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How To Change Parental Controls On Amazon Fire Tablet

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Manage Your Childs Profile

How To Take Of Parental Controls Of Amazon Kindle/Kindle Fire

There are many options in each child profile that allow you to control exactly what they can and cannot do. Lets quickly go over the most important things:

Go to Settings> Profiles & Family Library and select the sub-profile you want to manage.

Tap Set daily goals and time limitsand you will find that you can prevent your child from using the tablet at night Total screen time or limit your restrictions by content type. For example, some parents like to allow unlimited reading, but want to limit apps and games to half an hour a day. When the time limit is reached, a message will appear on the screen informing your child that they have reached the daily limit. You can also set different schedules and limits for the weekend than for the days of the week. You can even hire Educational goalsFor example, your child may have to read a book for half an hour before they can access entertainment.

If you want to add or remove access to specific content, you can do so at Manage your childs content. To download a new app or game for them, you need to log into your profile, download and install the app, and then go Settings> Profiles & Family Library, select your profile, then tap Add content> add books, videos and appsTap the app or game that you want to add, and then tap Done. You can overwrite the age-appropriate suggestions and grant access to the desired content here.

Creating Child Profiles On Your Amazon Fire

To create a new child profile:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick Settings box.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Under Personal, tap Profiles & Family Library to create new profiles and manage existing ones.
  • Tap the Add a child profile option and youll be able to add one or more profiles.
  • Youll be able to choose which content you want to share, and you can tap the childs name later to add more controls. For example, you could set up daily time limits and choose when the child is allowed to use the device and for how long they can do different things on it. Each child profile will get their own kid-friendly screen. Teen profiles will get the standard Amazon Fire tablet screen but it will still have the appropriate content and features set for them as youve allowed.

    You are now ready for multiple users to log in! Lets give it a try.

    From the lock screen, tap the profile picture at the top-right corner and select a new user to switch users. You can also pull down the quick settings menu while signed in, tap the profile picture, and select a new user account.

    To view information about how your child has been using the tablet, you can open the FreeTime app.

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    Using Amazon Freetime And Multiple Profiles

    Instead of using simple parental controls, we recommend creating sub-profiles. You can create multiple profiles to be used across devices and get help from Amazon to restrict content. If you didnt choose a lock screen PIN or password when you first set up your Fire tablet, youll need to start there. This will prevent your child from accessing your profile or the parental controls menu.

    • Go to Settings> Security> Lock Screen Passcode and turn it on.
    • Please choose a password or PIN that you will remember, but make sure that your child cannot easily guess.
    • Now its time to set up a profile for your child. Go to Settings> Profiles & Family Library and tap Add a child profile.
    • You must enter a name and date of birth.
    • For kids among best to choose Use Amazon FreeTime There is also one Teen profiles Option recommended for children aged nine and over.
    • Once the profile is created, you can choose the apps, games, books and videos from your content library that you want to access. As a shortcut, Amazon offers an option Add all childrens titles. These are selected based on the age you entered when creating your profile.
    • Repeat the process to add as many other child profiles as you need.

    A Kindle Fire Warning For Parents With Sneaky Kids:

    How to Set Parental Controls on Your Amazon Fire Tablet

    A distraught mother told us about the following porn pathway that he son found on a Kindle Fire.

    The Alexa App is all but impossible to remove from the Kindle Fire. It might be disabled via parental controls, but you can still browse the Alexa app for other Alexa skills and games.

    Through those other skills and games within the Alexa app, there are terms & conditions that can lead to hidden Google searches, Twitter, and more.

    You cant remove the App. But, you can block porn by changing the DNS of the device to something like CleanBrowsing and/or make sure the device is connected to a WiFi signal that has porn blocked.

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    How To Factory Reset An Amazon Fire Tablet

    Theres also a situation where you cant access the Wi-Fi . In this case, your only option is to factory reset the device.

    Heres how to factory reset your Fire tablet:

  • Enter the wrong password five times. From the Lock Screen, intentionally enter the wrong password on repeat until the reset option appears.
  • Choose the factory reset option. You will see two options. One is resetting the PIN and the other is the factory reset. Tap Reset to Factory defaults.
  • Follow the instructions. The screen will guide you through the reset process step-by-step.
  • Start from scratch. Here, you can do the initial setup again and create a new Parental Control profile.
  • Unlike previous solutions, this method will cost your Tablet data. Factory reset will erase everything, leaving only the original apps on the tablet. You will have to install apps again from scratch. Therefore, use this solution as a last resort.

