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How To Buy Overstock From Amazon

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What Is Amazon Overstock

Unboxing a Truckload of Amazon Returns & Overstock from Direct Liquidation

Not even a massively successful company gets everything right. Like all other retailers, Amazon over-orders some products in particular electronics. With the lightning pace of development of new tech, guessing how many products to order in relation to how many a retailer is going to sell is an inexact science, especially when it comes to tech which is superseded by new models seemingly every six months.

As a result of this over-ordering on both tech and other product lines such as fashion and health and beauty products, Amazon regularly finds itself in possession of overstock it needs to sell to make way for newer products. Its part and parcel of the regular big-name retailer cycle.

In essence, overstock is still brand new merchandise that has to be taken off the shelves or out of the warehouse and sold quickly. Over recent years, this merchandise has become more and more attractive to those who make a living out of buying and reselling merchandise online.

Pick Your Reselling Platforms

Consider the products category. For example, if youre reselling footwear, you have platforms like Vinted, Depop, and thredUP at your disposal. If youre reselling Kitchenaid mixers, you arent likely to touch these types of selling platforms. The point is, certain items work better on certain platforms.

How To Buy Overstock Items

Buying and selling overstocked merchandise requires an upfront investment, but the profit potential can be quite significant. If you buy the right items, its easy to make a profit of several thousand dollars in just a few weeks.

Here is a basic overview of how buying overstock and liquidated items works:

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New Overstock Store Opens In Ozark

OZARK, Mo. If youre looking to buy Target or Amazon products at less than half its retail price, a new overstock store just opened up in Ozark two weeks ago.

Ozark Trading and Liquidation buys truckloads of pallets and sells merchandise fast at a much lower price.

Target, Amazon, they have thousands of stores, Josh Tuning, co-owner of Ozark Trading and Liquidation said, Amazon has all these distribution centers with millions of products. Inevitably, they get overstock, or they get returns that theres nothing wrong with it. They are such a big corporation that sitting on inventory is not their game.

Ricardo Rodrigues, co-owner of Ozark Trading and Liquidation said they buy pallets by the truckload from multiple big companies, Costco, Target, Home Depot, Amazon.

And sells them piece by piece usually over half off the suggested retail price.

So were a liquidator but we also buy from brokers that are also liquidators, so its kind of a, it starts here, trickles down, we were lucky to get into the game where we buy directly from a guy that holds contracts with Target, holds contracts with amazon, where we dont have to buy from a middle guy, Tuning said, thats why were able to take so much less on some of the stuff. And its cheaper, to begin with because were buying a full truckload.

Tuning said the name of the game is to get inventory fast.

So if you see something you like today, it may not be here next week.

How Does The Shipping Process Work

Merchandise Pallets amazon returns overstock/from $400

Shipping for usually comes in multiple shipments, as it is likely coming from various warehouses. The shipping cost will be calculated at the time of bidding and will vary based on a few factors: the origin country, buyer location, and the auction size.

So, youre interested in purchasing overstock inventory from Amazon? Lets touch on a couple of things prior to placing your bid!

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Amazon Has A Hidden Overstock Outlet Thats Filled With Amazing Home Deals

You don’t have to be a bargain hunter to know that the best deals are often found at outlets and clearance stores. But since those retailers typically don’t have e-commerce sites, you have to shop in-person to take advantage of their discounts. Well, now you can score major savings without leaving your home : has a overstock outlet filled with tons of deals on home products.

“Bargain shopping can be a lot of fun, and we’ve got it right here, 24-7 in our Outlet Store,” Amazon’s Overstock page reads. “Hunting for a great deal on clearance products and overstocks usually means going to a mall and hitting a lot of stores. At Amazon, we’ve gathered all our markdowns, closeouts, and overstock deals in one place, so you can find just what you want with just a little online shopping.”

Organized by categories, Amazon’s online outlet makes it easy to shop home essentials. The Home & Furniture category is filled with hundreds of discounted products, including curtains, coat racks, throw pillows, picture frames, humidifiers and more. Some of the best deals? A There’s a highly rated hypoallergenic mattress protector on sale for just $13. Plus, a weighted blanket marked down from $99 to $49.

There are also lots of great home finds in the Kitchen, Outdoor, Overstock Deals, Patio, Lawn & Garden sections. Shop some of our favorite deals below, and check out Amazon’s Overstock page here.

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How Does Buying Amazon Return Pallets Work

The more you are willing to buy, the cheaper the cost. Typically liquidated items from Amazon are sold either by the pallet or the truckload.

When you try to buy liquidated merchandise from Amazon, the pallet or bundle will usually carry an estimated retail value and its almost always sold off via an auction.

If youve ever watched the show Storage Wars, buying Amazon return pallets works in a very similar way except that you are not allowed to examine the merchandise at all.

