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How To Create An Amazon Store

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The Size And Weight Of Your Products

How to Create Your Amazon Store?

One of the most important things you should watch out for as a new Amazon seller is the size and weight of the items you’re selling. This is because large items are less convenient and significantly more costly to ship than small products. Not considering this factor before you start your business will lead to high shipping costs that slowly eat away at your profit margins.

Ideally, you should start with small products that require a simple shipping process. Opting for such items will also allow you to ship via air at a reasonable cost, an option that is much faster and involves less paperwork than sea freight.

Open An Amazon Seller Account

The first thing youll need to get started is registering to if you have not done this already. Amazon offers two pricing plans for U.S. seller accounts: an individual plan that costs $.99 per item sold or a professional plan that runs $39.99 per month. Monthly fees for selling on the site may cost more, depending on if you or Amazon fulfill product purchases for customers.

When setting up your seller account, you will also need to select what business type your company belongs to . You will also need to choose which regions you intend to sell to, whether its North America, Europe, Japan or Australia. Be sure also to have all of your company contact details and a chargeable credit card on hand to finish creating your seller account.

Why Should You Create An Amazon Store

The main purpose of creating an Amazon Store is to drive shopper engagement. Since it is a created destination for buyers to learn about different brands and shop different products in one place, it makes it ideal as all as convenient for them to shop.

A Store provides an excellent brand-centric shopping experience on both Mobile and Desktop platforms.

Amazon Store elevates the experience of shoppers by:

  • Giving an enhanced mobile experience.
  • Capitalizing on both internal and externalsources of traffic.
  • Boosting organic rankings on Amazon SERPs and thereby, increasing the sales volume.
  • Providing an opportunity to popularize yourbrand to newer audiences.
  • Promoting your products to all the preexistingcustomers.

Amazon Stores is a perfect way to build customizablepages by showcasing a small or single group of items. You can include aslideshow containing photos, texts, videos, and other types of content. Thismakes it great for new product launches.

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All The Tools You Need To Launch In One Place

  • Get up and running quickly with built-in customization tools, including widgets and apps designed for mobile and desktop integration.
  • Measure performance and metrics with the insights dashboard.
  • Integrate an Amazon store with other websites.
  • Get feedback on products
  • Reach a broader audience by running .
  • Drive traffic to your brand through sponsored advertising, social media channels, and more methods.

Store optimization:

  • Help customers find you with your brands byline and custom URL.
  • Optimize organic marketing to help customers discover you in Amazons store.

Stellar Marketing Content To Build Product Listings

Create A Branded Amazon Store In Simple Steps [2021 Seller ...

If the products you are selling are already sold by others on Amazon, this is less important because you will most likely end up adding your offer to the product listing thats already in place .

But, if your products are new to the Amazon catalog , you will need to come up with content for such fields as product titles, bullet points, product description and generic keywords .

You will also need product images for your listings check out for reference, but we encourage sellers to have multiple images, including a lifestyle image, if possible, to show the product in use.

This lifestyle image complements the main image that has strict requirements, including a white background, no branding, and at least a 500×500 pixel count.

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Use Google Or A Similar Keyword Research Tool

One of the easiest ways you can sort through products to decide what might be good to sell on Amazon is by using keyword research. You can simply perform a Google search, or use a keyword tool like SEMRush to see what the search volume is for different terms, products, and categories.

As an example, say you think you want to sell customized winter hats. You can perform a search for “customized winter hats,” as well as other variations of the term, to see how many people are looking for this item, as well as what the competition looks like.

Through this process, you might also gain some insight on how to find the product you’re looking to sell on Amazon as wellas wholesale or direct suppliers may appear in your search.

Clear Understanding Of Your Product Sourcing Avenues

If your products sell well on Amazon, do you know how to replenish quickly enough to avoid extensive stockout periods?

If you specialize in close-outs and one-time buys, you may not be able to replenish the same SKUs easily, but should have well-defined processes for adding new inventory, as your Amazon cash position improves.

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What Is An Amazon Store

Amazon store is a very useful feature that all kinds of vendors can use exclusively individually to promote their collection of products they want to sell and boost the awareness of their brand. It is a free, premium content offer on amazon that helps you in making your very own branded store.

You can make your customer experience this amazing branded shopping on a desktop as well as a cellphone. Did you know that 80% of people conduct searches and shop online on their cell phones?

The Fulfillment By Amazon Program

2021 | How to Create an Amazon Store Brand Storefront

The first thing every aspiring Amazon seller should be aware of is the program. As the name implies, this program allows third-party sellers to use Amazon’s fulfillment centers and shipping service to store and sell their products to customers.

