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How To Find Amazon Best Sellers Rank

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Why Is The Amazon Sales Rank Important To Sellers

Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) Explained & How To Calculate Sales

For those preparing to sell their products on Amazon, the Best Sellers Rank or Amazon Sales rank is valuable because:

1. It points you to in-demand products.

2. It identifies your competitors in a given category.

You can check who and how many other suppliers there are for the product or products you plan to sell and what their rankings are. You can go to the product pages of the entities with a high ranking to examine their strategy, including their keywords, pricing, and external links.

3. It can predict the frequency in which a product sells on Amazon.

Using sales estimator tools such as , Helium 10, SellerApp, and AMZScout, you can view the average monthly sales and revenues that each of the top-selling products makes.

For current sellers:

4. It shows your standing in the online marketplace.

Your rank indicates how your product is performing compared to other brands.

5. It signifies your buyers’ vote of confidence for your product.

The high patronage indicates that consumers consider you to be a credible brand with a useful product.

6. It boosts brand awareness.

Being a best-seller will make your product more visible, with the stickers awarded to top-performing brands. Consumers are likely to buy a product once they know that many others have already bought it.

Discover Amazon Best Selling Products Per Category With Ease

Explore the 100 best selling products in over 20,000 categories on Amazon

In a glimpse, access a large set of data points per top selling product, including , Competitiveness Score, Rating, Reviews, Price, Estimated Monthly Sales, and Estimated pre-COGS Margin. Get also access to an insightful market analysis board for any category on Amazon.

Track Your Performance With Analytics

is available to third-party sellers who own a brand and want to keep track and improve their product’s performance. It allows you to view key metrics such as popular keywords, the demographics of your customers , and an “item comparison.” The tool lists the five most frequently viewed products during the day your product were also viewed or during a range of selected dates.

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Avoid Competition With Big Brands

At every step of the process of selecting a product line , you need to keep an eye on the competition.

This changes from week to week. The most important thing that you need to look out for is a major competitor entering the space.

Make a google sheet that you can update every week or every month or so with marketing material online and competitors in a certain product space.

If you ever notice a new one, dont hesitate to add them to the list.

A major brand jumping into the niche market that you have a chunk of can result in a lot of demand for a specific product or service.

However, if youre in the early stages of finding a product, its a stop sign. You need to reassess how to sell your products again or to change your strategy.

Ways To Improve Best Sellers Rank

How Amazon

Going by the above discussion, you can easily tell that BSR is all about how much and better you manage to sell as compared to your competitors. Therefore, if you want to improve the BSR of your product, there is no other way except to improve its sales. Here, weâll outline ways through which you can improve your sales and subsequently your productâs BSR.

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How Is The Amazon Best Sellers Rank Calculated

Surprise! Amazon holds this as a closely guarded secret as you might expect. What is known though is that several factors influence and contribute to the Amazon Best Sellers Rank of your product. These factors are based only around sales rather than taking into account product reviews, pricing and so on.

So, the theory is that your BSR is calculated on:

  • Sales, both current and historic
  • Price changes, including sales and promotions
  • Similar competitive products

Every hour, Amazon updates the BSR values based on current and historical sales. So, if your product sold 10 units in one hour and your competitor sold five units, your BSR would be lower than your competitors

However, if in the following hour you sold only one unit and your competitor sold five, you would still have a lower BSR because the historical sales are also taken into account, so you wont automatically lose a ranking that quickly. The BSR algorithm looks at your product sales overall and then allocates the numbers, so there are really never any drastic fluctuations.

If you were to gain a vast influx or drop in sales suddenly, you might not see an immediate change in your ranking.

Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2021

Amazon sales rank charts have been a very popular tool over the years.

They have been used as a guide by many to help them make sourcing decisions and set parameters for themselves and even employees when scouting for products to sell on Amazon.

Unfortunately in January of 2018 Amazon removed the ability to easily determine the number of products in a given category.

This, of course, made it all but impossible to build out sales rank charts.

Perhaps one day Amazon will bring the data back.

For now there are two options.

You can download a copy of my monthly updated sales rank chart below or check out the Amazon Sales Rank Chart below if you please.


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Amazon Sales Rank: 10 Tips To Boost Your Score

Amazon ranks millions of products from the most to the least purchased. The Amazon sales rank is a valuable tool that sellers need to understand to improve the way they promote their products and increase their revenue. The online retailing giant will continue to be a force to reckon with, forecast to capture 50% of the e-commerce market this year. That’s alongside the fact that 74% of consumers currently start their product searches on Amazon.