Sites selling Amazon return pallets are typically organized by category, lot size, brands, retailers and by location.

Heres an Amazon return pallet auction that I was looking at the other day.

From the auction description, you have no idea whats inside those brown boxes and thats what makes it fun and exciting.

Editors Note: Amazon return pallets dont always come in unmarked brown boxes. Sometimes, you can tell what brands or types of products are contained within the bundle to guide your decision.

The MSRP of $6999 is determined by tallying up the full selling price of all of the items in the pallet but the goods inside can be in any condition. Certain parts may be missing. Product may be broken. Its up to you to sort it all out.

If you end up bidding on and winning an auction, you can arrange to have the pallet shipped directly to your warehouse, but it generally makes more economic sense to look for Amazon liquidations in your geographic area.

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Next They Sell The Overstocked Merchandise

There are several different routes that retailers use to sell their overstock merchandise. Some have their own website where they sell overstock directly to the public. Others sell their excess inventory through a middleman so they dont have to do it themselves.

Usually these middlemen deal with many retailers and have a huge variety of overstock for sale at any given time. Sometimes the excess inventory is sold at a fixed price for the lot, and in other cases the lots are sold in an auction.

Once you make the purchase, the merchandise is shipped to your location where you can start marketing and selling your treasures to the public.

Here are some of the more popular sites where you can find overstock and liquidated merchandise:

How To Liquidate Amazon Fba Inventory

Unboxing an Amazon Overstock Pallet to Sell on Ebay, Pallet#2

Many Amazon FBA sellers will have to liquidate inventory at some point or other. Its just a normal part of running a business. When they run into this issue, it can bring them to a standstill because its not always clear how it should be handled. For some, when they face the problem of overstock or excess inventory, it sends chills down their spines. Visions of being charged hefty long-term storage fees and having capital tied up in slow-moving product dance through their heads.

Liquidating FBA inventory doesnt have to be a negative experience, however. Amazon FBA can be an awesome business for anyone. No seller should let Amazon fees, shipping costs, plus the race to the bottom dampen the excitement of selling online.

If you ever come to that point when you must liquidate inventory to stop the bleed, know that it doesnt have to be a loss. You can remain profitable if you know what your options are and how to choose the right one for your unique situation.

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Discover Listings By Location Today

With a complete source of wholesale fashion, electronics, and home improvement items, get the best deals near you!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR BUYERS:Upcoming Maintenance! will be undergoing maintenance on February 18, 2021, between 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm Eastern. Our site will be temporarily unavailable during this time. Thank you for your understanding!

Where To Find Amazon Returned Items

Its always easier said than done to find a respectable seller. Previously, it was difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to buy overstock items directly from large retailers. Luckily modern and efficient systems now automate the manual work required, and traders can sell to all kinds of purchaser groups.

One of those new systems is the online auction marketplace platforms. Still, its vital to conduct your research on different companies that offer liquidation and wholesale stock before deciding if its better for you to source direct liquidation or through a wholesaler.

If youre in search of a wide range of inventory for your business, Amazon liquidation auctions are a good choice. Registered business purchasers can buy liquidation pallets directly from the worlds biggest eCommerce stores. Once registered and authorized by Amazon, you can start with bidding and getting tons of overstock items.

Getting your reselling business off the ground demands a good understanding of the marketplace to be on the right track. Bear in mind your first step is to register your business and obtain a resale certificate. The rest you can handle step by step. You can start sourcing and buying liquidation stock right away from any of the biggest global platforms of B2B liquidation marketplaces now available online.

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Liquidation Marketplaces Vs Traditional Wholesalers

Wholesale suppliers deal with brand new merchandise that is acquired from the manufacturer directly and sold in-bulk to retailers with a markup. Buying in larger quantities reduces the price. This means that for smaller businesses, brand new merchandise, at the prices needed to make a profit, can be out of reach due to higher investment required. Customer returns and overstock merchandise are usually not sold as new, although they may come to you in original, unopened packaging. And the fact that it gets liquidated in large amounts, from the pallet to the truckload, helps with keeping the prices even lower. This is another reason why overstock merchandise is so appealing.

It is essentially brand new merchandise that never got sold, and that is now being liquidated, which is why the price is so low. When compared to untested returns, it does come at a higher price point, but youre also looking at making more on resale.

On top of all these benefits, Direct Liquidation has dedicated account managers who will help you arrange purchases and find the merchandise you are looking for at the prices you are comfortable paying. They will even work with you on delivery schedules if you decide to make frequent purchases and will also help you search for a suitable delivery option.

Here Is What You Need To Know When Selling Returns:

Merchandise Pallets amazon returns overstock/from $400

Whether youre selling Amazon returns or other store returns, there are a few things to know. Its profitable and can easily be done on the side or turn into a full-time gig. A lot depends on the time, monetary, and physical space you have. But whether youre selling out of a two-car garage or have your own storage space or warehouse, these are some universal tips to know about selling returns!

