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How To Edit Seller Feedback On Amazon

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If Feedback Violates Amazon Guidelines Request Removal

How to Remove Seller Feedback on Amazon

Getting rid of negative seller feedback can be as easy as checking whether the buyers response follows Amazons feedback rules. Feedback that violates their guidelines will be removed by Amazon upon request, allowing the seller to maintain a high feedback rating.

Here are Amazons rules about what counts as ineligible feedback:

  • Product reviews Amazon allows customers to write product reviews on product pages, so theres no need for product reviews in seller feedback comments too. Transaction feedback has to be a review of the service the customer received from the seller, not a review of the product they ordered.
  • Promotional content Any comments or links about other merchants or websites is considered inappropriate feedback.
  • Obscene or abusive language
  • Personal information Amazon prohibits feedback that includes identification information of Amazon users.

Products that are listed under the Fulfillment-by-Amazon program have even wider conditions for feedback removal. Under the FBA program, Amazon takes care of a sellers product storage, order packing, shipping, and customer service. Since an FBA seller isnt responsible for these duties, any negative FBA seller feedback that relates to these tasks will be removed by Amazon.

For non-FBA listings, negative feedback about product condition, shipping, and delivery will not be removed since non-FBA sellers are responsible for those tasks.

How Ratings Are Displayed To Customers

If you have more than 10 buyer feedbacks over the previous 12 months, customers will see your 12 month feedback rating and lifetime feedback total ratings in the following format on theOffer Listings page:

XX% positive over the past 12 months. .

If you have less than 10 buyer feedbacks in the previous 12 months, or all of your feedbacks are in the past year, customers will see your lifetime feedback rating and lifetime feedback total ratings in the following format on the Offer Listings page:

XX% positive. .

What Is A Good Seller Feedback Score

As we explained, Amazon considers 5 and 4-star ratings to be positive, 3 start ratings to be neutral, and 1 and 2-star ratings to be negative.

Your Seller Feedback Score is simply the percentage of positive feedback you have received over a specific period of time. Amazon does not specifically state what they consider to be a good seller feedback score, but aiming for a positive rating of 95% or higher over the last 12 months is industry standard.

Amazon calculates a number of seller metrics from buyer feedback, including your Negative Feedback Rate. Amazon classifies a 0% to 2% rating as “great”, but any score lower than 5% is seen as reasonable, especially if you serve a lot of customers. Keeping your negative feedback rate below 5% will most likely keep you in Amazon’s good graces.

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Think Twice About Selling An Item In Acceptable Condition

I almost never sell an item that I think is in acceptable condition. Just like I wrote above, different people grade items differently, and what I think might be acceptable, someone else might see as completely unacceptable. Even if you provide the buyer with the most detailed condition notes describing exactly what the items faults are, they probably wont remember when they get the item days later and are more likely to post negative feedback on your account.

Earn Your Customers Trust

Amazon Seller Feedback Service

With positive reviews, you can earn customers trust. This should be the most obvious reason why you must strive hard to get them in your store. A positive review is like an affirmation that your store is legitimately doing right. Even if your products arent as great as your competitors, having a bunch of good reviews can even out the field.

Unfortunately, you wont always receive glowing, positive. No matter how great your product or customer service is, you cant please everyone and an unsatisfied buyer may leave a negative review.

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Update: Commenting Publicly Is No Longer An Option For Everybody But There Might Be A New Feature Coming Soon

Until recently, it was possible for every seller to leave a public comment on Amazon customer reviews.

  • Clarification of the situation The comment section gives sellers the opportunity to take accountability. They are able to show their side of the story, clarifying what happened out of their perspective.
  • Brands reputation boost Potential customers like to see that they can actually talk to the seller and are not being ignored. Showing them that their feedback matters is super powerful! So using the comment section can definitely help to boost a brands reputation.
  • Potential change of the review Besides there is at least a bit of a chance that the person who gave the negative review might change their mind and turn the negative review into a positive one. It might sound weird, but some issues get solved themselves if people feel like they are being heard sometimes thats all they wanted in the first place.

So What Are We Doing About It

Conducting surveys like the one above and creating educational content are the biggest things we can do to help sellers. We want all of our customers to follow Amazons ToS completely. That is why we update our products and features whenever a ToS change has occurred. This is to ensure that we are doing our part to remain compliant as a third-party service provider. This topic doesnt even deal with incentivizing. Rather, its about politely asking a buyer.Ultimately, we are not ToS police. We cant make sellers follow the rules. That is up to them because they are responsible for their individual business.

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Request The Buyer To Remove Negative Feedback

If the buyer has left negative feedback that does not break any Amazon guidelines and is legitimately pointing out your fault, the next best step is to do what is right and make amends with the buyer. Amazon buyers hold the power to remove negative feedback.

Take the time to understand their concerns, resolve the issue at hand and politely request them to remove the negative feedback. It is important to understand that this will not always work. You may fail to satisfy them yet again or maybe it will prove difficult to make contact with them. With all the luck, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when requesting feedback removal from the buyer.

