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How To Create Amazon Shop Page

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Select And Customize Your Template

How to Create Your Amazon Store?

Each template has a header space with a menu, footer space, and areas called tiles that you can arrange with your products.

The product grid template displays your products in a straight-forward way. You can showcase items in multiple rows of four. Its basic but adequate.

Tell more of your brands story with the marquee template. This theme features several tiles that you can fill with text, images, and products.

Finally, theres a highlight template. This works exceptionally well at showcasing products, branded assets, and other content.

To build each page of your Store, go to the page manager and click add page. From here, youll add titles, write meta descriptions, and select your page template.

Youre now a template pro! Next, lets add products to your Store.

Amazon Is More Than Just The Storefront

Amazon gives you access to so many different tools that its sometimes hard to tell which are best for a specific purpose. The Storefront is excellent for branding purposes, but thats pretty much it.

Any selling tool you use is only as vital as your teams capabilities to handle the requests. An attractive Amazon Storefront cannot improve your strategies for managing your brand, fulfilling orders, and tracking barcode information.

For this reason, its essential to invest in the backend as much as your brand spends on the frontend. An agency can help you with the technical aspects of store management to focus on branding.

If you would like to learn more about selling on Amazon, access The Ultimate Amazon Playbook. The team at Sunken Stone provides this for Amazon sellers looking to take their business to the next level. !

What Is Amazon Brand Store & Why It Is Important For Your Business

Lets assume you are doing pretty awesome on Amazon. Youve optimized your listing, ran some Amazon PPC ads, and generated plenty of sales. Now what? If you want to keep up with that momentum of your sales there is one thing you should definitely do next: Create an Amazon Brand Store!Why?Its a stellar way to showcase your products and will help you maintain a professional brand-like reputation and presence on Amazon.For starters think of it as a mini-website of your retail business but on Amazon.Its a great Amazon advertising strategy to go for if you have some complementary products to sell alongside regular ones.Ready? Lets get started.

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Pros & Cons Of Dealing With An Amazon Storefront

If you choose to open your own Amazon storefront, you have to be aware of both the good and the bad of managing one. A storefront isnt a one-time configure and done type of job.

Managing a storefront involves everything from improving your product listings to recording videos to demonstrate your products.

Maximizing your Amazon storefront space requires ongoing work to keep things exciting for buyers. Your competitors are constantly improving, and to succeed on Amazon, you must too.

So, what are the pros and cons of creating an Amazon storefront?

  • Pro: Its a free service on Amazon that leads to more brand exposure.
  • Con: For brands without trademarks, getting into the Amazon Brand Registry service is potentially time-consuming.
  • Pro: Exceptional stores provide an opportunity to upsell, cross-sell, and communicate with customers.
  • Con: Its time-consuming to maintain a successful Amazon store yourself.
  • Pro: You can outsource the maintenance work to a third-party, freeing up your time.
  • Con: Amazon must approve changes to Amazon stores. If you break Creative Acceptance policies, then youll have to work until Amazon approves your storefront pages.
  • Pro: Its low-cost. The only costs youll pay are Amazon seller fees and the cost of maintaining a trademark.

Now that you know about the pros and cons of stores, heres a step-by-step guide explaining how to start an Amazon store.

All The Tools You Need To Launch In One Place

The 7 Best Online Shopping Websites of 2020
  • Get up and running quickly with built-in customization tools, including widgets and apps designed for mobile and desktop integration.
  • Measure performance and metrics with the insights dashboard.
  • Integrate an Amazon store with other websites.
  • Get feedback on products
  • Reach a broader audience by running .
  • Drive traffic to your brand through sponsored advertising, social media channels, and more methods.

Store optimization:

  • Help customers find you with your brands byline and custom URL.
  • Optimize organic marketing to help customers discover you in Amazons store.

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What Are The Benefits To Opening A Store On Amazon

Before creating your first Amazon storefront, letâs look at some of the benefits to opening a store and starting your journey in Ecommerce.

Oh the things you could do, if you could manage your own time and schedule…

âMore time for your hobbies and interests: Most of Amazonâs professional and individual sellers donât spend 10+ hours a day working on their business. In fact, many people decide to sell on Amazon so that they can have a more flexible work schedule and plan their days accordingly.

Once the initial work is done and youâve dedicated time to create your first Amazon storefront, maintaining your business wonât be as time consuming as it was in the first few months. Once you get the flow going and your store starts to make a profit, then you can start to enjoy spending more time on extracurricular activities. Isnât a well-balanced lifestyle what itâs all about, anyway?â

Simplicity: No, you donât have to be a techie to . Managing your storefront takes some creativity and attention to detail, but you donât need to know code or even have the latest gadgets or expensive devices to succeed as a seller.

Ready to start the process? This guide walks you through how to open your first Amazon store in 7 essential steps.

