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How To Connect Phone To Amazon Echo

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Can I Use Echo Auto With Multiple Phones

Amazon Echo Connect: Setup

Yes, the Echo Auto will connect to six different phones, although you might have to manually pair with additional phones once you’ve initially set it up. That’s a simple case of pressing and holding the action button on the top until the orange light comes on, then it’s in setup mode again.

Using the Alexa app on the second phone you can then run through the setup process again.

That’s fine when there’s only one of those phones in the car, but if multiple users are in the car at the same time, you might have to manually select the phone it’s connecting too, by turning off Bluetooth on devices you don’t want it connecting to.

This only really matters when it comes to ensuring it’s drawing data from the right device or accessing the correct contacts list and so on.

How To Use Your Amazon Echo As A Bluetooth Speaker

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The is a very capable speaker that can easily fill up a room with sound. While you can play music directly from the device itself, heres how to connect your smartphone or tablet to the Amazon Echo and use it as a Bluetooth speaker.


There are a handful of music services that are built into the Echo, including Spotify, Pandora, and Amazons own Prime Music service, but if you want to be able to play anything from the Echos speaker, you can connect your phone or tablet and use it as a regular olBluetooth speaker.

However, theres no mechanism for using it is a speakerphone, and if you make or receive calls with your smartphone while paired with the Echo, the calls will not be transferred over to the speaker. Likewise, text messages cant be read to the Echo, nor will on-device notifications be passed to the Echos speaker.

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How To Use Your Echo As A Bluetooth Speaker

On your phone, open Settings > Bluetooth> Toggle Bluetooth on. Now say to your Echo, “Alexa, pair,” or “Alexa, turn on Bluetooth.” Your Echo will enter pairing mode and Alexa will say “Searching.”

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On your Android phone, your Echo or Echo Dot will appear under Available Devices. On an iPhone, it would appear under Other Devices. Simply tap on Echo or Echo Dot. You might get a notification to pair with Echo, so just tap Pair and your Echo will be connected.

Alexa will then announce: “Connected to . Now that you are paired, next time just say connect my phone.”


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Does Alexa Need Wifi

Alexa devices need a WiFi connection to function properly. When you ask Alexa a question or use a voice command, an audio recording is sent to Amazons cloud over your WiFi network. Then it is processed and sent back to your device over WiFi so Alexa can answer your question or fulfill your request.

Why Cant I Video Call On My Echo Show

Amazon Echo Connect requires compatible Alexa

No, you cant FaceTime on an Echo Show. FaceTime is Apples proprietary video chat app which only runs on Apple devices. Echo Show devices can only place video calls to other Echo Show devices and the Alexa phone app, and only Apple devices can FaceTime. There is no interaction between the two.

How do I enable video call on Echo?

How to set up video calling on Amazon Echo Show

How do I fix my Alexa video call?

Restart the Alexa app via its Settings menu and then relaunch the app. See if this solves your calling problems. Update the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android. If restarting and relaunching the app didnt work, you may need to update the app.

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Using And Reconnecting Your Paired Device

After youve paired your device you can immediately begin using the Echo as a Bluetooth speaker for any streaming service, podcast, or video on your phone or tablet. When you leave the area, your device and the Echo will disconnect. When you return to the speaker in the future, it will recall your pairing and you may reconnect your device with the command:

Alexa, connect.

The command always reconnects the Echo with the most recently paired device. If your Echo is not pairing with the device youre currently using, you may need to re-pair it with your Echo to resolve any connectivity issues.

How To Connect An Amazon Echo And Alexa To A New Wi

If you want to change the network that your Echo is connected to, you don’t need to reset it and go through the setup again.

Start the Alexa app again, but this time, go to Devices. Go to Echo & Alexa, select your Echo, then tap Change next to Wi-Fi Network.

Now the app will ask you if your Amazon Echo has an orange light. If you’ve set up your Amazon Echo in the past, it won’t show an orange light anymore. But you can force the Echo into setup mode by holding down the Action button on the unit. Look for a button on your Echo with a single dot on it.

After you hold down the Action button for five to ten seconds, your Echo should show an orange light and Alexa will tell you that it’s in setup mode. Now you can change the network in the app.

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How To Connect Amazon Echo To Phone

Of all the things that smartphones have replaced, speakers remain untouched by them. Even if a phone has dual speakers, it wont ever come close to a full-blown, standalone speaker.