What to do:

Quid pro quos, manipulation, bribes, and harassments go in violation of Amazons guidelines. Going against the Amazons Guidelines will result in account suspension.

How to contact an individual buyer and request negative feedback removal:

Step 1: Visit the Amazon website.

Step 2: Open up the tab called Orders

Step 3: Select the Manage Orders option.

Step 4: Find the negative feedback you would like to address and click on the Order ID number.

Step 5: Click on the name of the buyer.

Step 6: Select the option Other.

Step 7: Choose the appropriate subject and write down your message professionally.

Step 8: In case you would like to attach any supporting documents, click on add attachments

Step 9: Review your message and documents attached, and then click send.

How To Edit My Amazon Negative Reviews

how to leave or remove a feedback on amazon

Product reviews on Amazon can have a major impact on the buying decisions of potential customers. A product with a high number of product reviews can lead potential buyers to purchase with confidence while a handful of negative reviews could leave that same buyer searching for another option. Understanding how to edit Amazon reviews is important for both buyers and sellers on Amazon.

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How Is Seller Feedback Is Different From Product Reviews

Amazon product reviews are related to the actual product youre selling and shipping. Amazon seller feedback is specifically about you and your business performance. Both are important and will have a slightly different impact on your business.

Amazon product reviews are unrelated to shipping and seller performance and are related only to the quality of the product itself. Product reviews are located on the product details page on Amazon. Amazon encourages buyers to leave product reviews to express what they liked and disliked about the product in order to help prospective customers make informed decisions. Customers can only leave one review/rating per product unless the older review gets deleted.

On the other hand, Amazon seller feedback is closely related to shipping performance and the customer service experience you provide. Customers can give seller feedback every time they buy a product from the seller. Your seller feedback score can affect your ability to win the Buy Box for any product you sell.

Report Accidental Seller Rating

Most customers dont know the difference between seller feedback and product reviews which explains why sometimes product reviews end up in the seller rating section.

In this case you can also get the review removed. To do so, simply use Amazons Feedback Manager and enter the necessary information in the form.

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How To Delete Amazon Review By Engaging Buyers

Now an interesting question might arise. How would you save the seller-customer relationship?

Here Amazons recommendation might come in handy. Amazon suggests that sellers must try to improve the reason behind the negative feedback. You can do it by communicating with the buyer. Once you reach an agreement, you can request the buyer to remove their feedback. Asking unhappy customers to listen to your requests is critical. Here are the questions to help the case:

  • Is there anything we have done differently?
  • Can we do anything that would improve the situation?
  • Would you like an exchange or refund?

In such situations, honesty is indeed the best policy. Most current and potential buyers have little to no realization of the negative feedbacks impact on the seller. It is something you can use to your advantage. Maintain open communication and take the right course of action. It is better to direct them to a step-by-step guide for removal once they decide to cooperate with you. Convincing the buyers to remove feedback can be a little tricky. However, if you do it right, then there is no difficulty.

Respond Directly To The Customer Review

How to Leave Seller Feedback on Amazon: 8 Steps (with ...

When you want to comment on the customers negative review, consider the following options:

  • Be polite and present your perspective on the issue
  • Let them know what you can do/what you did to fix the problem, and that it will not happen again in the future
  • Show that you care about them and captivate them with exceptional customer service
  • If they want further resolution, ask them to contact you via buyer-seller messaging service so that you can fix the problem

Note: Asking buyers to contact you off-Amazon is against . So avoid offering email addresses or personal contact information in your response.

When you respond to a negative review

The review still stays on your product page. However, the negative impact can be reduced, as you provide additional information to shoppers.

The customer may update/edit the review if they are satisfied with the customer service you provided. However, do not ask them to change/remove their reviews.

When you get a 1-star or 2-star review, do not panic. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this from a genuine buyer or a competitor?
  • Why is the customer unsatisfied?
  • Does the customers review violate Amazons guidelines?

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How to comment on a negative review?

Note that customers cannot get in touch with the vendors as they do with the sellers . Vendors can only ask the customers to get in touch with Amazon customer service.

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How Do You Report Abuse

To make Amazon take action you need to report possible violations by clicking the Report abuse link near the content. You will then have to enter the reason you believe it violates the guidelines.

Sometimes there is no Report abuse link available though. If that is the case, you can just email . Make sure to specify the exact location of the content and the reason you believe the content violates the guidelines.

The more specific, the better! Only then you will have a chance to have the review removed by Amazon.

How Seller Feedback Works

There are three types of feedback. Positive Feedback is any review with 4 or 5 stars. Neutral Feedback is any review with three stars. Negative Feedback is any review with less than 3 stars.

Although some feedback is considered neutral, it still damages your account.

This is because your seller rating is essentially just the percentage of feedback that is positive for the last 12 months. You should be aiming for at least a 95% positive feedback ratio.

