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How To Buy Amazon Coins

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Amazon Coins: Balance & Prices

Amazon Coins for Kindle Fire Tablets

The Amazon App Store now has a new little popup bar at the bottom right of your screen that shows your Amazon coins balance :

Go ahead and tap the coin balance bar:

This will pop open the Buy Coins screen which shows the cost to buy more coins and how many you get for free. The more money you spend the more free coins you get:

Using Amazon Coins In

When you click onto the Sales section to browse packs and select the pack youd like to purchase, you will see this pop-up.

You can make three different choices the first and second will be on the first tab.

Select Get Amazon Coins

As you can see above, you can have the option to purchase the coins you ONLY or purchase more. For example, I needed 10,834 more coins to buy a $100 pack. I can either use the calculated option and spend $89.38 or buy however much Id like beyond that and save more in the long run.

For budget-friendly players, this helps save more regardless if you cannot drop $400 at once. For Whales, buying 50,000 coins at once is almost as if youre buying five full-priced packs for almost the cost of four.

This works on discounted packs as well, which reaps in even more savings!

The last option is to select Use 1 Click, which typically doesnt save you money.

Amazon has a strict refund policy after a couple of refunds, they will ban you from purchasing, so when buying packs, make sure you get what you want!

How To Make The Most Of Amazon Coin

While there is some time before Amazon Coin is available to the masses in a versatile format, but a savvy investor may earn exposure to the potential success of the Amazon Coin in the following ways:

  • AMZN Shares: By investing directly in AMZN shares, any potential success of Amazon Coin will reflect in the share price.
  • Tokenized AMZN Shares: Like AMZN shares, but much more convenient. Tokenized AMZN shares denote the holding of a digital asset, which represents 1/10,000th share of the AMZN share. As a result, they also make it possible to invest minimal amounts. These tokenized shares are available on micro equity exchanges like Algorands MESE.
  • Amazon is a powerful juggernaut that reshapes any and every industry it enters. Having already made an initial foray into the field of virtual currencies, it will be exciting to see how Amazon capitalizes on its massive user base and a broad spectrum of offerings to inculcate blockchain in its financial architecture.

    Whatever the approach, as an investor, there may be a potential upside wave to follow.

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    Buying & Using Coins Directly On Amazoncom

    If you have the first generation Kindle Fire, or you’re on your computer, you can go directly to to purchase and spend coins.

    Here’s a picture of the order page:

    For first generation Kindle Fire owners you will need to use your coins to purchase apps and games on However, according to Amazon, you can use coins for in-app purchases right from within the app/game.

    Here’s a screenshot showing the new purchase options from Plants vs Zombies on Amazon’s website:

    And here’s a closeup of the options which also shows your balance:

    Amazon Coins: Where Can I Use Them

    1992 American Silver Eagle $1 Brilliant Uncirculated at Amazon

    Currently, you can redeem Amazon Coins on Android devices and Fire tablets using the Amazon Appstore or when purchasing digital in-app items in eligible apps downloaded through the store, as well as on Amazons main website.

    If youre an Android smartphone user whos yet to start using the Amazon Appstore, click here for a handy how-to guide to get started. Do note you cant get the Appstore app through the Google Play Store in the same fashion as other Amazon apps.

    Users on all three platforms can save up to 20% with apps, games and digital in-app items with Amazon Coins.

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    How To Invest In Amazon Coin

    The digital currency markets are thriving, particularly on the heels of El Salvador giving legal tender to bitcoin . Now that sovereign governments are coming onboard the blockchain bandwagon, it is only a matter of time before digital currency goes fully mainstream.

    Following governments lead, some companies are already at the forefront of adopting digital currency and have taken concrete steps to implement their own version. One of these companies is Amazon, which will introduce Amazon Coins as its native token.

    This article will talk about Amazon Coin, its current applications, and how to invest in its outlook.

    Are Available: How To Buy Amazon Coin

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    level 1. · 6y. Hey man, use 1 click, it charges your Gift card before you actual credit card even though it says it uses your credit card. I know from experience, I bought around 15, coins for TGT and as confused at first as well. 1. level 2.

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    Jeff Bezos On Cryptocurrencies

    Jeff Bezos, the second richest person on earth, has yet to make any definitive statement on cryptos. It was reported in July 2021 that Amazon would start accepting Bitcoin and Bezos was the key driver behind the move. Bitcoins value surged after the news broke.

    However, Amazon categorically denied any such move or an imminent foray into cryptos.

    Last month, it was reported that Bezos-backed property venture in Latin America would accept payments in Bitcoin. However, this move cannot be pinned on Bezos or be considered as his direct endorsement of cryptocurrencies.

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    Amazon Coins: Hidden Cryptocurrency That You Never Heard Before

    Is Amazon Coin a cryptocurrency ?| What can you buy with Amazon Coins?

