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How To Change Your Email On Amazon

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Go To Settings And Change Country

How to Change Email ID in Amazon App? | Amazon Email ID ?

Firstly select Settings, and then scan down the page until you come across Country Settings.1 This will display your Current country. To change this, hit Change and fill in your address in the country you want to start using.1

But hold on! You might not need to do this. If youre eligible to shop in one Amazon digital content store, you might be allowed to transfer your account to another one. 1 For instance, UK shoppers might be allowed to choose to shop for digital content at, without even having to register an American address.1 Youll see this option, if it applies to you, under Country Settings.1

If you want to do this, then click through – but do make sure you read the terms and conditions. Seriously. Switching digital stores affects any existing purchases that you have: you might not be able to access any videos youve bought, for example.1 So dont do this lightly.

Note as well that youll probably have to make any purchases in the currency of the store you use: someone in the UK choosing to use the US store, for example, will have to pay in dollars. Therefore you should make sure that you have a cost-effective way of doing this, and that your bank isnt going to charge you a fortune every time you buy an ebook.

How To Change Email Id On Amazon Mobile App

The process is almost the same to add new email address in Amazon mobile application.

  • Open Amazons official application on your mobile phone.
  • Login with Amazon account credentials.
  • Tap the three-line menu icon from the left corner of the screen.
  • Select the Your Account option from the list.
  • Next, select the Login And Security option.
  • Add a new email id that you want to use with your existing Amazon account and then click on the Continue button.
  • Open the message box of your mobile, get the OTP code and enter it into the verification screen.
  • In the final step, enter the Amazon account password and save the changes.
  • Done!!!
  • As you can see both pc and mobile methods are almost the same. So, here you are free to use your Amazon mobile app or Amazon website to apply changes in Amazon account. In this way, we can easily switch older email addresses with a new one.

    How To Change Phone Number On Amazon On The Android App

    Changing your phone number on Amazon through the Android app is a quick and easy process. Before you do anything else, its important that you have the Amazon app downloaded onto your device. While it is possible to access your account from your mobile browser, downloading the app is far more straightforward.

    If you havent downloaded it yet, you can do so access this by heading to the Google Play Store . Once the download is complete, simply follow these steps to change your password.

  • Open the Amazon app on your Android.
  • If needed, log in using your Amazon username and password.
  • Tap on the three dots in the upper left corner of the page.
  • Next, select My Account.
  • Choose the Login and Security option.
  • Next to where it says phone number, tap Edit.
  • When prompted, type out your new mobile number.
  • When finished, select Save Changes.
  • Your mobile number should now be updated.
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    Can I Update My Payment Details On Amazon

    Yes, it is possible to update or add new payment details on Amazon. To do this, youll need to head to your account and select Your Payments. To add a payment method, choose the link of the method you wish to add. Alternatively, to edit or remove a method of payment, click on the drop-down menu next to the relevant payment. Select either Edit or Remove.

    How To Set Up Email On The Amazon Fire Hd 10 Tablet

    Easy Ways to Change the Email Address for Your Amazon Account

    An Amazon Fire tablet is the quintessential mobile entertainment device but you can use it to keep track of other things going on by setting up your email accounts.

    An Amazon Fire tablet is the quintessential mobile entertainment device. They are affordable and great for watching movies, TV shows, reading, shopping, listening to music, playing games, and more. While you can get lost in all the entertainment options, there are effective ways to keep track of work items and stay productive, too. One such tool is the email app and heres a look at how to set it up.

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    How To Change New Email Id On Amazon Prime

    The steps to change email id for all Amazon serves are the same. So, if you are trying to replace the existing Amazon prime registered email ID with a new email address then change it from the account settings page. For reference, follow the above methods.

    Amazon wont let me change my email without my older email

    Updating or changing your email ID on Amazon is very easy. For this, go to Your Account > Login & Security > enter your account details > click the edit > > > follow the instructions and save the modification. Done!!! But remember, Amazon will ask you to re-enter your current email ID and password before applying any modification in your account settings. Otherwise, there is no any way to change Amazon email ID without entering the existing mail ID.

    I hope now you have successfully changed email ID in your Amazon account. The process is almost the same as .

    Signing In To The Amazon Workmail Web Client

    Amazon WorkMail has a web-based client that you use to access your Amazon WorkMail account from a web browser. The Amazon WorkMail web client includes integrated applications, such as Mail, Calendar, and Contacts. To get started with the Amazon WorkMail web client, you need a broadband internet connection and the latest version of one of the following web browsers:

    • Google Chrome

    • Safari

    • Microsoft Edge

    Your Amazon WorkMail system administrator provides you with your initial sign-in credentials, which consist of a user name and a password. To recover a lost or forgotten password, contact your administrator.

