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How To Buy Amazon Card

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How To Use An Amazon Gift Card

How To Buy Amazon Gift Card Online (2022)

If youve ever clicked around the Amazon account settings pages youve probably noticed just how many options there are. So many that it often makes it hard to do the easy tasks. Whether it be finding your gift card balance, your archived orders, or tracking a packageyou just might be clicking around for a while. Its with this in mind that I wanted to breakdown exactly how to to redeem an Amazon gift card and all the ins and outs so you can do it quickly. As a bonus, I also breakdown how to redeem an unwanted Visa gift card so you can use it to shop on Amazon.

Know What Affects Shipping Rates

Amazon writes that shipping rates can be affected by a range of factors: the number of items, how heavy they are, how much they weigh, and how much space they take up. The type of item affects the cost, too.

For example, books cost more to ship to Europe per item than Blu-ray discs. But if you group multiple items, the cost is the same whether you buy a couple of books or a few Blu-rays or a combination of both.

So if there are any ways for you to reduce any of these factors, you could end up with a lower delivery cost.

Best Places To Buy Amazon Gift Cards

by Lauren Bennett – Verified & Updated March 29, 2022

Amazon gift cards make great presents for birthdays, holidays, and plenty of other special occasions.

While there are , Amazon still is one of the best places to buy products cheaper. And its gift card is the perfect gift card because with it you can purchase anything you want on It makes shopping and paying for your Amazon purchase easy!

But, where can you buy them?

In todays post, Ill cover a list of places where you can purchase Amazon gift cards, including a simple to save you even more money!

By the way, if you are willing to spend a few minutes a day here and there, there are many ways you can get !

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Will Amazon Ask Me To Add Additional Payment Details

This gift card is the ideal solution to shop on the worlds biggest online retailer without linking your credit card. Nevertheless, in some rare cases, you may still be asked for a credit card number by Amazon, when redeeming your card code. If that happens, it is simply for identification purposes. This is sometimes needed for security reasons, like when you change your delivery address for instance.

Can I Add An Unwanted Visa Gift Card

Buy an Amazon Gift Card


Lets say you have a Visa gift card with $2.37 remaining on it and youd like to use it up and get rid of it.

Consider adding the balance to your Amazon account instead of holding onto it and probably forgetting to use the balance.

To make it happen just follow these easy steps.

Step 1 Go to your Amazon Gift Card Balance page and click on Reload Your Balance.

Step 2Next youll want to enter the remaining balance of your Visa gift card in the Custom amount box. Call the number on the back of your card if youre not sure of the exact amount.

Step 3 Before you submit youll want to click Add a Card and enter the details of your Visa gift card.

Step 4 Then make sure you click/tap the circle next to your newly added Visa gift card so Amazon knows thats the card you want to use to reload your balance.

Step 5 Click Reload at the bottom and your gift card balance will get transferred to your Amazon account so you can use it on your next purchase.

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Consider International Mail Forwarding / Freight Forwarders

If Amazon doesnt offer shipping of a particular item to your country – or even if it does, but the shipping cost is too high – there might be another way. Forwarding services offer what could be an easy solution.

A company like that, probably based in the US, can make Amazon orders on your behalf, ship the items to their address in the US, and then forward your purchases on to your home with international shipping.

Many companies offer this service – one of the better-known ones is Flycrates, and various others are discussed on the Parcel Forward website. Of course, using a third-party like this complicates the process a little.

It will likely mean the package takes longer to arrive to you, and naturally, youll have to check the cost carefully and make sure its good value for money.

Amazon itself is careful to explain that using a freight forwarder does affect your ability to return items if theyre damaged or defective. But, depending on your location, this could be your only option to get stuff via Amazon.

Good luck looking for your international purchase from Amazon – just make sure to keep an eye on the total cost.

You can always get the mid-market rate on your international purchases with the Wise account. Sign up for free, and start saving money today!

How To Buy Amazon Gift Cards With Bitcoin

We will guide you step by step on how to buy an Amazon gift card with your Bitcoin and other crypto at CryptoRefills. Once you land on the home page of CryptoRefills or open the CryptoRefills app, you can start seeing the categories and the brands under them. You will find the Amazon Gift Card under Ecommerce category Lets buy on Amazon using Bitcoin.

Time needed: 4 minutes.

Buying Amazon Gift Cards with Bitcoin or other crypto is secure and easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to CryptoRefills

    Click here or enter on your desktop or mobile browser, or open CryptoRefills App on your phone.

  • Select your country

    After going to the website or installing the app, you will see the product categories that are available. Make sure to select your country.

  • Select the category Ecommerce and select the Amazon gift card

    After selecting the Amazon gift card you will see the packages that are available for this product. Click on the package you would like to purchase or enter a value in the box.