This arrangement allows sellers to focus on improving and marketing their store while Amazon takes care of the logistics. Keep in mind that an Amazon FBA business is charged several fees that vary depending on the type, size, and weight of the products being sold.

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Check Out The Movers And Shakers In Your Target Categories

Similarly, you can repeat this process with another set of top-seller pages that Amazon calls Movers and Shakers. Here is where Amazon tracks products that are quickly moving up the popularity charts, like the top trending items in Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry, below.

Following the process above, you can drill into sub-categories and items to see whats trending with shoppers right now. This is valuable information if youre trying to catch a style or product opportunity on the upswing.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use Amazons own dataand your potential competitors own productsto guide you in finding and choosing the right products to sell on Amazon.

Start To Scale Your Amazon Store

  • Improve your Best Sellers Rank. BSR is an important metric for both your customers and your sales. This is also a key factor in valuation if you ever want to sell your business. Potential buyers will want to see steady growth in your BSR rank over time.
  • Increase your product offerings. You will need to do proper research for every new product offering you create. Having more products can reduce the risk of your business becoming dependent on just one product.
  • Build your brand page. As you continue to expand your private label product offerings, youll want to build a professional, dedicated site for your business within Amazon. This gives you another way to market your products, and can also make your business attractive to potential buyers. Frooition creates for sellers who are on the Amazon brand registry.


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Traffic Sources Available For Amazon Store Insights

There are 4 traffic sources that Amazon measures including:

  • : Traffic from Sponsored Brands ads on Amazon.
  • : Traffic from within Amazon, including from search results or brand detail page links.
  • Tagged sources: Traffic being tracked with a custom source tag. You can create source tags for different traffic channels to get granular traffic tracking by source. Tagged sources data is only broken down to individual tags when it meets Amazons data count threshold within your selected time range. You can learn more about Tagged Sources here.
  • Other: All other traffic sources not categorized.

Price Your Items To Sell

Create A Branded Amazon Store In Simple Steps [2021 Seller ...

If you want your items to sell, you need to price them accordingly. When you price your products higher than your competition, it can kill both your Amazon venture and any trust with your customers. 91% of customers buy from trusted branding, so you need to build this customer trust on Amazon, too.

Once you build trust and start generating sales, you may see that Amazon starts to promote your products. Amazon automatically promotes other products in the section on the product detail page under Customers who bought this item also bought.

Setting the price for your product involves the following strategy:

  • Have a profit margin over 50% to 66%.
  • Price your item between MAP and MSRP pricing.
  • Know your cost of goods sold .
  • Remember to count additional fees, such as the Amazon commission on sales, Amazon FBA fees, customer return fees, fees for returns that you have incurred, overhead costs, packing and shipping costs, and any category-specific costs. For example, vendors selling apparel on Amazon will incur category-specific costs due to the high rate of customer returns for these items.
  • Finally, search for other Amazon products similar to yours. Use the same three keywords that you used for your description page and search for other products to see what appears.

    Youll want to stand out from this list with strong pricing, high quality imagery, and a highly clickable product title.

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    Daniel Townsend Managing Director Plum Tree Group

    With more than 2 million sellers worldwide selling on Amazon, gaining the necessary visibility to succeed can be difficult.

    However, all hope isnt lost.

    Amazons latest release, headline search ads, may help new and experienced sellers by putting their products front and center in Amazon search results.

    Headline search ads are pay-per-click ads that help sellers target customers based on specific search terms.

    Once campaign parameters are set , headline search ads appear at the top of search results a powerful opportunity to outrank similar products , drive shoppers to your listings and increase sales.

    How To Start Selling On Amazon

    Once youve made the decision to sell your products through Amazon, it’s time to take care of formalities. You’ll need to create a seller profile, add your products, and attract customers. Amazon has guides to walk you through each step, but you can expect the following:

  • Choose and pay for a plan, either by each individual sale, or as a subscription model with the Professional plan.
  • Create a seller account, where you can identify your business and streamline payment processes.
  • Add your products, with detailed descriptions and any technical specifications required.
  • Set pricing, and attract customers through one of Amazon’s many marketing add-ons.
  • You do have to fit into one of almost 70 categories in order to be a third-party seller. Some of the more common and most profitable categories are clothing, healthcare, beauty products, baby products, jewelry, home and garden items, cell phones, and electronics, though just about anything youd want to sell is covered.

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    Add Products To Your Store With Rich Details

    With your brand activated, you can begin adding all of your products to your digital shelves. Inside the Seller Central hub, you can either add products one at a time with the Add a Product button or you can add multiple products at once with a Microsoft Excel-based spreadsheet. Every product in your inventory must have a unique SKU number. Each new SKU uploaded to Amazon creates a new record and once an SKU number exists, it cant be changed. You will also need to input how many of the item you have in stock, its price, what condition it is in, what type of classification it should have and other information.

