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How To Change My Password On My Amazon Account

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Forgot Your Username Or Domain Name

How To Change Your Amazon Password

To change the password of an account, you must provide either the Username or the Domain name. If you are unsure of the Username or Domain on your account, contact the account owner for assistance. You can also check your email as the account that you have with us is addressed by the Username. For account or billing changes, the administrative email will receive a notification, and the Username will be in that notification. The Domain name is usually the name of the website or what you put in the address bar to search for your live site.

Tip: Try to check the latest email or bill sent to you, it will show your Username, saying your account.

Never Use A Common Phrase Or Something Easy To Guess

Common passwords such as 123456, 654321, iloveyou, or passw0rd are so easy to guess, and not at all secure. In addition, things that people know about you such as your birthday, anniversary, license plate number, or childrens birthdays are commonly used as passwords, but shouldnt be. Try coming up with something creative regarding something you really love or commonly do.

For example, if every Friday night you order two extra large pizzas with red peppers, onions, and pepperoni, you could try this for a password: 2XLP-rpep-oni-pep. If your favorite book series is Harry Potter, and your favorite number is 16, try HarrysPatr0nusBeat16Dement0rs.

How To Change Your Amazon Password

It’s not hard to change your Amazon password, but we’d recommend doing it on the website, rather than the individual app of the Amazon service you use, since it can be simpler.

First, on the , click ‘Accounts and Lists’ in the top bar, to the right of the search bar – you can also hover your mouse over this menu if you want, then click ‘your account’ in the drop-down menu that appears.

Next, click ‘Login and Security’, and this will bring up a list showing the bare-bones details of your account. Your password will be visible as a series of asterisks, and next to that is a button to ‘Edit’ it. Click this button.

The next page that opens will ask for your password – input it – and the new password, re-entered after to make sure you’ve written it right. Once you’ve done this click ‘Save changes’, and your you’ll have successfully changed your Amazon password.

You’ll get an email confirmation letting you know your password was changed, in case you forget.

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Amazon Prime Password Change Process

  • Open Amazon official website and then go to Amazon Prime Setting and click on ‘Password assistance’.
  • When you are asked, enter your email address or mobile phone number which is associated with your Amazon account.
  • Once done, select Continue. Amazon will send you an email or SMS containing a One Time Password , to authenticate your request.
  • Enter the OTP you received and click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Now, select ‘Create a new password’.
  • You can change your password to whichever one you want.

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As soon as you have created a new password, your account will be activated with the new one. You can now access all the Amazon Prime subscription-related benefits from the time your password has been changed. Make sure you know that your new password is for the email address you have entered before. If you have two accounts in the same app, then, as per the guidelines, the password for the other should be changed separately .

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To Change Your Amazon Password:

How do I change my account password?
  • Sign into your Amazon account.
  • Move your cursor over Hello, , and click Your Account in the drop-down menu.
  • Click Change Account Settings under the Account Settings heading.
  • Beside Password, click Edit.
  • Enter a new password, and then click Save Changes.
  • Was that a little too quick for you? If you need some more information, check out our detailed set of instructions below to help you at each step of the way.

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    How To Change Your Amazon Password On Pc Or Mac

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to create a new password for your Amazon account, using a desktop internet browser.

    How To Change Your Password On Amazon

    These days, most of us shop on Amazon. We can find all kinds of things and purchase them with just a few clicks. Everything is simple and straightforward and

    These days, most of us shop on Amazon. We can find all kinds of things and purchase them with just a few clicks. Everything is simple and straightforward and we can all agree that because of it all we have an enjoyable experience. If for some reason you want to change the password of your Amazon account and not sure how to do it, keep reading. Here, we are going to share a quick guide on how to change your password on Amazon. This guide is designed especially for those who just stepped into the Amazon world, so just follow the steps below and you will make the changes you want in minutes.

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    What Are Amazon Password Requirements

    Cases of hacking and unauthorized access to Amazon accounts, email accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Netflix have become the order of the day. But, do you know how hackers manage to break in the advanced level of security and get access to the account? You might surprise but the fact is this difficult looking task is done in a simple way. Hackers steal the password. Largely those people who use the same, simple, common, and easy password they most often end with falling victim to the hackers.

    So, the idea here is to create a unique password in accordance with Amazon password requirements. According to Amazon password policy, users must create their password in a specific way as mentioned below:

    • Amazon password must have at least 6 characters and 16 characters .
    • Passwords must be a combination of upper case and lower case.
    • There must be a numeric and special character in your password.
    • Make sure you don’t use your name, date of birth, phone number, or any other common thing.
    • Create as much unique password as you can but keep it memorable as well at the same time.

