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How To Find Amazon Warehouse Deals

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Are Warehouse Items New

How To Find Vehicle Specific Amazon Warehouse Deals!

Some items are brand-spanking new, while others are in various used condition.

Conditions of items youll find in the break down like this:

  • New Item is brand new and has never been opened. Packaging is in good shape as well.
  • Used Like New Item comes in the original packaging but the packaging will have some damage to it.
  • Used Very Good Item has been opened and will come repackaged or item never used but box has been slightly opened.
  • Used Acceptable Item has large cosmetic damage to the top, front or side. Usually comes in original packaging which often also shows signs of damage.

The Used Acceptable condition is always the cheapest option and is fully refundable if youre not happy with it.

If you look at the picture above of the LG television, youll notice that Amazon gives you a general description of what to expect with each condition.

Tip: When buying Used Acceptable items make sure they are sold and fulfilled directly by Amazon as it will make the return process VERY easy if you end up sending something back.

What Is An Amazon Warehouse Deal

An helps you find deep discounts on open-box or near expiration date products.

These items are offered in limited categories and usually can be availed for items like TVs, laptops, home décor, kitchen & dining items, outdoor stuff etc. The reason why offers these Warehouse items is because they are refurbished, returned, warehouse damaged and not in as good a condition that qualifies for the Amazon new standards.

So Amazon Warehouse Deal is very much a part of the offering with a view to helping customers snag great discounts.

Before we move on to ways of finding discounted products on Amazon and learning more about Warehouse deals, there are some terms to familiarize yourselves with.

Do Items Still Come With A Manufacturers Warranty


Just because an item is a warehouse deal DOESNT void the manufacturers warranty in ANY way.

So you shop with the piece of mind knowing that youll be protected if the item turns out to be a lemon.

Ask the Reader: Have you made a purchase through Amazon Warehouse Deals? If so, how much money did you save?

Happy savings.

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Can I Return Items Bought From Amazon Warehouse Deals

Absolutely. According to

This is the beauty of the Warehouse Deals. Amazon offers the same great return policy as regular Amazon products. Even if the item is bought used, at a steep discount, you can still return it to Amazon. All items are Prime Eligible too! So shipping is free and fast. Try comparing this to eBay or Craiglist.

Find Amazon Hidden Discounts

How to Easily Find Big Discounts on Amazon Every Day ...

You may have noticed that when searching for a product on Amazon, you cant sort your results by discount amount, so the really good deals tend to be buried in the pages of results. To make matters worse, sorting by price typically brings up a whole bunch of cheap marketplace items you werent really looking for.

However, theres a simple way to find these Amazon Hidden Discounts. Heres how it works:

  • Search for an item or product in Amazons main search bar.
  • To see items discounted 50%, add &pct-off=50- to the end of the search link. This will work for any discount amount, and you can also express a range. For example, if you want to see items discounted 50-75%, add &pct-off=50-75.
  • You might need to play around with the discount amount to catch the best deals. Note that its not as seamless as sorting by discount amount, which some other sites offer, since Amazon will pull in best-sellers and full-price items into your results as well. But youll definitely be able to find discounted items faster than if you were to scroll through the pages of featured results.
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    Check Amazons Daily Deals

    Looking for Amazon Daily Deals today? Go to Amazons Gold Box Deals or click Todays Deals at the top of the homepage. From there, youll be able to sort by category, price range, discount amount, and type of deal. An Amazon Daily Deal lasts one day, and Lightning Deals can run out even faster. Each customer can only claim one, and the deal runs out either when it expires or when the total quantity has been claimed. Youll also see sales and coupons, and Prime early access deals can be found here as well. Sorting through these deals is a lot easier than looking for deals within a category or search page, so this is a great place to start.

    Look For The Amazon Warehouse Deals Page

    I begin nearly all of my Amazon searches on the;, because it cuts out full-price listings almost entirely so you mostly just see the discounted items . To get there, open Amazon using either a desktop browser or the Amazon mobile app and search for “Amazon warehouse” or “warehouse deals.”;

    Rather than getting a list of search results like normal, you should see a screen that looks a lot like the main Amazon search page, with a search bar, categories and so on. From there you can browse categories like Computers & Tablets, Kitchen or Home Improvement; or you can search for more specific items just like you would on the regular Amazon homepage, except the results will be discounted, sometimes heavily.

