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How To Change Default List On Amazon

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How To Change Shipping Address On Amazon Pre Order

How To Set Default Address on Amazon

If you want to change your Amazon shipping address pre-order, change the default shipping address on your Amazon account.

You can do this using an existing address in your address list. Or you could add a new address to the list. Here are the steps:

  • Open . Then login with your Amazon account.
  • On the top right of your Amazon account, hover over Account & Lists. Then click Your Account. Your Amazon account page will open. See the second screenshot below
  • On your Amazon account page, scroll down to the Ordering and shopping preferences section. Then, click Your Addresses.
  • On Your Addresses page, your default shipping address will be listed first. Additionally, all other addresses in the list will have Set as default on the bottom right of the address. To change any address to your default shipping address, click the Set as default link beneath the address.
  • Alternatively, if you want to add a new address, click Add Address.
  • Then, on the Add a new address page enter your name, address details, and a delivery instruction . When you finish, beneath the form click Add address. Additionally, if you want to make this new address your default shipping address, before Delivery instructions , check the Make this my default address checkbox.
  • You will receive a confirmation that the new address has been saved.
  • How To Unregister A Device On Amazon

    If you have registered a device before for your Amazon ebooks, you can deregister it if you no longer use it.

    • Navigate to Manage Your Content and Devices under Accounts & Lists .
    • If it is a Kindle device, select the Amazon Device section. If it is a smartphone or tablet, click Amazon Apps Installed on Devices.
    • Now, look for the device that you want to unregister on your Amazon account.

    What device do you prefer when reading your purchased ebooks from Amazon? We would love to know! Drop your answer below.

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    Remove Your Amazon Public Profile

    We dont often think of our Amazon account as our profile. However, thats precisely what it is.

    Your profile is created automatically, whether you want it or not, and it contains comments, ratings, public Wish Lists, biographical information and other site interaction. This profile doesnt include your purchases or browsing history but its very informative.

    If you want to control what activity is visible on your public profile, follow these steps:

  • Put your cursor on the Account & Lists button and then click on Your Account.
  • Scroll down to the Ordering and shopping preferences section. Click Your Amazon profile.
  • Click on the link in the orange box to the right that says, Edit your profile. Click the Edit privacy settings tab.
  • You can select or deselect items like Reviews, Questions, Who You Follow, Public Wish Lists, Baby Registry and others. To simplify this, theres also a handy option to Hide all activity on your profile, which turns everything off at once.
  • Its sometimes hard to tell what other people can see. If you want a quick look at what information youre sharing publicly, click View your profile as a visitor. You can tell at a glance if youre sharing anything you dont want to out in the public arena.

    If your profile is showing your real name, or other biographical information you dont want, go back to the profile settings page and click the Edit profile tab. Its located right next to the Edit Privacy settings tab.

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    Search For A Public Amazon Wish List

    You can search for lists set to Public this way.

  • Open the search page by hovering over Accounts & Lists and selecting Find a List or Registry.

  • On the Your Friends tab, you’ll see a sample message that will help the recipient share their list with you. Select Copy message to send it via text or IM, or choose Email this message.

  • When your friend receives the message, they can take the steps in the previous section to send you their wishlist.

  • How To Find The Amazon Wish List Of Somebody You Know

    How to Change Your Default Credit Card on Amazon (And ...

    The Amazon Wish List is a handy and smart feature that allows the user to set Amazon items that they would want to get as a gift from their friends. Essentially, if you are looking for a perfect gift for someone you know and they are using the Amazon Wish List feature, you can go ahead and order the gift and surprise them.

    However, if you can not find the Wish List Feature on Amazon, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle. With this in mind, we have created a guide that will help you find your or anyone elses Amazon Wish List, if it exists.

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    Launch An Ec2 Instance Into Your Default Vpc

    When you launch an EC2 instance without specifying a subnet, it’s automatically launched into a default subnet in your default VPC. By default, we select an Availability Zone for you and launch the instance into the corresponding subnet for that Availability Zone. Alternatively, you can select the Availability Zone for your instance by selecting its corresponding default subnet in the console, or by specifying the subnet or the Availability Zone in the AWS CLI.

    Can I Find Out Whats In An Amazon Package Without Opening It

    In case youre not sure about a gift you receive, you can find out whats inside before opening it.

    You need the Amazon App for this. Tap the camera button and select the Package X-Ray feature.

    You can then scan the barcode and the app will tell you whats inside.

    This is how it works on an iPhone but you should be able to do the same thing across different phones.

