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How To Change Charity On Amazon

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Searching For Nonprofits On Amazonsmile By Their Dba

How to Select or Change a Charity on AmazonSmile

If an organization has a DBA listed on their nonprofit profile and it is not in the title/name of your organization, the DBA will not appear on AmazonSmile’s website.

However, if an organization is registered at and they search for their DBA, the organization will appear but show as the registered name or the name that appears on your organization’s profile page. The same will happen when supporters search for the DBA name of your organization.

How Do I View Information About The Donations That Have Been Made To Me

Amazon Pay provides two types of reports in Seller Central, and both of these reports will help you keep track of donations that have been made to you.

To create and view reports, sign in to Seller Central, choose Amazon Pay from the dropdown, and then choose one of the options under Reports:

  • A settlement report provides a detailed breakdown of your account activity for a given period and the funds disbursed to you. To create and view settlement reports, click Reports > Payments. You can use a settlement report to support your reconciliation processes. For instructions on how to download and read your settlement report, see Settlement reports.
  • A transaction report provides information about Captures, including the email addresses of your donors. To create and view transaction reports, click Reports > Payments Transaction Reports. You can use transaction reports to synchronize the status of donations with the information in your system, and can also use them to analyze refund rates. For instructions on how to download or read your transaction report, see Obtaining transaction and settlement reports on Seller Central.
  • Note: Your donor billing address data and donor email address are available in the daily capture reports. See for details.

    Set Up An Amazon Smile Charity List

    ! Amazon sells everything from groceries and office supplies to books and clothing. No matter what your organizations mission is, you likely have a list of items you need.

    Amazon Charity Lists are especially useful around the holidays and in preparation for specific events. Create a Charity List and share it with your network of supporters so they can purchase the items your organization actually needs. The things even ship directly to your organization.

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    Apply To Be A Spotlight Charity

    Spotlight Charities appear on the Amazon Smile website for all visitors to see. This is an excellent opportunity to increase your visibility and reach new potential supporters.

    Amazon highlights five charities at a time on their Amazon Smile page. Any 501 can apply to be featured for a period of time. It only takes a little time to fill out the application. While its nearly impossible to predict the value of being a spotlight charity, every little bit helps.

    Help Your Supporters Understand How To Shop With Amazon Smile

    How to Change Your Amazon Smile Charity: 8 Steps (with ...

    Amazon Smile is only useful if your supporters know how to use it to back your nonprofit. Your supporters can log into Amazon Smile with their current username and password. Then, they will receive a prompt to choose a charity to support.

    Once the account is set up, Amazon will remember your charity. Encourage your community to check every time they shop on Amazon to make sure they are on the site instead of .

    Unfortunately, people can only support one organization at a time and they must be logged into their account for their purchases to be eligible for donations. . Give them basic instructions on how to change the charity they support.

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    How To Set Up An Amazon Smile Account For Your Nonprofit

    Originally Published on July 22nd, 2019. Updated for July 7th, 2020.

    Amazon Smile is a great addition to your efforts to make money for your nonprofit. This program lets customers shop on and then donates 0.5 percent of eligible purchases to their charity of choice. Keep reading to find out more about the Amazon Smile program for nonprofits.

    What Important Information Do I Need To Know Before I Use Amazon Pay Or Alexa Donations To Collect Charitable Donations

    • You may want to use Amazon Pay for accepting donations, and also use it on your website for selling merchandise. In order to do both, you need to set up separate Amazon Pay merchant accounts. Please be aware that if you register for both a charitable organization ) account and a regular Amazon Pay account for selling merchandise, you must use a different email address and Business Name when completing the registration flow for each account.
    • After we have finished setting up your Amazon Pay merchant account, please do not change the Seller Display Name that is listed in Seller Central.
    IMPORTANT: 501 charitable organizations that accept charitable donations on their websites using Amazon Pay are required to contact Amazon Pay Merchant Support in these circumstances: 1) if the URL of their website’s privacy policy changes, or 2) if the URL of their website’s home page changes.

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    Amazon Makes Shopping And Giving Work Together

    Socially conscious spending has trended upward for years, but when the social justice movement took center stage in 2020, it seems to have ascended to greater heights. For instance, “The Social Consumer Spending Index,” compiled by marketing firm GoodMustGrow, revealed that in 2020, social spending leaped forward by 15%a sign that consumers are more interested in giving back when they shop.

    Amazon, though, caught on to these trends early. One of its most visible and popular ways to engage socially aware shoppers has been with its signature program, Amazon Smile.

    How Do Customers Find And Shop My Charity Lists

    How to Select or Change a Charity on AmazonSmile

    Charity Lists are available for all AmazonSmile customers on on the web browser or with AmazonSmile activated in the Amazon Shopping app their iOS or Android phones within the Programs & Features menu. In addition, Charity Lists are actively promoted to AmazonSmile customers throughout the various marketing channels. We also encourage you to share your organizations unique links with supporters to make it easy for them to find your Charity Lists. Customers visiting your Charity Lists with your unique links will be prompted to join AmazonSmile in support of your organization, also generating 0.5% cash donation for your organization, on top of the product donations.