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    How To Reset Your Amazon Password

    How to Change Amazon Account Password

    If you’ve forgotten your Amazon password, you’ll want to reset it, but this isn’t too hard a process.

    On an Amazon sign-in screen, click ‘Forgot your password’. Now, you’ll be prompted to input a phone number or email address, and you should enter whatever number or email address you started your account with.

    Now, you’ll be shown a entry box for an OTP, or a One-Time-Password. Keep this tab open.

    You’ll be emailed, or texted, your OTP. Check your email account or phone to get this password, and type it into the field on the Amazon website.

    In the next page, you’ll be asked to enter your password. You’ll need to follow the rules, which are listed below, then write it again in the box below. Once you’ve done this, your password will be changed, and you’ll have to use this new one going forward.

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    How To Change Amazon Prime Video Password Or Reset It

    Amazon was developed by Jeff Bezos. And came into existence on 5 July 1994. The products of Amazon are Fire OS, Fire TV, Kindle, Echo, and Fire Tablet. Then the Amazon services include purchasing, streaming services, Cloud storage services, Artificial Intelligence, and so on. Amazon Prime is the service by Amazon which includes immeasurable fast and free delivery for purchases, music, videos, and much more to go. Just by paying for Prime membership, you can get all these features. Here we will be teaching you the steps to change or reset your Amazon Prime Video Password.

    How To Change Your Amazon Password In The Mobile App

  • Open the Amazon app on your phone and go to Your Account.
  • Go to Password and select Edit.
  • Follow the instructions to change your password and then tap Save changes.
  • The steps above work if you want to change your password for security reasons, as you need to be able to log into your account to complete them.

    If you forgot your password, youll have to request a personalized reset link that will be sent to your email address. Once youve received it, follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

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    Choose A Strong Password

    OK slow down partner! Before you choose a new password, please please please read this groovyPost article where I cover how to create a strong password you can remember. A weak password is about as good as no password at all. Amazon only requires a six character password, so its important you read my article first and come up with a good quality password for both Amazon and other online accounts.

    Ready? Do you have a strong password or passphrase in mind? Perfect, enter your current password along with your new uber, super strong password and click Save change!

    Now that you have a great new password, why not truly secure your account by turning on ? Two-factor auth should really be enabled for all accounts online. To learn more about two-factor auth, take a look at our guide which outlines the what/why and how for the most popular services online.

    Editors Note Article originally published 9/24/2016. Updated 5/3/2017.

    How Do I Change My Amazon Account Password

    How to Change or Reset my Amazon Account Password?

    If youâre looking to improve your account security, changing the password from time to time is a good idea, especially if you tend to reuse your passwords . Itâs quite easy to change your password on Amazon. Hereâs how to change Amazon password:

  • Log in to your Amazon account.

  • Click on the Account & Lists button in the top-right corner of the website.

  • Click on the Login & security button.

  • You will see a table with your account details. Scroll down to Password and click on the Edit button.

  • Enter your current password .

  • Now enter your new password in the field below. Thatâs it!

  • When creating a new password, donât fall into bad habits. Hackers already know about popular combinations like qwerty, password, and 123456. If you want to secure your account, make sure you follow these tips:

    • Never reuse a password.

    • The longer, the better â come up with a password that is at least 8 characters long, ideally 12.

    • Make sure you have a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

    • Donât use any personal information.

    • Make it as random as possible â avoid common phrases and words.

    Once you come up with a password, you can check if itâs secure enough using our password checker tool. Or, if you canât think of a complicated password, use the NordPass password generator.

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    How Do You Archive Your Amazon Order

    1. Sign in to your Amazon account on the web andfrom the upper right corner of the screen.

    2. From the purchase list under the Your Orders section, find the order you want to hide and click Archive order.

    3. When the confirmation prompt appears,. You have successfully archived the order and it will no longer appear in your Amazon order history.

    How To Update Your Amazon Password

    Changing password at some regular intervals is one of many good things one can do to stay protected. So, look no further, follow these steps to change your Amazon account password:

    • Login to your Amazon account.
    • Tap the menu button and then from the drop down menu select your account.
    • Further, choose “Login and Security”.
    • Then choose password and further you need to choose edit.
    • Enter the old password to confirm you are the right person.
    • Now follow the onscreen instructions and change your Amazon account password.

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    How To Reset Amazon Prime Password

    To reset your forgotten Amazon Prime password, get along with the following steps.

    Step1: Tap Forget your Account and you will reach the Password Assistance page.