  • Select currency and package

    Now select the cryptocurrency you prefer to pay with such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT or Dash. You will see the cost of the price package based on the currency you select.

  • Proceed to the checkout

    Insert your email and tick the box. Click on proceed to payment. . .

  • Redeem your Ikea gift card

    At checkout, select Gift Card as the payment type and enter the gift card number when prompted.

  • Thats it!

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    How To Buy Bitcoin With Amazon Gift Card

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    You can actually sell Amazon gift card for Bitcoin.

    Left over prepaid cards and gift cards can be redeemed through online services to exchange the Amazon gift card to buy Bitcoin using a fiat-to-crypto exchange.

    The process is quite straight-forward as exchanging your Bitcoin gift card money in return for Bitcoin using a cryptocurrency exchange.

    If you have some Amazon gift card lying around in your closet, this will also be one of the smartest investment strategy to sell Amazon gift card for Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

    Before you start trying to buy BTC with Amazon gift card, if you dont have a wallet to store your new Bitcoin, we recommend that you read my article on the best crypto hardware wallets.

    Without much ado, let me take you through how to convert your Amazon gift card to Bitcoin by purchasing an equivalent amount of BTC crypto-coins.

    Lets get started!

    Shall we?

    How To Buy Amazon Gift Cards With Bitcoin Doge Litecoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

    How to Buy Amazon Gift Cards Online

    If youve been “hodling” your bitcoin for the past year, you have already seen your investment quadruple in value. That means that while you may not have the cash to throw at whatever you want, you certainly have the bitcoin.

    Thats why BitPay is happy to provide bitcoiners the opportunity to turn their Bitcoin into Gift Cards*. Currently, Amazon does not accept Bitcoin. However, with Bitpay’s Bitcoin wallet app, you can buy Amazon Gift Cards using your bitcoin. These Gift Cards can range from $1.00 to $1,000.00 and can be specified down to the penny.

    The BitPay wallet is compatable with all major crypto wallets including Coinbase, Exodus, and many more. Also, Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency you can turn into an Amazon gift card — Bitpay accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum , Dogecoin , Bitcoin Cash , Wrapped Bitcoin , Litecoin , and five USD-pegged stablecoins: Gemini dollar , USD Coin , Pax Dollar , Maker DAO and Binance USD .

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    How To Apply For An Amazon Credit Card

    This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Hannah Madden. Hannah Madden is a writer, editor, and artist currently living in Portland, Oregon. In 2018, she graduated from Portland State University with a B.S. in Environmental Studies. Hannah enjoys writing articles about conservation, sustainability, and eco-friendly products. When she isnt writing, you can find Hannah working on hand embroidery projects and listening to music.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 34,473 times.Learn more…

    If you are fond of shopping at, you might be excited to know that you can actually get credit cards through Amazon to use exclusively on their site. Amazon offers 4 different credit cards for its members to use when shopping on their website, so you can pick the card that seems most beneficial to you. You must be a US resident with a US SSN or individual TIN to apply, so make sure you have your information on hand when you fill out the application.

    Sell Amazon Gift Card For Cash

    Websites like Gameflip, Raise, Gift Card Granny, and many others allow you to sell your unwanted Amazon gift cards directly in exchange for cash. Generally, Amazon gift cards are listed at 2% to 15% off the card value. For example, if you have a gift worth $100, you can expect around $90 in cash.

    All of these websites are highly secure and reliable as they verify each user registration manually. For instance, Gameflip requires users to provide a government ID with a selfie. Plus, itll take up to 2 to 3 days to verify all the details manually by Gameflip employees.

    Once the buyer receives your gift card code, redeems, and completes the transaction by rating, the money is deposited into your wallet which you can withdraw anytime. Also, these websites will charge you a small amount of commission for the sale you make.

    Disclaimer: These methods will only work if you have an Amazon gift card code. Once you redeem the code in your Amazon account, you wont be able to sell it. However, even if you have redeemed your gift card, theres still hope. You can buy another gift card from the Google Play Store using your Amazon gift card balance and then sell the Google Play gift card instead.

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    Make As Few Separate Orders As Possible

    Naturally, Amazon cuts down on both cost and waste where it can by packing your items up together. So dont get too click-happy! Wait before placing your order until youre confident theres nothing else youll want. Ordering a single item every few days is costly, inefficient, and not exactly environmentally friendly either.

    Amazon Sites In Each Country And Their Languages

    Amazon $5 credit when you purchase a $25 gift card on Prime Day

    It can be confusing to try to navigate an Amazon site – any Amazon site – in a foreign language. Heres a list of each national Amazon site, and the languages in which its available.

