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How To Find Amazon Influencer Pages

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What Are The Benefits Of Working With An Amazon Influencer


Amazon influencer marketing has proven to be extremely effective for brands that choose to take advantage of it and has proven to be more cost-effective than Amazon advertising. Also, some influencers are members of the Amazon Influencer Program. These influencers have built a loyal audience base for their blogs, websites, and social accounts.

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Advice From Amazon Influencers

To make landing the perfect Amazon Influencer easy for you, Ive collected tips directly from Amazon Influencers weve built great relationships with at our Amazon Influencer Marketing Agency, Referazon Express.

Heres critical advice from top Amazon Influencers on what they look for in partnering with brands on Amazon and more.

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“I’ve been working with the smaller influencers for five months. Instead of paying between $500 and $1,000 for one post, as you would with the larger influencers, you just give them a product of their choosing. Whats more, the influencers generate content for promotional channels and brand awareness. Weve been seeing that engagement rates have been much higher.”

“Stack Influence targets focused micro influencers to make a meaningful impression in a landscape that caters to immediate purchasing.”

“Meet the micro influencer platform that’s helping Amazon merchants”

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How To Create Your Amazon Influencer Storefront

Filling Out A Storefront

There are some things to remember when putting together your storefront. First, brands will approach you if you are well-known enough. Second, influencers can choose from a variety of brands that offer merchandise on Amazon.

What you advertise, however, will most likely be determined by the following factors:

– What kind of content do you create?

– The social networks in which you participate

– And the things that you enjoy

– How well does it fit your influencer brand?

We’ll go over each one in detail below:

Content Types

Not all content developers produce the same type of content. For example, blogs, YouTube videos, short-form content, and photo images are all available. While there is often some overlap, your content concentration may dictate which products are most beneficial to generate.

For example, if you’re a beauty blogger, you’ll probably shoot photos of yourself wearing clothes and makeup.

Social Networks You’ve Selected

While Amazon prefers customers who use specific platforms, they do not prevent you from using other media. For example, a blog on Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, or WordPress is an option. Amazon does not discriminate against accounts, but you must have one of their favored accounts to use their services.

The social networks you utilize will have an impact on the items you use. For example, someone with a strong LinkedIn profile is more likely to encourage marketing-related reading.

Your Favorite Products

What Is The Amazon Influencer Program And How Does It Work

Introducing Floppycats Influencer Page on Amazon!

While the Amazon Associates program is for people with niche websites or blogs, the is for people with significant, loyal social media followings. Amazon is entering the burgeoning influencer marketing area, which has emerged as a popular and effective way for businesses to reach out to specialized audiences.

Like the Amazon Associates Program, the Influencer Program allows users to promote various products and earn commissions on sales they bring to Amazon.

The main distinction is how to program members to direct their audience’s attention to the things they promote. Unlike the Associate’s Program, which allows users only to publish affiliate links for specific products on their websites or social media profiles, participants of the Influencer Program can construct their own bespoke Amazon shops.

Followers will be able to see all of the influencer’s product suggestions with just one click. Influencers can even categorize different types of things within their store to make it easier to find what they’re looking for. Influencer businesses use personalized vanity URLs to make it easy for followers to know where they can find them.

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Ready To Invest In Amazon Influencer Marketing

Hopefully, by now, youre clear on how the Amazon Influencer Program for Sellers works.

The Amazon Influencer Program holds immense potential for sellers when used right. The secret to using influencers to drive sales lies in selecting the right influencers.

Thats how youll be able to promote your products to a relevant audience with a high likelihood of making a purchase.

Need some professional help planning your first Amazon influencer marketing campaign?

Feel free to reach out to our team of experts to understand how to leverage the power of influencer marketing for your brand.

How To Search For An Amazon Influencer Page

by dailysubscriber | Jul 13, 2022 | Digital Marketing and MMO

If youve ever wondered how to search for an Amazon influencer Page, the answer is similar to how you see a celebrity on Instagram. The most crucial part of finding an Amazon influencer is to know your audience.

If youve been selling a specific product for several years, youll want to look for people with a high social media engagement level. To do this, youll need to create an Amazon profile. You can do this through the Social Marketing tab on the right side of your website or through the Search Bar on the left.

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Here Are The Best Influencer Storefronts

In 2017, Amazon launched their influencer program to bring more interest to the site. The company did not originally profit from the initiative, but with the rise of TikTok over the last couple of years, more have started to use it. Many posted best items on Amazon or what I ordered vs. what I got, leading to viewers looking for the product on Amazon. To make it easier for users, influencers would link their storefront in their bio with all of their favorite products.

