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How To Check Product Ranking On Amazon

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Top Trending Products On Amazon For 202: Amazon’s Best Sellers List

Amazon Selling How to Check if Your Product is Ranking for a Specific Keyyword | NO SOFTWARE NEEDED

So, how do you find the top trending products on Amazon in order to sell them? A great place to start is with Amazon’s own best sellers list. This list is updated hourly and shows Amazon’s most popular products based on sales. The products on the Amazon best sellers list are the ones selling best across the site, and it’s broken down by category to make it easier to find out what’s trending in your niche. Here’s what it looks like:


You can choose a category along the side to learn about the best sellers in a specific niche:


The Amazon Best Seller List is largely based on Best Sellers Rank, a measurement Amazon gives to each product on the platform that takes into consideration recent sales and sales velocity. This measure is updated hourly, so the list is a good place to start, but isn’t going to help you understand product trends over time.

There are several reasons you shouldn’t commit to a product just because it’s showing up as an Amazon bestseller right now:

  • These products are really competitive
  • Trends might be declining
  • The products might not have great margins or profitability

That being said, Amazon’s Best Sellers List is still a great place to go for ideas about what people are into at a given moment. Plus, you can check out the Customers also bought section on interesting products to get even more product ideas.

Improve Your Amazon Ranking And Visibility With Ampd

External traffic is among the key drivers behind Amazons ranking algorithm, and you can improve both Amazon Best Seller Rank and Product Rank by implementing an effective Google Ads campaign.

Ampd can take care of setting up and effectively managing Google Ads campaigns for you to drive more traffic, promote more sales, and take your business to the next level. Get ampd.

How To Find The Right Amazon Trending Products You Can Sell

So, if you can’t rely solely on Amazon’s Best Sellers List, how do you find the right trending products to sell? Product research.

Did you just fall asleep?

That’s okay. The word “research” has a tendency to make our eyes glaze over. But if you really want to up your eCommerce game and find the right products to sell to the right customers, you need to do some product research. Fortunately, there are several third-party product research tools that can make this process a lot easier and even fun! Here are some of our picks:

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What Is An Amazon Sales Rank Chart

The most prominent Amazon sales rank chart is the Best Sellers List. The Amazon Best Sellers List is a list of the most popular items in each category on Amazon, based on the number of sales. This list contains all the top-selling products in each category with a sales rank of 1 to 100. You can also dig deeper to find bestselling items in sub-categories. This Amazon ranking chart, like the BSR, is updated hourly, depending on the number of sales.

However, some third parties have developed a more detailed Amazon sales rank chart. On this Amazon ranking chart, you can view the total number of products in each category and the number of products ranked in each percentile.

Amazon sales rank charts are useful for assessing how competitive a product category or niche is.

Metrics Which Define Relevance

Amazon Selling How to Check if Your Product is Ranking for a Specific ...

The metrics both Amazon and Google search engines look at also differ.

Amazon defines relevancy as what people purchase after conducting a search. Therefore, weight is given to purchase behavior .

Google defines relevancy as what a person clicks on to answer their query after conducting a search. Thus, weight is given to engagement behavior .

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Competitive Research And Analysis

Before moving forward and doing any optimization for your Amazon listings, I strongly recommend to step back and take a look at your competition.

Search for the keywords that you think your products should be ranked for and look at the organic results in the top 10 positions.

As you go through them, document everything you believe that makes them stand out.

It could include:

  • The type of content they use in the product description.
  • Specific words used in the product listing.
  • The pricing structure of their product. Do they run any promotions?
  • Shipping costs and policies. Do they offer free shipping?
  • The categories in which they are selling.

You could use Advanced Web Ranking to get a more comprehensive list of competitors, see what products rank better, and then analyze them in more detail.

First, you will need to add the main competitors in AWR, but once you add them and data is available, you can see all the products that rank and their position.

You can use this intel to filter the products of your main competitors that rank best, which you can then review and see what makes them stand out.

Heres how you can in Advanced Web Ranking and add your competitors.

This exercise will give you insights about what makes other products rank at the top of the search results and drive more sales.

Successful sellers take the time to study their competition regularly and review best-selling items in the categories they target.

Offer A Lightning Deal

Increase interest in your product by offering shoppers a Lightning Deal. These sales are time-sensitive and buyers can locate them in Amazons Todays Deals section. These are extremely popular with shoppers as they urge action given their time-sensitive nature.

When you include your product in Amazons Todays Deals sections, you not only will increase your sales, but youll inevitably boost your Amazon Sale Rank.

