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How To Buy And Sell Items On Amazon

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How To Create An Amazon Listing And Ship To Amazon Fba

How To Find Products To Sell on Amazon FAST! (New Method)

Follow these steps when you want to create an Amazon listing:

Step 1: Go to seller central on Amazon and select the inventory drop down and select Add a Product.

Step 2: Next you want to select create a new product listing and start from scratch.

Step 3: Choose the category of the products youre going to be selling. Make sure that your product category is not restricted. If you sell in a restricted category you wont be able to create your product listing until youre approved.

There are plenty of categories that dont require approval so keep it simple and keep moving forward! Find the closest thing that relates to your product.

Step 4: Fill in the required info. You just want to get the product listing up so that you can send your products into Amazon FBA.

You can focus on after the inventory arrives in Amazon.

Next you want to fill out these spaces to complete your product listing and get your Amazon FBA listing completed.


You want your product name here, you can change it later.


Since youre a private label seller you can list your company name as the manufacturer. If you dont have a company name just make it the company name you will have in the future. Again dont let this stop you.


Your brand can also be your company name.

Your Price:

If you saw our last post about buying UPC codes you know that you need them to list your products on Amazon.

How to Buy a UPC Code

Step 5: Buy a UPC Code if you dont have a UPC code yet. Go to SnapUPC

All That Glitters Just Maybe Gold

Gems, baubles, precious metals what these jewellery items have in common is theyre consistently in hot demand. Butyouve got to be super diligent in how you advertise your wares because the market is pretty saturated with jewellery.

While the profit margin can be a staggering 50%+, its only if you can take advantage of unique long-tail keywords. If your items can only be described in generic single-ish keywords, dont bother. Youre competing against far too much.

What Do You Need To Create An Amazon Seller Account

The main information you will need to set up your account is:

  • Business information
  • Phone number
  • Tax ID
  • Your business information and tax ID numbers can be your personal information. For a business name, you can put your own legal name. For your tax ID, you can use your social security number.

    Keep in mind Im not a lawyer or a CPA. Nothing in this post is to be construed as legal or tax advice. My recommendation would be to consult a professional who can get to know your personal situation for advice on these matters.

    Amazon also sometimes will request additional information like scanned copies of your passport, national ID, bank account statements, or credit card statements.

    They are mainly looking for consistency to make sure you are who you say you are and to prevent scammers or people looking to open up multiple accounts. When you submit documents, you want to make sure your address and name match across the documents and application!

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    Ok Now How Do I Find That Million Dollar Product Idea

    There are a couple ways you can go about this, and a few schools of thought.

  • Forget what you like.Dont sell what you want to sell, sell what sells. Logically, this focuses on the metrics and ultimately reduces risks you might take with a product youre passionate about. Therefore, its often easier and quicker to profit.
  • Sell what you are passionate about.The benefits of selling something you are passionate about is that you know all about the product which makes the learning curve a little less steep, and allows you to really hone in on branding.This directly contradicts the former school of thought. But in this world there is no right or wrong, it all comes down to you and the best fit for your business.
  • Read more about the two product selection methods here. No matter which way you decide to go, one thing that you are going to need is accurate sales estimates to back-up your research, and maximize your chances of success.

    Beyond the subscription-based Jungle Scout products, we are constantly finding new ways to illustrate the product research phase and lead by example.

    Look For Profitable Products

    Sell on Amazon Like a Pro (Keys to Success, Videos, Facts)

    You dont have to be a pro or expert to look for some of the most profitable products to sell on Amazon because Amazon gives all the essential data to comprehend market trends and the items that have the potential to generate high sales.

    You have to recognize what literally makes a product profitable. Factors like popularity, shipping weight, competition, durability, category, and size together play a key role here. Hence, you must come up with products, which meet the maximum of these criteria.

    Research the sellable and shippable factors. Thats something really important. While sourcing for such items, watch out for three major aspects: wholesale pricing, Amazons Seller fee, and shipping cost.

    Here are a few specifications to note:

    • The cost of the item must be 25 35% higher than your intended selling price.
    • The intended selling price has to fall between the range $25 and $50.
    • As said above, the product should be small and lightweight
    • Give a good packaging for your product.
    • Avoid fragile items, as they have a higher risk of damage.
    • Go for day-to-day and evergreen products. Something that can be sold throughout the year.

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    Want To Sell Products On Other Platforms

    The requirements for becoming a seller on most of the e-commerce platforms are the same. You can also become a seller on Flipkart, Limeroad, Ebay, Paytm, Shopclues, Snapdeal and Voonik to boost their revenue.