Trying to find the best storefronts may be difficult with how many there are, so here are the top seven:

Offer Them Their Own Line Of Your Product For Promotion

Amazon Influencer Program | What You Need to Know

As a brand, you know how to source, manufacture and produce products.

You also know how to list and launch products on marketplaces like Amazon.

This is not an area of expertise for Amazon Influencers.

Offer to give them their own line of your products that features their name, slogan, or their branding in exchange for them promoting the line.

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Where Do Amazon Influencers Promote Brands

To find Amazon Influencers, youll want to know where they promote brands.

When you think of the term influencer it may conjure thoughts of Instagram, but the truth is they promote everywhere.

Going back to 1996 when Amazon launched the , savvy brands have been partnering with Amazon Influencers on message boards, emails and blog posts.

Now, there are far more options and Amazon Influencers are promoting anywhere they have a platform.

In other words, anywhere they have influence over their audience.

Here are the most popular and powerful channels where you can find Amazon Influencers promoting brands:

Use Hashtags Such As #founditonamazon

Another great way to find Amazon Live influencers is to look up popular hashtags such as #founditonamazon. #FoundItOnAmazon is a popular hashtag that you can view what influencers have bought if they have a public profile. By searching this hashtag you are able to view influencers accounts as well as their Amazon Storefront. Influencers often state their handle in their Amazon Storefront which is another great way to get into contact with them.

Additionally, when searching for influencers to advertise your products, it is important to focus on your target audience. For beauty brands on Amazon, a great place to start looking for influencers is going to be under the beauty/makeup category on #FoundItOnAmazon or through the Amazon Live platform. More hashtags to look for on other social media platforms include #amazonfinds, #amazoninfluencer, #ad, #sponsored and much more!

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How To Join Amazon Influencer Program

You can sign up for Amazons influencer program by registering at the page. As mentioned, youll need at least one social account and a decent follower count.

Amazon can take up to five business days to approve your application, during which they will assess your social account and eligibility. Upon successful registration, you can then set up your very own Amazon influencer storefront, customize it, and begin influencing!

You can find Amazon influencer storefronts through the page, , and by searching for relevant hashtags on social media. If youd like to become an Amazon influencer, all you require is a social media account and to register yourself on the .

The Amazon Influencer Program is part of Amazons overall strategy to promote products via affiliate and social media influencers. Influencer marketing is a growing way to reach new customers, with more than 67% of US marketers engaging in social media influencers to promote their products.

Got additional questions about the Amazon Influencer Program? Let us know in the comment sections below!

How Amazon Live Works:

Amazon Influencer Program
  • Shoppers hear about upcoming or ongoing live streams that their favorite social media influencers are hosting via their social media network of choice, say by an Instagram post, Tweet or YouTube Community post.
  • The shopper then heads over to Amazon Live to watch their influencers live stream about that days topic.
  • Shoppers can also discover live streams to watch by heading to Amazon Live and selecting a category that interests them to see the Amazon Live Influencers creating live streams.
  • On the live stream, the talks about their favorite products and communicates their value by showing them off in hand or by browsing the Amazon product pages.
  • Shoppers learn about the best products to buy and can quickly & easily purchase by clicking the links to the products right under the live stream.
  • Shoppers can also chat with one another right on the platform in a convenient chat room that appears right next to the live stream.

This is very powerful because Amazon Live Influencers audiences are customers who are in the buyers mindset.

Customers are on Amazon Live because they want to find products to buy to solve a problem or satisfy a desire.

Here is what Amazon Live looks like:

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How To Negotiate With Amazon Influencers

Usually but not always, Amazon Influencers will be able to present some sort of a rate card or media kit that shows their suggested rates and content packages.

Some Amazon Influencers may stick to those rates.

But not all.

At the end of the day, both sides are conducting business and many will be open for negotiation.

That said, there are a few key details you should have worked out prior to a negotiation with an Amazon Influencer.

Key Details To Work Out Before Negotiating

  • Know exactly what type of content and how much of it you want from the influencer.
  • Know how long you intend to partner with the Amazon Influencer.
  • Know your campaign structure. Would you like to get included on a top 10 article, then have them do an op-ed review for you, then do regular giveaways and coupon codes for their audience throughout the year?
  • Make sure you have a Brand Identity Kit with your logo, talking points, product images, awards, certifications, videos & more ready to send to the Amazon Influencer so they can make the best content possible.

Here are the most effective negotiation tactics and strategies to use when negotiating with Amazon Influencers.

How To Track Amazon Influencer Marketing Results

You may be asking: How do I track Amazon Influencer results?

