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How To Deactivate Showtime On Amazon Prime

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How To Cancel Showtime Using Donotpay


Do all of these cancellation options look overwhelming to you? Dont feel demotivated because we can do it a lot faster! Use DoNotPay and cancel Showtime subscription in a minute. Your only task is to:

  • Open DoNotPay in any web browser
  • Choose Find Hidden Money
  • Add Showtime as the service you want to terminate
  • Are there any other subscriptions that you feel like canceling? Link DoNotPay with your email or bank account, and we will list all your inactive subscriptions. You can select the ones you want to terminate by following the steps mentioned above.

    DoNotPay cancels every obsolete subscription or membershipFlixFling, Netflix, Hulu, , Spotify, 8tracks, and a lot more!

    How To Cancel Showtime Online

    1. After signing in on, click the Profile icon at the top right corner.

    4. Select a reason for why you want to cancel Showtime. Showtime, like many services, wants to learn why you’re leaving. So, pick an option. I chose “no longer interested,” because it kinda matches every other option.

    5. Windows like this are annoying, aren’t they?

    You’ve canceled your Showtime subscription!

    Do You Need Help With All That Paperwork

    Saving money is great, but cutting the time wasted on bureaucracy sometimes sounds even better. DoNotPay joins the best of both worlds and helps you avoid boring paperwork while preventing future unnecessary charges and expenses.

    With our help, you can enjoyfree trials without any risk, fileinsurance claims, or handle issues with.

    You wont have to waste time on researching the right procedures or pay for help if you need tostop stalkers and harassers or put together all sorts oflegal documents.

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    Is Showtime Causing Problems Use Donotpay To Sue It

    Has Showtime wronged you in any way? With DoNotPays help, you can sue the company in small claims courts and officially settle the disagreement. DoNotPay is the recipient of theAmerican Bar Associations Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access, and we help people strike back against bureaucracy and get the justice they deserve.

    Calling The Amazon Customer Support

    How To Cancel Showtime On Amazon On Iphone

    One more way of cancellation is by making a call to the customer care service number of Amazon.

    It is the best option and the last resort if you have issues with the online cancellation or do not want to take that lengthy route.

    In this case, the Amazon customer care number is 18882804331. Simply dial that number and tell the representative on the phone that you want to cancel your SHOWTIME subscription and provide your details. Do not forget to ask for a confirmation of cancellation to keep it as proof.

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    How To Cancel Showtime Free Trial On Amazon Prime

    Canceling the Showtime free trial uses the same process as canceling a full subscription. Remember to cancel the subscription before the free trial ends so you dont get charged for another month. Here it is.

    Step 1: On any web browser, visit . Then log in to your account.

    Step 2: In the upper right corner of the page, select Accounts and Lists, and enter the settings screen.

    Step 3: Then , and choose Prime Video Channels.

    Step 4: Under this section, search for your Showtime subscription. You will see a Cancel Channel link next to it. Tap on it to end your free trial.

    Use Donotpays Virtual Credit Card To Stop Free Trials Before You Get Charged

    Are you reckless with your free trials? Do you often pay for the full subscription because you forgot to cancel on time? The solution is DoNotPays Virtual Credit Card. It creates a virtual credit card number you can use to sign up for free trials. DoNotPay stops any automated payments.

    The table below shows the benefits of DoNotPays Free Trial Card.

    Do I Reveal?

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    How Much Does The Subscription Cost

    If youre new to using SHOWTIME services and wish to subscribe for the first time, the process is pretty simple.

    On visiting the official site, you will find the Get SHOWTIME option on the main page.

    If you arent sure about continuing with the service for long, there is a free trial option, which allows you to use the service for 30 days without having to pay.

    After the free trial ends, you can continue the service by paying $10.99 a month.

    If youre interested in a long-term subscription, you can obtain it by paying $99 for a year.

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    Peacemaker | Economos Teaser | HBO Max

    Showtime Subscription Q & A

    Where To Find and CANCEL AMAZON PRIME Video Subscriptions – HBO, CINEMAX, STARZ, SHOWTIME.

    Other than how to cancel your Showtime subscription on Amazon Prime Video, you may have more questions. Here are some, as well as the answers to them.

    Can you cancel Showtime at any time?

    Amazon allows customers to unsubscribe from Showtime at any time. So you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. But it is best to cancel before the free trial ends, so you will not have to pay for another month.

    How much does Showtime cost per month?

    The Showtime subscription comes at different prices, depending on your subscription service.

    If you are paying for Showtime through Amazon Prime Video, then it will cost you a total of $10.99 per month.

    If you subscribe through Hulu, and ad-free plan will cost you $11.99 every month. But if you are opting for a plan with ads, the starting price is $5.99 per month.

    With DirecTV, you will need to pay $13.99 every month. Keep in mind that these are just a few channels through which you get Showtime, and there are many more.

    Can you get a refund after canceling Showtime?

