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How To Buy Things From Amazon Japan

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Tabino Yado Bath Salts By Chom

How to Order Items from Amazon Japan – 2016

When it comes to bathing culture, Japan does it better than anywhere else in the world. Even if you cant replicate the classic onsen style luxury in your own home you still have a little taste of Japanese bathing fun with these capsule bath salts which will fill the water with rich mineral supplements, so you can feel as though youre soaking in a hot spring at home.

How To Contact Amazon Japan

I want to tell you one very useful feature to assist you in the shopping process. If you want to ask Amazon Japan a question about a product or shipping, you can actually ask them in English! Yes, in English!

Go to Contact Us page

Choose the issue you are having

Select what you need help with. If the problem is with an order you received, select Problem with an item from the dropdown menu. Finally, select the preferred contact method.

Again, if you happen to find items that are not eligible for AmazonGlobal shipping, please consider using our service to purchase the items on your behalf here in Japan and ship to you. We also check the items before shipment for any damage and to double check if the item is correct. Purchases can be made not only from Amazon Japan but all the shopping sites in Japan. Also special requests such as local pickups for shipments can be made.

Did you find this How to Order Items from Amazon Japan helpful? Leave us a comment below with any questions or concerns.

How To Pay For Your Foreign Amazon Purchase

If youve already read the section on fees above, and youre ready to go ahead and buy, this is what to do:

  • Select Add to Cart on the items page, and it will go into your shopping cart.

  • Repeat this for every item you want to buy.

  • Go to your cart via the Cart icon in the top right of the screen.

  • Check through the list of items youve added, and the price of each of them. Make adjustments to your cart as necessary.

  • Hit the Proceed to checkout button to start the payment. You might be prompted to log in at that point, to confirm your identity.

  • Select a shipping address – you can use an existing one or add a new one.

  • You may then have a choice of delivery options – for example, Standard, Expedited or Priority – which will affect how long itll take to arrive. Of course, each of these will cost something different. Dont be surprised if Amazon doesnt show you the cost upfront.

  • On the next page, you should see a full breakdown of costs, including the shipping cost. If youd rather explore different shipping options, you should still be able to change it at this point, and see what each costs. Watch out for how it affects the Import Fee Deposit, too.

  • If youre happy, place your order and wait for confirmation. Youre all set.

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    Mandoline Slicer By Benriner

    The Benriner slicer has been a favorite among chefs for more than 70 years, thanks to the Japanese steel blades which retain their edge and cut through fruits and vegetables with precision. Easily adjust the thickness of each slice with a dial and make a variety of cuts with three interchangeable blades.

    Weird And Unique Products

    45 Japanese Products You Can Buy Now

    If you are looking for something cool and unique stuff simply to make your friends/family laugh, Japan is the country you should shop. Thank to the huge Otaku culture, there are many unique items sold. Once again, Akihabara is the best area to shop Otaku items as there are numbers of stores related, offering very strange items. Not only unique items, but if you are a anime, manga or gaming lover, Akihabara is also the best place to find rare items such as figures, toys, games, manga and more.

    Related Article What to Buy in Akihabara

    There are also many unique, but creative and stylish products sold in Japan such as stationery, households, interior goods, etc. To hunt cool and quality Japanese products, recommended shops are LOFT, Tokyu Hands and MUJI which all have numbers of branches across the country. For discounted products, Don Quijote and DAISO are the best shops.

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    Kiku Silk Brocade Clutch

    The original ancient tapestry on which this handmade Japanese clutch is based is housed in Koetsuji Temple in Kyoto. As you examine the design, the color and pattern appears to alter, depending on the angle and light.

    The handcrafted Kiku Silk Brocade Clutch is spacious enough to hold cosmetics and a smartphone. Wear it over your shoulder or detach the chain strap to carry it as a clutch an excellent choice for weddings, evening wear, and other formal occasions. Shipping is free wherever you are in the world!

    What Free Stuff You Can Get On Amazon

    For many items, we have no alternative but to buy them through Amazon, but therere a number of things you can get for free.

    Some stuff is already free of charge, such as free Kindle eBooks, free Audible books, free digital music, free 5GB cloud storage on Amazon Photos, all kinds of free trials, and a free baby welcome box valued up to $35, etc.

    Assuming you dont want to spend money on the stuff thatotherwise you have to pay, instead of getting those freebies you can have for free already, we will only focus on those high-value products that you can get on Amazon for free, ranging from household goods to clothes to cosmetics.

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    Can You Use Paypal On Amazon

    The very short answer is no: Amazon clearly states that it doesnt accept PayPal as a payment method¹ – if you make a purchase through the site, you wont be given PayPal as a payment option.

    However, there are various ways you can get around this. If you have money in your PayPal balance that you want to spend on Amazon, you might still be in luck. Well go through a few of your options in a moment.

