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How To Connect An Amazon Fire Stick Remote

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How To Pair A 4k Fire Stick Remote To A Change Tv Set

How to add clone convert use old Samsung TV remote control as Amazon Fire TV stick remote control.

Select Fire Stick Settings from the home screen.

Click Equipment Control

Choose the option Manage Equipment on the next screen

Click TV on this window

Choose the option Change TV

Click Change TV when prompted


If FireStick detected the TV correctly,

If not, click NO

If you above, you will be asked to choose your TV brand. Go ahead and do that and follow the onscreen instructions to set up the TV control

Smart Home: How To Sync Firestick Remote To Tv

Fire Tv Alexa Voice Remote

  • Unplug your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds.
  • Press and hold the Left button, Menu button at the same time. Hold them for 12 seconds.
  • Release the buttons and wait 5 seconds.
  • Remove the batteries from your remote.
  • Plug in your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds.
  • Put the batteries back in your remote.
  • Press the Home button on the remote.
  • When the LED indicator blinks blue, your remote is paired successfully. If it’s not paired, press the Home button for 10 seconds.

    Reset The Basic Edition Fire Tv Stick Remote

    If you have the Basic Edition remote, which looks like the below, you will reset it as follows.

  • Press and hold down the Home button and then press the Menu button three times.
  • Let go of the Home button, then press the Menu button nine times.
  • Pull the batteries out of your remote.
  • Unplug your Fire TV Stick and wait for a minute.
  • Reinsert the batteries into your remote and turn on your Fire TV Stick.
  • When your Fire TV Sticks home screen opens, on your remote, press and hold down the Home button for 40 seconds.
  • The setup will complete in one minute.
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    Workaround For Firestick Remote That Wont Pair

    In addition to using the Amazon Fire TV app as a temporary remote, you can use your regular TV remote as a replacement!

    Unfortunately, if you have a Fire TV, this workaround isnt for you. This only works with Firestick devices that are plugged into the TV.

    The first thing youll need for this workaround is a TV that supports HDMI-CEC.

    HDMI-CEC is short for HDMI Consumer Electronics Control. Its a feature that helps your TV interact and work well with other devices. In our case, we want the regular TV remote to work with our Firestick device!

    The problem is most TV manufactures dont call it HDMI-CEC, they brand it something else.

    Here is a list of the most common TVs that have HDMI-CEC and their associated brand name for it, so that you can identify it easily.

    • AOC E-link
    • Panasonic VIERA Link, HDAVI Control or EZ-Sync
    • Pioneer Kuro Link
    • Sony BRAVIA Link or BRAVIA Sync
    • Toshiba Regza Link or CE-Link
    • Vizio CEC

    Most TVs that have HDMI-CEC, have it disabled by default. Youll need to enable it.

    To do this, go to your TVs menu, options or settings and find HDMI-CEC. Id start by just using the TVs remote, click on Menu and then scan through the menu, looking for this option.

    If you have trouble finding it you might want to do a quick Google search for the model of your TV + how to enable HDMI-CEC.

    I recently enabled it on my Samsung TV by clicking Menu, scrolling down to System and then clicked Anynet+ . From there I was able to switch it to On.

    How To Check If Your Fire Tv Remote Is Connected To Your Fire Tv

    Amazon Fire TV Stick Streaming Media Player with Alexa

    To see if your Fire TV remote is connecting to your Fire TV box or dongle you need to head to the settings menu.

  • Settings > Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.
  • Amazon Fire TV Remotes
  • This will show you what devices are currently paired and from here you can see if your remote is connecting. In my case when fiddling with the batteries my remote would appear here for a few minutes then disappear.

    If all else fails, you can get an official But first, lets try and fix that remote!

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    Final Thoughts: Setting Up The Amazon Fire Tv Stick

    Hopefully, this article has been helpful if youve encountered any issues with your Fire TV Stick during the setup or regular use. If youre still having trouble, Amazon has a wide catalogue of its own guides and manuals for each model of Fire TV device that offers more in-depth information.

    Have you used an Amazon Fire TV Stick or another streaming dongle before? Have you had any issues? Does the tried-and-true restart method work for your Fire TV Stick or did the problem require more troubleshooting? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading.

    Use The Fire Tv Remote App

    The Fire TV app from Amazon, which is available for both iOS and Android, is the most convenient method to work around a misplaced or damaged remote. This programme provides you with all of the functionality of a traditional physical remote control, as well as the ability to write or voice search for movies and television shows using the keyboard and microphone on your phone.

    For the app to work, you have to pair your smartphone and your Fire TV Stick. Thankfully, its super easy.

    • Connect your phone and Fire Stick to the same WiFi network so that they may communicate with each other.
    • To use the Fire Stick, launch the app on your smartphone and choose it from the Available Devices page.
    • Pairing your devices is accomplished by entering the code that shows on your TV into the app.