To track Amazon Influencer results you track promo code usage, the estimated monthly views of the blog post you were featured on, the video views of the YouTube video you were featured on or the engagement rates of the social media posts you were featured on.

You still may be asking: How do I track Amazon Influencer conversions?

Amazon has had Amazon Influencers in one form or another since 1996 and to this day, Amazon has still not made this metric available.

In my experience, if it hasnt been released in 25+ years it wont be.

So what do you do?

You focus on tracking the results from the content you were featured on as well as promo code usage.

  • Estimated monthly views of the blog post you were featured on
  • Monthly views and engagement of the YouTube video you were featured on
  • Engagement of the social media post you were featured on
  • Usage of the promo codes you gave to your Amazon Influencers

To make tracking these metrics simple, Id recommend .

Not only does it make finding Amazon Influencers easy, but you can also manage your relationships and campaigns all in one place.

Whats more, they have a feature that allows you to track the results of the content youve been featured on like this:

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Look At Amazons Affiliate Commission Rates

Not all items on Amazon have the same commission rates. In fact, some categories have a much higher commission percentage than others.

Like weve said a few times, authentically promoting products is important and you should never just throw big ticket items onto your Storefront simply because of the high commission. But your time is valuable as a Creator or Influencer, so we do think its important to consider commission rates as you share links.

At the very least, try to have a good mix of both high commission rates and low ones so that you have some variability in your potential revenue.

Always Disclose Affiliate Links


If you are promoting products online and on social media , its important to disclose that you earn a commission from any purchases made. Amazon does automatically put a little note to viewers that the Influencer Storefront owner is earning commissions, but that doesnt exempt you from having to make disclosures yourself.

Not only does disclosing partnerships and affiliate links establish trust with your audience, its the law. The FTC governs how Creators and Influencers promote products online disclosing advertisements and endorsements is always required.

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Free Product For Content

This is the most simple negotiation tactic with Amazon Influencers.

Many Nano-Influencers and Micro-Influencers may be interested in trading content for products.

One item of note, it may not be a large piece of content such as a dedicated YouTube video or a long-form Op-Ed style blog post, but something within reason is certainly on the table.

If you attempt to work with someone on YouTube or but their rates are a little higher than youre interested in paying, perhaps they also have an audience on TikTok or Instagram where you can get a meaningful piece of content in exchange for a free product.

Whats more, you can sweeten the deal by offering more free products on a regular basis to be used as a giveaway to their audience.

What Is An Amazon Influencer Program

Since 2017, Amazon has been running an affiliate program for social media influencers, allowing them to earn money by promoting the products from Amazon within YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This year, Amazon has expended this project to a giant initiative. At present, influencers get their own URL and create their own page with a list of products they recommend. As a result, followers get to make purchases directly to Influencers page on Amazon.

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Use Every Amazon Tool Available To You

Adding links to your Storefront isnt the only way to use your Storefront now that youre an Amazon Influencer. However, many Influencers dont think past this part so theyre missing out on huge opportunities to sell.

Were going to break down the three ways to use your Amazon Storefront so that you can start taking advantage of them and make more money as an Amazon Influencer.

Idea Lists

Every product you add to your Storefront is placed into an Idea List. We talked about organizing them above, but optimizing these lists is really important for making more sales with your Storefront so this is something you want to think through. As you add products to your Storefront that you want to recommend to your followers, think about what categories they should fall into that make the most sense.

Not sure how to create Idea Lists that drive more sales? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I an expert in? What do my followers come to me for?
  • What are my content pillars when I post on social media?
  • How can I break down these main categories into even more specific sections?

We see Influencers and Creators categorize their Storefronts in a number of ways. It really comes down to the way you talk to your audience and the topics you talk to them about. Make your Idea Lists work for both people who are opening your Storefront to find a specific product you mentioned in a post and for people who are just coming there to browse your recommendations.

Shoppable Photos And Videos

Get Featured On Amazon Influencer Blog Posts

You Can Shop My Amazon Influencer Storefront Now!

Get featured on upcoming or existing Blog Posts like:

WHY YOU WANT THIS: First, these types of videos get found and get watched. They dominate both search results and YouTube suggested videos. These types of list videos are generally the last stop before a purchasing decision. This content also does a remarkable job of driving external traffic to Amazon, which you need for Amazon SEO.

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Survey Your Customers And Fans

Every brand should be creating their own brand ambassador or influencer program that brings together their customers as well as fans. Knowing who these people are in more detail will allow you to reach out to them and see who already has a storefront on Amazon. As the Amazon Influencer Program becomes more popular, expect that more and more of your influencer collaborators to have storefronts and welcome the chance to work together to promote your brands products there.

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