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How To Become An Amazon Flex Driver

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How Much You Can Make As An Amazon Flex Delivery Driver


When talking about , the company website states that drivers can earn between $18 and $25 an hour. Your actual earnings will, of course, depend on location, the amount of tips you receive, amount of time you spend to complete the job, among others.

When you grab a four-hour block that pays $72, that means Amazon will contribute that amount. You will receive 100 percent of the tips if customers have the option to tip, such as in Amazon Prime Now deliveries. Annually, the average annual pay for an Amazon Flex delivery driver in the U.S. is about $39,002 or roughly $18.75 an hour. For top earners, hitting the $50,500 mark a year.

For other territories, Amazon Flex delivery drivers earn the following:

  • Canada: CAD 22 to 27 per hour
  • United Kingdom: GBP 13 to 15 per hour
  • Australia: AUD 27 per hour

What you will earn from working as an Amazon Flex delivery driver can help you get by. It depends on where you live and your kind of lifestyle. For example, if you live in New York City, the average cost of living is around $5,822 a month. For a similar modest lifestyle in the U.K., you will need around $4,700 a month.

The hourly rate is higher than minimum wage and what other delivery services pay when you look at the hourly rate. But, of course, when you do the math, dont forget to factor in other expenses because youre working as an independent contractor.

What Does An Amazon Delivery Driver Do

As an Amazon driver, you will deliver packages to homes, retail locations, and other delivery destinations. In order to meet promised delivery times, you will efficiently sort and prepare your delivery route. Amazon will provide you with handheld technology to manage delivery progress and navigate around obstacles.

How To Become An Amazon Now Driver

To become an Amazon Now driver, you need to complete an application on the Amazon Flex website. The application process includes a mandatory background check that youre required to pass to be approved to deliver Amazon Prime Now packages. No formal education or experience is required to deliver packages for Amazon Flex, though a functional knowledge of the delivery area is beneficial.

It can take up to two weeks for your application to be approved after submitting it, so dont be concerned if you dont hear back immediately. Once your application is approved, youre required to watch a series of video webinars that train you on the processes youll be expected to execute as an Amazon Now driver. Once you complete the webinar training, youll be able to download the Amazon Flex driver app and start scheduling shifts for deliveries.

One benefit for Amazon Now drivers is that it doesnt matter what type of car you use to deliver packages. While youll obviously need a functional car to perform deliveries, there are no requirements for the type of car used like there are for popular rideshare services.

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Become An Amazon Flex Driver To Earn Cash

Becoming an Amazon Flex driver is a great way to earn extra cash. You can save for vacations, or pay off student loans. Or you can use the compensation you earn to reach other financial goals.

You can choose how much time you devote to the work. Amazon Flex drivers are independent contractors. They choose delivery blocks of time when they are available to pick up packages and deliver them. Delivery blocks can range from 2 hours and more.

How To Start Driving For Amazon Flex

Amazon Now Driver

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Most people choose to work for rideshare apps and delivery apps because of freedom and flexibility. Do you love the flexibility of setting your own hours and being your own boss, but hate the idea of having passengers in your car?

Amazon Flex Delivery Driver Requirements

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Make Money Driving For Amazon Flex: Review For Drivers

by Saeed – Last Updated September 18, 2019

Heres your chance to get in at the start of something that promises to be big and earn decent money with it.

Amazon Flex!

Towards the end of 2015 Amazon launched a new service, adding even more customer choice and satisfaction.

The service is called Amazon Flex.

And you can make money by delivering Amazon packages to customers.

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  • Final thoughts
  • Amazon Flex Delivery Driver Requirements

    If you want to become an Amazon delivery driver, make sure that you are physically capable of carrying packages to and from your delivery vehicle. Aside from doing some lifting, be ready to deal with snow, heavy rain, strong winds, or ice.

    Now that the basic consideration of being physically ready for the job is out of the way, lets take a look at the other basic requirements for Amazon delivery jobs:

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    How Does The Amazon Flex Job Work

    Lets review:

    Make sure you have the right equipment needed by Amazon flex drivers, such as the right kind of phone and car.

    Use the Amazon app to find an available block or blocks to deliver. Using the app is like interacting with a supervisor.