Review Amazons Affiliate Rules To Avoid Losing Affiliation

After youve built up your initial site and installed a few plugins to help automate things, its time to take a break from designing and writing. Understanding is important if you run afoul of their rules, you may lose the ability to earn money from their platform.

Wouldnt it be heartbreaking to spend all of the time and money required to build your site, only to have your affiliate account blocked? Paul James has a great video overview.

Key Rules for Operating an Amazon Affiliate Site:

  • Your site cannot contain sexually explicit or obscene materials.
  • Your site cannot promote violence.
  • Claims made on your site must be factual.
  • You cannot use other peoples intellectual property without permission.
  • If your special links are formatted improperly, you may lose out on commissions.
  • If you mention limited-time promotions, references to promotions must be removed from your site prior to their end-date.
  • Product pricing and availability can only be displayed on your site if you use the automated tools that Amazon provides for keeping availability and pricing information up-to-date. You may not manually type out pricing or product availability information on your site.
  • You must clearly disclose that your site has an affiliate relationship with Amazon.

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Traffic Sources Available For Amazon Store Insights

There are 4 traffic sources that Amazon measures including:

  • : Traffic from Sponsored Brands ads on Amazon.
  • : Traffic from within Amazon, including from search results or brand detail page links.
  • Tagged sources: Traffic being tracked with a custom source tag. You can create source tags for different traffic channels to get granular traffic tracking by source. Tagged sources data is only broken down to individual tags when it meets Amazons data count threshold within your selected time range. You can learn more about Tagged Sources here.
  • Other: All other traffic sources not categorized.

Practical Applications For Your Amazon Storefront

How to Build An Amazon Affiliate Store Using WordPress

Once you have your store all set up, you can use it to promote your products both on and off Amazon.

Heres what you can do to drive traffic to your listings.

  • Use a unique tagged source link to promote your Amazon storefront across social media. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc
  • Link to your Amazon store from your product listing detail pages to show your customers what else you carry and what your brand is all about.
  • Run Amazon Headline ads to promote your brand to Amazon shoppers.
  • Drive retargeted traffic to your Amazon storefront by using Amazon DSP ads
  • Use tagged source links to promote your Amazon store through email marketing, Messenger and SMS.
  • Use the Amazon store reporting tools to measure the performance of your marketing efforts.

While having an Amazon storefront is less useful than your own online store website, it can greatly improve the conversion rate of your advertising efforts, specifically Amazon Headline ads and Amazon DSP.

If you dont have a home base for your ecommerce business, an Amazon store is a quick and easy way to establish a presence online.

Because setting up an Amazon storefront is quick, easy and free, you should set one up no matter what.

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Choose Your Fulfillment Options

As a seller, you have two fulfillment options: the do-it-yourself option or using FBA, where Amazon is responsible for receiving, packaging, and shipping orders.

Fulfilled by Merchant

You fulfill directly to customers and manage shipping, returns, and customer service. This is a good option for made-to-order products or for products that require a longer lead time for processing.

Fulfillment by Amazon

You send inventory to an Amazon Fulfillment Center and it ships products and manages returns from customers. You control how much inventory to send to FCs and you pay storage fees for the product in addition to a fulfillment fee for every unit sold to customers. Keep in mind you still own the inventory until a customer receives it.

In this model, Amazon handles payment from the customer and pays you every two weeks. You get access to Amazons customer service team that handles questions, returns, and refunds. Youll also get access to Amazon Prime and Free Super Saver Shipping to scale your business.

Register Your Brand With Amazon

Before you can begin creating beautiful Amazon Store content , youll need to register your brand using .

To register your brand, youll need:

  • A registered trademark for your brand that appears on your products or packaging.
  • The ability to verify yourself as the rights owner or the authorized agent for the trademark.
  • An Amazon account. You can use an existing Amazon account or create a new one for free.

If you havent already, head over to and get your brand registered.

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How To Create An Amazon Seller Storefront

Having a brand on Amazon gives you some fantastic tools but the brand store creation process is so simple with a great drag and drop tiles interface and easy to add video and rich media. Your amazon store should be an extention of your existing brand and website and will really help you start selling to a bigger audience.

You can split your Amazon storefront into multiple product categories creating multiple detail pages. The store builder is such a simple self service tool and is powerful enough to replicate brands websites.

Simply, create your content tiles, review on the visual editor to get a store preview on both desktop and mobile and submit for publishing.

Best practise tip: We recommend a simple web map showing a homepage/about us and then categorisation of your products.

List Your First Product

What Amazon Is and How to Save Money Shopping Online

The product detail page is where the sales happen on Amazon. The information you put on this page helps sell your product and encourage shoppers to buy. Candle brand Homesick has a stellar example of a product page that sells. Lets look at why.