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Why Knowing Amazon Sales Rank Is Valuable

For sellers, knowing Amazon Sales Rank provides a few main benefits:

  • You can identify new products to stock. Picking the right products to sell is an important part of being a successful Amazon seller. Understanding what people are buying and how competitive each category is will help you make smart decisions regarding which products to offer.
  • It helps you determine which products are most worth keeping in your inventory. If you have some products that consistently perform well in the rankings and others that tend to stay toward the bottom of the list, your storage space is better used on the former.
  • It gives you insights into the size of the market and how much potential there is in each category. If the rankings make clear that a particular type of product is popular, then stocking a high-quality item in that category and putting effective marketing behind it is smart.
  • High rankings translate into social proof for customers. If one of your products manages to make it into the top 100 for a category, or top 10 for a subcategory, customers are more likely to find and buy it.

Knowing how to find Amazon Sales Rank is only one small part of analyzing a products performance. Determining how profitable it is for your company ultimately matters more than where it falls in the ranking. Nonetheless, when paired with other seller insights, it can help you gain a greater understanding of where individual products fit into the overall picture of Amazon success.

What Is Amazons A9 Algorithm

How to rank your Amazon product on page 1 in only 3 steps!

A9 is Amazons organic product ranking algorithm that is composed of direct and indirect factors used to match users search queries to products they are most likely to purchase.

Half of the battle of selling on Amazon is making sure your products get found.

According to Amazons own data:

  • 70 percent of Amazon customers never click past the first page of search results.
  • 35 percent of Amazon shoppers click on the first product featured on a search page.
  • The first three items displayed in search results account for 64 percent of clicks.
  • 81 percent of clicks are on brands on the first page of search results.

Competition in Amazons SERPs only continues to grow.

Understanding how the A9 algorithm works and what it takes to show up on the first page of Amazons search engine results pages is really important in terms of driving incremental sales for your business and for launching new products.

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Clothing Shoes & Jewelry

From exercise clothing to sunglasses to jewelry, the Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry category is undoubtedly a popular one — but it’s also oversaturated with items, so it’s critical you ensure you’re able to offer something unique, and for a good price. People don’t turn to Amazon for expensive brand items — instead, they look for the discounts. Right now, the top items are all below $17, and include a basic sleeveless tank top, blue-light blocking glasses, and high-waisted leggings in a range of 25 colors.

What Insights Can Bsr Give Me

Got it. Now that you know what BSR is, and that child variations depict the same BSR across the board, perhaps you are curious as to what insights BSR can really give you.

Im glad youre thinking about it! To answer that question, quite a few!

For starters, you can discover when competitors have gone out of stock and/or stayed out of stock. Take a look at the Mannys Mysterious Oddities coffin shelf.

The All Time graph displays Amazon sales rank went from 49,352 on December 12th, 2019 to 840,969 on February 20th, 2020. That is a drop of over 790,000 points in that time span with several dips in between. The data suggests a corresponding decrease in inventory.

The brief dips could imply an item coming back into stock whether through a return or another avenue before going out of stock again until about February 22nd, 2020. As you can see below, the BSR dropped back down to 57,606 on February 21st, 2020 suggesting a ramp up in sales.

Being aware of when your competitors are running out of stock or currently out of stock can serve you well if you are in the midst of deciding on whether or not to embark into that market. Having competitors out of stock can indicate opportunity while simultaneously guide you towards the optimal pricing of your product!

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Test Products For Potential With An Affiliate Account

If you think you have found a product that has the potential to be among the top selling items on Amazon, its okay to take it slow to see if youve really hit the jackpot.

Creating an affiliate account with Amazon or an affiliate marketing site will really help with this.

You can also build relationships with other sites, but Amazon has projected to account for over 53% of e-commerce growth so staying with them is a smart move.

You can also earn a commission for more than the items you link with Amazon directly.

How To Use The Amazon Category Sales Rank Chart

How to check if your product is ranking for a particular keyword on ...

The lower the sales rank number, the more sales on Amazon the item generally receives. Also, the lower that sales rank number, the faster the item is usually selling. Items with faster sales and more sales are where Amazon sellers find the best profit opportunities.

Items that have an average sales rank in the top 1% in their respective category usually sell the fastest. Items in the top 2% also sell quickly, but not at the velocity that the top 1% sells at. Items that average in the top 5% are occasional sellers, so you want to be sure you are priced the lowest and that there are not too many competitors selling that item with you. Items only in the top 10% are very slow sellers and I would almost never buy an item when it has a sales rank that high.

If youre not a subscriber yet and just stumbled onto this page, be sure you look to the sidebar on the right and subscribe today. That way youll be sure to get access to awesome freebies like this one.

If you want more profitable freebies like this sales rank chart delivered to your inbox, then click below and subscribe today.

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Manually Conduct Research On Amazoncom

To manually research popular products on Amazon — which can help you decide which product you want to sell — you’ll want to start with Amazon’s best-selling items in a certain category. Ideally, once you explore a category, and sub-categories, you’ll narrow down on a niche.

When you check out Amazon’s best-sellers list, you might also look at the “Customers also bought” section to get ideas for similar products.