Amazon states to be in good standing you must have less than a 1% ODR .

Order Defect Rate goes up when you receive:

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When You Get An Unfair Negative Feedback On Amazon Act Quickly

Most of the negative feedbacks I get are product reviews, price complaints, or other unfair negative feedbacks. Its against Amazons feedback policy for a buyer to leave feedback for a seller that is related to a product review or price. As soon as you get an unfair negative feedback, open up a ticket with Seller Support and ask them to remove the feedback as it violates the feedback guidelines.

When you describe your reasons to Amazon, limit the number of words you use. The longer the explanation, the more likely the Seller Support staff will ignore the bulk of your message and just deny your feedback removal request.

When communicating with Amazon, its always best to be concise and to the point. Most of the time, the Seller Support staff member will see your point of view and remove the unfair negative feedback. If they deny your request, your goal of feedback removal is not over. Simply open up a new ticket with Seller Support and hopefully the next Amazon staff member will understand your reasoning and remove the feedback.

Contacting A Customer To Remove Feedback

how to give seller feedback on amazon

Buyers themselves can also remove negative feedback retrospectively. However, you need to abide by Amazons rules when asking buyers to remove a negative comment.

This means you cant offer them a full refund in exchange for them removing their comment. If you do this, you run the risk of .

You can contact the buyer and attempt to resolve the problem they encountered. If an order arrived late, you can apologise and offer a partial refund or a full refund for any shipping charges. If you hear back from the customer, you can politely ask them to remove the negative feedback. However, you cant connect the refund to the feedback removal.

Sellers shouldnt pressure buyers into removing feedback. Feedback manipulation, harassment and quid-pro-quo agreements are all violations of Amazons policies.

If the feedback doesnt break Amazons rules and if you dont hear back from a buyer after a reasonable period of time, then you may want to consider responding to the negative comment.

You can apologise for not meeting their expectations on this occasion and explain anything youre doing to stop it from happening again in the future.

An example message may look like this,

Dear John,

We hope we met your expectations on your recent order of .

If you feel we have adequately addressed any concerns you may have had, then we kindly ask you to consider removing the negative feedback.

Buyers have 90 days from their purchase date to leave feedback.

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How To Get Negative Feedback Removed

Removing feedback on Amazon is effortless. Lets take a closer look at the process and see how the platform users do it through Seller Central:

  • Log into your .
  • Open Contact Us page. Now click the Selling on Amazon / Customers and orders. It appears on the left-hand side.
  • Enter the Order ID and select next. Visit your SageMailer dashboard to find the list of all negative feedback.
  • Provide the details and reason for your Amazon feedback removal request.
  • When asked Would you like the feedback to be reviewed for removal? clickNext.

After these steps, you will see the following page:

Once you submit your request, the Amazon revise feedback process begins. Namely, the managers decide whether to remove it.

The Amazon feedback guidelines below provide details on how to deal with problem buyers.

Remove Negative Reviews On Amazon In 6 Easy Steps

Removing negative reviews on Amazon can be challenging for all sellers. Check out top Amazon seller Stephen Smothermans experience in his fantastic guest post below.

A few months ago, I was outsourcing at retail and thrift stores with my wife. It was lunchtime, so we took a break and went to one of our favourite local Mexican food restaurants. While we were waiting for our lunch to come, I received a text about a negative review on Amazon that was just posted to my seller account. By the time lunch was done, the negative feedback had been removed, and we enjoyed the rest of the day. How was this situation fixed so quickly? More on that in a minute

Many Amazon sellers know that winning the Buy Box is vital to their success on Amazon. If you are wanting to win the Buy Box more often, one really great way is to improve your feedback score. When Amazon sees that you are a quality seller with an amazing reputation, their Buy Box algorithm is more likely to include your inventory. About 70-80% of all come through the Buy Box, so its really important to have all your ducks in a row in order to get the Buy Box a higher percentage of the time.

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When You Get A Legitimate Negative Review Act Quickly Apologetically And Generously

Maybe you forgot to put in the condition notes that the book you are selling has a lot of highlights and underlines on most of its pages and now your customer is upset that they didnt get a clean copy of the book. Perhaps you sent in a used music CD without testing it first, and your customer complains that the CD you sold them skips every 10 seconds. Sometimes when a buyer leaves you negative feedback, its deserved but that doesnt mean that youre stuck with it for life.

While Seller Support probably wont remove the feedback for you, the buyer can. When you get a negative review and you are in the wrong, reach out to the buyer with a friendly email. In the email, tell them that you are very sorry for the mistake you have made. Communicate to them that you have learned from your errors and you appreciate them pointing out where you went wrong. Ask them if there is anything you can do to make things up to them. Tell them that customer satisfaction is very important to you and that you want to do anything you can to make things up to them. Even go so far as to offer them a $10 Amazon gift card to make up for their inconvenience. In this email, DO NOT request that they remove the feedback this will come later. Most likely, the buyer will accept the $10 gift card and your apology.

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