Speakers, on the contrary, have reached new heights in the past few years with smart speakers such as Amazon Echo being able to talk and act on commands. If you own such a device, you can use it to stream audio from your phone. Necessarily, it will serve as a Bluetooth speaker for your phone.

Wondering how to do so? Fret not. We will help you connect your Amazon Echo to your phone and tablets. First, you need to pair your device with Echo, and then you can stream audio. Two methods to connect the Echo to your phone exist. Lets check them out and also understand how to use it.

How To Use Your Amazon Echo To Call Someone’s Mobile Phone Or Landline

How to Connect Phone via Bluetooth with Amazon Echo Studio?

Echo-to-phone voice calls are possible on all Echo devices and most mobile and landline numbers in the US, UK, Canada and Mexico. Like Echo-to-Echo calls, connecting an Echo device and a phone is possible through simple voice commands.

Just say “Alexa, call ” to call someone from your phone’s contact list. You can also specify which number to call if there are multiple numbers — say a work and a mobile number — under one contact. Simply say, “Alexa, call mobile” or “Alexa, call work.”

If you’re wanting to call a number that’s not saved in your contact list, say “Alexa, call .”

While Echo-to-phone calling is convenient and easy, it’s not limitless. Emergency services numbers , premium-rate numbers or toll numbers and most international numbers except for the US, UK, Canda and Mexico cannot be called through Echo devices.

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Connecting Echo Auto To Exiting Bluetooth Car Devices Like Pure Highway

If you’ve previously added smart connectivity to your car – like a Pure Highway digital receiver for example – then you can continue to use those devices setting up the Echo Auto as though you’re connecting to a car that accepts Bluetooth streaming. As long as your phone is connected to that other device too, you should have no problem.

However you really need to consider why you might want to do this. In many cases the Echo Auto’s functions will duplicate some of the common added options – digital music and streaming. There’s a cost to that, of course, in that you’ll have to have a data plan to support music steaming, whereas DAB radio is effectively free.

There’s also more potential for failure the more devices you start to daisy chain. Each connection is a point of failure – your car, your phone, Echo Auto, whatever else you might have. We connected the Echo Auto to a Pure Highway 400 and found it worked with no problems, but you’re really not then using the Pure device for anything other than its Bluetooth connection.

Can I Connect Two Phones To Alexa Echo

You can connect two smartphones to an Alexa Echo device through the app that is associated with Alexa Echo devices.

However, the person who used the app and phone to complete the initial setup of the Alexa Echo device will be able to see and change more on their app than the person who connected their phone to the Alexa Echo after them.

You can also connect multiple smartphones to your Alexa Echo via Bluetooth.

You wont be able to change any of the settings, but it will be able to access and play your music, even if you dont have Amazon Music.

However, only one smartphone can be connected to an Alexa Echo via Bluetooth at one time.

If someone connects their phone to Alexa Echo while another person is connected, the person who was connected will be kicked off of the connection.

When you want to play music through your Alexa Echo and connect your smartphone to it, you will have to make sure that they are connected via Bluetooth.

Luckily, that is relatively easy. All you have to do is go into your phones Settings, go to Bluetooth, and look at the connected devices.

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How To Connect Amazon Echo With Samsung Smartthings

When connected with Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Echo allows you to access your home lighting as well as other sensing equipments like door/window sensors, motion sensors etc. with your voice. Together, they make a sweet couple, with Alexa providing an easier and seamless way to control smart home devices, without the need for a smartphone, tablet or any smart device.

This guide will help you connect Amazon Echo with Samsung SmartThings in six easy steps. Well further explore how you update newly added devices to Alexa, without reconfiguration. Lastly, we show you how can delete all the configuration and unlink the sweet pair, should the need be.

So, lets get started.

What About Using My Phone For Navigation

Amazons Echo Connect lets you make landline calls with ...

If you use your phone for navigation like Google Maps or Waze then this works with Echo Auto too. Once connected you’ll get the navigation directions through your Echo Auto – using the default navigation app selected in your Alexa app. Open the Alexa app, head into settings > traffic > default navigation app and you can select the app you want Alexa to use.

Then when you ask for direction, Alexa will trigger that app and open it on your phone. You just have to make sure you’re precise with your destination requests, although Alexa is smart – and you can ask for shops or restaurants, for example.

If you are using a service like Waze that integrates streaming music services, you’re better off using Alexa to control those services via voice, rather than using the in-Waze option.