    With your remote setup, youll be able to remotely operate your Fire Stick directly from your smartphone. Its easy, fast, and the most effective method of replacing a lost remote.

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    How To Connect A New Remote To Firestick

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to pair a new remote to an Amazon Firestick. You can easily pair a new Amazon remote to an Amazon Firestick by pressing and holding the Home button on the remote. Or, if your TV supports HDMI Consumer Electronics Control you can also connect an HDMI-CEC compatible remote by enabling HDMI-CEC on your TV’s settings.

    How To Connect Your Amazon Fire Tv Stick To Wifi Without The Remote

    Amazon fire stick 3rd generation | Amazon fire stick setup | Amazon fire tv stick | How To Setup ?

    Robert HayesRobert is a freelance editor and writer living in Colorado. Read moreApril 16, 2022

    The Amazon Fire TV stick is an extremely handy and highly portable device for getting streaming content on any television. Once you own one, the only other thing you need is a wireless internet connection and a television with an HDMI port. This convenience and portability has led to a lot of people who travel a lotbe it for work or leisureto take their Fire Stick on the road with them.

    With its small size and easy setup, bringing the Fire Stick along means you only need to input the Wi-Fi password of your hotel or Airbnb to gain access to the device once youre connected to the web, youre already logged into your Netflix account, or the accounts of any other streaming service you use. Unfortunately, disaster can strike, and if you forgot to bring the remote control with you it might seem like youre out of luck. Well dont worrywere here to help.

    Not only is it possible to connect your Fire Stick to the internet if you forgot to bring a remote, but you can continue to use your Fire Stick without a remote once you have it connected. Lets take a look at how.

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    Can You Pair A Fire Stick Remote To A Different Fire Stick

    There are several Fire Stick remote models, and they arent all interchangeable. So while you can pair a Fire Stick remote to a different Fire Stick, you can only do so if the remote and Fire Stick are compatible. For example, the 2nd generation Alexa Voice Remote isnt compatible with the 1st or 2nd generation Amazon Fire TV, the 1st generation Fire Stick, or Fire TV Edition smart TVs, but it does work with other models.

    Theres no easy way to determine compatibility, so the safest option is to check with Amazon. Fire Stick remote listings on Amazon typically provide a list of compatible devices, and Amazon customer support can also provide further assistance if you arent sure. It doesnt hurt to try pairing a remote if you already have one, but dont buy a replacement until youve verified compatibility.

    Your Fire Stick can be paired to up to seven remotes, but each remote can only be paired to one Fire TV. If you pair a Fire Stick remote to a different Fire Stick, it will stop working with the original Fire Stick.

    Pairing The Firestick Remote

    Normally the Fire TV Stick remote should pair automatically with the Firestick USB. If this fails to happen you can try any of the following:

  • Retry Automatic Discovery
  • On your Fire TV Stick remote press and hold the Home button for at least ten seconds.
  • When the TV screen shows Press to start, discoverability should be reset.
  • Make sure youre at least within 10 feet of the TV.
  • Remove the batteries on your Firestick remote.
  • Wait 30 seconds then insert the batteries again.
  • Hold the Home button for at least 10 seconds to re-initiate discovery.
  • Reset your Fire TV Stick Remote
  • Press and hold the Home button on your remote.
  • While holding the Home button, press the Menu button three times.
  • Let go of the Home button.
  • Press the Menu button again nine times.
  • Take out the batteries on your remote and unplug your Fire TV stick adapter.
  • Wait for one minute then insert the batteries again. Plug your Fire TV stick back.
  • When the Home screen appears on your TV, hold the Home button on your remote for about 40 seconds.
  • Wait for about a minute for setup to complete.
  • Reset your Fire TV Stick Remote
  • Unplug your Fire TV Stick adapter and wait one minute.
  • Press and hold the Left button and the Menu button at the same time for 12 seconds.
  • Let go of both buttons and wait for five seconds.
  • Take off the batteries on the remote.
  • Plug the Fire TV Stick adapter back on and wait for one minute.
  • Place the batteries back in the remote.
  • Press the Home button. The remote should automatically pair.
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    Fire Tv Smart Tv Remotes

  • Unplug your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds.
  • Press and hold the Left button, Menu button at the same time. Hold them for 12 seconds.
  • Release the buttons and wait 5 seconds.
  • Remove the batteries from your remote.
  • Plug in your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds.
  • Put the batteries back in your remote.
  • Press the Home button on the remote.
  • When the LED indicator blinks blue, your remote is paired successfully. If it’s not paired, press the Home button for 10 seconds.

  • Unplug your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds.
  • Press and hold the Left button, Menu
  • How To Pair A Replacement Fire Tv Stick Remote

    New 2nd Gen Voice WIFI Remote Control DR49WK B for Amazon Fire TV Box ...

