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How To Do Product Photography For Amazon

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Here Are 11 Amazon A+ Content Examples To Learn From

Simple Product Photography for Amazon Products | Jungle Scout
  • Robert Runyon

What Is Amazon A+ Content?

The A+ Content feature enables you to change the description of your product to better suit your brand. Use this tool to describe the features of your products in a way that sets you apart from competitors.

is a feature that enables brand registered sellers to improve their product descriptions and page details with enhanced images, high-definition videos, comparison charts, and many other features. In this blog post, weve put together the best in class Amazon A+ Content examples to give you an idea of how stellar A+ content looks.

Amazon A+ is the best way for brands to get the most out of their presence on the eCommerce giant, but without any tangible examples, starting can feel daunting.

The Ultimate Guide To Taking Professional Motorbike Photography

Motorbike product photography is a very specific niche in the world of photographic imagery.

Like all niches, you need a very special focus and attention to do it well. Youll need tips on how to capture their shape and reflective chrome in the style you want.

From outdoor environmental areas to indoors, we have everything you need.

How To Photograph Jewelry: A Quick Guide

Some items of jewelry will pop when photographed in a studio setting. This is because the focus falls only on the product.

Other pieces will look better photographed in natural light. Some natural stones shine when placed in the sun, and their colors come out.

If you are photographing pieces that are quite earthy, then why not try shooting outside. A location or background that emphasizes this quality helps bring the best out of your items.

For other situations, showing a model or body part can help to show the item in context and give it a sense of scale.

This is what makes the product more personable to the viewer. Give these tips a try.

White balance, lighting techniques and which backdrops to use. These are all areas that need addressing.

One mistake is not realizing the reflections that the jewelry creates. This could be a large problem for quality and realistic representation.

Read the other 11 common mistakes when photographing jewelry here, in our article.

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Split Testing Your Product Images

There can be many different versions of your product photos. But which one converts better?

Before 2021, Amazon sellers had no straightforward way of determining this, until Manage Your Experiments was updated. However, you are limited only to the MAIN image, so youll have to continue guessing which infographic or lifestyle photo is best.

Manage Your Experiments allows you to perform an A/B test on your main product image.

To qualify for Manage Your Experiments, you must

And all eligible ASINs must

  • Have published A+ content
  • Belong to your Brand, and
  • Have high traffic

Maybe Amazon will develop a way to A/B test other listing images in the future. But for now, use your judgment on your other images.

Canon Powershot G7x Mark Iii

12 Great Amazon Product Photography Examples Youll Want ...

Camera: Compact with CMOS Sensor | Resolution: 20.1MP | Lens: 4.2x optical zoom | ISO: 12512800 | Max frame rate: 30fps | Autofocus: Dual Pixel

  • For taking photos and videos for social networks
  • Easy controls

This option features a 20.1 MP 1.0 stacked CMOS sensor and is powered by the DIGIC 8 image processor, which makes it a great option for lifestyle product photography enthusiasts who want to take pics of superb quality. However, the key advantage of this camera is that it allows capturing 4K 30P/ FHD 120P videos for your vlog and social networks.

Professional photographers often avoid using portable models since most of them come with insufficiently large sensors. However, this is not the same with this camera. Canon packed it with a large APS-C sensor, which makes it a great choice for taking professional-quality product photos.

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We Provide Professional Photoshoot For Amazon Products In Delhi

Looking for great, economical and cost effective amazon products photography services for different types of product categories and shoots like lingerie photoshoot, ghost mannequin photoshoot, fashion photography, jewllerys shoot, cosmetic products, 360 degree product shoot, backpack photography, sanitary ware products, footwears photography, women handbag shoot, furniture photography, fmcg products, apparel shoot, flat lay photography etc. We deliver ready to use photographs as per your specific requirement for amazon india according to the specific guidelines & dimensions.

Pixieset An Image Sharing Platform

As a professional photographer, delivering your images in a timely manner is paramount. Especially ones of high quality.

Thats where Pixieset comes in. This is a platform that allows you to share large files with your clients. This all comes at a monthly fee.

This means your clients will be happy, satisfied, and likely to work with you again! Its definitely one of the top options for file sharing.

For the full review, and information on how to get started on this website, read our article here.

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Optimizing Images For Your Website

Search engine optimization is important for all online retailers. One thing that is especially important is the load speed of your website. Large product images can really be a burden on this. There is a delicate balance between image quality and optimization because if you over-optimize, it destroys the image quality. As a rule of thumb, I make my images no larger than 200kb, but shoot for the smallest image I possibly can.