    Amazon coin is not a comprehensive virtual currency, but it seemed like the water to release a full-fledged universal cryptocurrency. There are two recent activities to back this speculation. Firstly, an online magazine named Domain Name Wire revealed two years ago that Amazon brought domain names associated with cryptocurrency named,, and You can say that they might be protecting their brand name, given the fact that Jeff Bezos see trust as the most valuable asset. The second reason is the presence of Amazon coin, released in 2013 has spiked the speculation of amazon foray into the cryptocurrency. Is Amazon coin, a type of virtual currency, the next big thing? The future can only answer that mysterious question. Here I would like to give you some useful information about Amazon Coins.

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    What The Amazon Customers Say

    Amazon Reviewers appreciate the added value and potential money saved through Amazon coins. One reviewer wrote:

    Amazon coins are an amazing incentive to use IAP in games for me, I use the coins for hearthstone, and the larger pack of coins gives a discount. Better still, when you purchase things within apps using coins, you get some coins back and have easily saved up to around 20-25% on purchases. If you ever plan to spend money on Apps, this is THE BEST way to do it.

    Reviewers like the fact that unlike gift cards, Amazon Coins dont ever expire, and they are easier to save money with than sifting around for voucher codes.

    Most appreciating deals are in Hearthstone, where the use of Amazon coins can save you around 10-15% on packs, or even more if theres a particularly lucrative deal on.

    Why Should You Use These Digital Coins

    As digital currencies are getting more and more popular and normal, it is not new that people are now preferring to use their digital coins than their cash when they buy something online. For this reason, well list down on why you should use Amazon Coins.

    1. Amazon Coins do not expire. Yes, these coins never expire so it is a good way to save up when there are available deals.

    2. You can earn free coins as well on selected purchases. Most of the discounts you can find are available within popular games such as HearthStone and HayDay.

    3. You can gift these coins too! This is how you do it:

    • 1: Go to Product Listing.
    • 2: Tick the box labeled Give Amazon Coins as a gift.
    • 3: Fill in the recipients details in the form.

    Despite all these reasons, it still depends on you whether you prefer to use cash or you want to try using these coins. Especially if you are a gamer, these coins can be a big advantage on your part.

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    Amazon Coins: Is There An Expiration Date

    Coins that youve purchased wont expire, meaning youve got indefinite amounts of time to mull over which games, apps and in-app items you want to spend them on.

    However, Coins you earn when you purchase specific items such as a Fire tablet do expire, 12 months after you first receive them, so look alive!

    Shopping On Amazon Made Easy With Crypto

    2010 CA Dinosaur Collection CANADA $4 Silver Coin

    Go ahead and start crazy shopping on Amazon using your cryptocurrency holdings. The apps and platforms we listed here make it convenient to exchange cryptocurrencies for hard goods like clothes, shoes, glasses, gadgets, and so on.

    Now you don’t need to worry about cash for online shopping on Amazon as long as you’re earning huge profits from cryptocurrency investments or mining Bitcoin , Ethereum , Dogecoin , and so on.

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    Is Amazon Coin A Cryptocurrency

    However, even if this was described as a token by the City AM insider, it is likely the Amazon currency will not be a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are decentralised products that sit on a peer-to-peer blockchain. This means that it is up to the community to make decisions around the future of the coin.

    How Do I Get Amazon Coins For My Kindle Fire

    You automatically earn Amazon Coins when you purchase certain Fire tablet apps and in-app items, or you can buy Amazon Coins directly. Although Amazon Coins that you purchase do not expire, coins that you earn from purchases do expire 12 months after you receive them, and are used first when making purchases with them.

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    Accumulate Coins Without Purchasing

    Every day on the Amazon Underground app, there will be a little Orange gift at the bottom right corner that you can claim. It will contain anywhere from one to five Amazon Coins a day. While that may not be much, it does add up and contribute towards your total.

    There are also promotions and special discounts throughout the year so make sure to check regularly for them!

    The Earned Coins Promotion coins EXPIRE after a year of the date they are gifted, so be mindful of that should you acquire any.

    How To Buy Amazon Coins:

    EASY Steps to Set up and use Amazon Coins on Emulators and Android!!

    Go to the on your Android, BlackBerry, or Fire Tablet, and then tap the Balance tab. On the Amazon website, go to the Amazon Coins purchase page. Select the Coins bundle you want, keeping in mind that the more you buy, the better the deal. Click Buy, and then confirm your purchase.

    Easy as pie and a great way to save on video games!

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    Amazon Coins: How Can I Use Them

    Like an iTunes gift card, Amazon Coins are available for purchase with real money. Currently, 100 Coins are worth £1, but you can buy 300 Coins for £2.94. They can be purchased on Android devices and Fire Tablets through the Amazon Appstore, as well as in the Amazon Shopping app or on the .

    Once youve bought some Amazon Coins, you can use them in Amazon Appstore to buy games, apps and in-app purchases. Or you can by premium apps and games on the Appstore for Android section of Amazons website.