    Pick up packages at an Amazon delivery station near your location. The station may be a warehouse.

    Take images of deliveries, proving packages left at the correct location.

    Work with a smile, knowing you are making money as the deliveries are completed.

    Amazon Flex Driver Reviews What Its Really Like

    What It’s Like To Be An Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

    Are you wondering what is Amazon Flex or how to make money with it? Deliver as a fun and flexible way to earn extra income and make $18-25 per hour.

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  • Are you wondering what its really like to become an Amazon Flex delivery driver?

    You probably have seen these unmarked cars driving around and delivering Amazon packages around your city before.

    But if you arent familiar, Amazon Flex offers delivery jobs that allow workers to earn more than minimum wage for delivering Amazon packages. This is a great side gig for those who dont want to drive people around using rideshare apps.

    I wanted to understand this gig economy job better, so I reviewed the signup process, how much you can expect to make with Amazon Flex, and if it is actually worth it.

    I also found some real-life Amazon Flex reviews to help determine if it is a good job or not.


  • Other Information:
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    Whats The Typical Wait Time After Submitting An Amazon Flex Application

    Based on the experience of applicant drivers, it can be as short as a week or as long as six months. It depends on the need and availability of positions in your location.

    Some chimed in that it might help if you apply as a Delivery Service Partner to drive for Amazon so you can get instant approval of your Amazon Flex application. This seems to be a workaround since, as a DSP, you will still be a contractor and not an employee of the company.

    Background checks typically take around 5 business days. If the company needs more information from you to go ahead, Amazon will send you a list of items you need to fulfill. If you think its taking too long, others suggest Accurate Background, which does the license validation.

    How Do I Sign Up To Deliver For Amazon Flex

    Go to the Get Started page, select the region where youd like to deliver, and answer a few questions. Sometimes, your region may not be listed and youll have to join the interest list.

    If your region is listed, and you meet the requirements, youll be able to download the Amazon Flex app and complete these tasks:

    • Sign up for Amazon Flex using your existing Amazon account or by creating a new Amazon account.
    • Provide answers to questions Amazon has about your background check.
    • Select a service area where you will pick up and deliver Amazon packages.
    • Review Amazon training videos to learn the best practices for delivering packages.
    • Provide your tax and payment details.

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    How Do Amazon Flex Drivers Do Their Jobs

    As with all gig-driving jobs, Amazon Flex works through a smartphone-based app. First you download the app, and when you sign on, you list the hours when youll be available. Then, when youre ready to schedule your blocks, you open the app and select them.

    About an hour before your block is to begin, a push notification will come through to remind you its time to report to the Amazon warehouse, store, or other facility where youll pick up your packages or orders.

    At the pickup location, youll use the app to scan barcodes on the packages. This lets Amazon know that you have the items that were assigned to you, and youre ready to make your deliveries.

    Your delivery route will be plotted out by the app. If youd rather find your own way, you wont get penalized for choosing a route of your ownbut be careful about keeping within the constraints of your time slot.

    Once you get to the delivery location, youll be responsible for taking items to the customers door. After you do, youll scan the package again to prove it was delivered. You might also be asked to take a photo of the package where youve left it. The photo will be sent by the app to the customer, who will then know the package has been delivered.

    A cool thing about working for Amazon Flex is you can see how much youre going to make within a certain time block. Of course, youll also have to deliver a fair number of packages or other orders within the given time frame.

    Navigating The Amazon Flex App

    How to become an Amazon Flex driver in London

    The Amazon app is fairly straightforward. It does have a menu of components.

    The main jobs the app performs are: keeping track of items which need to be delivered, recording deliveries by location, and getting money to drivers.

    The app is also a great resource, especially for new drivers. There are many tutorials that cover all the factors involved in being a delivery driver. If you have any additional questions, you can reach an Amazon flex associate.

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    What Is A Flex Driver

    Amazon Flex provides delivery services by using a fleet of gig worker drivers who use their own vehicles. Amazon Flex driver deliveries include: Packages: Picked up at a delivery station and delivered to customers. Your work must be completed within a time slot, which is usually in 3- to 6-hour blocks.

