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How To Delete Amazon Seller Account

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Amazon Seller Account Information Page

How To Cancel Your Amazon Seller Account – Not Until You Watch This

The Account Info link you clicked on will take you to the Amazon Seller Account Information page. On the left hand side, as shown below, youll see a section labeled Your Services, which will show that youre signed up under the Professional plan. On the right side of that box is a link that says Manage. Click that link.

What Do I Need To Do Before I Can Close My Account

After you have read the information above, complete the following steps:

  • Fulfil any outstanding orders.
  • Wait 90 days after your last sale to ensure the A-to-z Guarantee claims period is honoured.
  • Wait until you have a zero balance in your account .
  • Resolve all of your transactions with buyers, including issuing any necessary refunds.
  • Confirm that you have valid bank account information on file to receive a final payment.
  • Note: If you have FBA inventory, you must submit a request to either return or dispose all inventory before closing your account. To learn more about creating removal orders, see Remove inventory .

    How To Close And Delete Your Amazon Account For Good

    Do you want to close and permanently delete your Amazon account? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about closing your Amazon account.

    Closing your Amazon account isn’t as easy as opening one. There are hurdles put in place to make the process a bit of a hassle. But, worry not. With your cup of coffee, the right information, some determination, and a little time to spare, you can close your Amazon account today.

    Whatever your reasons for wanting to close your Amazon account , you’re not alone. So why do people want to delete their Amazon accounts? How do you close your Amazon account? And what happens to your data after deletion?

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    How To Delete Your Amazon Account

    Chris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief of How-To Geek. He’s written about technology for over a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami’s NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. Since 2011, Chris has written over 2,000 articles that have been read nearly one billion times—and that’s just here at How-To Geek. Read more…

    Deleting your Amazon account is the only way to completely erase your purchase history. If you want to delete your account for good, heres how to give yourself a clean slate.

    Downgrade The Account To Individual

    How To Delete Amazon Seller Account

    Simply downgrade the account to a Personal Seller Account under your account plan settings, on your Seller Central Settings.

  • Log in to your Seller Central Account
  • Go to Settings > Account Info
  • Under account management click on the link Downgrade Account
  • You can always switch to the PRO account again in the future.

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    What Should You Keep In Mind Before Cancelling Your Amazon Seller Account

    Before we discuss how to actually execute the cancellation, lets first discuss a couple of things to keep in mind before you do so.

    • First of all, keep in mind that you would still have to pay monthly subscription fees even after you have deactivated your Amazon product listings.
    • Secondly, do not forget to check for any pending orders for the products you intend to stop listing.

    Many sellers skip this and assume that Amazon will take care of cancelling buyers orders automatically. This, however, is not true so make sure to deliver your orders if any .

    • Last thing you need to do is to continue replying to your customers within 24 hours. Contrary to what many sellers mistakenly believe, Amazon does not deactivate your Buyer-Seller Messaging even if your listings are inactive.

    S To Delete Amazon Seller Account:

    Step 1: Login to Amazon Seller Central with your email id and password.

    Step 2: Click on the Settings and then Account info.

    Step 3: At the bottom of the info page you will see the close account option.

    Step 4: You will be redirected to the Contact Us page where you will get an option to change the selling plan or close the account permanently.

    Step 5: Provide the reason To Delete Amazon Seller Account and submit. Then you will get an email from the amazon seller support team regarding the status.

    Amazon seller support team will contact you regarding the reason for deleting the amazon seller account. You must keep in mind that you will be unable to create another seller account with the same email id and business details that you have given at the time of registering an account.

    The support team will not ask for the login credential of the account. They will just clarify all the things which can occur after the permanent closing of the seller account. Proper guidance will be provided by the team to permanent execution of closing the seller account. The Amazon seller support team help all the sellers if they are stuck in the seller central dashboard.

    Any individual who sign up on the amazon seller dashboard must have to look all the terms and conditions with their policies when creating a business account. If the Policies are violated on amazon, then the seller will receive suspension notification in their registered email id and also in the seller panel.

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    Close Your Amazon Listings

    If the case is that you are unable to fulfill the order due to lack of product supply or any technical issues you are having, instead of canceling your account, you can simply close the Amazon listing. This is what will allow you to give you time to resolve technical issues or find new suppliers for your products without losing your Amazon seller account. To close your listing, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Seller Central page
  • Select the products you would like to stop listing.
  • How To Delete Or Cancel Your Amazon Seller Account

    How to cancel amazon seller account (and get paid to do it)

    If you decide that selling your account is not right for you and you wish to cancel or delete your Amazon seller account, simply log in to your account, go to the settings tab in the upper right corner, click on Account Info, then the link to Close Account and follow the instructions. See the screenshot below for reference.