    If you need to replace your Fire TV Stick remote, or want to add additional ones, the process is pretty straightforward.

    You can connect up to seven remotes to your Fire Stick, so each member of the family can have one. You can add official Fire Stick remotes—including any you’ve got left over from an older model after an upgrade—as well as third party remotes.

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    How To Pair Your Amazon Fire Tv Stick Remote


  • How to Use Your Phone as a Fire Stick Remote
  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick will turn a regular TV into a smart TV. But it wont be so smart if your remote isnt working. Out of the box, your remote should pair with your Fire TV Stick once you set it up. However, your remote can sometimes lose connection. Here are several ways to pair your Fire TV Stick remote manually, and how you can use your smartphone as a remote instead.

    How To Program Firestick Remote To Tv

  • The remote that is provided with your Amazon Firestick can be paired during theinitial setupitself.
  • Once you make the necessary connections between your TV and the Firestick, you can pair the remote.
  • After the initial association has been made, take out the two batteries available in the Amazon Fire TV stick box.
  • Insert the batteries in the respective slots.
  • Once you insert the batteries, the pairing should be done automatically. If not, then tap the Home button available on your remote and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • The remote pairs with the Smart TV now.
  • To check if your remote has been connected, you can carry out the following Amazon Fire Stick Programming procedure.
  • Take your remote and check if the Voice button blinks quickly. If yes, then it is in the Discovery mode. It is searching for devices to connect.
  • When the three blue light flashes on the remote, then it means that your TV and remote has finished the pairing process.
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    Fire Tv Remote Not Syncing Bonus Tips

    Some users have reported that interference from their routers WiFi channel has been the issue. Changing this requires getting a little bit more technical, but isnt difficult.

    Login to your router . Find WiFi Channel and switch to another channel. You can use WiFi Analyzer from Google Play to see the least used channel for your home.

    Let me know if this last tip worked in helping to reconnect your Fire TV Remote?

    I hope this helps you out and gets your Fire TV all connected again. If youve had problems or know any fixes then please leave a comment and I can update the guide.

    How To Pair Old Firestick Remote

    Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls), HD streaming device

    Oftentimes, users find their provided firestick remote not working correctly with their device.

    Luckily, Amazon has made nearly all versions of the remote compatible with all variances of the Fire TV Stick.

    This means if you have an old firestick remote laying around, you can likely pair it with the firestick that is not functioning properly.

    To do this, however, you will likely need the firestick remote app or functioning original remote.

    Use the guide below to pair an old or second firestick remote to a Fire TV.

    1. From the home screen, open Settings

    2. Choose Controllers & Bluetooth Devices

    3. Click Amazon Fire TV Remotes

    4. Choose Add New Remote

    5. Press the home button for 10 seconds on the remote you wish to pair

    6. After the remote is found, click the select button on your original remote

    7. Your old firestick remote is now paired for use


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    Q: How To Use Your Phone As A Firestick Remote

    A: To use your smartphone like a Firestick remote, you need to follow these steps:

    • Connect your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network your Firestick is connected to.
    • Open the Fire TV app on your smartphone, and select the then available device on the screen.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions, and use the on-screen navigation or keyboard to control the selected Firestick device.

    How Do I Connect A Fire Stick Remote

    The Fire Stick must be unplugged and the batteries in the remote must be removed in order to pair with it before you can proceed. After that, reconnect your Fire Stick, put the batteries in your remote, then press and hold the Home button on your remote until you see a flashing light in the upper-right corner.

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    How To Pair A Replacement Remote With Amazon Firestick Tv

    If you want to pair an additional remote, then you can make use of the how-to Program Amazon Fire Stick guidelines given below.

    Navigate to the Settings option from the home screen of the Fire TV.

    Tap the Controllers and Bluetooth devices to open it.

    Select the Amazon Fire TV Remote option and then choose the Add New Remote option.

    Now, press the Home button on your Fire TV stick remote and do not release it for at least 10 seconds.

    Once you release it, your Fire TV stick remote attains the Discovery mode.

    This mode is set when the remote is searching for the Firestick to connect.

    Once the new remote is discovered, press the SELECT button on the OLD remote to confirm the pairing of the new remote

    Make use of the remote that has been paired already to select the replacement remote from the list.

    Your new replacement remote will now be paired to the TV to which you have plugged in the Firestick.

    Fire Tv Remote Broken: Solution 2

    Fire TV Stick Product Video

    I took a flat head screwdriver and gently scraped the connectors of the Remote at each end. Wiping the residue off with a dry cloth as I scraped. The connector should look shiny and new again at the end of this process. I placed the batteries back in and the remote connected again straight away.

    If you want to be a bit more professional, you can follow some of the suggestions in the comments and use a Qtip with some isopropyl.

    Great news, Ive had no problems with the remote since and I guess the moral of the story is sometimes you get what you pay for utter crap leaky batteries this time around.

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