Targeted product title

Your product title is essential for an Amazon listing for two reasons: One, it captures shoppers attention and tells them they are in the right place. Two, it can improve your click-through rate in search and improve your SEO ranking.

Product titles have a 200-character limit, but youll want to keep your title between 60 and 80 characters. Why?

  • A Skubana study of over 3,000 high-ranking Amazon listings found that 33% of them fell between 60 and 80 characters.
  • The guidelines recommend it.
  • Amazon can shorten product titles over 112 characters.

Every word in your product title is searchable. Include the most relevant search in the beginning of your product title. Youll notice Homesick uses its brand name , the product line , the style , features , and the container size.

This gives shoppers a clear and concise description of your product. They can then make a decision whether to stay on your page or go find the product elsewhere.

Clear product images

Your main photo should clearly show what the product is before zooming in. Additional photos should provide additional angles of the product and, if relevant, lifestyle imagery.

Concise bullet points

Concise product descriptions

Product variations

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Add The Products To Your Online Shop

Now that you have your account registered, brand, and your product codes and images, youâre ready to upload your first products to your new Amazon storefront. The fastest way to do this is to make an Excel spreadsheet and categorize all of your products first before uploading them to the Amazon Seller page.

Simply log into your account, click âAdd a Productâ, and you can upload the spreadsheet as a CSV file. Make sure you add information like how many of each item you have in stock, the price, what type of product it is, and so forth. Double check all of your work so that you donât miss anything.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

I love affiliate marketing because it is the least stressful way to earn money from selling products online. Inventory, shipping, payments, customer service and returns are all handled by the site that youre sending customer to. Your only responsibility is educating customers and helping them learn about the products your partner is selling.

If you combine affiliate marketing with your own product line, you can earn even more! But, you will increase the hassle-factor.

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Choose From Four Shop Templates

If you want to create an Amazon Brand Store, you can choose from four basic templates. They are suitable for different objectives:

  • Product grid: Keep it simple that is the guiding principle of this template. Thanks to the linear arrangement of the articles, visitors to your shop will immediately receive an overview of what your product range has to offer.
  • Highlight: With this template, the star of your product range will be highlighted. This is ideal when you are looking to promote a new product.
  • : With the Marquee template, you can tell your brand story, present important company values and discuss your products features.
  • Empty: If you already have a clear vision of how your Amazon Brand Store should look, start from scratch and build the page according to what you have in mind.

Tip: You can create several stores with different objectives. This allows you to present new products, discuss your brand message and demonstrate the breadth of the product range all at once.

Install An Affiliate Plugin

How to Create an Amazon Store Brand Storefront

Before you add your affiliate links to your Amazon affiliate website, youll need a plugin, like Pretty Links that lets you manage all your affiliate links in a single place within your WordPress dashboard.

Whenever you want to change an affiliate link, you dont need to dig deeper into your site and manually alter all those URLs. Instead, you simply do that in your PrettyLinks panel, which will automatically change all the published URLs.

This plugin also helps you cloak the affiliate links that you promote on your website.

Affiliate links are typically long, ugly-looking URLs like this: affiliate_id

Pretty Links helps you cloak such affiliate links and make them shorter and neater:

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Use A Content Calendar To Ensure Fresh Content Is Added To Your Site Weekly

92% of marketers say that fresh content is an effective way to generate traffic online. Why? Because Googles primary goal is to answer their users questions in an efficient, accurate way. And, the sites that have the most in-depth, current content generate that organic search traffic.

Google is especially important for ecommerce sites because 81% of customers use Google to search for information before making a buying decision. If your affiliate site is part of the customers research, right before they make a big purchase, your tracking cookie will ensure that you get credit for the sale.

To help ensure your site remains current, with fresh content thats useful to your audience, a content calendar is key. Spend a few hours at the beginning of the month planning out which topics youll cover each week. Writing a fresh blog post every few days, and strategically placing links to other relevant pages on your site is a great way to help site visitors engage with every part of your site.

A strong content calendar:

  • Has wildcard days for current/trending events to be covered.
  • Features topics that build on previous articles allowing for natural linking between site pages.
  • Helps writers remain mindful of upcoming topics helping them pay attention to useful information they come into contact with throughout the week.
  • Include a mix of how-to guides, list posts, roundup posts, product reviews, best X for y posts.

Submit Your Amazon Store For Review And Publish

According to Amazon, once you have finished building your Amazon Store, you can submit it by clicking the Submit for publishing button. Your Amazon Store will be submitted for moderation. Keep in mind, you cant make changes to your draft while it is being moderated.

The moderation process can take several days.

Before you publish your Amazon Store, you should check for the following:

  • Spelling or punctuation errors.
  • All changes are included in the draft version.
  • Use the mobile preview to make sure that your Amazon Store is optimized for the mobile experience.
  • Check your images and videos to make sure that any text in them can be easily viewed .

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