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How To Filter Sold By Amazon

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Find Items From A Specific Seller

How to find products to sell on Amazon using category filtering method

Another option is to filter your results based on whos selling the item. A lot of items are sold by Amazon itself, but a lot of third-party companies and individuals sell things too.

In the left-hand menu, under Seller, click a person or companys name to see only products being sold by them . You can then click another sellers name to add their items to your search results, or you can click on a name that already has a check beside it to remove their items from your search results. You can also click See More to see other sellers, if there are more than those listed here.

Finally, if you want to stop looking at items based on whos selling them, click Clear. This will take you back to looking at merchandise that matches your search terms from everyone whos selling it.

And thats how you search on Amazon! If you want to learn a little more about how to help yourself with searches, read our advanced tips for searching below!

Use Keyword Optimized Searches To Locate Products

Ahrefs explorer can . This is because it can search and discover the keywords that help product listings rise in the search results.

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You can discover new Amazon product opportunities with the program as well. Here is a step by step guide on how to do that:

  • Enter 2-3 word phrases that you may associate with the types of products in your mind. For example, if youre searching for headphones, you can use the following phrases audio quality, bass boost, noise cancellation, etc.
  • Ahrefs will use the terms to deliver keywords and topics that are related to your products. You can then review the results for tips on how to sell better.
  • You can find the most popular keywords with a shopping icon next to them. Google displays them on the results page for these terms. This means that Google believes that these people are searching for these terms to buy products.
  • Do a Google search and locate the products that Google is displaying for these terms. The worlds largest search engine can be used to sell products as well. It has even more data than Amazon because more people search on Google about everything from their daily lives to their favorite products than on Amazon.
  • How To Find Out Of Stock Products On Amazon

    It really happens. Amazon, from time to time, goes completely out of stock on items that sell often. Not only does Amazon go out of stock, but sometimes the 3rd party sellers also go out of stock. When nobody is in stock for a product, Amazon usually hides that product page from customer search results. Amazon is all about providing the best customer experience, so they dont want customers to find product pages of items that are sold out .

    But what if you, as a seller, need to find an item on Amazon, but its hidden because no one is currently selling it? Also, what if you wanted to find out which items are sold out on Amazon so you can go source those items yourself and meet the demand ?

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    Now That Ive Scared You What Can You Do About It

    Even though the Chinese are dominating Amazon, not all hope is lost:). In fact, small business owners are still thriving.

    Every year, my buddy Andrew Youderian of Ecommerce Fuel conducts a survey of ecommerce merchants making 6, 7 and 8 figures in annual revenue and here are some highlights from his findings.

    Out of over 450 ecommerce businesses surveyed

    • Average Revenue Per Store Was 2.4 Million
    • Average YOY Revenue Growth Was 36.8%
    • Private Label Growth was 43.1%
    • Average Gross Margins Were 39.2%

    As you can see, the small business ecommerce market is still alive and kicking and the key stat to focus on above is that average gross margins did not drop year over year despite the Chinese competition!

    In fact last year, gross margins from the shops surveyed were pretty much identical at around 39%.

    Why is the small business ecommerce market holding strong?

    First off, theres a misconception that ecommerce is nearing saturation in the US. But did you know that ecommerce represents only 9% of overall retail sales?

    9%!!!! Thats nothing!!!

    Ecommerce is growing at over 10% per year and its not even close to being saturated. A rising tide lifts all ships.

    Second of all, Amazon is growing at over 30% per year. There doesnt seem to be any end in sight and there are still many opportunities abound!

    If you are discouraged from starting your own ecommerce business, just know that ecommerce still has a long path of growth ahead of it.

    Through A Loophole On Amazons Seller Marketplace Suiningdonghanjiaju Co Ltd Was Able To Overtake Elevation Labs Own Listing

    The 10 Best Inline Water Filter For Refrigerator Sold By ...

    It did this by manufacturing a counterfeit version of the headphone mount and uploading the counterfeit to the Amazon marketplace using the same SKU number . Then, by listing the counterfeit at a slightly lower price, its rip-off completely took over Elevation Labs product listing for the Anchor.

    They photocopied our packaging, which you can tell because it has less contrast. They tooled up, made a bad molding, added a bad adhesive but to Amazon its all the same thing, said Hopkins, who wrote a blog post on Thursday titled Amazon Is Complicit With Counterfeits.