    Latest News About Ebay Presence In Japan

    How to Buy from Amazon Japan – 2021

    In 2018 eBay announced its boosts of Japanese business with an acquisition. eBay is ramping up its presence in Japan via its latest investment in Asia.

    American online retail giant announced in early 2018 that it has acquired the Japan-based business of e-commerce company Giosis , in an undisclosed deal .

    Japan has been a relative ray of sunshine compared to other parts of Asia for eBay. While it doesn’t provide local customer figures, the company said it enables “thousands of Japanese businesses” to sell products to the 170 million active buyers that it claims worldwide. The Qoo10.jp looks like an effort to grow a business that sells to customers inside Japan. eBay said that Qoo10.jp has around two million. That’s a fairly significant number, but it is some way short of Rakuten, which dominates the Japanese e-commerce space with nearly 90 million registered shoppers.

    With the close of the transaction, eBay also has relinquished its investment in Giosis non-Japanese businesses. This acquisition expands eBay’s footprint in Japan, one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world. eBay made an initial investment in Giosis Pte. Ltd. in 2010. Since then, Giosis has established dynamic marketplace businesses across Asia. With today’s acquisition, eBay will build on Giosis progress in Japan, enhancing the domestic customer experience.

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    International Shipping For Amazon Japan

    Amazon Japan boasts 260 million products. That makes it the fifth largest marketplace in the world. Imagine what customers may find just in this store.

    But its not only a big marketplace for Amazon users. Merchants can also order unique items from Amazon Japan to sell on their own territories.

    As of 2021, its possible to ship products to 64 countries from Amazon Japan. You need only make sure the territory is eligible for the Amazon Global shipping program.

    Its all about knowing the requisites and nuisances for ordering from Amazon Japan.

    Lets take a look at what youll be dealing with:

    How Do I Order From Amazon Japan

  • The first step is to visit Japan Amazons website .
  • Search for items in step 2.
  • Copy the link to the product in step 3.
  • Payment can be made from the account page of your Remambo account.
  • You will consolidate your order and choose a shipping method at this stage.
  • Payment of international shipping costs is the sixth step.
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    How Much Do I Need To Pay To Use Buyandship

    To be a Buyandship member is FREE. And best of all, you will receive RM10 free shipping credits upon completion of the account verification! now to enjoy these benefits and make overseas online shopping more accessible to you.

    Our shipping rate is easy to understand it starts from RM22 per pound & RM26 per pound for shipment sending from our Japan warehouse. We only charge based on your items actual weight and there is no base charge or handling fee! For more information about our pricing scheme, please visit Pricing.

    The Delivery Duty Paid option will be the best choice for you if you do not want to be bothered by taxes or duties of your goods anymore. You also have the option to ship with the Delivery Duty Unpaid method, though remember you may have to pay for tax and duty if your shipments CIF value is over RM500.

    Our courier partners will handle the process on your behalf and will inform you beforehand on the estimated custom tax and duty youll need to pay to Kastam, if you have selected the DDU delivery method. Buyandship does not handle Kastam payments you will need to pay our courier partner before they can proceed with releasing your shipment. Please note that our courier partners will charge a processing fee during the procedure.

    Take a look at the price comparison below and discover how much you can save with Buyandship for shipping from Japan to Malaysia.

    # Step : Go To Amazoncojp

    45 Japanese Products You Can Buy Now

    First, go to

    Amazon Japan design is the same as Amazon.com. Except that, at first, everything should be written in Japanese. Thankfully, you can switch the language to English or Chinese by clicking on the globe icon on the main menu. This will auto-translate the website in your selected language. Since its auto-translation, some texts will be wrong. That’s why we recommend to only use that feature if you don’t understand Japanese at all.

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    Sign Up For An Amazon Prime Student Free Trial

    Got a student email address? If so, you can sign up for Amazon Prime Student free for six months. . This includes free shipping, access to thousands of free TV shows and movies, and exclusive college discounts. Even if the free trial ends, you can still get it at a much lower price at $5.49 or cancel the subscription anyway.

    Japanese Lacquer Box By Kotobuki

    Lacquer is the quintessential Japanese craft product: calm, subtle, but in everyway perfect. The smooth blemish-free surface feels almost soft to the touch. This gracious lacquer box from Kotobuki is formed in the shape of a cherry blossom, with cherry petals drifting across the lid. An ideal reminder of a spring spent in Japan.

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    Skincare Set By Hada Labo

    New to the world of Japanese beauty products and dont know where to start? Pick up this Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Care set, designed to replace hyaluronic acid in the skin, an element that decreases as we age. Hada Labo, a leading innovator of Japanese skin care products, stands behind the belief that products should work in conjunction with the skin and are all fragrance-free, paraben-free, dye-free, and mineral oil-free.