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    In What Countries Is Amazon Available

    Quite a few. And dont forget that if your country doesnt have its own dedicated Amazon store, you can still use another countrys – the US one is the biggest – and see if things can be shipped over to you.

    Heres a current guide to what different country specific Amazons exist – as well as which languages they operate in².

    Country or region

    How To Invite Others To Collaborate

    How to Set Default New Address to Amazon Account

    One step beyond sharing is collaborating. If you collaborate on a list with someone else, then you and that other person can both add or remove items from the list. This is perfect for families so parents can both add to a child’s list or for a shopping list that the whole family could add to. Here’s how that works.

  • Go to
  • Click the Invite button above your list.
  • Copy the link, or click Invite by email to open your email client.
  • Send the link to the person you want to collaborate with.
  • When the recipient clicks on the link you send them, you will get an email from Amazon to say that they have joined your list.

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    How To Add To An Amazon Wish List

    When you find something you want to add to your Amazon wish list, you’re only a couple of clicks away from doing just that. Here’s how.

  • Find the item you want to add to your list on Amazon’s website.
  • On the right-hand side of the product page, underneath the pricing information, there’s a button that says Add to List.
  • How Do I Find Amazon Wish Lists That Have Previously Been Shared With Me

    It is simple. Go to Find a Wish List and enter your credentials to sign in, if prompted. Now, ideally, use the email address of the person in question. You can also use their name, but the email address is unique and, therefore, a better match. Then, select Search and find your friends Wish List. If you want to save the link to the list, select Remember.

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    Using Add To Amazon Wish List

    With the addon, your Amazon Wish List will be with you wherever you browse. Anytime you discover an item you want to add to one of your lists, just click the icon in your browser and wait until it has fetched the information from the site you are viewing. It will be compiled in a little pop-up window. You can edit the title, price, quantity, thumbnail, add comments, and select your list. Picking a list will automatically add the item, so be sure to edit all other fields first and select the wish list last.

    What you can’t do via the addon is set a priority. This is only possible while viewing your wish lists in Amazon.

    Note that the addon can only use wish lists you have previously created in Amazon. If you would like to add items to a new wish list, you need to go to , and create another wish list via the respective button. Now you can proceed collecting items using the addon and the new wish list will show up in the list.

    View Your Default Vpc And Default Subnets

    How to Change Your Default Credit Card on Amazon (And ...

    You can view your default VPC and subnets using the Amazon VPC console or the command line.

    To view your default VPC and subnets using the Amazon VPC console

  • Open the Amazon VPC console at.

  • In the navigation pane, choose Your VPCs.

  • In the Default VPC column, look for a value ofYes. Take note of the ID of the default VPC.

  • In the navigation pane, choose Subnets.

  • In the search bar, type the ID of the default VPC. The returned subnets are subnets in your default VPC.

  • To verify which subnets are default subnets, look for a value ofYes in the Default Subnetcolumn.

  • To describe your default VPC using the command line

    Use the commands with the isDefault filter and set the filter value totrue.

    To describe your default subnets using the command line

    Use the commands with the vpc-id filter and set the filter value to the ID of the default VPC. In the output, the DefaultForAz field is set totrue for default subnets.

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    How To Hide Everything From Your Profile

    If you have wish lists you want to keep public, but hide from your profile, you can do that too. Visit your profile by hovering over Account & Lists on and clicking Your Account.

    Click Profile under Ordering and shopping preferences. You can go directly to your profile by clicking this link.

    To view what the public can see, click the See what others see link at the top of the page.

    To edit your privacy settings, click Edit your profile.

    You can change your public name and other information like your email address, occupation, website, location, bio, and social media links here.

    To hide everything from your profile, check the Hide all activity on your profile box and then click Save.

    While people cant see these lists from your profile, they can still use the Find a List or Registry page to search for wish lists, wedding registries, or baby registries associated with your email address or name.

    Organize Your Wish List By Priority

    Amazon provides a few ways to sort your wish list, but missed an important one: sorting by which items you want most.

    When I sat down tocreate my Christmas list in November of 2002, I decided to use myAmazon wish list. I added all the books, CDs, and DVDs that I hadbeen craving to my list. Next, I went to the Your Wish List page,where I planned to rank the items on my list. To my surprise, I foundthat Amazon doesnt allow you to rank your wish list.

    Instead, all you can do is sort the list by date added, lastupdated, or price. Even worse, the default sorting is by dateadded, and, since the items I wanted the most were the first ones Iadded, they ended up at the bottom of my list.

