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How To Buy Returned Merchandise From Amazon

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Returning Shipments Without A Packing Slip

How to Buy Amazon Customer Returns Pallets Online

If you ordered an item that you want to return but can’t find the packing slip, you can still return it via our Returns Centre. You’ll be asked to select the relevant order from Your Account.

If you want to return an item that was given to you as a gift, you can also return it via our Returns Centre. However, you will first need to ask the person who purchased the gift for you for the order number.

How Items Are Sold

You can buy liquidated Amazon items in bulk, which could be anywhere from one to two pallets or 10-12 pallets in an LTL . The larger the order, the bigger the discount. Items are either sold at a fixed price or through an online auction marketplace . For purposes of this article, well focus on Amazons online auction site, .

Here Is What You Need To Know When Selling Returns:

Whether youre selling Amazon returns or other store returns, there are a few things to know. Its profitable and can easily be done on the side or turn into a full-time gig. A lot depends on the time, monetary, and physical space you have. But whether youre selling out of a two-car garage or have your own storage space or warehouse, these are some universal tips to know about selling returns!

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Where To Buy Amazon Customer Return Electronics

This is where Direct Liquidation comes in. A giant retailer like Amazon prefers to liquidate electronics and other merchandise through liquidation companies rather than smaller resellers, due to the large volume of stock. Direct Liquidation buys large volumes on a regular basis from Amazon and other sources, to then sell on through liquidation auctions to resellers like you at the lowest possible prices.

Direct Liquidation then processes these products. For refurbished electronics, this includes inspecting them and, if necessary, repairing them. The stock is broken down into lots of various sizes, including pallets and even truckloads, which are then put up for sale at Direct Liquidations online marketplace.

Many lots sold by Direct Liquidation come with manifests that give all the information you need to make the best decisions for your business. You will be able to see what is exactly within each pallet.

Untested returns are sold without any inspection or guarantee. Every pallet has an MSRP guide but these unmanifested listings have an estimate that is based on the volume of stock within the pallet or a truckload. These pallets are usually sold at the lowest price point, but in certain cases they can bring in the highest returns.

Take a look at our live at the moment.

Why Buy Amazon Return Pallets

How To Buy Pallets Of Returned Merchandise From Amazon

Anyone can get started buying Amazon return pallets. Some start with a few hundred dollars to thousands in savings, or a line of credit. And when it comes to reselling, there are so many avenues you can go. From local flea markets to growing resale platforms like Poshmark, Thredup, OfferUp, and others.

If youre thinking of starting a new business or want to have a side gig, sourcing these liquidation pallets is a good way to build your inventory. If its sold on the primary market, chances are youre going to find it in the secondary market, too. Everything from home and garden equipment to apparel, electronics, and health and beauty products are being resold every day. You can choose to specialize in a specific category or start with general merchandise pallets and see what works best for you, and ultimately, your customers.

You can also do a fair bit of bulk purchasing and get your hands on a lot of inventory at once! This makes sense if you have plenty of resale channels ready to go or you own a discount store, regularly attend flea markets, or are planning on exporting.

The steadily growing business behind Amazon returns is no joke, thats what makes getting in on the action with your own resale business a smart move. When you consider the variety of inventory on Amazon return pallets, these bundled up lots might just be a gold mine for you and your resale business.

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Returning Baby Items And Toys

Eligible baby items and toys purchased from, or a seller but fulfilled by Amazon, are easily returned within 45 days of receipt of shipment via the Returns Centre. Gifts purchased from a Baby Registry can be returned within 365 days after receipt of shipment. All other baby items and toys purchased from or a seller are easily returned within 30 days of delivery. Returns should be in new and unopened condition. You won’t be charged return shipping costs for your return.

To initiate a return of an item, whether purchased from or a seller, please visit the Returns Centre. To view a seller’s return policy, click Return Items in the Returns Centre, then click the “seller profile” link to reach the seller’s storefront. From there, you can read more about the seller and its return policy.

When Not Sent Back To Amazon They Go To An Auction House

Amazon returns are resold by companies who sell them on the site. The returns are sold to liquidation companies, which are B2B platforms that sell surplus inventory. These companies have websites where customers can search through returned items and buy them directly. This process allows both the sellers and the buyers to make money by reselling the returned merchandise. Some customers may even find the items resold by others, making the process even easier.

Marketplace teamed up with Basel Action Network, an environmental organization that tracks products that can be harmful to the environment. The trackers became a guide for the world’s e-commerce returns. Many of the returns took circuitous routes. One Marketplace return, for example, traveled over 950 miles from its source in Quebec to the Canadian province of Ontario. Other items, like an old printer, took a long and circuitous route.

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Why Would I Buy Amazon Return Pallets

Amazon sells return pallets of all types. You can resell them to make a lot of profit. But if you don’t know how to sell them, you can’t make much profit. You need to have a special strategy. You can sell them on liquidation sites. To create an account, you need a reselling certificate. You can sell Amazon return pallets for a profit, but you must have all the information about each item on the pallet.