What Can The Amazon Sales Estimator Do

How to Decode Amazon Best Sellers Rank | Case Study #10 | SupplySpy
Discover profitable categories

Understand how many units a product sells in each category. The sales volume for a particular rank differs in different categories. Track down niches and categories with the best sales potential.

Analyze the competition

Know how many units your top competitor sells. Analyze how many units you must sell to reach on page 1 for the top product keywords. Know the exact numbers that will help you extract the complete product potential.

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What Is Amazon Bsr

Buyers always want to know how to find Amazon best sellers, and merchants, in turn, want to become highly rated and in demand. In other words, it is their primary goal. So, BSR means sales success.

For example, your product is tenth in the sales rankings on Amazon. What does it mean? Nine products in the same category overtake you.

There is no overall BSR Amazon score, only for each category. So, for instance, if your product belongs to Beauty and Home Products, you have two BSR indicators.

Amazon best seller ranking has one more name Amazon Sales Rank. These terms should be of fundamental importance to anyone looking for Amazon business.

What Is A Good Bsr On Amazon

There are different BSR for the different categories on Amazon. So, what might seem like a good BSR in one category might not be as good in another category. This is largely dependent on the volume of sales in the category.

The best approach to have a good BSR for your product is to look out for the number of sales youre you would love to want your product to have daily and then try to calculate the estimated BSR.

There are several FBA tools you can use for this IO Scout is one of these products. With IO Scout, you can easily generate an Amazon best sellers rank chart to guide your decision-making process as a seller.

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How Important Is The Amazon Best Sellers Rank

The BSR is something that influences the buying decision of customers. But before anything else, lets look at how the customer experience goes when it comes to buying on Amazon.

When customers go to AMZ, the first thing they would likely do is go to the search engine bar and type a keyword. A set of products will then appear which rank for the keyword type in by the customer. For example, we entered the word digital camera on the search bar and this is the result:

As you can see, on the upper left part of the results bar, youll notice a Best Seller tag. This tag means that the product is currently a best seller in the category it belongs to. If you click that Best Seller tag to investigate, even more, this is what will you see:

Now youll see the list of the best sellers for the digital camera keyword initially entered. However, remember that these are the ones that maintain positions in the mirrorless camera category.

Some Ways Sellers Can Use Amazon Best Sellers Rank Information

Understanding The Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

There are many ways that a seller on Amazon can use the BSR rank info that they receive. For a start, you can use it to research the type of products that you intend to sell on Amazon. If you do a search and find that items similar to the ones you propose to sell have a low number, you can assume theyre in demand.

You can also use the BSR to determine how well your rivals in the industry are doing with products of their own. If the number is low, theyre doing well. If its uncommonly high, you can conclude they are striking out. You can learn from these figures when making the choice as to which products of your own to sell.

The most crucial info that you can get from the BSR is determine how well your sales are proceeding. You can tally up the figure you get from this week against the ones from last week, last month, last year, and so on. Keeping track of this figure will let you know if certain items are rising and others are fading out.

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Estimating Sales Based On Bsr Depends On Marketplace

A sales rank of 1 in toys & games in the Amazon.Com marketplace will sell almost 10x more units than a sales rank of 1 in toys & games in the Amazon.Ca marketplace.

Different marketplaces will sell different amounts of units for the same BSR. Canada’s top toy product sells almost 1/10th of the amount of the US marketplaces top toy.

How To Anticipate Sales From The Amazon Best Sellers Rank

When it comes to sourcing popular products to sell on Amazon, the Best Sellers Rank can provide a whole lot of insight.

Now while it would of course be better if Amazon told us the actual number of sales another seller’s products generate, they don’t.

What the BSR can do, however, is provide an indication of expected sales volumes.

In fact, according to Web Retailer, products that have a BSR between 8,000 and 10,000 will typically achieve around 4-6 sales per day, whereas those with a BSR of 5,000-8,000 can generate 6-10 daily sales and those ranked between 2,000 and 5,000 tend to see around 10-20 sales.

Unsurprisingly, products that sit within the top 2,000 can achieve a whole lot more.

Here’s the thing though.

You can’t rely solely on the numbers, because not all BSR’s are equal.

More specifically, you will need to take into account the time of year and product category, as these will influence demand.

Let’s say you sell garden furniture.

Given that there are more than 100,000 products listed within this category, having a BSR of 5,000 would put you in the top 5%.

That said, a product that sits in the top 5% of a less popular product category, for example musical instruments, would generate fewer sales, even if the BSR was a lot higher.

Ultimately, product demand will depend on what it is you’re selling and when, however this should still be able to act as a rough guide.