    Amazon customer care –

    We provide all listing services, account creation, product uploading, brand approval, promotion etc. For more details contact us

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    Characteristics Of A Good Product

    1. Retail price between $25 $50 USD

    We discovered that this price range makes it easy to cover direct costs like Amazons fees, cost of goods sold, and advertising costs. Any higher than $50, and your conversion ratethe percentage of people that see your product and purchasedrops.

    2. Low seasonality.

    We are after products to sell all throughout the year and not just during certain seasonal periods. The Google Trend Report is built right into the Chrome Extension to detect seasonal sales spikes you can easily avoid.

    3. Less than 200 reviews for the top sellers

    4. Small and Lightweight

    It is much faster and easier to import via Air, so you want something that wont be too expensive to import.

    5. Can be improved.

    You can implement feedback from your competitors product reviews and create an improved and superior product.

    6. Simple to manufacture.

    You dont want to run into quality control or manufacturing challenges. Avoid glass, electronics, or highly complex products if you can.

    These are just guidelines, and a blueprint that we have used time and time again as a team of Amazon sellers. Every product has its own unique balance of opportunity vs competition.

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    Choose A Product Sold Between $10

    This is not a hard set rule. However, if you are just getting started, the ideal price range of products to consider selling is under $100. Many sellers do well with higher priced products, and if you have the higher capital that is required , then by all means go for it.

    Choosing a really expensive product sounds like a great idea, because in theory, you can make more money.

    However, think about yourself for a moment as a consumer.

    Once you creep up above $100, youre out of the impulse buy category. Now youre talking about things like laptops, TVs, furniture, etc. where youre probably going to talk to your spouse, read more reviews, look for videos on YouTube, etc.

    However, if youre buying something that costs about $25, youre probably not going to spend the same amount of time doing that extra research.

    The cheaper the product is, the less likely customers will find more information about it.

    Customers are more willing to impulse buy products at a lower price point, especially if it addresses their needs.

    When choosing a product, look for a product that costs $10-50 to sell and focus on selling it in volume.

    Amazon vendors who focus on these types of products ae far more likely to be profitable than those who dont.

    If youre still new to Amazon FBA, then it is best to settle with simple and cheaper items to private label for now.

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    How to Sell on Amazon

    Once you choose your products and see sales at a steady pace , youre ready to invest in your inventory on a regular basis.

    However, most Amazon sellers struggle to keep healthy cash flow to pay for inventory, especially since for weeks at a time.

    This is a problem since keeping up with inventory is crucial to the success of your Amazon business. Otherwise, you risk stock outs, which means missed sales opportunities and .

    To avoid situations like these, learn about different that can power the growth of your online business.

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    No Dominant Brand In The Market

    Brand recognition is really important, especially in some industries.

    You may not remember what brand of toilet paper you bought last, but the odds are you thought about brand when you bought your last car.

    Brand dominance can be a big factor on Amazon as well. If you use Jungle Scout to evaluate sales numbers on grass seed shows that Scotts Turf Builder sells $100,000 per month and the no-name brands sell $2,000 thats an indicator that consumers are brand loyal in this category.

    In some cases, its just tough to break in against the really big brands that own a category.

    For example, if you go search running shoes on Amazon youll see a lot of first page results from these guys:

    Ever heard of those brands?

    You probably arent thinking of launching something as involved as a running shoe company, but hopefully, you get the idea.

    If the top results are dominated by household names, then you should probably keep looking. Unless you can come up something some really creative advantage you could have that would cause someone to pass up the brands they know to try out your lesser-known product.

    Even then, understand that as an Amazon vendor you will be fighting an uphill battle no matter how good your product is.

    Tips To Help You Find What To Sell On Amazon

    Just because its a top-selling item on Amazon doesnt mean you should sell it. If you asked me, Id say we have enough Crocs already.

    Seriously, there are enough. More than enough.

    You need to find products that are on-brand. It also helps if you like, care about, and use the items you sell. If youre a 40-year-old balding man , shampoo products might not be your thingand thats OK.

    Again, you dont have to like or use the products you sell, but it helps.

    With over 150 million Amazon Prime subscribers on the platform, youre bound to find a healthy-sized audience for just about any nichewhether thats Star Wars LEGO kits or crossfit foam rollers.

    With that said, finding what to sell on Amazon isnt quite as easy as Googling Best Selling Products On Amazon and clicking the first link you see. Thats why we have so many darn Crocs.

    Let us help you narrow down your search. Follow these tips to help you find the right on-brand, in-demand, not overly competitive products on Amazon:

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    Now Go Make Money By Selling On Amazon

    Making a profit by selling on Amazon is possible if you think smart, implement a well-planned strategy, and effectively market your business.

    Identify your process, , engage in Amazon SEO, optimize your product pages, market your brand effectively, and price your items to sell.