The Easy Guide To Shooting High Key Photography

Product Photography for Amazon DIY STYLE Create Your Own Graphics in Minutes

If your scene is giving your camera a lot of light, you might consider high-key photography. The high-key refers to the excessive use of lights and lighting in the photo.

This is a technique you would use for product photography. It allows you to remove most if not all detail from the background.

For all high-key photography questions, tips and techniques, read our article here.

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Amazon Product Photography: A Critical Link To A Successful Listing

Professional Amazon product photography is an often-overlooked missed opportunity for many sellers looking to gain a better BSR, reduce product returns, and a higher volume of sales. Using and uploading professional product photography can potentially triple your profits from just about any ASIN you add.

When Helium 10 founder and CEO Manny Coats compared his sales in December 2016 with his sales in December 2017, he noticed his sales went from $305,641 in 2016 to $988,663 in 2017. He mostly attributed this increase in sales to replacing his lackluster photos with an effective professional photography setup on his listings.

Summary: 18 Photography Tips To Try In 2021

  • Get a high-quality camera
  • Shoot on a white background
  • Avoid using filters
  • Use a bokeh background for lifestyle product shots
  • Have images for every product style
  • Dont delete photos before checking them on your computer
  • Use color psychology to appeal to emotions
  • Leverage macro setting to capture finer details
  • Be smart about lighting when capturing product images
  • Select natural or artificial lighting based on the product type
  • Utilize a flash diffuser
  • Only use one type of light per image
  • Try different photo styles
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    Amazon Product Photography Tips And Hacks To Increase Conversion On Your Listing

    A great product is only as good as the photos used to advertise it. Though many large companies outsource their product photography and editing work, you can still create quality images to supplement your Amazon product listings.

    A picture may be worth a thousand words. However, when it comes to e-commerce and online product listings, it is worth so much more than that. In the world of online marketing, a great product is only as good as the photos used to advertise it. Though many large companies outsource their product photography and editing work, you can still create quality images to supplement your Amazon product listings. This strategy allows you to rely on your own skills and some tips and tricks employed by professional photographers.

    Depending on your camera settings and filming location, it might take quite a bit of practice before you are consistently taking usable photos. Fortunately, there are plenty of aids and tools available to help improve your photography techniques. Taking great product photos can usually be accomplished with the right environment and decent editing abilities, so do your best to broaden your skills and adopt a few new strategies to produce high-quality content.

    How To Shoot Diy Furniture Photography For Product Or E

    Amazon product listing, infographic & lifestyle on Behance

    If you have an e-commerce store, you will need good-quality pictures of your product. Knowing how to take good images of furniture is vital to generating sales.

    It is important to show your product in the most flattering way possible. This involves preparing the furniture, shooting at the right angle, and using helpful props. You should also have ample light.

    To know how exactly to shoot furniture, follow the tips in this article.

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    A Word Of Advice Before You Start

    It goes without saying that product photography plays a huge role in how successful your product listing will be in attracting and converting customers. Not only do your images need to meet , they also need to encourage people to buy your products. The right image really can make all the difference too. Some sellers who tested out different lead images on Splitly, found that some images generated much more profit than others.

    So although I am going to show you how to take great images yourself, I would always consider getting professional shots taken where possible.

    Having said all of that, this article should help you out of a tight spot if you need some quick-fire results, or if youre trying to cut down on some expenses.

    Oh and just to make you feel more comfortable about taking photography tips from Kym from the marketing team at Jungle Scout, I am also a photographer Ive been taking photos for a good 7 years, and I have project managed large scale ecommerce product photography in the past.

    Edit And Retouch Your Images After Theyve Been Captured

    The work doesnt end when the pictures are taken. Youll still need to use image editing software to enhance your images. Whether youre adding effects, enhancing color, or removing the background from an image, youll need to do some form of editing after youve shot your product photography. The post-production work is just as important as the process of taking an image. You want to showcase your product in the best light and with minor image edits youll be more likely to sell your product.

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    Amazon Photo Requirements: Other Useful Apps You Can Use On Ios And Android:

    • The Amazon Seller App, Photo Studio
    • VSCO
    • PS Express
    • Snapseed

    Here is a quick jargon-busting explanation of the things you can generally edit or tweak inside these types of app:

    Exposure This will literally make the image brighter or darker, usually without losing too much integrity in the image.

    Brightness This works similar to exposure but tends to remove more detail from the image, so apply with caution.

    Temperature or Saturation These tools are really useful if your image is a little orange or yellow, you can try to change the temperature using this setting. Remember you want your background to be white, and the product to be clear and showing a true depiction of color.