For starters, you need to understand the purpose of buying return pallets from Amazon. These return pallets contain goods that Amazon does not want. They can be anything from old homewares to sports equipment.

You can also buy clothes that have been returned by customers. Some reputable companies that sell Amazon return pallets include Gem Wholesale and Mart Hill. These two companies are trade wholesalers that provide high-quality Amazon return pallets.

Combining Untested Customer Returned Pallets For Profit

How To Return Amazon Items

Besides untested customer returns, liquidators offer pallets of merchandise that has been tested but is not functional even after some repairs have been attempted. These products are categorized on Direct Liquidation as tested-not-working. However, while some parts might be missing, some of these products could serve as donors for the parts you need to fix other products. Even combining products within a pallet to resell in bulk could bring you a profit in the end when you calculate the purchase costs and the sales figures.

One of the main requirements when selling such products is patience, as it might take time to fix things. Additionally, it pays off not to be greedy. Attracting customers with lower prices can work wonders, and all you have to do is make sure you are making a profit once you have sold all the products from your pallet.

This is an incremental process you will need to have patience to sell your products and generate profits overall.

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What Are Amazon Return Pallets

Amazon return pallets are pallets of returned Amazon goods that are sold on unseen at hugely discounted prices – to any seller willing to roll the dice.

As a buyer of Amazon returns, you can make a lot of money by refurbishing and reselling used merchandise online.

The more you are willing to buy, the cheaper the cost. Typically liquidated items from Amazon are sold either by the pallet or the truckload.

When you try to buy liquidated merchandise from Amazon, the pallet or bundle will usually carry an estimated retail value and its almost always sold off via an auction.

If youve ever watched the show Storage Wars, buying Amazon return pallets works in a very similar way except that you are not allowed to examine the merchandise at all.

Sites selling Amazon return pallets are typically organised by category, lot size, brands, retailers and by location.

How To Buy Returned Amazon Items At Super

07 Aug, 2018

Weve all have face the problem with online shopping where you need to pay before trying a product. You like the product online and end up buying it only to dislike it when it arrives.

With Amazons great 30-day return policy, you can also switch your product or ask for a full refund. But have you ever wondered what happens to the returned products?

Though its unclear just how big the e-commerce business has become, the growth of online shopping, in general, has created a widening stream of returns in search of a new home.

The return rate for online purchases is about three times as high as for items bought in stores. Manufacturers usually supply items to retailed like Amazon through a contract where its understood that items that may be returned will simply be liquidated.

Amazon has large fulfilment centres that send out goods and also check and resell the returned items. It is common for online retailers to experience a high rate of returns.

Several customers change their mind and some of the goods are restocked into the main inventory if the original packaging is undamaged. However, many items have to be resold as used after the packaging has been compromised by the customer.

Similarly, Quicklotz has an exclusive contract with Amazon and provides the lower prices possible. In addition, these contracts ensure that the quality of the products listed for sale is high.

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Where Do Amazon Returns Go

If you are an Amazon user, you’ve probably wondered where your returns go. This giant e-commerce company sells millions of household products every week, but it also receives thousands of returns every day.

The company has a complicated process for reselling these items, and it’s not always as obvious as it sounds.

Why Buy Amazon Customer Return Pallets

How to Buy Pallets of Returned Merchandise from Amazon ...

There are some excellent reasons you might want to consider the Amazon Return Pallets experience.

First, you dont need to make a considerable investment. A few hundred dollars will do to get started.

You could even begin with a line of credit instead.

The reselling avenues are numerous, for example, flea markets, resale platforms such as Thredup, Poshmark, OfferUp, eBay, and many more.

If you already own or are starting a business, purchasing return pallets is an excellent way to build up your inventory.

The pallets are sold in bulk and typically contain various products, from clothing and electronics to beauty products.

If you want to, you can specialize in a specific category.

Alternatively, if you sell in multiple categories, it will be an opportunity to see what your customers prefer.

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Best Ways To Buy Amazon Return Pallets

In general, Amazon customer returns are sold on liquidation company websites.

So first, visit the websites, and youll find a list of all the vendors selling their liquidation stock.

Then, simply select Amazon under the Marketplaces or By Seller category.

Lets take a look at some of the different liquidation companies.

Easy Returns Are Good Business But Then What

Researchers have found that consumers love easy returns.

An often-cited 2018 survey of 1,300 online shoppers found 96% would come back to a retailer if they had a good returns experience, and 69% were deterred from buying if they knew they’d have to pay for return shipping. In 2019, Amazon expanded free, easy returns to millions of items.

“Amazon has really been a game changer in the reverse logistics world because of how easy their returns are,” said Zac Rogers, who ran returns for an Amazon subsidiary called Quidsi from 2010 to 2012 before he became an assistant professor of supply chain management at Colorado State University.