    Amazons not policing for counterfeits or anything. Theyre still making money from counterfeit products, and counterfeiters can hide behind anonymity. I dont even blame the counterfeiters, because Amazon makes it super easy for them, Hopkins told BuzzFeed News.

    Amazon didnt specifically comment on how a counterfeit product took over Elevation Labs legitimate product listing, but in an emailed statement, an Amazon spokesperson wrote, We remove suspected counterfeit items as soon as we become aware of them. When a business registers to sell products through Amazons Marketplace, Amazons systems scan information for signals that the business might be a bad actor, and Amazon blocks most of those bad actors during registration before they can offer any products for sale.

    “That’s one thing, to have a lot of copycats. It’s another thing getting a counterfeit taking over our listing.”

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    Find Out Which Amazon Pages The Top Sellers Are Driving Traffic To

    In order to find out the top selling products on Amazon, you should try to find out where the major players in the game are trying to push their traffic on Amazon.

    These sellers have amassed huge audiences that are loyal to them and also know a thing or two about analytics and marketing.

    If you find out what theyre selling, and which pages theyre focusing on, you will avoid wasting time on products that dont sell. Rather, youll be a step ahead in your quest to explore the best selling items on Amazon.

    This is basically taking advantage of research that has already been carried out.

    Follow this short guide in order to find out what theyre selling and where theyre selling it:

  • Find the biggest publishers in your space and put their domains into the Ahref program.
  • Check the outgoing links
  • Sort the links by linked domains to see how many links theyre sending to Amazon
  • Dig deeper into those links by studying the anchor text to see the products they link to.
  • Besides using these steps, be smart about your research. If something is selling well, such as a dandruff shampoo, think about why that may be.

    If its winter, then the shampoo may be selling well because of dandruffs prolonged occurrence in winter.

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    Amazon Tips And Tricks: Best Shopping Hacks To Know

    – Everyone shops on Amazon. But not everyone actually digs around and has a play with all the site’s hidden features and tools.

    From a showroom that lets you virtually mix and match the furniture you want to buy, to digital coupons you can clip, there are loads of secret tips and tricks we’ve found that could save you money and totally change how you use Amazon.

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    What Is Advanced Search On Amazon

    [LIVE] How to Filter Winning Product to Sell on Amazon India (10,000 Rs Giveaway)

    The first thing you should know about is the bar to the left of any department sub-menu page. This lets you filter what you see. You can toggle it so you only see new releases, products available through Prime, and price range. You can also tamper with it so you only view well-reviewed items.

    Still, that’s often not enough. What if you’re looking for something more niche?

    This function is simple to find: just go to any department and look for “Advanced Search” in the navigation bar to the top-left of your screen. Alternatively, you can change the URL to something like:

    Many categories don’t offer it , but there’s a solution to that too, which we’ll cover later on.

    You can use it to find books, music, DVDs and Blu-rays, and video games primarily. You can even use it to find books without knowing the title or author.

    Each section offers different search terms , but do have a few uniting factorsnamely, “Title”, “Keywords”, and “Sellers”. The latter lets you choose to filter results solely to Amazon and not third-parties.

    Sadly, you’ll find dead links. Despite some iterations of Advanced Search supposedly offering more, support for many departments has ended.

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    How To Use The Extension:

    The popup contains five switches.

    The Prime Filter switch, if turned on, will filter out products that have the Prime tag on the product listing.

    The Filter Any Prime Seller switch, if turned on, will filter out products that have any sellers that will fulfill the product through Amazon Prime.

    The Sold By Amazon switch, if turned on, will filter out products that are sold by Amazon.

    The Sponsored Products switch, if turned on, will filter out products that have been paid to be placed on the search page.

    The Show additional product information switch, if turned on, will display a box under each Amazon product, and show information such as ASIN, Best Seller Rank, etc. For more details, read the section below.

    What Is The Strategy For Finding A Good Product

    The key to successful selling on Amazon is simple sell a product that is in high demand, but with low competition.

    In fact, this can be said for anyone who wants to sell stuff online. This is basic Economics 101: you want to position yourself in the Amazon marketplace with high demand and low supply . Once you launch your private label product you want to be able to capture the existing demand immediately without competing against too many other sellers.

    So how do you find these products that have high demand and low competition?

    Amazons catalog has millions of products to look through, and we have all of the information you need to find that needle in a haystack. To simplify your product search, there are some key elements to keep in mind. If you stick to these general guidelines, youll be able to determine optimal private label products to sell.