Have a read of this article for further guidance on .

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Pricing Seasonality And Supply Influence Sales

Your estimated sales are based on “all things being equal.” Therefore, drastic changes can have drastic impacts. If has a BSR of 1 but has been selling at $20, raising the price to $30 will lower the total sales. Also, many products see dramatic seasonal trends. The 4th quarter of Amazon impacts almost every category for instance. This is an other reason why these estimators will never be perfect.

Wholesale Products On Amazon

How To Find The Best Seller Ranking Percentage On Amazon In Any Category

When you wholesale an item, its as if youre purchasing the product in bulk from the manufacturer.

If you sell the items individually on Amazon at the retail price, then youll be more likely to gain more customers as most of them search for the lowest prices they can get.

In order to wholesale the item, you will have to establish a relationship with the supplier. This can be a long and time-consuming process, but it will be worth it if you succeed.

You will need to ensure that the manufacturer youre partnering with is very reputable and reliable. An excellent tool for vetting the people youll need to be partners with is Sourcify.

Related :


The product development and the production will be taken off your hands, and you can even place your products on the Amazon FBA program.

You can even predict the pricing and profit margins more accurately since youre in greater control.


The cons associated are that because youre selling someone elses product, the profit margins may be tighter.

You will also be at the mercy of the manufacturer since they can choose to pull the plug at any time. Theres also the matter of the upfront investment required.

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How Amazons A10 Algorithm Determines Your Amazon Product Rankings

When youre trying to get your products to rank on Amazon, you should understand how Amazon ranks products. This is because Amazons algorithm is much different than Googles. If youve tried to rank on Google, the same tactics wont apply to Amazon.

Amazons A10 Algorithm focuses solely on products listed on Amazon. Factors like social media and backlinks dont influence Amazons algorithm like they do Google. When users conduct a search on Amazon, the algorithm pulls relevant results from their catalog of listed products.

So, how does Amazon determine which products appear first in the search results?

There are numerous factors that influence the order of products:

  • Customer reviews: Amazon ranks products higher that have a 4+ star rating. Theyre in the business to earn conversions and people are more likely to purchase products with a higher star rating.
  • Image quality: Leads want to see clear images of your products, so they can judge if your product is right for them. High-quality images lead to a higher chance of earning conversions.
  • Pricing: Amazon can predict your conversion rate based on your pricing. If your products are priced higher than the competition, they will assume your conversion rate will be low and will rank your product lower.
  • Relevance to query: Amazon ranks your product based on how relevant it is to the search results. It bases this information on your title, description, and keyword selection.

What Is A Good Best Sellers Rank On Amazon

Best Sellers Ranks are different for every category. So what one might consider a good Best Sellers Rank for Patio, Lawn & Garden a category with high sales volume, might not be as strong as a product in a category Appliances which has products with much slower sales.

The best way to pinpoint what you consider a good Best Sellers Rank is to consider the number of sales that you want your product to have each day . Then, reverse engineer what your Best Sellers Rank for that total of sales would be.

For example, if I wanted to sell a Kitchen & Dining product that had 11 sales per day, I would need to find a product that had a Best Sellers Rank of 15,000 in that category, or an estimated 330 sales per month.

You can use the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator to help you determine what rank you should look for.

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Use Quality Photos To Increase Amazon Sales Rank

Photos matter. In fact, 63 percent of consumers report that photos are more important to them when shopping on Amazon than verbal descriptions. It pays to invest in quality photos.

As you select photos to include in your listing, think about what you would want to see as a consumer. Would an image that incorporates an infographic be effective? Would an image of an individual using your product convey value? If you take your own photos, look for tips that will help you take professional-level photos.

Regardless of which approach works best for your product, quality photos can attract and convert attention, drive sales, and increase your Amazon sale rank.

Bsr Vs Sales Estimation

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) Charts for the US, UK ...

Sales estimation works alongside the BSR and can give you an estimate of how many units you will sell per month and how much stock you should order. For example, you find the best-ranking product . You estimate that product sells 1,000 units a month and has 10 sellers, you can estimate that each seller will sell around 100 units a month. With the sales estimation, you can expect to sell 100 units in a month, so you should source 100 or more products per month. You can then take this amount to check how profitable the product will be. If you sell 100 units a month at $8 per unit, you will have $800 of revenue in one month.

If you dont have a sales estimation tool, check out the Sellgo Chrome Extension. The Chrome Extension will provide sales estimation, sales rank, and competitor sellers for any product sold on Amazon. That way, you can use BSR and sales estimation all in one place!

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