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How To Drive Sales On Amazon

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How to Use Facebook Ads to Drive Amazon Sales

Unique products.

If you sell a variety of products, that may or may not be unique from your competition, focus on selling the more unique products on Amazon and building up your product reviews.

Once you have several products that have a lot of positive feedback, then even if you have other products that your competitors have, you may build more of a loyal following based on those few unique products.

Find High Demand And Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon

Whether youâre looking to increase your sales on Amazon by selling new product lines, or youâre just getting started and need some inspiration on what to sell on Amazon, there are a couple of routes you can take to help you identify profitable products.

While one option is to find a gap in the market, a potentially easier route you can take is to identify and capitalize on products that are currently in high demand.


Take the for example.

On this page, you can access the top 100 bestselling products for each of Amazonâs product categories and sub-categories, giving you instant insight into what sells well.

Thatâs not all though.

From the individual category pages, you can also access the âHot New Releasesâ, âMovers and Shakersâ and âMost Wished Forâ products in that category.

When looking at this information, you should try and understand what’s just a fad and which products have a potentially long shelf life.

Thatâs not to say you should be avoiding short-lived trends, but you should be mindful that these products may not warrant a huge investment or justify you purchasing a significant amount of stock.

Amazon product research does extend beyond the best sellersâ page though.

In fact, while it provides great insight into what is selling well on Amazon, it does have its limitations in that itâs capped at the top 100 products.

Hereâs the thing.

Which leads me onto the next question…

Which Amazon product categories are most in demand?

Read Amazon Marketing And Advertising Case Studies

Another way you can increase your Amazon sales? Get some inspiration from fellow companies that advertise and market on Amazon. While you can browse our portfolio, you can also view Amazons curated selection of case studies, which come from companies of all sizes.

In most cases, youll notice that each business had a specific goal. They also utilized a lot of the tips we mention in this guide, from conducting keyword research to starting PPC campaigns to optimizing product listings.

Use these case studies to inspire your strategy for improving Amazon sales.

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A Developed Process For Identifying And Addressing Stale Inventory

While everyone wants their products to sell, the reality is there will always be some that dont sell well and need to be liquidated or sold on other channels to help convert the inventory back into working capital.

Amazon has tools to help FBA sellers identify stale inventory, while the non-FBA Amazon seller will need to monitor its inventory by SKU to figure out what might need to be promoted for faster sale.

Dont Lose The Buy Box

How to Improve Amazon Conversion Rates and Drive Sales  ...

Get Your Simple Guide To Win Back A Lost Buy Box.

Amazon Advertising is similar to Googles Ads or Facebook Advertising.

There are 3 ways to advertise with Amazon Advertising.

1: Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are pay per click product placement listings at the top and within search results that appear to blend into normal search results.

They have an indicator of Sponsored but are intended to appear as organic product search results.

Where do Sponsored Product Ads appear?:


Tanner was a great help and even prepared for my call in advance. A wealth of knowledge! Was really great to rack his brains he wasted no time on the call either and gave me the info I wanted with no fluff.

Tim Calwell, CEO r3vitalize

2: Amazon Headline Search Ads

Amazon headline Search Ads are keyword selected ads that appear at the top of Amazon product searches.

Qualifications to run Amazon Headline Ads are:

  • Have at least 3 products
  • Be registered in Amazon Brand Registry

You can send Amazon Headline ad traffic to:

  • An AMS brand page
  • A best-selling product
  • A custom URL

These are top of funnel type ads to build brand and product awareness because the types of potential customers that click on these ads arent necessarily ready to buy, more so they are looking to discover and learn more about products.

This is one of the great ways to increase sales on Amazon, because it significantly improves your ACoS.

3: Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

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Encourage Verified Customer Reviews

If you want to increase your sales on Amazon, you need to develop a review management strategy. Reviews have immense influence over purchase decisions, with 80 percent of shoppers crediting reviews for changing their mind about buying a product.

For many vendors on Amazon, however, its an ongoing challenge to earn verified reviews. Thats why many companies start soliciting or incentivizing reviews from consumers, which goes against Amazons policies and jeopardizes your online business.

Do not pay for reviews instead, develop a strategy for encouraging reviews from verified buyers. If youre struggling with review management, WebFX can help. Were an award-winning agency with proven experience in assisting businesses earn genuine, satisfied reviews from shoppers.

With our expertise, weve helped our clients earn more than $2.4 billion in revenue.

How To Advertise My Amazon Products On Amazon

There are a few options in terms of Advertising ON Amazon when answering how to promote your product ON amazon, and the team at Amazon appear to come up with a new way for us to spend money advertising our products with them every single week!