    This quick and easy approach works best if you’re not in the market for something in particular — say you’re just looking for gift ideas or killing time during your lunch break. It can be a lot of fun to scroll through the various categories looking for stuff that pops out at you. If you’re shopping for something more specific, however, keep reading for pro tips on how to find it discounted using Amazon Warehouse Deals.

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    Eg 84 Trike For 44 30 Off A Nespresso Machine 250 Off An Hp Laptop Etc

    Ever wonder where your purchased goods go when you return them?;It may be news to you that Amazon has its own little Aladdin’s cave full of preowned, used or open box products, all for a discounted price. MoneySavers;rave about it, but can one customer’s return really be someone else’s treasure?

    Those who know it, don’t want to share it. It’s almost like a secret club, where if you stumble upon it, you’re hooked. But what is Amazon Warehouse and why do many of us not use it enough?

    Well I want to pull out my fanfare trumpet and make a public announcement, and show you why I think it’s a great way to not just save money, but to save second-hand stock.;

    See a few of the top examples we’ve found below, including MSE Deborah’s toddler’s trike treasure;and this success from a MoneySaver:

    One MoneySaver got in touch with us who saved over £230…

    It has been a difficult year for my business and with Covid etc, but my graphic design equipment desperately needed updating. After a lot of research I was going to order a new BenQ screen for my computer, investing £569.80. Then your email came in and I found the exact same model on Amazon Warehouse for £477.01. With the 30% off deal it came to £330.76! I’m over the moon thanks so much!

    Human Touch Foot And Calf Shiatsu Massager

    What is the Amazon Warehouse? Reviews and Tips from Real Consumer

    via amazon.comopen box, very good condition, $288.53

    Whose footsies couldnt use a little pampering from time-to-time? This powerful foot and calf massager from Human Touch uses reflexology and gentle infrared heat to deliver a relaxing, therapeutic massage to sore, tired legs and feet, and it also helps improve circulation. Its sold in the Amazon Warehouse as an open-box item, meaning it was either returned unused or the box was damaged in the warehouse.

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    Bosch Rotak 34r Electric Lawnmower

    It costs to buy branded shoes like Nike, Adidas and Vans.

    But these shoes cost from just £35.17 on Amazon Warehouse’s website.

    While these very similar looking pair of Vans are going for £57 on John Lewis’ website – 38% more expensive.

    On main website, they’ll set you back £43 – £7 extra.

    A Martin Lewis fan gets £7,625 back in council tax refunds and 400,000 could also be owed cash too.

    He also explains how you could be owed thousands of pounds in packaged bank account fees.

    MoneySavingExpert explains how to savehundreds on your holiday abroad including the cheapest Covid tests.

    Amazon Warehouse Deals Shipping Policy

    Eligible items sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals qualify for Prime Shipping, free 2nd Day Shipping, or Free Super Saver Shipping it depends on the details of the individual offer. Amazon Warehouse Deals dont ship to international addresses.

    If a buyer returns an Amazon Warehouse Deal and Amazon is responsible for the error, Amazon will pay the return shipping cost.;;

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    Amazon Warehouse Deals: Tricks And Guide For Buyers & Sellers

    Whether you are a seller or a buyer, the Amazon Warehouse promises the opportunity to save and make money.

    The Amazon Warehouse deals take old stock in opened boxes or renewed stock and offer these at discount prices.

    Imagine you are traveling the discount retail outlet for some top brands and you get the idea of what to expect here.

    The question is whether everything about these Amazon Warehouse deals are what they look like.

    Here we explore the pros and cons of buying from this Amazon Warehouse.

    How Do I Find An Amazon Warehouse Bargain

    How to use Amazon Warehouse Deals to Save Money!

    There are various ways you can find Amazon’s Warehouse deals. I find aimlessly browsing can get you stuck in a shopping blackhole and you can easily forget what you originally we’re looking for. Here are the different ways you can look for a bargain.

    1. If you know the type of item you want eg, a toaster, your best bet is to use the search tool bar at the top of the website.

    2. If you’re looking at a specific item, another place to discover the Warehouse is on the product page.

    If you’re searching for something on Amazon’s main site, once you click the item and open the product’s page, you can then check to see if it’s available for cheaper via Amazon Warehouse. Not all items will be available in the Warehouse, it’s trial and error; so you may be out of luck.