“So now you have your more traditional retailers like Walmart or Target sort of implementing similar policies because that’s a really big piece of how you compete on the retail side of it,” he said. “It creates loyalty to the brand, makes you more likely to sign up for Prime, and Prime is really the thing that drives the flywheel of that company.”

Amazon now allows returns at 18,000 locations, including the option to drop off items without a box or label at Kohl’s, UPS and some Whole Foods stores. There’s a Try Before You Buy program for Prime members designed to make returns for clothes even easier, with return labels already included in the box. On the extreme end of easy returns, Amazon is increasingly allowing customers to keep some “returned” items while still refunding them.

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Are The Cheapest Amazon Customer Return Pallets Any Good

This is a valid question as merchandise condition is of great importance. Looking at the prices of the wholesale pallets, you will see some going for pennies on the dollar. Many are listed as Untested Customer Returns.

These are the products that have ended up at liquidation after being returned by the buyer to retailers, manufacturers or a distribution center. No tests have been carried nor have any repairs been done. While some may run away from these products, here are a couple of reasons why you should go exactly for such pallets, especially if you have a knack for fixing electrical products.

Estimates show that up to 75 percent of plug-and-play products are in working condition. However, you are giving up on warranty as these items are sold AS IS, with no guarantees.

Another reason to go for untested customer returns is the fact that products get returned for a variety of reasons. Often youll get products that have been returned because the shipment was wrong, the seller shipped the wrong product, wrong color, or the buyer purchased another product. This, however, is the best-case scenario.

Are All Amazon Return Pallets Available For Resale


Most Amazon products are available for resale via liquidation sites.

Some websites may only list products in specific categories. Customers might need to visit multiple liquidation sites to locate the products they want.

Customers could not find Amazon beauty products in their Amazon Pallets on But they could on sites like 888 Lots.

Your choice of category in which to specialize your resale business will depend on how much research you do to find the right pallets for your stock needs.

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Purchase Amazon Liquidation Auctions

Finally, you can purchase from Amazon Liquidation Auctions directly. Learn how to bid on Amazon pallets using this method in the steps provided below.

  • On a browser of your choice type in
  • Look at the auctions that are on the homepage.
  • Enter the bid amount in the field labeled âYour Maximum Bid.â
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    Things You Need To Know Before Buying Amazon Returns

    Before purchasing customer returns from Amazon, you need to take into account the following notices:

    How items are sold

    Liquidated items from Amazon can be sold in a large number in some ways. As a buyer, you can purchase them by the pallet or truckload. When the order is larger, and its cost is getting higher, the discount will also be bigger. Moreover, these liquidated items are sold at a price that is fixed already. At the same time, they are purchased via an online auction marketplace. When it comes to a large online retailer like Amazon, we want to emphasize on the online auction site of Amazon which is Amazon Liquidation Auctions

    How to get started

    To get started, you will need to register for the online auction site of Amazon that we mentioned above. By registering, you can begin to offering money for many products, including apparel, home & garden, recreation, toys & baby stuff, and more.

    Know your costs

    The last noticeable factor is knowing your costs. While offering money for an Amazon liquidation auction, make sure you have factored in detail all costs such as shipping prices or the purposes that you will need to sell a product to gain more money. Besides Amazon, many other famous retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, and Best Buy also decide to sell overstock and returned items using online auction sites.

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    Manifests Are Your Best Friend

    Informed buyers are happy buyers. You always want to review the auction lot manifest when one is provided. It will give you all sorts of information like item number or UPC, retail or MSRP, description, quantity, brand, model, category, sub-category, color, the reason for return, etc. Download manifests or use our interactive manifest tool, and always be sure to do your market research before bidding!

    For Example 84 Trike For 44 30 Off A Nespresso Machine 250 Off An Hp Laptop

    How To Buy Pallets Of Returned Merchandise From Amazon

    Ever wonder where your purchased goods go when you return them? It may be news to you that Amazon has its own little Aladdin’s cave full of preowned, used or open box products, all for a discounted price. MoneySavers rave about it, but can one customer’s return really be someone else’s treasure?

    Those who know it, don’t want to share it. It’s almost like a secret club, where if you stumble upon it, you’re hooked. But what is Amazon Warehouse and why do many of us not use it enough?

    Well I want to pull out my fanfare trumpet and make a public announcement, and show you why I think it’s a great way to not just save money, but to save second-hand stock.

    See a few of the top examples we’ve found below, including MSE Deborah’s toddler’s trike treasure and this success from a MoneySaver:

    One MoneySaver got in touch with us…

    Thanks for the tip. I bought my dream coffee machine when I found it for £550 instead of £1,000. It works brilliantly but is missing two minor pieces of trim which Ive found online elsewhere for less than £20 – Hamish, MoneySaver

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