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How To Buy Open Box Items On Amazon

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What Does ‘refurbished’ Mean


There are no universal guidelines that define the word refurbished, which can make things a bit confusing for anyone looking to wade into these uncharted waters. I hate the word refurbished, says John Bumstead, a longtime MacBook refurbisher based in Minneapolis. It can mean whatever someone wants it to mean.

Broadly speaking, he explains, a refurbished product is usually a used or returned product that has been repaired, cleaned up and tested to be in good working order. Since the product isnt new, retailers dont price it as new, though it should function just as well. This allows you to get a fully working, virtually new product at a sizable discount.

It may, however, have some minor cosmetic imperfections, and it wont always come with the same warranty that a brand new product could boast. However, as someone whos bought many used and refurbished products over the years, Ive easily saved enough over the long haul to pay for the one or two duds that have come my way. Plus, you get that slightly-warm-and-fuzzy feeling having kept one more item out of a landfill, which is crucial in the age of disposable phones and laptops.

Amazon’s ‘renewed’ Can Mean A Lot Of Things

Bumstead used to sell refurbished MacBooks on Amazon until the retail giant struck a deal with Apple in 2019 that cut many refurbishers off the platform. Around the same time, Amazon also replaced its old refurbishing certification with a new program it calls .

When you see a product on Amazon that says in the product name, it means that product is either refurbished, pre-owned, or open-box, and that it has been inspected and tested to work and look like new. An Amazon spokesperson told NBC News the retailer doesnt differentiate among products that are refurbished, open-box or returned, and that all are required to adhere to Amazons quality standards of like new. In other words, an Amazon Renewed product could be any of the above.

Look for a seller that has been around for at least a year and has at least 200 reviews that are 90 percent or higher positive

Dan Vanwijk, director of marketing and eCommerce at TechforLess

  • Items must have no cosmetic damage that is visible from 12 inches away
  • The products markings should all be intact
  • And the seller must maintain an internal quality management system that can identify defects in a timely manner.
  • Does Every Product On Amazon Have A Buy Box

    No. While most products a shopper sees on Amazon will have a Buy Box, there are a few instances in which a product listing may not have that coveted widget.

    For example, if the only seller offering a product on Amazon does not qualify for the Buy Box, the Buy Box will not appear.

    Also, the Buy Box may not appear if all of the sellers on the listing have listed their versions of the product at a price that is much higher than the average sales price for the product.

    In the example above, in place of the Buy Box which would have the option to Add to Cart the listing offers a box with an option to See All Buying Options.

    This is particularly common in collectible products and used books in which one or two sellers have no competition.

    Because the supply for such products is limited, market prices are controlled by a finite number of sellers. Potentially, sellers who control the market price for a listing could increase it to exceptionally high prices.

    When that happens, Amazon protects its shoppers by removing the Buy Box altogether so they can make better-informed decisions.

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    Amazon Warehouse Sale Knocks 20% Off Returned And Open

    Amazon Warehouse sale knocks 20% off returned and open-box products

    A NEW Amazon sale can save you 20 per cent on selected products but items are limited.

    The sale kicked off today and includes returned and pre-owned items in electronics, entertainment, jewellery and much more.

    This article and featured products have been independently chosen by Sun journalists. It contains links which are ads, and if you click a link and buy a product we will earn revenue.

    The Amazon Warehouse sale is specifically for items that fall into the online giants pre-owned and open box categories.

    This means products may have been returned, refurbished or warehouse-damaged and do not meet requirements to be considered as new but are still in good condition.

    • 20% off selected items in Amazon Warehouse sale – shop here

    Savings on products will be automatically added at the checkout, and there are some good deals to be had.

    Take note though, while all items in the sale are subject to Amazons standard returns policy they dont come with valid manufacturer or brand warranties.

    We have looked through the range and seen a wide selection of items available – but stock is limited to a few or possibly singular units.

    In electronics we spotted a SIM-free Samsung Galaxy A51 smartphone available for £189.59 instead of £221.79.

    We also found Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones priced at £111, instead of £131.

    • 20% off selected items in Amazon Warehouse sale – shop here

    What Is Amazon Warehouse Deals

    How To Find Discounted Open

    Amazon sells millions of like-new, open-box, and pre-owned items that have been returned. These items will always have a good discount on them.

    I did not realize this in the past, but Amazon Warehouse Deals is considered its own seller on Amazon, and the rules applying to purchases may be different than other Amazon sellers.

    You will definitely want to read the warehouse deal rules carefully to make sure you understand what you are getting.

    You can find some great deals on items that are in brand new condition, but be aware of what the different conditions mean.

    Amazon open box or used like new is most likely an item which has been returned, and has damaged packaging only, meaning the item itself is in perfect shape.

    While there may be other cases, this seems to be the most common one. Once an item has damaged packaging Amazon will not sell it as “new” even if the item inside is completely brand new and unused.

