branded store, protect your products from the competition, and truly create something of value.

    How To Get The Amazon #1 Best Seller Badge


    In theory, becoming an Amazon Best Seller is really easy. You need to have the highest sales velocity in the category of your listing. But in practice, its incredibly hard to earn and keep this badge.

    Ive sold professionally on Amazon since 2013, and the marketplace is more competitive today than ever. Heres everything you need to know about the Amazon Best Seller badge and how you can become an Amazon Best Seller.

    What Is The Amazon #1 Best Seller Badge?

    The Amazon #1 Best Seller badge is an orange icon that appears on the listing and search results of the best-selling products in a specific category. The purpose of this badge is to tell shoppers which items are the most popular. Items that are listed as #1 Best Seller are more likely to be viewed by online shoppers, which can translate to huge profits.

    What Metrics Does Amazon Use To Award The Best Seller Badge?

    The Amazon #1 Best Seller badge icon means a product has the highest number of sales in that specific category. Amazons A9 algorithm determines how products are ranked in search results. Amazons algorithm updates best seller status hourly.

    Amazon doesnt publish the exact metrics used to assign the Best Seller badge, but its clear that sales history and sales velocity are primary factors. Amazons algorithm tracks total sales history to rank products within categories and subcategories.

    Lets talk about a few ways you can increase and sustain your sales long term.

    The Bottom Line

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    Top Selling Items On Amazon: Conclusion

    Top-selling products on Amazon change regularly and theres no fool-proof recipe for getting it right every time. However, the criteria for deciding what to sell on the platform remain the same.

    Offering products of value is more important than ever. Thus, offer unique, budget-friendly products with minimal competition to truly succeed on Amazon.

    Amazon is competitive so its smart to ensure youre truly able to offer something of value.

    Finally, even though Amazon is one of the most profitable marketplaces to sell on, dont limit your sales opportunities to this platform. Learn about top selling items on other ecommerce sites and consider diversifying across other marketplaces!

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