    Unfortunately, you will not receive a refund after canceling your Showtime subscription on Amazon Prime Video. It is advisable to cancel your subscription during the free trial itself, so you will not have to waste money on a subscription that you do not want.

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    By Calling The Amazon Customer Support

    Another alternative cancellation method exists in the form of making a phone call to Amazon customer service.

    It is a good option if you are having issues with online cancellation, or dont want to go through that route.

    In that case, simply dial the Amazon team on 1-888-2804-331 and ask the representative to cancel your Showtime subscription.

    How Long Do You Update Searching For Cancel Showtime Subscription On Prime Once

    Because quantity of new Cancel Showtime Subscription On Prime contents are launched instability, so we will update ones regularly. We can not give a certain answer for this, but by accessing our site day by day, you will not miss out any new Cancel Showtime Subscription On Prime contents at our website.

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    Why Does Gethuman Write How

    GetHuman has been working for over 10 years on sourcing information about big organizations like Amazon in order to help customers resolve customer service issues faster. We started with contact information and fastest ways to reach a human at big companies. Particularly ones with slow or complicated IVR or phone menu systems. Or companies that have self-serve help forums instead of a customer service department. From there, we realized that consumers still needed more detailed help solving the most common problems, so we expanded to this set of guides, which grows every day. And if you spot any issues with our How Do I Cancel a Video Subscription to Starz, Hbo or Other Places on Amazon? guide, please let us know by sending us feedback. We want to be as helpful as possible. If you appreciated this guide, please share it with your favorite people. Our free information and tools is powered by you, the customer. The more people that use it, the better it gets.


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    How Do I Cancel My Showtime Subscription

    If youre planning on canceling your SHOWTIME subscription, you better do it before your date of renewal as it will get renewed automatically and you will have to pay for another month.

    You can cancel your subscription on SHOWTIME anytime by following these steps.

    • Go to on your computer or smartphone.
    • Once you have logged in to your account, go to Account Settings.
    • Under Account Setting select Cancel Your Subscription.

    Some of you may have subscribed to SHOWTIME through other providers such as Amazon.

    To cancel your SHOWTIME subscription on Amazon, you need to go to Your Account on after login.

    On selecting Your Subscriptions, you will be able to see the options for SHOWTIME, where you can select Cancel to end your services.

    You can cancel your SHOWTIME subscription on Google Play too by following the same steps.

    Let me cancel that showtime subscription no need for it anymo.


    How Much Does Showtime Cost Per Month

    Showtime price varies depending on your TV provider. For example, on DirecTV, the channel costs $13.99 per month.

    On the other hand, Spectrum users can get it as part of their package at no additional cost .

    On Amazon Prime Video, Showtime is an add-on channel that will cost you $10.99 a month. However, it also comes with a 7-day free trial during your first purchase.

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    Cancel Showtime Subscription On Prime Details

    The system has given 14 helpful results for the search “cancel showtime subscription on prime”. These are the recommended solutions for your problem, selecting from sources of help. Whenever a helpful result is detected, the system will add it to the list immediately. The latest ones have updated on 6th June 2021. According to our, the search “cancel showtime subscription on prime” is quite common. Simultaneously, we also detect that many sites and sources also provide solutions and tips for it. So, with the aim of helping people out, we collect all here. Many people with the same problem as you appreciated these ways of fixing.

    End Your Amazon Prime Membership

    SHOWTIME Free Trial Amazon – How To Start & How To Cancel

    You can end your Prime membership by selecting the End Membership button on this page.

    Paid members who haven’t used their benefits are eligible for a full refund of the current membership period. We’ll process the refund in three to five business days.

    • Additional subscriptions tied to your membership won’t renew once your Prime membership ends.
    • If your Prime membership is associated with a service you receive through another company , contact that company to manage your Prime membership.

    To end your Amazon Prime membership:

  • Go to your membership.
  • Select Update, Cancel, and more, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Was this information helpful?

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    How To Cancel Showtime Via Amazon Prime Channels

    Many people also subscribe to services through Prime Video Channels, on Amazon. And since its menus get awfully complicated, here are the two steps you need to know for how to cancel a subscription on Prime Video Channels.

    1. Sign into, open this page and click Prime Video Channels under Memberships and subscriptions.

    2. Next to Showtime click Cancel Channel. Follow the next on-screen steps.

    How To Cancel Amazon Showtime Free Trial

    After your free trial is over, Amazon will start charging you automatically each month.

    However, if you do not wish to continue with the service, you can cancel anytime. You wont be required to keep the subscription for a certain period of time.

    To cancel your Amazon Showtime free trial or paid subscription, simply log into your Prime Video account and go to Manage Your Prime Video Channels. Youll see all your active channel subscriptions, as well as subscription price and renewal date in this page.

    You can then proceed to cancel it at any time, right from there. Just look under Actions and click on Cancel Channel corresponding to Showtime and then confirm it.