    How Do You Switch To The Kids Profile On The Amazon Fire Tablet

    You can swap profiles at any time by dragging down the notifications bar from the top of the tablets screen. Near the top theres an icon with the current users profile picture. Poke this and youll see a list of all registered users just tap the one you wish to switch to. Note that your kids wont be able to swap back to your profile on the sly, because theyll be prompted to enter your PIN.

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    Option : Basic Parental Controls

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Settings.
  • Tap Parental Controls.
  • Tap the switch next to Parental Controls.
  • Enter a password and confirm your password.
  • Tap Finish.
  • After you turn on parental controls, a lock icon will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Basic parental controls allow you to restrict the following:

    • The Amazon Store
    • Email, Contacts, and Calendar apps
    • Social network sharing
    • Specific content types

    Basic parental controls allow you to password-protect the following:

    • Purchases from the Amazon stores on your device
    • Playing movies and TV shows from Prime Video
    • Connecting to Wi-Fi

    How to set a curfew and choose when your child can use their tablet:

    • Tap the switch next to Set a Curfew to turn this feature on.
    • Tap Curfew Schedule.
    • Choose the days and times that the child will not be able to access the device.
    • To unlock a device in curfew, enter your parental controls password.

    How to monitor your childs tablet use:

    • Tap the switch next to Monitor This Profile to monitor activity on how your child is using their Amazon Fire.
    • A monitored profile will show a parent and child icon at the top of the screen.
    • View the information by visiting Activity Center on the Your Devices tab of Manage Your Content and Devices.
    • Youll be able to see how much time your child has spent on various apps, which books theyve read, and what content theyve accessed.

    What Are Parental Controls On Fire Tablet

    How to setup and enable parental controls on your Amazon Fire Tablet

    Block access, avoid accidental purchases, and set time limits with on-device controls.

    Parental controls let you restrict access to:

    • Web browsing
    • Email, Contacts, and Calendar apps
    • Purchasing from the Amazon Store or Amazon Shop app
    • Playing titles from Prime Video
    • Specific content types or titles
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Location-based Services

    Use the daily curfew option to schedule when your child can use the device.


    To restrict the content available on the device, you can:

    • Create an Amazon Kids child profile and select which apps and content are available to that profile.
    • Block access to content on the device by going to Amazon Content and Apps menu under Parental Controls and selecting the button next to each category to sayBlocked.

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    Layer : Love Your Wifi

    The Router is the most important digital hardware in the house! And, its often the most ignored. We joke that routers are the social distance champion of technology. But, get this part of your internet safety plan correct! You are responsible for every digital click on your homes network, so be sure to control the router.

    Popular options for parents are:

  • Gryphon Advance Security & Parental Controls router.We have really enjoyed the Gryphon. Top-notch set of parental controls. This is the router used by our CEO, Chris, with his four children. It gives you time control, YouTube Restricted Mode, and more. Easy set-up and a parent app that allows you to pause the internet with one touch.
  • Alternatively, if you love your current router, but simply want to exert more control over it, then we recommend Bark Home. It connects to your router, giving you stronger parental controls over your homes network. Its not a router, but connects to your router. Easy-to-use app for you to exert screen time and app control over your kid.
  • Do Kindles Have Parental Controls

    Yes, but you need to enable the feature. However, this does enable you to hand-pick what kids can read and do on each tablet to a point. Keep in mind youll also need to configure parental controls in games and apps like Overdrive and Libby, which allow you to borrow from local libraries, and may not apply to independent browsers such as Opera. So if you have those apps enabled for kids, take a moment to research their parental controls as well.

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    Will My Kindle Keep My Notes And Bookmarks When I Reset It

    With your Amazon purchases, your notes and bookmarks will be backed up to the cloud. Downloading the book should restore them to your Kindle. You can also view highlighted passages and notes on the Kindle Cloud Reader Notebook.

    This also applies to books youve borrowed from the library through the Overdrive and Libby apps, although to see your notes, you may need to borrow the book again.

    Amazon doesn’t back up books you’ve purchased outside its store, or any notes or bookmarks you make in them. Youll need to redownload your purchases directly through the web browser or send them to your Kindle via software such as Calibre.

    • How do I reset a Kindle Paperwhite?

      To do a soft restart on a Kindle e-reader, hold the Power button until a menu appears, and then select Restart. If the menu doesn’t show up, keep holding the Power button until the device restarts on its own. To factory reset a Kindle e-reader, go the More menu and select Settings, and then tap the More menu again and choose Reset Device. A factory reset will delete all of the Paperwhite’s contents.