    In search of a solution, I took a look at Amazon Web Services and foundthat I could build my own simple application that adds rankingability for Amazon wish lists.

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    How To Share An Amazon Wish List

    Amazon has few rivals in the online shopping space. It is easily one of the best one-stop shopping sites for just about anything you care to order, and it’s often one of the cheapest too.

    One of my favorite things about Amazon is the lists. When you create a wish list, you can quickly add things to it as you browse through the Amazon website. These items are saved for future reference but can also be made available to friends and families when birthdays or holidays are close. You can even collaborate on lists with other people so that they too can add or delete things. So, let’s dive in and see how we can make those lists work for you.

    How To Find Someones Amazon Wish List From An Amazon Kindle Reader

    How To Change Amazon Wish List Address

    Amazon Kindle Readers are handy digital replacements for books. When it comes to reading, they are probably one of the best device types for it.

    Yes, you can access the Amazon Store via your Kindle device. Yes, you can make a Wish List. And, yes, you can access your friends Wish Lists, as well.

    Its all very straightforward.

  • On your Kindles home screen, navigate to the Amazon app.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account using your credentials.
  • Now, go to Registry or List. You will find various listed books sorted by interests, needs, or specific purposes.
  • Find the book that you want to buy and purchase it if you wish.
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    How To Change Shipping Address On Amazon If Order Is Already Placed

    If you already placed an order and the status is still Open you can change the shipping address. Here are the steps

  • Open . Then login with your Amazon account.
  • On the top right of your Amazon account, hover over Account & Lists. Then click Your Orders.
  • You could also access Your Orders page by clicking Return & Orders . This button is available for it may not be available for your Amazon marketplace.
  • Finally, on your Amazon Orders page, click Open Orders tab. If you have any Open orders they will be listed here. You can open an order and change the shipping address.
  • That is it! It is this easy to change shipping address on Amazon. I hope you found this Itechguide helpful. If you did, kindly vote Yes below.

    You could also ask a question, leave a comment or provide feedback. Use the Leave a Reply form found at below this guide.

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    List Of Useful Alexa Shopping List Voice Commands

    In this section of the article, we give you an overview of some of the most useful Alexa shopping list commands to help you control and manage your Alexa shopping list hands-free!

    • Creating a New List: “Alexa, create a list.”
    • Creating a Specific Type of List: “Alexa, create a .”
    • Adding Single Item to Alexa Shopping List: “Alexa, add to my shopping list.”
    • Adding Multiple Items to Alexa Shopping List: Alexa, add , , and to my shopping list.”
    • Removing Single Item from Alexa Shopping List: Alexa, remove from my shopping list.”
    • View Alexa Shopping List on Echo Show: Alexa, show my shopping list.”
    • Listen to Narration of Alexa Shopping List Items: Alexa, whats on my shopping list?”
    • Delete Alexa Shopping List Items: “Alexa, clear my shopping list.”

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    Can I Use Alexa With My Amazon Wish List

    With an Alexa-enabled device like Amazon Echo, Echo Show, etc, you can manage all your lists with Alexa.

    Just tell Alexa to add something and she will add it to the Wish List. You can also ask Alexa to read back the items on your Wish List.

    Alexa can also notify you if any of the items on your wish list are on sale or theres a special deal.

    If you only want Alexa to add items, then you need to disable the option to notify you of deals on the Alexa shopping notifications page.

    To enable the option to use Alexa with your wish list, head over to More -> Manage -> and select your preferred option under Manage list with Alexa.

    Rearrange Your Wish List

    How To Change Shipping Address on Amazon in 2021 ...

    The priority feature is great, but sometimes it is just better to have a wish list that is ordered the way you want it. To reorder items in your list, hover your mouse to the left of an item and then use drag and drop to reposition each item in the order that you want it. You can also click the link that says “Top” to instantly move an item to the top of your list.

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    Amazon Music Authorized Device Limits

    Devices used to play Amazon Music must be authorized to your Amazon account, based on our license agreements with content providers.

    Go to to manage devices authorized to your account.

    You can have up to 10 devices authorized to your account. Each device can only be authorized to one account at a time. Any device you download music to requires authorization.You can stream Amazon Music in a browser without authorizing the device.All mobile and tablet devices require authorization.

    If there are 10 devices authorized to your account, you must deauthorize one before authorizing another device. You can deauthorize a device and authorize it to another account at any time.

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