Here are a few of the options available to your when it comes to Advertising your products on Amazon:

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Make Sure Amazon Knows Your Product Is Relevant

When a customer searches for your product, Amazon decides if your product page is relevant to that search. There are a couple of ways they determine this: using your page content such as titles, bullet points and descriptions, or by using the aforementioned hidden-search terms that you entered in your product flat file.

Get Reviews And Increase Your Sales On Amazon


Customers trust online reviews as personal recommendations. Verified reviews improve trustworthiness. Buyers hardly leave reviews for the products they bought online. Using or Early reviewer program would help you boost your sales online.

Seller feedback and product reviews increase your product rankings and to a certain extent influence your BSR. Constructive feedback helps you improve your product performance. So, try to automate your review requests. You can use the SellerApp review request chrome extension to automate your reviews on Amazon.

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Use Fba To Increase Your Sales On Amazon

18. FBA to help you manage your inventory

One of the problems with selling on Amazon can be managing the demand and supply for all your stock. Not enough supply means you cant fulfill the demand. However, too much, and you still make a loss due to having to store the excess. FBA helps you avoid these issues and maximize your sales potential, without the worry of stocks. Thats because Amazon does it all for you.

19. FBA to persuade customers to buy your product

FBA can also come in handy when persuading customers to buy your products. This is because FBA products use Amazon Prime. This is not just a trusted logo, but also means faster more reliable delivery for customers. Meaning they will choose you over a competitor without Prime delivery for speed and reliability.

Do A Social Media Ad Campaign

The most direct and quick way to promote your Amazon product on any social media site is with an ad campaign.

Advertising on any websites like Facebook or LinkedIn means that you tap into a goldmine of data- AKA, your product ends up on the screen of exactly your ideal audience.

Here you can create Facebook ads, here you can advertise on Instagram, to advertise on LinkedIn, and here you can advertise on Twitter.

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Adopt Inbound Marketing Strategies

A lot of ecommerce companies focus solely on Amazon when marketing their businesses. While its critical that you have and PPC management strategies in place, its essential to research the potential benefits of adopting other inbound marketing strategies.

For example, a social media marketing campaign can help your business increase brand awareness, as well as Amazon sales. With social media, you interact with your target audience daily, which can build their brand interest, trust, and loyalty plus notify them of your newest products.

If you have an , you can even feature links to your social media accounts, which contributes to your social media marketing plan. In this scenario, youre adopting a multi-pronged approach to increasing your sales on Amazon.

What Is Amazon Kdp Select

Create A Amazon Giveaway Strategy To Drive Sales &  Profits ...

Heres the rundown on KDP:

  • Paying members can borrow books as part of their membership
  • Everyday Amazon users can buy the book as normal and
  • can give their book away for free, as a promotion, for 5 days during a 90-day period.

The catch: it must be exclusively sold on Amazon. No Apple, no B& N, no PDF website sales. Exclusivity? Sounds like a tough decision, right? It wasnt for me.

Up until that point, through the Apple iBooks store, Barnes & Noble, and Sonys Nook eBook store, I had sold a grand total of zero copies.

Every single sale Id made was on Amazon.

Given I wasnt making any sales on the other platforms anyway, why not try it? I unsubscribed my book from Smashwords faster than you could say why havent I sold any copies through you?, and enrolled in KDP Select, making my book free for a 24-hour period.

Then, things got interesting.

Our 6-part course gives you a strategy to start right now. Put control of your life back in your hands. Sign up below and lets do this together.

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Optimize Your Listing For Sales

Bad product listings cost a lot of Amazon sellers money.

It takes a lot of work to get people to click through to your listing. So its amazing how many detail pages squander this with poor copywriting and basic mistakes in product descriptions.

The quickest and easiest thing you can do to increase sales is checking for basic errors in your listing copy:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammar errors
  • Sentences that dont make sense

Try to eliminate big walls of text, and make sure your listing is easy to read. Shoppers should be able to scan your listing quickly, finding the benefits of your product and why they should buy it.

Dont be afraid to use HTML in your product description . And use CAPS to highlight key selling points of your product.

Most people think that listing optimization is all about keywords, but if your listing is not optimized to convert viewers into buyers, it doesnt matter where you show up in the search results.

Another part that many people overlook is mobile optimization.

Mobile is becoming a bigger factor every year in all forms of online business, especially retail. If youre not considering mobile users, you may be missing out on additional sales.

When creating your listing, think about how it will appear on mobile, not just desktop. On the Amazon mobile app, all that shows above the fold is your title and pictures. This makes it super important to show the value, features, benefits, and use cases of your product in your secondary pictures.