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    You’re Planning On Creating A New Amazon Account

    If you’ve been selling on the platform and you want to create a new Amazon seller account, this is something you can do! First, however, you have to see that you do not have any pending orders, cancellations, or returns before closing your accounts.

    If you have an existing account that you use to shop on Amazon and want to open a new dedicated selling account, this is also possible. In this case, you don’t exactly have to shut down your “buyer” account. Instead, you can simply create a new one that’s intended for selling.

    How To Delete Your Amazon Account On Website

    Deleting an Amazon account isnt easy. But, you can still do your best on it. You can do this on the Amazon website on PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone browser.

    Open the Amazon website, and log in to your account.

    Scroll at the bottom, click Help at the Let Us Help You section.

    Now, a new page will load. Hover your mouse at Need More Help? button, and then tap Contact Us.

    You may need to login into your Amazon account again.

    Then, a page will load. Click Prime or Something Else.

    A page will then load again. Click Login and security at the combo box or the drop-down menu in the Tell us more section.

    Now, choose the Close my account option to load a page where you can delete your Amazon account.

    Now, you will see three methods to delete your Amazon account:

    • Email
    • Phone
    • Chat

    You can click one of the buttons to contact Amazon to ask for account deletion. This isnt a simple process. Amazon may refuse your account deletion due to some reasons.

    If you dont see the Email, Phone, Chat button to be able to be clicked, you probably need to wait sometime.

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    Our Case Study With 3 Former Amazon Sellers

    We wanted to perform an experiment for a case study so we contacted a few individuals we knew that had stopped selling on Amazon a while back. They never closed their accounts so those accounts were still open and able to continue selling with.

    When we told them that they might be able to sell their accounts, all 3 were quite excited about the opportunity. After locating the private investor that buys them through some close contacts in the business, we provided them with his contact details.

    We let them complete the online form, get a cash offer and be mindful of security during the process. We asked them to report back to us with the details of their experiences so we could share them with our readers.

    After a few days, all 3 had successfully sold their accounts for a few thousand dollars each and were quite elated. All of their seller accounts were several years old with a few hundred seller feedback ratings, which made them more valuable and they explained the process to us.

    They submitted some basic information about their account through an online form. He then made an offer within 24 hours to purchase the account, verified that their accounts were legitimate and paid them. Once they confirmed receipt of the funds, their sensitive information was removed, replaced with the new info that he provided them with and the transfer process initiated.

    This made the entire process 100% safe and secure.

    You’re Controlling Your Spending

    How To Delete Amazon Seller Account

    Amazon may seem like it’s such an excellent platform for online shopping, and it is! However, if you’re having trouble controlling how much you spend, it’s hard to have Amazon accessible everywhere you go.

    When you know you can buy anything you want, it’s challenging to control the impulses for shopping. So with that, it’s very reasonable to want to know how to delete your Amazon account.

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    Amazon My Services Page Downgrade Link

    The Manage link you clicked in the last step will take you to the My Services page, which will again list the various Amazon services you are signed up for as a Professional seller.

    Below the explanation of your Professional seller plan in the section labeled Sell on Amazon is a link that says, Downgrade. Click that link to begin the account downgrade process.

    How To Cancel Amazon Seller Account

    Amazon Expert Partner at Seller Tradecraft | Investor

    Need a break from your Amazon business? Dont worry, its possible without having to close your valuable seller account.

    There are a number of reasons for sellers to temporarily halt their Amazon businesses, which is why Amazon facilitates sellers with a couple of options to do so.

    Ive put together this post to guide you through the entire process of cancelling your Amazon seller Account. Ill discuss everything, from crucial preliminary measures to step-by-step guides, and much more!

    Lets get right into it.

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    Why Amazon Make It Hard To Delete Account

    You see, Amazon is growing faster with very huge market potential all over the world. They dont want their retention rate to decrease just because of the easy method for users to delete their Amazon account.

    They want the company to increase without having to be stressed more about losing a lot of users that already signed up. But you want to get rid of your personal information on Amazon.

    There are many reasons for these, but the above can sum up everything. If you subscript for Amazon Prime, canceling it is also a bit of a headache.

    The same applies if you have and want to delete your Amazon Seller account, Alexa account, Audible account, and more.