    Videos And Help Screen

    These two sections come in handy if you need to review the information you might have missed or forgotten. In addition, the training videos are readily available, so you can go back to them anytime. Likewise, check out the FAQ section to see a list of topics that might concern you. You will also see a Contact Us menu where you can email your issues or questions to Amazon.

    While the Amazon Flex app is the foundation of your delivery gig, there are times when it doesnt work perfectly. This is why drivers look for proprietary solutions that help them perform their jobs well.

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    How To Become An Amazon Flex Driver: Driving It Home

    The COVID-19 pandemic has opened doors of opportunities for those who want to explore Amazon delivery jobs.

    You can make money while delivering packages. The best part of it is that you remain in control of your time. You are in control. It could be your ticket to get yourself unchained from the office desk and spend some time on the road while thinking about what direction you want to take in life.

    It might not be a smooth ride all the way, but the Circuit app is your best partner to get things done efficiently. Get your free trial today.

    Pro Tips To Maximize Your Earnings


    The following ideas can help you make more as an Amazon Flex driver:

    • Check the schedule regularly for new delivery blocks. Cancellations may come up and you could snag a last-minute opportunity.
    • Ramp up for the holidays. November and December are peak delivery times when you can make more money than the rest of the year.
    • Look for busier block times, which pay more. It may require you to work later or earlier hours, but it may be worth it.
    • Be courteous and thoughtful on deliveries and you may earn extra tips. Small details such as dropping mints into a food order bag from the restaurant pickup or placing grocery orders neatly at a customers door could earn you extra cash.

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    Do You Have The Necessary Equipment To Work For Amazon

    Your Android or iPhone must run 6.0 or higher. You must have at least 2 GB of RAM. Your phone should have a camera with a flash available, and also be able to use GPS navigation.

    Vehicle insurance requirements are: liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and comprehensive and collision coverage.

    Whats a midsize car? Typically thats a four-door car. The typical two-door car doesnt have the packages cargo space needed to make deliveries in a block.

    Driving For Amazon Flex Hear It From An Experienced On

    With rideshare demand down as a result of the nationwide lockdown, on-demand drivers have pivoted into package and food delivery to supplement their income

    We chatted with Richie the other day, a Splend member who is maximising his income across multiple on-demand food and package delivery platforms including , Deliveroo, and Uber Eats. He was kind enough to share his experience with us:

    How long have you been driving with Amazon Flex?

    Ive been on Amazon Flex for about 10 months now and I find it a viable alternative to ridesharing apps, you can earn quite a bit.

    How much can you earn with Amazon Flex?

    I earn between £18-£24 gross per hour with Amazon Flex.

    Richie drives with Amazon Flex between picking up rideshare passengers and earns £100-£130 per week on average on top of his other on-demand work.

    What does an Amazon Flex delivery look like?

    With Amazon Flex you simply go to the clients house, put the package down on the floor, knock on the door, step back, and theyll come and collect it. Its all contact-free, so its completely safe for me as well as the client.

    How does your Kia Niro fare for your delivery work?

    Amazon Flex doesnt give me too many packages at one time, so I havent had any issues fitting all the boxes in so far. Also, when I put the seats down in my Niro I get a lot of boot space, so I dont think Ill ever have trouble with parcel delivery.

    Would you recommend Amazon Flex to other on-demand drivers?

    What other on-demand apps do you recommend?

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    How Much Do Amazon Fresh Drivers Make

    Amazon says most drivers on Flex earn between $18-25 per hour. That should be a good estimate for Amazon Fresh deliveries as well. However, your actual take-home earnings depend on your location, vehicle type, length of your shifts, number of deliveries, and customer tips.

    To know how much Amazon Flex drivers actually make, you can read our in-depth analysis based on the real earnings of thousands of drivers who use Gridwise.

    But wait theres more!

    Amazon Flex drivers can improve their earnings through the. Drivers can get cashback on fuel purchases, Amazon.com orders, and more by using the Amazon Flex debit card.

    Flex drivers can also score discounts on gas, car maintenance, etc. through special offers in the Amazon Flex app. On top of all this, earn points by making deliveries, which allows them to level up and unlock more rewards like higher cashback rates and preferred scheduling.

    Drivers can also up their earnings when they for access to driver perks, insights, and more! What are you waiting for?

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