Engage Regularly With Followers

Conversations are a two-way street. One of the biggest mistakes that eCommerce brands continually make is treating their Instagram presence like it were a bullhorn. They constantly post new product images and updates but fail to consistently engage with their audience. The thing that they dont understand is that engagement is the whole point of establishing a presence on Instagram or any social media property.

Talk to your fans. Jump into conversations. Answer questions that they might have. While its alright to automate a portion of your overall presence on a platform, you have to make sure that you are genuinely engaging and developing connections with your customers, or else you are diminishing the returns you receive for your efforts.

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Tell And Authentic Story That Resonates

Authenticity sells. Consumers love it when brands get real or show their vulnerable side because it makes the business more relatable.

So, if you have a good and authentic story to tell, by all means, do it.

My best tip is to share YOUR story, says Sonja Thompkins, a business coach for brick and mortar boutiques. One of the most authentic ways to instantly build the know, like, trust factor is to let customers know why you decided to create the business you have. The key is to share the areas of your why that would resonate with your target customer.

She continues, Training your staff so that they know and can articulate the story, and by having a well-designed mission statement hanging in a prominent location where customers can easily view & read it. That kind of vulnerability makes their choice to shop with you personal. And people love to buy from other people, not businesses!

+ Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Amazon Listing Compared In Terms Of Cost And Ease

How To Drive More Sales Using Amazon Competitor Strategies in 5 easy steps – Analysis & Updates

Wondering how to promote your products on Amazon using external traffic?

Want to drive traffic to your Amazon listing?

Youre in the right place!

This is one of the only Amazon FBA blogs dedicated helping you understand how to drive traffic to your Amazon product listings in the most cost effective manner along with the occasional amazon selling hacks. In this article were going to give you the A to Z of your options from low cost paid traffic through to free traffic sources.

Ill be guiding you through the options for how to drive external traffic to your Amazon product, both free and paid traffic sources.

Ill even cover how to promote Amazon products without a website of your own.

Of course I couldnt talk about how to drive traffic to your Amazon product listings without evaluating and comparing Amazon PPC Ads with the other traffic sources.

So hold on for some

Bonus Amazon tips are also included!

Ill also look at the options when it comes to tracking traffic to Amazon whether with Amazon Attribution or setting up your Amazon Storefront tags.

Shopify and WooCommerce store owners this guide is also applicable to you if youre wondering how to drive traffic to your Shopify store not just your product listing on Amazon.

Fundamentally Im answering the question How to get your product on the first page of amazon and keep it there. Spoiler alert, it probably involves a combination of Amazon traffic sources!

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Use An Automatic Repricing Tool

Intelligently adjusting your products prices is essential for increasing sales for three reasons:

  • Firstly, if your product is among the most affordable in its niche, youre more likely to finalize a sale. This stands to reason customers are always looking for the best possible deal they can find.
  • Secondly, being competitively priced is one of the main factors in winning the buy box. This little UI element is one of the most effective conversion mechanisms that Amazon allocates to their preferred sellers.
  • Lastly, an automatic repricer adjusts prices in real time, even increasing your price when the market indicates that this is possible. Doing so is critical to maximizing your profit margins in a hyper-competitive environment.

Theres no question as to whether or not you should be repricing your products based on what your competitors are doing and what the demand for your product is. The question is how effectively and efficiently you can do it.

The administrative overhead involved in manual repricing is so labor-intensive that it shouldnt even be a consideration. The timeframes involved in research and manual price adjustment simply arent feasible if youre taking your e-commerce business seriously.

Prove To Amazon Your Item Can Be Shipped On Time

Amazon puts an enormous emphasis on fast, hassle-free shipping.


Because Amazon knows thats what customers want. This is why they encourage so many sellers to ship products through the Fulfilled by Amazon program and why FBA shipped products will instantly rank higher in SERPs.

Not an FBA seller? Dont worry: there are still ways you can show Amazon that your fulfillment process is in top shape.

  • Gear up your logistics to handle a faster order processing speed and make sure to avoid order delays.
  • Offer free shipping on your best sellers .
  • If you do use FBA, offer Frustration-Free packaging. You can learn more about that here.

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Expand Into New Territories

Amazons objective has always been to reach an unassailable position in the global e-commerce space. This means that theyve had to expand into markets outside of their native territories, squaring up against established retail platforms in places like Japan, India, and China.

One of the keys to their success here is that theyve created unique sites for each of these foreign territories sites that resonate with the cultures of different audiences.

Amazon also understands their reliance on delivering a similar range of products on these versions of their sites as they do on their flagship store. To that end, theyve made it relatively easy for sellers to wade into these foreign waters with them.

If you believe that you have the operational capacity to expand your global reach, you should seriously consider this as the last step in your journey to become a major player on the worlds largest e-commerce platform.

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