    Your administrator also provides you with a unique Amazon WorkMail web client URL. This URL contains a unique alias set up by your Amazon WorkMail site administrator. The web client URL looks like this: Replacealias with the alias you received from your site administrator.

    To sign in to the Amazon WorkMail web client

  • In your web browser, enter the web client URL provided by your Amazon WorkMail administrator. For example,

  • For Username, enter the user name provided by your Amazon WorkMail administrator.


    Don’t enter your full email address. User names are case-sensitive.

  • For Password, enter your password.

  • Choose Sign In.

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    How To Change Phone Number On Amazon On A Pc

    Many people enjoy scrolling through Amazon via their desktop. If you fall into this category, then youll be pleased to find out that changing your password is easy to do.

    Simply follow these steps:

  • From the options that appear, choose Login and Security.
  • Type out your password and hit Sign In.
  • Next to your phone number, click on Edit.
  • In the appropriate fields, enter your new phone number.
  • When this is done, hit Save Changes.
  • Move Amazon Email Notifications To A Dedicated Read Later Folder

    Women Set the Standard, Men Try to Change Them

    If you simply want to read your Amazon emails later without receiving notifications, the Read Later feature can help with that. To move your Amazon messages to Read Later, use these steps:

  • Go to and sign into your account.
  • Choose Unsubscriber from the home screen.
  • Push the Read Later tab on top.
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    Change Email Preferences On Amazon

    Step 1: Log in to your Amazon Account.

    Step 2: Next we will want to click on the Hello at the top right. Hover over this to have the drop-down menu appear. Click on Your Account, or you can click on Hello . Either way will take you to the next step.

    Step 3: Then, on the Account screen, look under the Email alerts, messages, and ads section in the middle. Below that, click on Communication preferences.

    Step 4: Now you will be on the page called Communication Preferences Center. Here is where you can adjust your email preferences. There are two main options here that we will look at. One is Mail Preferences and the other is Email Preferences. Click on the down arrow on the right next to the first one.

    Step 5: On this one Amazon asks if they can send you Marketing information like Newsletters or deals. If you want them, make sure the Send circle is marked. If you do not want them, click the circle next to Do not send. That is how easy that one is. Once done click Update. Done

    Step 6: Now we are moving on to the main part of this article the Email Preferences. Here we will look at the General Settings first. Click on the arrow next to that one. The General Setting is asking you how you would like to receive your email . Choose the one that best suits you. You also have the option to change your email address. This is something we want to do since that is what my client wants. Click the link labeled Change.

    Step 6.1:

    Do you like receiving promotional email from Amazon?

    How To Change Your Shipping Address On Amazon On Pc Or Mac

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to add a new address to your Amazon account and make it your default shipping address, using a desktop internet browser.

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    Amazon : How To Change Email On Amazon App And Website

    Amazon : How To Change email On Amazon App And Website

    Hey guys, once again we are here with another How to guide and today we are going to discuss ways to change the email address for your Amazon account. This guide is really for all those users who are planning to change the email address associated with their Amazon accounts.

    The big fact is that chances are very low to change email account addresses throughout life. But its also possible if you have decided to use a new work email or switch to another email provider.

    As we all know some websites and web services use your email address as your username to make it easy to access. In that scenario, its a little bit hard to change the associated email address with the account.

    But its not the same with Amazon accounts. Users can change their email on Amazon anytime without any issue.

    Amazon is a giant multinational company in the world and their developer know everything about their users. Because of this, Amazon offers easy service to change the email address associated with their Amazon account. Moreover, Amazon users can also update other Amazon account-related information.

    Recently I was visiting the GetHuman forum for market research. Suddenly, we found an article about How do I change my Amazon email address? After more research on the same topic, we found that thousands of Amazon customers and retailers are searching for Amazon account email address changing methods.

    How Do I Change My Alexa To A Different Account

    How to change the email address associated with your Amazon account

    If you’d prefer to change your Alexa settings via the Amazon website, that’s also possible. Here’s how to change your Alexa to a different account via your web browser.

  • Go to the Alexa site on

    You may need to sign in.

  • Click Settings.

  • Scroll down and click Deregister next to the account name.

  • Click Deregister.

  • You can now set up your Amazon Alexa device again.

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    Change It Back Again If Youve Made A Terrible Mistake

    Oh no! we hear you say. I only did this as a joke, and now Im stuck browsing Amazon in Spanish! How do I change my Amazon account back to English?