    Step2: Now attach your email address or phone number of your Amazon account.

    Step3: And then .

    Step4: If youve attached your email address, a mail with a verification code will be sent to your email address. Go to the Mail app and open the mail from the Amazon team.

    If youve attached your phone number, a text message with a verification code will be sent to your phone number. Click your Messages app and open the message from the Amazon team.

    Step5: Make note of the verification code and append it in the respective field.

    Step6: And then .

    Step7: After verifying, itll direct you to pick and enter a new password.

    Step8:Add a new password to your Amazon account and then save all your changes.

    Forgotten Password: How To Reset Your Password

    How To Change Your Amazon Password


  • Click Login on our home page or go to the .
  • Click on Forgot Password.
  • Type in your Username or one of your Domain names and click Send Email Link.
  • You will see a confirmation link requesting that you check your administrative email address on file.Note: The reset link is valid for 60 minutes.
  • Within a few minutes, you will receive an email with “Your Password Reset Request” in the subject line. This email will contain a password reset link.If you do not see the email in your inbox within a few minutes, please check your spam folder.The reset email message may look like this:
  • Click the link in the email, you will next see the Reset Password screen.
  • Passwords must:
  • Be at least six characters long
  • Contain at least one uppercase letter
  • Contain at least one lowercase letter
  • Contain at least two numbers
  • Contain at least one special character
  • Enter and confirm the password to ensure they match.
  • Review and confirm the Privacy Policy by checking the box
  • 1 Lowercase Lette

    Additional Requirements:

    • When changing your account password, the new password must meet the Strong or Very Secure minimum requirements.
    • 45 maximum total characters allowed.
    • It must be different from your account’s username.
    • When changing your account password, the new password cannot match the last three passwords used on the account.
    • Your browser must allow cookies on our website .

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    Never Repeat An Old Password Try For Something New And Original

    Though its easy to repeat an old password or change just a minor detail about it , you should never do this. Dont turn ilovepizza into ilovepizza1/ilovepizza2 and so on. You also should not switch back and forth between ilovepizza and ilovecake any time you need to change your password. Recycling old passwords is a common tendency, but its not at all secure. Be original!

    Why Is My Amazon Password Not Working

    If youre having trouble logging in, you may be entering incorrect account information or you may need to reset your password. Here are some things to check: Mobile Phone Number: If you created your account with a mobile phone number, youll need to use your mobile phone number to log into your account.

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    No Access To Administrative Email

    In the event that you do not have any access to your Administrative email and cannot recover it, you can still recover the account by following the Ownership process on this page. If you are the administrator for the account, please determine the type of account you are requesting information for.

    If you are requesting access/information for:

    A Business Account:

    Please see this page with the requirements for proof of ownership on a business account. The following will be required.

    • Business license
    • A 501 letter from the IRS
    • Any other government-issued documentation of business ownership.

    If you’ve tried these steps and are still having trouble logging in, contact us.

    A Personal Account:

    Please see this page with the requirements for proof of ownership on a personal account. The following will be required.

    • Government-issued driver’s license or identification card showing the customer’s name and address.

    If you’ve tried these steps and are still having trouble logging in, contact us.

    How To Change Password On Amazon Prime Video

    How to change your Amazon Password

    To change your Amazon Prime password, proceed with the steps instructed below. For changing Amazon Prime Video Password, we need to sign in on the Amazon Official Website.

    Step1: Sign in to your Amazon account with the current password. Specify Account & Lists

    Step2: Select the Login & security option

    Step3: It may ask your current password or ask you to sign in again to check that its your Amazon account.

    Step4: Then which is next to the Password field.

    Step5: Now attach your current password and the new password twice.

    Step6: At last, .

    Thats it. Now you can Sign In to your Amazon Prime account with a new password.

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    Change Your Account Password In The Amazon Mobile App

    If you shop from your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, use the Amazon app to change your account password.

    Start by launching the Amazon app on your phone. In the bottom bar of the app, tap the user profile icon .

    Youll see a Hello screen. Here, at the top, tap Your Account.

    On the Your Account page, from under the Account Settings section, select Login & Security.

    Amazon might ask you to type your current password. Enter the password and continue.

    On the Login & Security screen that opens, next to Password, tap Edit.

    Youll now see a Change Password screen. Here, tap the Current Password field and enter your current account password. Tap the New Password field and type a new password for your account.

    Finally, at the bottom of the Change Password section, tap Save Changes.

    And your Amazon account password is now updated!

    In addition to changing your password, there are a few more things you can do to .

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