    What To Do If Your Amazon Seller Account Is Deactivated

    How to close or delete amazon seller account 100% work 2018

    If your Amazon seller account has been deactivated, the first thing to do is finding out why your account was suspended.

    Its never a good idea to rush into writing an appeal letter before doing a thorough investigation.

    Amazon sends you a letter detailing reasons for amazon seller account deactivation, but its important to do your own investigations to see if they are right.

    The second step is to write down an appeal letter stating clearly how you plan to resolve the issue.

    Your appeal letter should have the following sections:

    • Introduction: This section provides details about yourself, what you sell, business seller name, and why you got suspended.
    • Description: This part provides further details about your suspension and the root cause of the issue.
    • Action Plan: In this section, youll describe the actions youve taken to resolve the issue as well as the long-term changes youve initiated to ensure the problem doesnt happen again.
    • : Lastly, reiterate your commitment to abiding by Amazons policies and request them to reinstate your account.

    Your appeal letter needs to be as compelling as possible to increase the chances of your account being reinstated. Thats why its a good idea to enlist the help of an Amazon brand management service like Sunken Stone to help you with writing an appeal letter.

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    Things You Need To Know Before You Close Your Amazon Account

    You should be sure that closing your Amazon account is what you really want to do before you proceed.

    If so, take note of the following points before you go ahead and delete your Amazon account.

    • You cannot delete your Amazon account just by yourself. You’ll need to submit a request to customer service.
    • You’ll need to submit the account closure request for all the Amazon accounts you want to close.
    • You should download a copy of any content you have uploaded otherwise, they will all be deleted too.
    • Take screenshots of your transactions and order history for future reference.
    • Make sure you resolve any pending issues tied to your account, such as disputes, returns, and refunds.

    How To Delete An Amazon Account Permanently 2020

    As somehow, Amazon doesnt provide a direct option to close Amazon account, so you have to use the contact method for that and I will guide you step by step on how to delete Amazon account.

    Now, you are on the main section of the article, so please pay attention to all the steps on how to delete an Amazon account, and follow them carefully:

  • Go to the and log in with your username and password.
  • After opening the website, go to help, present on the bottom.
  • Click on the need more help option.
  • In the need more help section click on the “Contact us” option.
  • After that click on prime or something else.
  • Now scroll down to the tell us more option and click on login and security and then click on close my account.
  • After that, you will see three options as E-mail, Phone, or Chat. Choose the option which suits you.
  • Now, follow the steps according to option you choose.

  • E-mail: If you choose the E-mail option then, mail them your reason for closing the Amazon account. In 12 working hours, you will get a reply back.
  • Phone: If you choose the phone option, then the website will take you to the new page in which you have to provide your phone number and you will get a call from their employee and you will have to tell your reason to them and follow their instructions.
  • Chat: In the chat option, you have to chat with them and you have to tell them the reason and then follow the steps or instructions given by them.
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    C Delete Some Of Your Amazon Listings

    The Edit button to the right of the inventory table in Seller Central can come in handy when you want to make temporary or permanent changes to specific titles in your stock. Use the Delete feature to selectively take out listings for products you know you wouldnt be able to source again.

    Editing Amazon listings

    To delete all of your listings:

  • Access your Inventory in Seller Central.
  • Check the items youd like to delete.
  • Select Delete Products and Listings from the drop-down Action menu above.
  • This change is permanent and irreversible. An inventory purge will take a few days. The bigger the inventory, the more time it will take to delete everything.

    At this point, youre ready to move on to the next stage in closing the account.

    This is what your to-do list should look like:

    • Leave your affairs in order, including outstanding orders, A to Z claims and refunds
    • Request the return or disposal of your FBA stock, if any
    • Switch your selling plan from Professional to Individual to stop paying fees
    • Let 90 days go by from the time of your last order
    • Check the bank account on file so that your final payment can be processed
    • Make sure your account balance is 0
    • Send this form to Amazon .

    Account termination is permanent and irreversible.

    Melanie takes an active interest in all things Amazon. She keeps an eye on the latest developments, and keeps Amazon sellers up to speed.

    You Don’t Want Your Financial And Other Personal Information To Be On The Internet

    How to Delete an Amazon Seller Account on PC or Mac: 9 Steps

    Even though Amazon is a secure platform, you can’t deny that there’s a lot of personal information on it. So if there comes the point where you don’t want to keep your personal details are out there, you can always learn how to close your Amazon account.

    Privacy is always important, especially when it’s so common to hear news or receive notices about any data leakages. If you’re worried about your data leaking all over the Internet, you can always delete your accounts, including Amazon.

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