    1. Ensure you are signed out of any other Amazon account by visiting .2. At the top right corner of the page, click “Sign in to Your Org Central Account.”3. Sign in using your registered e-mail address and password.4. Click “View Your Charity Lists.”5. On the mid-right side, click on the link button beside “List settings” to copy the unique Charity List link.

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    Amazon Pay Faq For Charitable Organizations

    Charitable organizations that register with Amazon Pay have two options that will allow their supporters to make donations using the information in their Amazon accounts:

    • Donations on Alexa devices, when donors speak
    • Donations directly on your website, when donors click the Donate with Amazon button

    How Does Amazonsmile Work

    Whether youre an Amazon superfan who wants to give back through the purchases you already make or a charitable organization in need of additional financial support, getting started with AmazonSmile is simple. Heres how to do it.

    Supporting a new or favorite charity starts with visiting the right URL.

    Instead of navigating directly to when its time to buy, desktop users need only type in to ensure their purchases will generate an AmazonSmile donation. If you usually shop from an iOS or Android device, open the Amazon shopping app, scroll down to Settings in the main menu, and click AmazonSmile to turn on this feature.

    Once youve activated AmazonSmile in your account settings, its time to pick a charity.

    With nearly 1 million 501 organizations currently registered with the AmazonSmile program, you can find everything from national organizations to smaller charities based right in your own community.

    You can choose one of AmazonSmiles spotlight charities, search for a specific nonprofit or simply type in the kind of programming you want to support dance, for instance to see a list of related organizations.

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    Amazon Smile Is A Tool Not A Fundraising Solution

    Receiving donations from Amazon Smile is just another tool in your fundraising and networking arsenal, not a solution to all your funding needs. Its not meant to replace your regular fundraising efforts. Although the 0.5% donation does add up, your supporters would have to spend a substantial amount of money to generate significant contributions.

    One disadvantage of Amazon Smile is it gives shoppers the illusion of being more charitable than they actually are. A way to combat this illusion is to publish exactly how much you receive from Amazon Smile. Help your network understand how much money comes in from Amazon Smile compared to your total budget.

    Are you ready to add Amazon Smile to your fundraising toolbox? Here are three resources to help you use Amazon Smile and other creative fundraising tools more effectively.

    How To Turn On Amazonsmile In The Mobile App

    How to Change Your Amazon Smile Charity: 8 Steps (with ...

    Get the app

    Download or update to the latest version of the Amazon Shopping app on your phone. You can find it in the App Store for iOS or for Android.

    Join AmazonSmile

    If you are not already an AmazonSmile member, simply sign up at and select your favorite charity to start generating donations, at no cost to you.

    Turn on AmazonSmile

    Open the app and find Settings in the main menu . Tap on AmazonSmile and follow the on-screen instructions to turn on AmazonSmile on your phone.

    AmazonSmile in the app is not available for iPads and other tablet devicesTo shop AmazonSmile on your tablet, type into the browser.

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    Cons For Organizations Explained

    • The donations are small: For many charities, AmazonSmile’s 0.5% of eligible purchases may seem negligible. It takes a long time for them to add up. Only the site’s ease of use and massive audience counteract this drawback.
    • Can dampen consumer giving habits:Some nonprofit experts speculate that using AmazonSmile will dampen consumers’ personal giving habits, meaning. By feeling like they have already “contributed” through their purchase, your supporters may think they don’t have to do anything else to support you. Fundraisers might worry that their previously engaged donors will not donate directly to their favorite causes.
    • You cannot access any personal data about your donors:Charities are unable to access donor data through AmazonSmile. This eliminates a huge source of information that could make it easier for nonprofits to access new opportunities for donations. In other words, your organization will not be able to add that donor to your database or send a thank you.
    • Need to advertise: You will need to advertise AmazonSmile on your website and social channels to make it worthwhile. Although AmazonSmile does perform some marketing for its program, it is essential that your nonprofit also market it. Let your supporters know that your organization has signed up with AmazonSmile and nudge them to use it when shopping at Amazon.

    How To Donate To Charity While Shopping On Amazon

    In these weird times, you may find yourself ordering online more often than you did before. With all the stores closing down, Amazon is still going strong for purchasing goods. Did you know, however, that you can donate to charity every time you shop at Amazon, with no additional cost to you? The donations wont be too extravagant, but if youre an Amazon fanatic, its a good way to give to charity without much effort.

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    Often Asked: How Tochange Amazon Charity

    Can you change your charitable organization on AmazonSmile?

    • If you make a change, only AmazonSmile purchases after the change will accrue donations for your newly selected charitable organization. Your change will not affect AmazonSmile purchases made prior to the change. To change your charitable organization, sign in to on your desktop or mobile phone browser.