    For this reason you can usually trust that you will get a new product when you purchase a “used like new” condition item from Amazon Warehouse Deals. I have heard of mistakes being made, but in general it should be a new product that has been repackaged after a return.

    I’ve gotten some great deals on used, like new items on from Amazon warehouse but I have not bought any products in the lower conditions.

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    How Can I Track My Buy Box

    Of course, tracking the Buy Box all the time can be difficult. After all, Amazons customers are viewing your product listings 24/7.

    Fortunately, there are a few ways to automate the process to ensure that you control the Buy Box.

    Amazons Automate Pricing tool

    First, Amazon has an Automate Pricing tool that reprices your products automatically if and when they differ from the current Buy Box priceie, another seller lists the product for less than your offer.

    To access the Automate Pricing tool go to your Seller Central and click Pricing > Automate Pricing.

    To create a new rule for repricing, click on the yellow Create a customized Pricing rule button at the far right.

    Next, choose the type of pricing rule you wish to enact and give it a name.

    The name can be anything you want, as long as it helps you remember the purpose of the new pricing rule.

    There are five types of pricing rules you can choose from.

    After youve chosen your rule type, select the marketplaces in which you wish to use the rule.

    Finally, set the parameters for your listing.

    The specifics of your parameters will depend on the type of rule you chose.

    In the above image, I chose Competitive Buy Box as my rule. From there, Amazon asks me:

    • Which pricing action I want to take
    • The type of offers I want to compare on Amazon
    • Whether or not I want to compare my prices to off-Amazon offers
    • And whether or not I want to continue repricing if I update my price elsewhere in Seller Central .

    Used Items And Packaging

    While sellers aren’t required to use the term Open Box when describing most used items, such as cameras and appliances, they must choose one of the secondary terms or describe an item as Unacceptable. However, in their written descriptions of products, sellers may use the term Open Box the way it’s defined for used software. If an item isn’t new, you can assume its box has been opened, and the amount of use it has experienced is the more important detail. Contact the seller if the description is unclear, or if his feedback score is low.


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    How To Search For Open Box Items On Amazon

  • When you are shopping on Amazon and you are ready to purchase an item look at the price and notice the option for “Available at a lower price from other sellers, potentially without free Prime shipping.”
  • If an Warehouse Deal is available it will show up here and you can select it. You will be able to tell if it has Prime shipping available.
  • You will see the “Open Box – Like New” option or other description for other options.
  • Another way to search is to go to the store front and do a search for whatever you are interested in.
  • Does Open Box Come With Warranty

    What happens to items you return to Amazon?

    If the device falls outside of the manufacturer warranty due to being open box, we will honor the warranty and the monetary hit to take care of you at no cost. No matter what, you will have 1 year of coverage for defects in workmanship or parts. Obviously, this does not include viruses, issues with Windows, or damage.

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    For Example 84 Trike For 44 30 Off A Nespresso Machine 250 Off An Hp Laptop

    Ever wonder where your purchased goods go when you return them? It may be news to you that Amazon has its own little Aladdin’s cave full of preowned, used or open box products, all for a discounted price. MoneySavers rave about it, but can one customer’s return really be someone else’s treasure?

    Those who know it, don’t want to share it. It’s almost like a secret club, where if you stumble upon it, you’re hooked. But what is Amazon Warehouse and why do many of us not use it enough?

    Well I want to pull out my fanfare trumpet and make a public announcement, and show you why I think it’s a great way to not just save money, but to save second-hand stock.

    See a few of the top examples we’ve found below, including MSE Deborah’s toddler’s trike treasure and this success from a MoneySaver:

    One MoneySaver got in touch with us…

    Thanks for the tip. I bought my dream coffee machine when I found it for £550 instead of £1,000. It works brilliantly but is missing two minor pieces of trim which Ive found online elsewhere for less than £20 – Hamish, MoneySaver

    Ways To Lose The Buy Box On Amazon

    While its important to understand what it takes to win the Buy Box, its also important to understand that you can lose the Buy Box, too.

    There are a few ways this can happen.

    1. Another seller joins your listing

    If another seller joins your listing and lists the product at a lower price, they can win the Buy Box.

    In some cases, this is referred to as , especially if the listing was a private label product of your own creation. By setting their price lower than yours, Amazons algorithm awards the new seller the Buy Box.

    2. Your price is too high or too low

    If your price is too high or too low in comparison to the average price, you might lose the Buy Box, even if youre the only seller on the listing.

    This prevents sellers from offering their product at a significantly reduced starting price in order to garner early sales and reviews, and then increasing the price once the product gains visibility.

    Tip: If you plan to launch a product at a lower price than what you anticipate selling it at in the future, consider using Amazons coupons and promotions to reduce the price for the consumer instead of manually adjusting the product price. This will protect you from losing your own Buy Box.