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    Ok Now How Do I Find That Million Dollar Product Idea

    There are a couple ways you can go about this, and a few schools of thought.

  • Forget what you like.Dont sell what you want to sell, sell what sells. Logically, this focuses on the metrics and ultimately reduces risks you might take with a product youre passionate about. Therefore, its often easier and quicker to profit.
  • Sell what you are passionate about.The benefits of selling something you are passionate about is that you know all about the product which makes the learning curve a little less steep, and allows you to really hone in on branding.This directly contradicts the former school of thought. But in this world there is no right or wrong, it all comes down to you and the best fit for your business.
  • Read more about the two product selection methods here. No matter which way you decide to go, one thing that you are going to need is accurate sales estimates to back-up your research, and maximize your chances of success.

    Beyond the subscription-based Jungle Scout products, we are constantly finding new ways to illustrate the product research phase and lead by example.

    Use Amazon Reviews To Locate Market Gaps HiFlo Motorcycle Oil Filter (Sold Each) For MV ...

    Selling physical products online is nearly a $1 trillion industry. If you look at selling digital products, they make up a huge portion of that industry.

    However, there are yet unexplored markets out there that you can supply.

    One of the best ways to discover top selling items on Amazon is by analyzing customer reviews that have been posted online.

    People usually leave clues to what they wouldve wanted in a product and what they desire that product to be.

    They often leave thoughts of disappointment and wish that a product they wanted had just a little bit more so that they could justify their purchases.

    If you really want to make a great product and like to see it among the best selling items on Amazon, focus on the customers.

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    Quality And Sales Factors

    We compared the star ratings and number of reviews of the Amazon Brands that the company placed in the number one spot on the product search results page with other products on the same page.

    We found that in two-thirds of the instances where Amazon placed its own products before competitor brands, the products that were Amazon brands and exclusives had lower star ratings than competing brands placed lower in the search results. Half of the time that the company placed its own products first, these items had fewer reviews than competing products the company chose to place lower on the search results page.

    One in four top-placed Amazon brands had both lower star ratings and fewer reviews than products from competing brands on the same page.

    When we evaluated several predictive models, we found that features like star ratings and the number of reviews were not the most predictive features among products Amazon placed in the number one spot.

    Earfun Air True Wireless Earbuds

    EarFun Air are hands-down the best wireless earbuds you can buy for under $100. Their sound is comparable to Apples AirPods and they also feature an impressive battery life.

    Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed price at the time of publication.

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    Bsr And Search Results Arent Dependent On Each Other

    There is also a misunderstanding when it comes to relating the Best Seller Rank and the ranking high in searches. There is no direct relation between the two.

    The latter depends on which products are being searched for more rather than which ones are being bought.

    BSR is also updated regularly. According to the blog Viral Launch, the products are updated every 2-3 hours after a sale.

    And since more weight is given to recent sales than historical sales, products can move up and down quite quickly.

    Viral Launch even reports drops of 10,000 places in a single hour unless a sale occurs.

    Hence the most searched product on Amazon may not be the best selling product on Amazon.

    How To Find Products Fast


    Using the Product Database in the , you have the power to scan through Amazon products by filtering key metrics such as price, demand, estimated sales, rating, seasonality, dimensions and more.

    As you find potential products you can add them to the Product Tracker feature and begin following the sales activity, inventory, Best Seller Ranking, and pricing over a period of time which we advise you to do for a few weeks before deciding on a product! Keeping an eye on this data will give you invaluable insight to the products performance.

    The Niche Hunter is another great feature built into the web app that takes a different approach and helps you discover niche products by looking at keywords. You can search keywords in a specific marketplace and category and receive a ton of product results.

    Youre given an Opportunity Score for each product based off a unique in-house algorithm as well as a Listing Quality Score which grades a product listing based on a set of criteria. The LQS is another unique in-house algorithm that can help you identify products with high demand but a poor product listing

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    Tips For Finding Items

    To improve your search results, try limiting your search to a specific product department.

    To browse by product department on desktop:

  • Select a product department from the drop-down menu next to the search box.
  • Select the magnifying glass icon.
  • Each product department has its own customized options to search and browse.

    You can use the left navigation menu to refine the results in a department, based on specific criteria, e.g., “Eligible for Free Shipping.” Depending on the department, you’ll see specific refinement options.


    • We display all of the information we have about an item on its product detail page. If you don’t find the information you need on the product detail page, you can search the web to research the product or find the manufacturer’s contact information.

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