    • How do I reset a Kindle Fire?

      For a hard reboot, hold the Power button for about 20 seconds, until the Fire restarts. To factory reset a Fire tablet, go to Settings > Device Options > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset. For older models, you may need to go to Settings > More > Device > Reset to Factory Defaults > Erase everything.

    Set Up Parental Controls On Your Fire Tablet

    How to Set Parental Controls on Your Amazon Fire Tablet

    Restrict access to shopping, downloading content, and settings on your device .

    Alternatively, use Amazon Kids to select and share content from your Amazon library with your child or allow access to kid-friendly Amazon-curated content.


  • Swipe down twice from the top of the screen to show Quick Settings.
  • Tap the Settings icon.
  • Toggle the switch to On.
  • Enter and confirm your password. Make sure that you record your password.
  • Tap Finish.A lock icon appears at the top of the screen when parental controls are enabled.
  • If you forget your parental controls password, you have to reset your Fire tablet to factory defaults to restore full access. For instructions, go to .

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    Forgot Parental Control Password Kindle Fire: How To Reset

    Giving children access to a tablet is a good way for them to kill time and have some fun, but one must do it with caution, given the content they may be exposed to online. This is where parental controls come in. Amazon makes some amazing tablets that are affordable and dependable, and luckily these tablets come with parental controls built-in. But what if you forget the password to access them? Have you ever caught yourself frantically googling forgot parental control password kindle fire? Then youve come to the right place because we are going to show you how to disable parental controls on Kindle Fire!

    If youre trying to turn off parental controls on your Kindle Fire and cant recall the password, simply swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Parental Controls. To reset the PIN, first, enter the wrong PIN 5 times until you are asked to reset your parental controls password. You will then be asked to enter your Amazon account credentials, after which you can set a new password or PIN.

    Managing Your Childs Profile

    There are many options in each child profile to give you fine control over precisely what they can and cant do. Lets run through the main things quickly:

    Go to Settings > Profiles & Family Library and choose the child profile you want to manage.

    Tap Set Daily Goals & Time Limits, and youll find that you can prevent your child from being able to use the tablet during the night, set Total Screen Time limits, or break down your restrictions by content type. For example, some parents might be happy to allow unlimited reading but want to restrict apps and games to half an hour per day. When the time limit is reached, a message pops up on the screen to tell your child that theyve reached the limit for the day. You can also set different schedules and limits for the weekend than for weekdays. You can even set Educational Goals, stipulating, for example, that your child must read a book for half an hour before they can access entertainment content.

    If you want to add or remove access to any specific content, you can do so under Manage Your Childs Content. To download a new app or game for them, youll need to log into your profile, download and install the app, and then go to Settings > Profiles & Family Library, choose their profile, then tap Add Content > Add Books, Videos, And Apps, tap the app or game you want to add, and then tap Done. You can override the age-appropriate suggestions and grant access to whatever content you want in here.

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    Use Simple Parental Controls

    • You can go to Settings> Parental controls and turn it on.
    • You have to enter a password. Make sure that your child cannot guess this.
    • In addition, purchases and videos are password-protected and sharing on social networks is blocked.
    • You can also toggle Set restricted access and choose a curfew if the tablet is inaccessible without your parental control password.

    Keeping Your Child Safe

    How to Change Kindle Fire Parental Controls Password

    Having parental controls on your tablet may become annoying if things you like to use on the tablet aren’t kid-appropriate, because it’ll all be blocked. While this is great if you only have a single tablet and want to keep your child protected from accessing things they shouldn’t be, using with your child’s profile can help keep your child safe and only show content geared towards them.

    The nice thing is that, even if you decide to get your child one of the really like the new , you can also have your own profile on the device that can be password or PIN protected.

    This allows you to have your grown-up profile and your child their own with over 20,000 age-appropriate apps, books, movies, and more. But if you just want to be sure that your tablet keeps kids from getting into stuff they shouldn’t, you now know how to do just that.

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    Layer : Guard The Location Of The Kindle

    Remember, where kids use technology often dictates how they use their technology. We have strong opinions about controlling where kids use their tech. For example, lets keep all internet-ready devices out of bedrooms at night, where kids take more risks, and sleep is constantly interrupted.

    Just know that the combination of boredom, bedrooms, and darkness can be tempting spots to make bad digital choices .

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