    Clarity/Sharpen Hopefully your image will be in focus, but you could add a tiny bit of sharpening to make it crisp. Just dont overdo this one.

    Highlights / Shadows Try playing around with these settings to see if you can eliminate any blemishes in the white background space, whilst maintaining detail and shadow on the product.

    Amazon Photo Requirements: Inexpensive Product Photography Tools

    360 Product Photography for Amazon Product Listings – Do it Yourself

    There are a range of cheap photography tools that you could invest in if you want to take product images more frequently. Perhaps you want to try split testing a few images before deciding what images you pay a professional to re-take. Or you might want to take a few extra photos with different angles or close ups to add to your selection of other images.

    If this is the case, a small investment may be worthwhile and you can get all of this kit on Amazon.

    • Lightboxes you can get small pop up lightboxes which are fantastic for small products. These give you a super accessible backdrop to work with, and as they are boxes, you can control the light a little more.
    • Reflectors if you are trying to utilize natural light, a reflector always comes in handy, but you might need a spare pair of hands to hold it in place to bounce some natural light towards your product
    • External lighting you can get some neat portable LED lamps that are battery powered, and can easily be propped up with a small tripod. One of this would be handy if you live in a darker country with less available
    • Small tripods / Gorilla pods whether you have an unsteady hand and want to stabilise your phone or camera, or if you want to purchase extra light sources, a few of these will certainly come in handy.

    If you want to edit photos on a computer, rather than in an app, but dont have Photoshop, then you could try out something like Pixlr or GIMP.

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    Include At Least One Lifestyle Image

    At least one of your child photos should be a lifestyle one that shows the product being used in real life. Not only does it help buyers get a sense of how its being used, but the extra details and aesthetics can really help tip the scales towards a sale.

    Look at IKEA for an excellent example. They show complete room setups to give people inspiration for how to decorate their own rooms. Youre not only selling a product, but also an idea.

    Image credit: IKEA


    Try Different Photo Styles

    One of our favorite product photography ideas involves styling a product in several ways. You can hang your products for a unique perspective. You can position the product in the background of an image. You can showcase people using your product or the product on its own. You can play with different product photography lighting settings. You can place your product in different settings such as outdoors if its an outdoor related product. You can even offer a 360 view of the product.

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    Best Amazon Product Photography Services To Refer In 2022

    By Tata Rossi 2 days ago, Software Reviews

    There are many Amazon product photography services, but its quite challenging to find one that can deliver pictures that will induce people to buy those products. You can see many Amazon images of poor quality on the net.

    Not to get in a trap, you need to choose a service carefully. We have collected 7 services that help you demonstrate your products in the best way possible.

    Amazon Product Photography Requirements

    I will do amazon product photography editing, listing ...

    Before you begin planning your strategy for Amazon photography, you first need to understand the rules. for their product listings, and above all your photos must comply or else they wont be allowed. While the link above has the complete list, here are some of the main points for quick reference:

    • Pixels: minimum 1000 pixels for width and height
    • Color mode: sRBS or CMYK
    • File Format: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG
    • File Name: product identifier + file extension i.e., B000123456.jpg

    There are additional requirements for the main image, such as using a white background, but well cover those in more detail below.

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    Tips For Making A Diy Photo Studio

    Setting up a studio doesnt have to be expensive. There are many things that you can create yourself. It feels better knowing you saved money by making it by hand.

    Softboxes and diffusers can easily be made at home. Backdrops are best made at home, as you are free to create something specific.

    Check out the tips on making a DIY photo studio here.

    How To Photograph Food

    Food is an extensive niche area of product photography. Yet, as the food has a shelf life, speed or tricks are important for a high success rate.

    Natural or artificial light both give different moods and tones to the product. The items also work with color theory, where colors can complement each other.

    The settings in which you photograph these products emphasize the tone of the image. They help give it context.

    Read our article here for all the food photography tips you will ever need.

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    Get Your Pictures Retouched

    Once youve got a final image youre happy with, its time to get it retouched. If you photographed your product correctly, the product should be properly exposed and your background should be a light gray. It should look something like the un-retouched images above. Comparing them to the retouched versions shows you how important this step of the process actually is.

    The retouching tasks associated with on-white photography can be tricky without a lot of training. So, instead of trying to teach you advanced Photoshop, Im going to show you how to outsource it.

    Youd be surprised how affordable this can be. For $3-5 an image, you can have a professional retouching company improve your images for you.

    Finding a good company can be tough, but Pixelz is one of my favorite options. Their software allows you to upload and manage your retouching from start to finish. Prices start at $1.45 per image with a $25 minimum, but you get three free test photos to start.

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