    Because remember, even if you cant beat em, you can join emand make $1,000 each month selling on em if you follow these steps.

    Meet The Author

    When Negotiating With A Supplier On Alibaba To Purchase A New Product And Import From China What Are Some Common Additional Questions You Ask

    How to Buy Products From Alibaba and Sell on Amazon 2020
    • what percentage of your exports go to the US . Important to understand if they have experience selling to your market
    • do you understand FBA packaging requirements
    • does the product meet the countrys certifications
    • do you offer DDP parity
    • what product is your factory best at producing?
    • what is your turnaround time?
    • what are your payment terms for new customers
    • do you use SINOSURE service

    In summary, there are a lot of sleazy suppliers on Alibaba, but there are also a lot of legit suppliers that would love to work with you.

    Do everything you can to protect yourself in case of a scam, but dont let it paralyze you to the point that you are not willing to pull the trigger on anything. Good luck!

    Here are some tools I personally use for my Amazon private label business:

    Full disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links and I will get a commission if you purchase through them.

    • : The most powerful and most popular Amazon product research tool. Im using and I think its a very good starting point for product research and should save you money in the long run by using it to choose the right product!
    • Fiverr: Photography, listing copy, keyword research, logo creation, product design
    • Shopify: Your brand should always have an online presence and with Shopify, it is easy to create your own online store

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    Research Trending Topics On Google Trends

    Researching the trending topics on Google can help you narrow down the options to the products that will fly out the door when selling on Amazon.

    Google Trends highlight the popular products and taking note of these will help you choose a product that sells.

    It doesnt matter what niche youre looking to target for your product to sell on Amazon. Looking at the latest Google Trends will give you an idea as to the top sellers in a wide array of categories.

    Google Trends is a popular research tool that you should be using to zone in on the ideal items to sell through Amazon.

    Find Wholesale Products To Sell On Amazon

    Simply reselling goods made by other companies falls under the wholesale sourcing method. This is a very common way to find cheap products to sell on Amazon, especially for startups looking to explore the profit potential of different product categories.

    Its easy to source products from wholesale suppliers online via wholesale marketplaces like Alibaba, Thomasnet, and others. You can also visit trade shows and buyers markets within your industry to find all types of wholesale vendors.

    In fact, a simple online search is an easy way to kick-start your wholesale sourcing efforts and run an efficient ecommerce business. Start by searching for the name of an item youd like to sell and add wholesale.

    When you work with wholesale suppliers, you purchase goods in bulk, often in units called case packs, store your inventory, and ship products as theyre ordered. You can handle product storage, order packing, and shipping yourself or use FBA for these fulfillment tasks.

    However you fill orders, you also need an inventory and purchasing management system to track your inventory levels and ensure you keep enough products in stock to fill orders. Many inventory management tools integrate with Amazon seller account and FBA accounts.

    Pros and cons of selling wholesale products on Amazon:

    If you have a wholesale product that sells well, you can gain higher profits with direct sourcing, which we cover next.

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    What Categories Are Eligible To Be Sold As Used On Amazon

    Amazon only allows certain categories of products to be listed as used, and its for good reason. Amazon wants to be sure that the products being sold on their website whether new or used are safe, authentic, and meet customer expectations.

    Amazon isnt a flea market you cant just sell anything and everything that is used or preowned.

    Amazon categories that allow used items are bolded in the chart below.

    Product Category
    Watches New

    As you can see, you can list used items in plenty of categories on Amazon. Keep in mind that the items you want to sell still have to meet Amazons used condition guidelines.

    Amazons Used Condition Guidelines

    , the following conditions are unacceptable to be listed on Amazon:

    • The item is dirty with mold, heavy staining, corrosion, or other signs of uncleanliness
    • The item has damage that impacts the ability to use it
    • The item is missing parts or accessories that are essential to use it
    • The product needs repairs
    • The item is a copy, counterfeit, replica, or imitation of an original product
    • The item was created for promotional purposes, such as a product sample or advance reading copy
    • The item is expired or close to expiring, per its expiration date , or the expiration date has been altered or removed
    • The item was designated unsellable by its manufacturer

    Does Your Store Meet All Requirements

    How To Sell Items On Amazon With Retail Arbitrage | Creating Your Shipment & Listing

    To become an Amazon seller, youll need to ensure that you meet all requirements and that your products arent restricted.

    Niches like baby products, books, pet supplies, toys & games can start an Amazon store quickly. You can view additional eligible stores. If your niche isnt listed there, youll need to apply for approval.

    Amazon also has restricted products such as hoverboards, explosives, and weapons, so avoid selling anything that falls under Amazons restriction guidelines..

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