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Assembly & Simple Fixes Can Be Worth Your While

If you like fixing things up and are pretty handy, dont miss a chance to increase profits utilizing these skills. A simple fix on items like lawnmowers or power tools that are being liquidated at 10-15% of retail, you can get a really good return. Youd also be surprised at how often items get returned because the purchaser didnt want to assemble the item themselves! When you buy those customer returns up and take that extra step assembling, you can win customers over with convenience!

What Is Overstock Merchandise

Overstock is merchandise that retailers need to get rid of for several reasons, such as:

  • They ordered too much
  • The retailer doesnt want to get stuck with seasonal merchandise at the end of the season
  • They dont want to store it until it sells
  • They are having trouble selling it

Retailers want to keep their merchandise on the books for as short a time as possible because there are carrying costs associated with it. So to get their overstocked merchandise off the books, they will sell it at a deep discount.

Thats where someone like you enters the picture. You buy their overstock at a deep discount and resell it for a profit. Its a win-win because the retailer is able to get rid of its overstock quickly, and you can make a profit from their deeply discounted merchandise.

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Where To Buy Overstock Merchandise:

You would think that your wholesale supplier would be the best source for such merchandise since they usually buy truckloads of overstock merchandise to resell, sorted in smaller overstock pallets. However, you are missing one important thing. Wholesalers purchase the overstock merchandise and sell it on for a profit. Your loyalty to the wholesaler has already been rewarded by more flexible shipping and payment terms as well as lower prices.

However, the tightening market is hampering your progress and eating into your profit margin as prices of single items sold on platforms like Amazon nearing closer to wholesale. This means your wholesaler will not be able to provide you with the prices that could bring you a larger profit margin. To secure this you need to look elsewhere, like towards closeout liquidation companies.

Closeout liquidation companies are able to provide you the overstock pallets of merchandise at prices well below wholesale, in the range of 25 percent to 50 percent below. This is due to the fact that liquidators dont purchase the merchandise, but instead serve as a platform for retailers and manufacturers to liquidate overstock merchandise quickly by reaching a large number of buyers either visiting liquidators warehouse or buying online.

Sign Up For An Amazon Prime Student Free Trial

How to buy Jewelry on the internet Amazon , Ebay, Walmart and Overstock From MCS Jewelry

Do you have a student email address? If so, you can sign up for Amazon Prime Student free for six months, no coupon or promo codes required. This includes free shipping, access to thousands of free TV shows and movies, and exclusive college discounts. You can cancel your subscription at any time, or pay just $5.49 a month once your trial ends its worth it to keep it for the whole year.

This free trial is great for holiday shopping or an unhealthy six-month binge of your favorite movies and shows.

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Pay Attention To Gated Items

Certain items come gated, meaning retailers may have restrictions on where you can resell them. In some cases, inventory may only be sold outside of the US, or even require specific certifications like the R2 Standard in order to avoid unnecessary recycling and landfill dumping. This usually applies to consumer electronics and mobile, but its good to know if you have an interest in that niche.

Organization Can Go A Long Way

For sellers, organization can be a love-hate relationship. And when purchasing liquidation pallets, you dont have a choice but to set a system in place. You wouldnt want to have to cancel an order because you misplaced an item or already sold that SKU. Catch up on these 9 Tips for Organizing Your Liquidation Pallets.

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Does Amazon Really Sell Customer Returns

In fact, Amazon sells customer returns, but it does not sell them directly. You cannot purchase the customer returns from Amazon. Instead of it, this process will be performed via what is called a third-party wholesaler or liquidator.

These wholesalers will integrate with Amazon to buy customer returns in large numbers. Then, they will sell what they have bought to the market. There are increasingly more and more third-party wholesalers and liquidators in place, which all provide you with services to purchase Amazon customer returns. Each liquidator or company has its way of working. However, not every company is suitable and worth choosing. Instead, some of them are sometimes unethical, sorting through returns prior to selling to the public market. Also, some are not very clear as to what youre getting as well.

It turns to be so important that all buyers should read the third-party reviews online carefully and research yourself to find how they work and what others using these liquidators are telling about them. Lets check the list below of some effective and reputable companies to check out before buying Amazon returns.

What Are The Best Liquidation Auction Sites

Merchandise Pallets amazon returns overstock/from $400

To find liquidation pallets, your best bet is to search online. Many online marketplaces sell pallets, but you must do your research.

Many sites and deals look profitable, but you must understand the entire scope of the transaction, including:

  • Is the pallet manifested or unmanifested?
  • How much are the shipping costs?

With that said, the following liquidation sites tend to be the most widely used, especially when buying Amazon liquidation pallets:

  • BULQ

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