    Try and stay calm. Weve all been there. The good news is that the little globe icon will still be in exactly the same place: toward the top right of the screen.1 Hover over it once again, and re-select your beloved mother tongue. Phew.

    Use A New Phone Number In Your Amazon Account On Desktop

    On your desktop computer, like Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook, use the official Amazon website to make changes to your phone number.

    To do that, first, launch a web browser on your computer and open . Sign in to your account if you havent already.

    After signing in, in Amazons top-right corner, click Account & Lists.

    On the Your Account page, choose Login & Security.

    On the Login & Security page, next to Mobile Phone Number, select Edit.

    Youll land on a Change Mobile Number page. Here, beneath Mobile Number, click the drop-down menu and choose your phones country code. Then, in the given text box, type your new phone number.

    Continue the process by clicking Continue.

    In the prompt that opens, choose OK.

    Youve received a code on your new phone number from Amazon. Note this code and type it in the Enter OTP field. Then click Verify.

    Amazon will ask you to enter your password. Click the Password field and type your password. Then select Save Changes.

    And thats it. Youve successfully linked your new phone number to .


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    How Do I Change My Email Address On My Amazon Account

    To change your email address on Amazon, you will need to access your account page. From there, head over to the Login and Security section. When you see your email address, opt to edit it by clicking on the button. You will then be able to update your email address. When this is done, make sure that you save your changes. That way, your details will be updated across all of your devices.

    Log In To Your Account

    Teaching People How To Change Their Brainwave States | Dr Joe Dispenza

    This might happen automatically, but dont forget to check that Amazon knows who you are. Head to whichever Amazon site you normally use – be it the US version, the UK version or whichever – and look for where it says Sign in in the top right-hand corner. If youre already logged in, itll say your first name here.

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    How To Change Email Preferences On Amazon

    One of my clients recently asked me some questions on how to use Amazon. The one question that stood out to me was, How do I change my email preferences on my Amazon account? One of the main reasons they asked me this question was they recently created an email for websites they buy from. They wanted to have one email that would deal with all their purchasing online and keep it out of their personal email. Great idea if you ask me, keeping your email organized is no easy task. Creating an email to handle this is a great way to keep your personal email uncluttered. Since they asked me this question I felt it to be my duty to share the answer with my readers. Now it is time to board the learning train and I will show you how this is done.

    Change Email On Amazon Web

    Open Amazon. in. Login to your account. Go to Your Account at the right-hand top. In the Your Account section, choose Your Account.

    From among the features displayed, click Login & Security. Heres where you can edit your login credentials including your email id.

    Then, Amazon will send you an authentication email. Approve as per the emails instructions.

    Now, you will be redirected to your Login & Security section. You can find your name, email, mobile number, and password here. You can choose to edit any of these as per your need. To change the email on Amazon, click Edit at the email.

    Enter the new email address and Continue.

    Amazon will send an OTP to the new email address. Approve the verification email at your new email id.

    Once you are done, Save Changes. You will be redirected to Login & Security page. For a better browsing experience, save the credentials to avoid the hassles of logging in every time.

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    Change Your Subscription Email Preferences

    You can use the links below to set your subscription email preferences.

    To change your preferences for a specific subscription option:

  • Select the appropriate link from the following list:
  • Review your current preferences and make any desired changes.Note: It may take 1-5 business days for your new preferences to take effect.
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    Amazon: How To Change The Email Address On Your Account

    How to change the email address on your Amazon account

    Posted on by Mel Hawthorne

    Throughout your life, youre likely to change email accounts a few times. Its possible that your email provider could close their service, or that you just decide to switch to another platform, or even that you get a new work email. Unfortunately, many accounts on websites and other Internet-connected services use your email address as your username or account identifier. This can make changing the email address associated with the account a bit difficult.

    Thankfully, the process for updating the email address for your Amazon account is relatively simple. To do so, you need to click on Accounts & Lists at the top-right corner, then click on Login & Security.

    Accounts & ListsLogin & Security

    Before you go any further, youll be required to re-authenticate for security reasons. Once youve done so, you can choose to edit your name, email address, phone number, password, or two-factor authentication settings. To edit the email address associated with your account, click the Edit button next to your email address.

    Next, youll be asked to enter the new email address you want to use, to which an OTP, or One Time Password, will be sent. Enter your email address, click Continue, and then check your email for the OTP and enter that.

    Finally, to confirm that you want to switch from your old email address to your new one, enter your password and click Save changes.

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