    For those with professional accounts, you can add for each product. A+ Content effectively lets you add more photos, videos, artwork, charts and more in order to make your product more enticing. You can start adding A+ Content to your product listings by logging into Seller Central, clicking Advertising in the navigation menu and clicking Enhanced Brand Content. From there, enter the SKU of the item listing you want to improve, select a template to work from and then fill in the template with photos and more.

    Each new SKU uploaded to Amazon creates a new record and once an SKU number exists, it cant be changed.

    Read And Follow Amazons Terms Of Service

    How to Create an Amazon Store Brand Storefront

    Once you have your website and email marketing setup, you should review Amazons terms of service VERY carefully. There are many rules Amazon imposes that if violated, can result in a suspension of your account.

    Heres a list of the most important rules.

    • You can not sell sexually explicit items or have any explicit content on your site.
    • You can not make false claims about the products you are selling
    • You can not steal photos or product descriptions from Amazon
    • Your prices and promotions must be accurate. As a result, Amazon offers automated tools to help you keep your listings up to date.
    • You must disclose that you are an Amazon affiliate on every single product page on your site
    • You must have a privacy policy
    • You can not use Amazon affiliate links directly within your emails or in any offline manner
    • You can not use Amazon affiliate links in PDFs or Ebooks
    • You are not allowed to cloak your affiliate links or use misdirection
    • You can not use Amazon reviews as your own on your site
    • You can not offer incentives to purchase an Amazon product
    • You can not use paid placements for your affiliate products
    • You can not violate anyones trademarks
    • You can not click on your own links and make purchases on Amazon

    In addition to the above, there are many more specific rules to the Amazon Associates program that you MUST review.

    Their guidelines change from time to time and its very easy to get banned if you dont follow them to the letter.

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    Metrics Available Via Amazon Store Insights

    Amazon Stores Insights provides metrics by traffic source and by page including:

    • Daily visitors: Total unique users or devices that viewed one or more pages on your store in a single day.
    • Views: Number of page views during this time period. Includes repeat views.
    • Sales: Estimated total sales generated by store visitors within 14 days of their last visit. Units and sales data are only available as of December 25, 2017.
    • Units sold: Estimated total units purchased by store visitors within 14 days of their last visit.
    • Views/Visitor: Average number of unique pages viewed by a daily visitor to your store

    Pro-tip: You can access analytics from the store builder, or from the Stores main page.

    In January 2019, Amazon added six additional metrics including:

    • Sales/Visitor
    • Units/Order
    • Sales/Order

    According to Amazon, the latest performance metrics allow Store owners to make more informed optimization decisions depending on their goals.

    For example, knowing that Page 1 receives more visits than Page 2 is not nearly as useful as knowing that Page 1 receives more visits, but Page 2 provides higher Units/Order or Sales/Visit. For a Store owner, this would encourage driving more traffic to high-performing pages or making improvements to low-performing pages that receive a lot of traffic.

    Customers who use custom tags do so in order to easily categorize traffic. Providing a dedicated location to find these tags facilitates this behavior.

    Create Pages And Construct Your Navigation Bar

    When you add and name a page, you automatically populate your Navigation Bar. The pages connected to the homepage will appear as main links on the navigation bar, whilst the ones connected to the other pages will attach to them as subpages and will be displayed as drop-down links.

    Besides the page name and description, you can choose from one of the 3 pre-formatted tile page templates, or you can start with a blank page and do it yourself. As always, think strategically about how that particular page will benefit from a certain layout.

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    If You Plan To Use Amazons Fulfillment By Amazon Program Will You Co

    I very much recommend using FBA, given its potential visibility to 100MM+ Amazon Prime customers.

    If you decide to go that route, youll need to decide whether you plan to co-mingle your products with FBA inventory of other sellers of the same products.

    Amazon gives FBA sellers this potentially lethal option of sending product into Amazons Fulfillment Centers, where they might get co-mingled with other FBA sellers product.

    This may result in your products getting mixed up with counterfeit or low-grade versions of what you purport to be selling.

    Unfortunately, if a co-mingled unit gets picked to fulfill an order on your account, you are left explaining to Amazon why a customer complained about getting a counterfeit item.

    You need to work through this issue very early on because if you decide to use FBA but not use the co-mingled option, you need to activate your account to become a stickered FBA account before ever creating your first FBA shipment into Amazon.

    While it is possible to become a stickered account later on, it can quickly become very complicated if you have already sent some product into FBA as a stickerless product.

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