Once you make a list of items, check Google keyword planner to see whether those products have search volume, which indicates a level of demand. Alternatively, you could use Sellerapps product intelligence tool specifically for Amazon. Sellerapp offers a seven-day free trial, which allows you to begin investigating popular products on Amazon via keywords to further narrow your list.

Write Good Sales Copy

A lot of Amazon product listings showcase some pretty lackluster writing. Common offenses include un-optimized pages, titles stuffed with keywords, and sentences that dont even make sense

To help your product stand out from the crowd and drive more purchases, write thoughtful sales copy for each of your product listings. Focus on the benefits your product offers and what makes it stand out.

Amazon visitors come with commercial intent. If you can attract them with strong sales copy, theyre that much more likely to convert.

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How To Get Bsr Of Your Amazon Product

Heres how to use GORILLA_RANKING to get the Amazon best seller rank of your product.

  • SKU required
  • optional. Use to filter based on marketplace like US, CA, DE, AE etc.
  • queryType optional. Control whether to pull the rank based on the top category or child category.
  • returnStyle optional. Control whether to pull just the BSR number, or category or both.

You can get the Amazon product ranking for the broadest top-level category or deepest child category.

99% of the time, the BSR you are interested in is the top level category. The lower the number, the better and the more popular that product is.

Take a look at the results for the formula below.

  • The test product ASIN entered is ASIN123123
  • I want Gorilla ROI to display the rank in the child category for only the US market
  • r_cat means I want to see the rank + category
  • The child category for this ASIN is brushes and the product is ranked 293 for brushes.

    If I change the variable from child to top, it looks like this.


    The products top level category is health and beauty with a sales rank of 22,634.

    Heres another example where you can use ranges to pull BSR in bulk. Even if you have 1000 SKUs, you can use this method.

  • SKUs are entered into A5:A15.
  • Pulling rank for US marketplace
  • Pull the child category
  • Display using the full category tree
  • How Does The Amazon Product Ranking Affect My Sourcing Decision

    Amazon FBA Product LAUNCH! How To Rank #1 On Amazon With ZERO Reviews (No More Giveaways!?)

    The Amazon Product Ranking is a great resource to help you identify which products to sell on Amazon. A product that has a higher ranking means that is sells quickly, which is good, but is also typically a signal of fierce competition and low profit margins. When choosing inventory to sell, you should also try to avoid products with very low BSR rankings, meaning anything in the tens of thousands, since such products likely wont sell well. It is indeed a balancing act to find the right ranking. But, if you can find a product that you see has potential market and profit opportunity, and room for you to optimize and improve its BSR, that is the sweet spot you should be aiming for.

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    The Pros And Cons Of Diversifying Off Amazon

    Jeff Cohen of Seller Labs walks you through all the reasons why, and even maybe why not, youd want to launch a webstore to supplement your Amazon business. The best reason he finds is so that you dont get cut off at the ankles.

    Within 2 weeks of implementing, multiple BigCommerce customers are seeing more than 20% of their customers checkout through Amazon Pay. Heres what they have to say:

    Increased mobile conversion

    By building these integrations with companies like Amazon Pay, BigCommerce provides non-household brands, like me, instant credibility. This equals a clear path to ~5% conversion rates on mobile with over 80% of sales on mobile. Brandon Chatham, NatoMounts

    The Amazon Pay button has been great, especially with our mobile device customers. Mobile customers are looking for easier ways to shop and the Amazon Pay button offers that. Weve seen a considerable gain in mobile-based sales since weve implemented it. Mark Hawley, Metal Tech 4×4

    Immediate ROI

    Amazon Pay was quick and easy to set up on BigCommerce, and after two weeks, 26% of our orders were processed by Amazon Pay. Tim Lorang, Power Support International

    Weve seen a 25% increase in transactions coming in from Amazon Pay since implementing the solution. Eric Jones, Couture Candy

    Ease of setup

    Reduced friction at checkout

    More trust, fewer errors

    Improved payment choices

    Integrate Amazon Pay on Your Store Now

    Are you a BigCommerce customer? Great! .

    Key Features Of A9 Algorithm

    As far as the A9 algorithm is considered, Amazon takes three vital ranking factors into account, which include:

    • Relevancy: In order for your product listing to rank higher, know that your product has to be 100% relevant. This means that your product listing has to be completely optimized with the right keywords or the search terms that a potential buyer searches for.
    • Conversion Rate: This is one of the most important factors to help a product rank higher on the Amazon SERPs. The vital factors for better conversion rates include product price, image quality, and customer reviews.
    • Customer Satisfaction: Amazon takes ODR and the sellers feedback into account for this. Good reviews and better seller feedbacks not only play a key role in keeping the customers happy but also ensure that they return for more.

    Now that you have understood how the Amazon A9 algorithm works, lets get into some more details as to how you can rank up on Amazon and grow your revenue over time.

    If youd like to learn more, read this article about .

    So, lets get started.

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