    How To Order From Amazon Japan A Detailed Buying Guide

    How to Shop on AMAZON JAPAN in 2019! | PandaBunny

    Old page is here.

    This is a detailed, step by step guide on how to purchase / order an item from , including information on shipping costs, tax charges and more. Read on !

    So youve been searching high and low for that cool Japanese artbook, figure or gadget and finally found it on websitebut everything is in Japanese and you have no idea how to order ?

    No worries this article will guide you along with clear and concise steps on how to order and purchase an item from Amazon Japan. You might also want to check out the FAQ article.

    The is primarily in Japanese language only, but there are links on the website allows you to switch to English. The switch however, isnt exhaustive and only translates selected information, though that is enough for us to complete the order.

    Step 1 : Locate the switch for English language on the website

    Say youve located the item you want to purchase and are now on the product page. Well use Masamune Shirows groundbreaking manga Ghost In The Shell as an example here. The page is currently displaying in Japanese.

    To display the page in English, scroll right down to the bottom of the page and locate the language switch tab its a rectangle box with a globe icon to the right of the Amazon logo, and click on that. Now switch from Japanese to English .

    Once youve done that, the page will refresh and display in English, with details telling you whether the item is in stock, and the big yellow purchase button now reads wellAdd to Cart.

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    Japanese Crane Kimono Robe

    Crafted by renowned kimono makers in Kyoto, this luxurious loungewear robe is ideal for those who enjoy kimono design, with the ease of a throw-on robe. Handmade in Kyoto, Japan, this three-quarter length kimono-style robe comes pre-gift wrapped in beautiful washi paper!

    Need To Pay In Different Currencies Use Wise

    With banks and companies like PayPal, you often get hefty fees for foreign payments. And if youve already tried managing multiple accounts in multiple countries, you know its rarely simple to do it with most providers.

    With Wise, opening a multi-currency account has no monthly fees. There, you can manage and send dozens of different currencies all from the same account. All around the world. Different than PayPal, there’s no spread when converting your money, so you always get the mid-market exchange rate.

    Check out the benefits of using Wise multi-currency account and start saving today.

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    Cutting Board By Yoshihiro

    Often overlooked in the kitchen, a proper cutting board will keep your knives from getting dull too soon. A proper cutting board will also eliminate unnecessary stress on your hand and knife, so consider a cutting board from Yoshihiro Cutlery, creators of unique Japanese products for the home. Available in 6 different sizes, the high quality surface is made from a synthetic material that is antibacterial and will improve the edge retention of your knives.

    Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set By Skater

    45 Japanese Products You Can Buy Now

    Long, warm, summer days means one thing plenty of time to picnic in the park. For those looking to experience a little bit of Japan, no matter where you are in the world, consider picking up a Japanese Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set. Perfect for either picnicking or even making your office lunch a little special, this compact set comes with a tidy plum-flower designed bag for easy storage.

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    Shop Japan From Anywhere In The World

    Shop Japan with WEBUY

    WEBUY is a Personal Shopping Agent in Japan, providing Shopping, Buying & Shipping Service to Corporations and Individuals worldwide. You can Buy from any Online Shopping Website, Online Auction site or Retail Store in Japan and Ship to Anywhere in the world.

    Find your favorite item and Request Quote for free. Receive the Total Cost of Shopping including the Shipping fee.

    How Long Does Amazon Take To Ship

    Amazon international shipping times vary a great deal. Some items can get from the US to Germany, for instance, in a couple of days – but thats with priority shipping. With standard shipping, the same item can take weeks to arrive.

    If youre in a hurry and dont mind paying a premium, choose the fastest shipping. If you can plan in advance and would rather save the money, choose standard shipping and plan on the item arriving sometime within a month.

    And of course, the route has a big effect on how long it takes, too – the further the item has to travel, the longer it might take. So dont imagine that ordering from Amazon US and Amazon Australia is exactly the same deal.

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    Consider International Mail Forwarding / Freight Forwarders

    If Amazon doesnt offer shipping of a particular item to your country – or even if it does, but the shipping cost is too high – there might be another way. Forwarding services offer what could be an easy solution.

    A company like that, probably based in the US, can make Amazon orders on your behalf, ship the items to their address in the US, and then forward your purchases on to your home with international shipping.

    Many companies offer this service – one of the better-known ones is Flycrates, and various others are discussed on the Parcel Forward website. Of course, using a third-party like this complicates the process a little.

    It will likely mean the package takes longer to arrive to you, and naturally, youll have to check the cost carefully and make sure its good value for money.

    Amazon itself is careful to explain that using a freight forwarder does affect your ability to return items if theyre damaged or defective. But, depending on your location, this could be your only option to get stuff via Amazon.

    Good luck looking for your international purchase from Amazon – just make sure to keep an eye on the total cost.

    You can always get the mid-market rate on your international purchases with the Wise account. Sign up for free, and start saving money today!

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