    Once you cancel, the renewal date of your Showtime subscription becomes the end date, and youll no longer be charged each month. However, you can continue to access the Channel through Prime Video up until the end date even after you cancel the free trial or paid membership.

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    Other Channels Available On Amazon Prime

    Just like Showtime, there are many other popular channels like HBO, STARZ, Cinemax, etc. that are available with Prime Video as a third-party paid subscriptions. The monthly price of each channel might vary. Most of these channels come with a free trial as well.

    Heres a list of some of the other popular channels that are available on Prime Video.

    How To Cancel Paramount Plus On Amazon

    How To Cancel Showtime On Amazon On Iphone

    Amazon Prime users can easily cancel their subscription to the Paramount+ channel on Prime Video if they don’t find the content to their liking.

    Paramount+ is not only available as a standalone service through the Paramount+ app, it is also available as an optional channel on Prime Video. It is one of the many different third-party channels on offer on Prime Video, including Hallmark Movies Now, Showtime, MLB TV, NBA League Pass, Discovery Plus, and more. The different third-party channels are optional add-ons for Prime subscribers for an additional cost over and above the yearly payment for Amazon Prime subscription.

    Paramount+ offers not only on-demand content and originals but also Live TV streaming for all CBS shows. The subscription costs $9.99 per month for the ad-free package and $5.99 per month for the base pack with ads. While it is a great way to catch up on a variety of content, people who are not impressed with the offering can cancel it easily.


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    Why Cant I Cancel My Showtime Subscription

    You can cancel your showtime subscription easily by visiting on your PC or mobile. Sign in to your account and click on your profile icon located in the upper right corner. With this, find the account settings, then tap on subscription, and finally select the cancel your subscription option.

    How To Cancel Showtime Subscription On Amazon And Other Platforms

    SHOWTIME is deemed by many as one of the best streaming platforms to catch all your favorite shows. But, after Dexter: New Blood recently concluded, many want to cancel their SHOWTIME subscription and are wondering how to do it.

    SHOWTIME boasts several hit psychological dramas including TwinPeaks and Yellowjackets. However, some users who appear to have been using the app for select shows may not want to continue with its service after their favourite show ended.

    #DexterNewBloodFinale well the show is over now, time to cancel my Showtime subscription trial.


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    How To Cancel Showtime On Amazon Prime

    With streaming becoming the go-to method of entertainment, you might find yourself with too many subscriptions.

    Or perhaps, you had subscribed to the free trial of Showtime but you havent been satisfied by the channels offering. Whatever the case, you can cancel your Showtime subscription and save money in the process.

    Notably, you can only cancel your Showtime subscription on the platform where you signed up for. If you through Prime Video, you can only end the service via Amazon.

    Is Showtime Free With Amazon Prime Free Trial 2022


    From a serial killer show like Dexter to a dark comedy like Black Monday, SHOWTIME gives you a range of solid streaming options. And now with its availability on different OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, it has become even more convenient to access it.

    However, theres one question that almost certainly crosses our mind

    Is SHOWTIME free with Amazon Prime?

    As of now, SHOWTIME is not free with Amazon Prime. It is available as a third-party paid subscription only. However, there is a 7-day free trial for all eligible members who have not taken the SHOWTIME free trial before.


    The offers mentioned in this article are as on the day this article was last updated and are subject to change. You can check the current SHOWTIME membership offer for Prime members from !

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    How Much Is Showtime On Amazon Prime

    Currently, SHOWTIME costs $10.99 per month on Amazon Prime. As of now, Amazon offers only monthly subscription plan and there is no annual plan.

    You can cancel your subscription anytime and you will not be charged at all if you cancel before your free trial ends.

    • 30-day Amazon Prime Fresh free trial
    • Amazon Household shared Prime benefits

    Youtube Tv Is Offering $30 Off For First Three Months To New Subscribers

    Youre dying to binge Yellowjackets, but dont want to pay for yet another streaming servicethe time-old issue with multiple streaming platforms. Thankfully, this month, you wont have to: Showtime just released an amazing month-long deal so you can keep your current subscriptions at the same price while viewing its entire library. Beginning February 1, 2022, is partnering with Showtime to provide a complimentary 30-day free trial. This deal is an uptick from their standard 7-day free trial. And, it gives you the best opportunity to stream tons of content.

    In addition to Yellowjackets, Showtime also offers a host of other originals. The streaming service offers originals like Billions, where you experience the world of high-stakes finance, and The Chi, Lena Waithes drama series which takes viewers on an emotional journey set in a South-side Chicago neighborhood. You can also catch award-winning treasures like Minari and Titanic. And, of course, dont forget that Showtime also offers pay-per-view MMA fights for sports enthusiastsmost recently the Bader VS. Moldavksy match on January 28.

    In order to get this great deal, youll have to use your and add Showtime as an add-on. If you dont have an Amazon Prime account yet, now is the perfect time to get one. You can also get a 30-day free trial for Amazon Prime, making this essentially a great two-for-one deal for those who have gone this long without both.


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