    If youre using an Android device or Fire tablet, tap the app price from the detail page in the Amazon Appstore app or on an in-app item within an eligible app. Here, Amazon Coins will, handily, be the default option. Simple enough. From there, select Buy Now with Amazon Coins if youre purchasing an app or a game, or Buy Item, if you want to buy an in-app item.

    If youre using Amazon Coins the old-fashioned way, via the Amazon website, youll be able to view payment option for a game or app at the checkout. Alongside the regular one-click payment option, youll also see Amazon Coins as an alternative payment choice. Users can choose either option.

    Its worth noting that you cant buy subscriptions and some other items using Amazon Coins, nor can you buy items from outside the Amazon Appstore or make in-app purchases with apps that haven’t been downloaded through the Appstore. You also cant redeem the coins for cash or an Amazon gift card.

    Is There A Cheaper Way Than Amazon Coins To Get The Bundles

    So I live in EU, and every expansion I spend 130 to get the bundles, which is an awful lot. We’re talking 400 per year to play a single game and still you don’t get all the content, which is crazy.

    I’ve sometimes read about Amazon Coins, VPNs, Blizzard shops in other countries… but it’s mostly old information and I don’t know what’s working and what’s not.

    So could anyone share updated information on what’s the cheapest way to get the bundles? Thanks in advance 🙂

    I am eu and use my Amazon coins without problems and without vpns.

    Maybe u dont know steps for use:

    81 are 10000 coin equivalent 100 on game.

    Atm the best method I found is switching to Turkey’s play store by using a VPN, this way you can buy with TRY, which are way less valuable than euros. To give you an idea I spent 249 TRY for the smallest bundle, which are ~26

    Quote from Ascino> >

    Atm the best method I found is switching to Turkey’s play store by using a VPN, this way you can buy with TRY, which are way less valuable than euros. To give you an idea I spent 249 TRY for the smallest bundle, which are ~26

    Could you share how to do this? I have set up a VPN on my phone, location is Turkey in Play Store but when i open shop in hearthstone, currency is still from my origin country.

    I don’t know how to use VPN, but if you are gonna try to change the country I suggest Brasil, the bundles cost R$80,00 and R$159,00 in Euros this is 12,50 and 24,70 respectively.

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    Is There An Amazon Crypto

    No, there is no Amazon cryptocurrency as of now. But yes, Amazon tokenized stock FTX does exist as a part of the cryptocurrency universe. These tokenized shares are powered by CM-Equity, a brokerage firm. It claims to back these token offerings by holding shares of Amazon.

    Is Amazon Coin a cryptocurrency? What can you buy with Amazon Coins?

    In October 2021, a job posting by Amazon Web Services triggered rumors about an impending move of Amazon into cryptocurrencies. The job sought talent in the field of discovery, execution, settlement and custody of assets like NFTs, stablecoins and even central bank digital currencies .

    For now, any further development in this respect is guesswork.

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    What To Do If You Dont Have An Android Device

    Buy Amazon Coins

    Unfortunately for Hearthstone fans who primarily game on their iPhones or iPads, the Amazon Appstore isnt available on iOS. Its only available on Android. This is likely a business decision considering Amazon produces and sells its own Android-based Kindle device. While direct purchases through your iOS device are off the table, there are workarounds that allow you to buy Hearthstone packs with your Amazon Coins.

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    How To Use Amazon Coins

    To use Amazon Coins, you’ll need to have a Fire tablet or TV, or download the Amazon Appstore for use on your Android device.

    Once you’ve added Coins to your account, you’ll see the option to either pay with Amazon Coins or cash. Simply select Amazon Coins as your payment option and you’ll be good to go.

    How Can I Send Amazon Coins As Gifts

    You may also receive Amazon Coins from gift boxes. However, those expire a year after the date you received them. On the other hand, the Amazon coins you buy will stay in your account.

    If you received a gift box, you might redeem the tokens inside via PC, Appstore, and Fire Tablet. You will have to enter the code that comes with the package:

    • From your computers browser, head to the Claim Coins page. After that, log in to your account, then redeem your coins by entering the code.
    • If youre using an Android device, tap on Coins found at the bottom of the screen. Next, choose Gift & Claim and then follow the steps that will appear.
    • From your Fire Tablet, go to Amazon Coins, and then tap Gift Coins. Perform the instructions that show up.

    You may send Amazon Coins to your friends, but you must live in the US, UK, or Germany. Whats more, those folks should also live in your country.

    Also, you cannot give the tokens to your account, though. Instead, youll have to follow certain steps, based on the device youre using: PC, smartphone, or Fire Tablet:

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    Using Amazon Gift Cards

    You can now use Amazon Gift Cards towards Amazon Coins. You MUST redeem your Amazon Gift Card through the main Amazon website onto your Amazon account first.

    You can purchase them on the website through the search bar and purchase how youd typically buy products on Amazon, or when purchasing a pack in-game, it will automatically deduct from the gift card before charging the rest on your other purchase method.

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