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How To Connect Amazon Music To Alexa

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This wikiHow will show you how to connect your Amazon Music account to Alexa so you can listen to your music at any time. You’ll need to get an Amazon Music account for Android or your iPhone/iPad as well as the Alexa app for your phone/tablet. If you rather use the website instead of the app, you can. You don’t normally need to do this since, as soon as you register your Alexa to your Amazon account, you’ll have access to your music.XResearch source

What The Amazon Echo Connect Can Do

  • Answer phone calls: With Echo Connect, you can answer incoming calls to your home phone using only your voice. Once synced to the Alexa app on your smartphone, your Connect can even announce who’s calling so you can decide whether to answer or decline the call. Alexa uses the contact list from your smartphone to identify callers.
  • Make phone calls: Amazon Echo Connect lets you make a phone call simply by asking Alexa to call anyone in your smartphones contact listno searching through your contacts list for a phone number required. And because it uses your home phone line in connection with your main Echo device, your home phone number is displayed on the of the person youre calling, so he or she still knows its you.
  • Benefit from Alexa skills: As new Alexa skills are added, you can ask Alexa to add those new skills to increase the things you can do with your Echo Connect.

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Using Alexa As A Bluetooth Speaker

If you are wondering, does the Amazon Echo Dot have to be plugged in? that answer varies between power and connectivity. One way to utilize Alexa without having internet access or a steady Wi-Fi connection is to use your device as a Bluetooth speaker. To get started, you do need access to a Wi-Fi connection for the pairing process. If you do not have Wi-Fi in your home or while you are traveling, consider opting for a public Wi-Fi location or a venue that offers hotspots. Always be sure to use any Wi-Fi connection you choose assecurely as possibleto keep your personal and private data safe and unavailable to potential hackers or malicious individuals.

Once you have established a basic internet connection, you can quickly pair your phone with your Amazon Alexa. The following steps will help you pair your devices so you are able to use your Alexa in the future without connecting to Wi-Fi:

  • Open the Alexa application on your smartphone, select Menu and choose Settings.

  • Pick the device you would like to pair.

  • Select Bluetooth.

  • Select a device from the list, then select Forget. Repeat this step for all other Bluetooth devices on the list.

How To Link Your Android Phone To Your Amazon Echo Via Bluetooth

How to Connect Amazon Echo Studio with Phone?

I used a Google Pixel 4a with Android 11 for this guide. Depending on the operating system, user interface, and device model you’re using, things may look slightly different. That being said, the setup should be similar across the board.

  • On your Android Device, swipe down from the top of your screen to open your notifications and settings drawer.
  • Press down firmly on the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner of your screen to access the Bluetooth settings menu.
  • You can also open your app drawer and tap the Settings icon as a substitute for steps 1 and 2.
  • Tap Pair new device.

  • Now, your Echo and your Android smartphone will be connected via Bluetooth.

  • After setting up your Bluetooth connection on your Amazon Echo, you can play your locally-stored music and other audio files on your Echo device the same as a regular Bluetooth speaker.

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    Inside The Amazon Echo Connect

    • The Echo Connect measures 5.1 inches by 3.5 inches by 1.2 inches. It weighs 4.5 ounces.
    • It comes with a micro USB cable for power connection, a standard phone cable for a landline phone jack, and an RJ11 splitter.
    • Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity makes syncing your Connect with the internet simple.
    • It requires an active home phone service and a compatible Echo device. The Connect is compatible with the first- and second-generation Echo and Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, and Echo Spot. Your active home phone service must be either a traditional landline or internet phone service .

    Using Echo Auto In Cars With No Bluetooth And No 35mm Connection

    If your car has no Bluetooth and 3.5mm connection then you have a bigger challenge. If you have no stereo in the car then the easiest option is to get yourself a decent Bluetooth speaker. You might find that something like the UE Wonderboom speaker will work nicely, with the volume and battery life to keep you happy. You just have to connect to the speaker from the Echo Auto during the setup process.

    If you don’t connect to anything, you can set up the Echo Auto as though your car accepts Bluetooth music via your phone. What that really does it set your phone as the Bluetooth audio device for your Echo Auto and the sound will then come out of your phone’s speakers. Whether you’ll be able to hear those in the car or not is a separate question.

    If you have a stereo there are various other options, like FM transmitters. These will provide a Bluetooth connection for you to connect to and then broadcast over an FM frequency for you to tune your car radio into. Yes, you’ll have to find a blank space on the radio, but then anything that it receives will play through your car’s speakers.

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