    3. Your account health takes a dip

    Finally, if your Account Health falls below certain thresholds, Amazon may also remove your Buy Box privileges.

    Furthermore, if your seller privileges are or one of your ASINs is suppressed, you will lose the Buy Box.

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    Does Amazon Always Win The Buy Box

    What if Amazon is on a listing with other sellers? Do they always win the Buy Box? Usually, yes.

    But this is not because theyve given themselves an unfair advantage. Often, Amazon will offer its own products at the lowest possible prices, thus, winning the Buy Box by the same rules as every other seller.

    In the rare instances where Amazon doesnt offer the lowest possible price, they, too, may lose the Buy Box.

    Amazon Warehouse Deals Shipping Policy

    What Does " Open Box"  Mean on Amazon?

    Eligible items sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals qualify for Prime Shipping, free 2nd Day Shipping, or Free Super Saver Shipping it depends on the details of the individual offer. Amazon Warehouse Deals dont ship to international addresses.

    If a buyer returns an Amazon Warehouse Deal and Amazon is responsible for the error, Amazon will pay the return shipping cost.

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    How Does Feedvisor Help Win The Buy Box

    In order to stand out on Amazons crowded and hyper-competitive marketplace, sellers need to be constantly dialed in to the latest policies, market trends, and advertising mediums. Additionally, sellers need to have a per-item pricing strategy in order to make sure that they dont lose money where they could be making it. Price heavily impacts the Buy Box, and therefore getting to the right price is crucial.

    With that, Feedvisor offers AI-based pricing technology for Amazon sellers and brands. Essentially, the tool automatically changes sellers product prices according to the dynamic and constant changes in the market. Through self-learning algorithms that continuously improve and learn from each individual situation, the algorithms will find the best prices for your products, helping you maximize sales and overall profits without running the risk of human error.

    Feedvisors Amazon Buy Box Playbook has become the favorite resource for Amazon sellers aiming to secure the Buy Box. Get your free copy now!

    What To Consider Before Buying Open

    Before you buy, be sure to find out the following:

    • What the return policy is. While most open-box products work just fine, some may not. A return policy protects you in case you wind up with a lemon.
    • Whether it’ll cost anything to return. If the store has a return policy, you’ll also want to find out whether there’s a restocking fee, or if you have to pay postage to return a purchase you’ve made online.
    • Whether there’s a warranty. Sometimes the manufacturer’s warranty still applies to an open-box item, but sometimes it doesn’t.
    • Where it came from. If you can, find out if the product was a return , a floor model, or something else. Knowing where it came from can tell you a lot about the item’s condition. In-store, this may be explained on a sticker on the product box.
    • How much wear and tear it has. If you’re in a store, ask if you can look at the item before you buy. When online, look for sites with plenty of photos, so you can tell if a product has any obvious physical damage.
    • Whether it includes accessories. Sometimes open-box items may be missing manuals, cables, or other accessories. A manual is easy to replace with a digital copy, but cables will just add something else to your shopping list while eating into your savings.
    • How big of a bargain it is. You may think all open-box products are great deals, but this isn’t always the case. Unless you’re getting a good discount, open-box may not be worth the risk.

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    Be Careful Of Amazon’s Redirecting Trick

    Another thing to keep an eye on — make sure you always go back to the Amazon Warehouse Deals splash page before starting a different search. Otherwise, if you just search for another item from the search bar at the top of the page, Amazon might bounce you out of Warehouse Deals and into the full site.

    Same goes for “recent searches.” If you searched for, say, “bunny slippers” across all of Amazon, then went to Warehouse Deals and searched for “banana slippers,” then decided you definitely want bunnies over bananas, don’t select “bunny slippers” from the drop-down menu that appears when you select the search bar. Those recent searches will search not just the same terms but the same Amazon sections as the original search. In other words, it’ll yank you out of Warehouse Deals and back to the land of full-price slippers. Instead, type the search in again on the Amazon Warehouse Deals main page.

    Where & How To Buy Unclaimed / Returned Amazon Packages

    Unboxing an Amazon Overstock Pallet to Sell on Ebay, Pallet#2

    Im sure many of you by now have either seen the YouTube videos or Tiktok videos of people opening returned packages or unclaimed Amazon packages, and wondering where to buy said unclaimed Amazon packages. I did too, and I immediately jumped on that Mystery Box train.

    As a result, I researched a few different places that I thought would be legit, so I went ahead and picked the best site that has unclaimed Target Packages, Amazon Packages and other returned packages. Ive purchased and received four mystery packages from Wibargain. This particular warehouse has different types of boxes. I purchased an , Target box, a kitchen household box and another mystery box! There are so many different Mystery Boxes for you to choose from, including Bed Bath and Beyond boxes as well as Cosmetic, Accessories/Jewelry Boxes and even Baby Boxes!

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