    To change your charitable organization, sign in to on your desktop or mobile phone browser. From your desktop, simply select Your Account from the navigation at the top of any page, and then select the option to Change your Charity.


    Why Should I Upload Logo And Cover Images To My Charity Lists

    How to use to donate to charity for no cost

    Having your organizations logo and cover images are great ways to provide your supporters affirmation of your brand and set you apart from other Charity Lists. Furthermore, it reminds your supporters, and other AmazonSmile customers visiting your Charity Lists, of the impact they make by donating items off your lists. The best performing Charity Lists provide logo and cover images.

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    What Organizations Does Amazon Donate To

    Thanks to our customers, AmazonSmile has donated more than $155 million, to hundreds of thousands of charitable organizations like United Way, Feeding America, St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, The American Cancer Society, The Nature Conservancy and many more so they can expand their meaningful work.

    Selecting A Charity With Amazon Smile

    When you first visit Amazon Smile, it will ask you which charity you want to donate to. On the right, youll see a readily-chosen selection of the major charities in your country. Feel free to go through them and select one that rings true with you.

    If you want to support a smaller charity, theres a good chance you wont find it in the charity picker. If you cant find it, dont fret: you can use the charity locator to find it. Enter the name of the charity to find it, or type in your location to find charities in your area.

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    How To Use Amazonsmile Using The Amazon App On Your Mobile Phone:

  • Open the Amazon Shopping app
  • Navigate to the main menu
  • Tap on Settings and then select AmazonSmile
  • Select your charity and then follow the on-screen instructions to turn ON AmazonSmile in the mobile app
  • Once AmazonSmile has been activated in your app, future eligible app purchases will generate a donation for the charity you have selected.Note: The tablet app is not yet supported. Please visit to learn more.
  • One: Choose Your Charity

    How to Change Your Amazon Smile Charity: 8 Steps (with ...

    There are over a million charities registered with AmazonSmile. The first time you visit , youll be prompted to select one.

    Amazon has five Spotlight Charities that theyre promoting, but you can use the search box to find a different one to support. Most major American charities are available.

    Once youve decided on a charity, click Select and any purchases you make will support it.

    If you cant remember what charity you chose, you can see what charity youre supporting underneath the Amazon search bar.

    To choose a different charity to support, go to your Amazon Account page.

    Under Settings, select Change Your Charity.

    Once again, you can pick from one of the Spotlight charities or search for your own.

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    How To Change My Amazon Smile Charity

    To be eligible for the AmazonSmile program, organizations must be registered and in good standing with the IRS as a c 3.

    To sign up to receive donations through AmazonSmile, follow these steps: Visit org. Search for your camp by name or EIN number and select your organization. Create an organization administrator account and accept the AmazonSmile Participation Agreement on behalf of your camp. If you do not want your organisation to participate in the AmazonSmile programme please contact us and request that your organisation be removed from the programme.

    How can we change the AmazonSmile organisation administrator to another person? Sign in to Org Central and select Settings at the top of the page. Click on the “Remove me as administrator” button. Then, a new administrator will need to enrol the organisation and resubmit bank account information.

    See the AmazonSmile Participation Agreement for more details. What happens if we do not enrol our charitable organisation and provide a bank account for an electronic transfer? The purchase price for each item is the purchase price, excluding shipping, handling, gift-wrapping fees, VAT, and service charges, and less any rebates, returns, and bad debt. Certain items are not eligible and will not result in donations. What purchases are eligible for donations? Millions of products on AmazonSmile are eligible for donations.

    How Do Charities Receive Donations

    Once a customer places an eligible order, AmazonSmile applies the donation amount and puts it into a fund for that individual organization.

    Each quarter, the AmazonSmile Foundation deposits the donation funds via electronic funds transfer. Your organization should receive the funds approximately 45 days after the previous quarter ends or when the amount reaches a minimum threshold.

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    How Much Of My Purchase Does Amazon Donate

    Donation amounts are calculated based on the price of the item. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Few for Change. Eligible products are marked Eligible for AmazonSmile donation on their product detail page. Your shopping experience remains otherwise remains the same.

    All payment methods available on, including Shop with Points, are available for use on AmazonSmile. Recurring Subscribe-and-Save purchases and subscription renewals are not currently eligible.

    What Items Are Eligible For Amazonsmile Donations

    Amazon Smile Instruction Video – change the name of the charity

    On AmazonSmile, there are millions of items for sale. Many but not all are eligible for a donation. When you purchase an eligible item, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price. The purchase price does not include rebates, shipping & handling, gift-wrapping fees, taxes, or service charges.

    In short, only the individual cost of the eligible item will qualify for the 0.5% donation.

    Before you check out, make sure your purchase qualifies. Look for the “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” stamp in the product’s description. If it is not there, the product will not count toward your total donation.

    Returned items do not count toward the donation amount, and “Subscribe and Save” purchases are also ineligible.

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