    If theres more than one language offered, you can toggle between them towards the right-hand side of the top of the page. Theres a little picture of a globe and a 2-letter language code. Hover over it to see your options.

    English, Spanish

    Souq, in case youre wondering, is a subsidiary of Amazon often called the Amazon of the Middle East. Amazon Global is really a part of the US Amazon, but with the emphasis on shipping abroad.

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    Receive Your Amazon Card Code Instantly By Email

    First, choose the amount of prepaid credit you want on your gift card and -ATTENTION- be sure to select the country where you want to use it because it is region-specific! Then choose one of our 81 secure payment methods to complete your purchase. After payment, your gift card code is displayed directly on your screen. Simultaneously, you also receive an email containing the code, invoice and redeem instructions. Simply redeem your code and start shopping!

    Reach out to our customer service if you have any questions about redeeming your code. Simply contact them via email, chat or Facebook Messenger for help.

    Available Practically Anywhere Amazon Gift Cards Are The Perfect Go

    The holidays are fast approaching, so chances are youve already started making your list and checking it twice. Whether youre buying for that family member who seemingly has everything, picking up something for a coworker, or youre just looking to give a little something to your mail carrier or favorite barista, an Amazon gift card is the ideal choice for everyone on your list. After all, shopping on Amazon is full of endless possibilities there are , or you can go crazy and splurge on their most expensive item, which has a price tag of $1.25 million! Either way, Amazon has millions of items and something for every budget, so no matter how much you choose to give, theres something for everyone.

    Amazon gift cards are available in preset amounts of $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, $75, and $100. If your budget is on the higher end, you can put in your own dollar amount up to $2,000. They have no fees, and never expire, so you can rest assured knowing that whatever you spend wont go to waste. Theyre easy to redeem, too: Recipients can simply scan and redeem their gift card with any mobile or tablet device via the Amazon app, and start shopping.

    • 7-11
    • Hallmark Gold Crown Participating Locations
    • JCPenney

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    How To Pay For Your Foreign Amazon Purchase

    If youve already read the section on fees above, and youre ready to go ahead and buy, this is what to do:

  • Select Add to Cart on the items page, and it will go into your shopping cart.

  • Repeat this for every item you want to buy.

  • Go to your cart via the Cart icon in the top right of the screen.

  • Check through the list of items youve added, and the price of each of them. Make adjustments to your cart as necessary.

  • Hit the Proceed to checkout button to start the payment. You might be prompted to log in at that point, to confirm your identity.

  • Select a shipping address – you can use an existing one or add a new one.

  • You may then have a choice of delivery options – for example, Standard, Expedited or Priority – which will affect how long itll take to arrive. Of course, each of these will cost something different. Dont be surprised if Amazon doesnt show you the cost upfront.

  • On the next page, you should see a full breakdown of costs, including the shipping cost. If youd rather explore different shipping options, you should still be able to change it at this point, and see what each costs. Watch out for how it affects the Import Fee Deposit, too.

  • If youre happy, place your order and wait for confirmation. Youre all set.

  • Td Rewards Visa* Card

    How To Buy Amazon Gift Cards On Amazon

    Annual fee: $0

    Interest rate: promotional rate of 9.99% for first 6 months. Then 19.99% on purchases, 22.99% on cash advances

    Welcome Offer: earn a $50 value in TD Rewards points to use at with Shop with Points. Apply by October 29, 2022

    Conditions apply

    The TD Rewards Visa* card is a rewards card and an Amazon credit card in Canada eligible for the SWP program. While all of the TD cards on this list understand how most Canadians shop or treat themselves, the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* has a Welcome Offer that understands inflation. If you apply by October 29, 2022, you get a 9.99% promotional interest rate valid fo the first 6 months you have the card. You can also earn extra points, $50 in value, to use with the SWP program. value Add to that the SWP eligibility and 50% more Starbucks Stars when you use your card at Starbucks. Conditions apply. Visit the TD site to know all of the terms and conditions.

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    How To Buy Amazon Gift Cards At A Discount

    Heres a simple gift card hack!

    Buy Amazon GCs for less than their face value!

    For example, you could buy a $100 Amazon gift card for $95 or $90!


    By using discount gift card sites. On these sites, people sell unwanted gift cards at a discount.

    Why would people sell their gift cards for less than what they are worth?

    Well, think about it, if you have a gift card that you dont need or want, would you rather have it go unused or sell it even if it means you sell it for a little bit less than its face value?

    Thats exactly why people sell gift cards at a discount. Just visit any of the discount gift card sites listed in this post, search for Amazon git cards sort by denominations and pick the ones that save you the most money. Its that easy!

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