    When you’re on the product page, just under the price is a ‘New & Used’ section . Click on the link, where you can find the Warehouse under the seller Amazon Warehouse:

    Where you can find ‘Amazon Warehouse’ deals for that specific product

    A list of options & short descriptions of what conditions the items are in

    Rememberthe seller needs to be ‘Amazon Warehouse’ in order for your product to be under Amazon’s fulfilment and returns policy,as this is also where third party sellers sell its stock too.;

    3. If you’re using the Amazon app, you can access the Warehouse under ‘Shop by Department’.;

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    How Does It Work For Sellers

    For sellers who choose to work within the FBA scheme, or Fulfillment by Amazon, this warehouse is a crucial part of your seller experience.

    First, you are choosing FBA, so you do not have to worry about shipping and storage. You pay Amazon to do this for you.

    Therefore, you are also buying into their policy of what happens when a product is returned.

    One of the significant positives and negatives of FBA is that the returns policy makes it easy for your customer to feel they can make the purchase.

    However, it also means that your products are going to be returned more than if this wasnt the case.

    As soon as the product has been bought, posted, and then returned, it can no longer be sold as new.

    Even if the customer only took it out the box and thought no, thanks and returned it, this now falls under open-box condition and will be sold as renewed or like new in the Warehouse.

    Oddly, however, these items cannot be sold via the warehouse, these must be sold through the marketplace using the same condition markers.

    The issue is that, as a seller, you cannot automatically sell through Amazon Warehouse.

    Only Amazon will sell through the warehouse when it deems this is where a product belongs.

    Most items sold through the warehouse are actually owned by Amazon, rather than by the FBA sellers.

    However, if your item is damaged while under the control of Amazon, they may reimburse you and then sell the damaged item through the warehouse, after refurbishing is complete.

    Amazon Prime Members Still Get Free Shipping

    won’t get you a bigger discount on Amazon Warehouse Deals, but you’ll get free shipping just as you would for any other Prime-eligible item, which is why I still pay for Prime even though most of my purchases come from Amazon Warehouse.

    Most of the stuff I’ve bought through Amazon Warehouse ships and arrives within the same one- to two-day window I get with new items, although some orders do take longer to fulfill. If that’s the case, the extra handling time is usually indicated on the listing, so I know what to expect.

    Amazon Prime members don’t get any extra discounts on Amazon Warehouse merchandise, but they still benefit from free and usually pretty fast shipping.;

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    Other Faqs Of Amazon Warehouse Deals

    Here are afew frequently asked questions related to Amazon Warehouse you might want tomake a note of:

    1. What is Amazon Warehouse?

    AW is a part of Amazons business, which:

    • Sells used products at great quality
    • Rents used textbooks

    It is atrustworthy and best place to look for deals on used items.

    2. Why should you buy from Amazon Warehouse?

    Shopperscan locate big deals on thousands of used products on AmazonWarehouse. Every item listed here is tested, graded, and inspected with thehelp of its stringent 20-point quality inspection process before it is put upfor sale at a discount.

    It comeswith dedicated customer support and a 30-day return policy just as you buy anynew product on Amazon.

    • Trust: Youcan shop with confidence even if it is a used item.
    • Great deals:You will receive amazing deals from its wide range of collection.
    • Sustainability: Buying used items is eco-friendly.

    3. Do items sold on Amazon Warehouse havea warranty?

    No. Generally,any used item will not come with its manufacturers warranty. However, it isAmazon who is selling it and hence, it is backed by its 30-day return policy.

    4. What is the replacement policy for Warehouseproducts?

    Everyproduct is unique and so is its nature. Therefore, Amazon does not offerreplacement options for items bought via its Warehouse. However, customers canchoose to return the item if it doesnt work properly, within 30-days from thedate of purchase and get a full refund.

    Yes. A fewitems qualify for prime or free shipping.

    Replacement Value For Products Damaged By Amazon

    How To: Amazon Warehouse Deals Update In Video Description

    Amazon considers several factors when determining an items value, including:

    • Your sales history
    • The average FBA selling price on Amazon
    • The sales history of the specific ASIN

    If they dont have enough information to establish a reasonable value for an item, then the replacement value is determined based on the default replacement values from the table below. If you received the default replacement value as reimbursement and request a reevaluation, Amazon may request additional information, such as a receipt or an invoice, from you.

    The replacement value for a single item will not exceed $5,000. For items valued at more than $5,000, Amazon recommends that you consider purchasing third-party insurance. If Amazon finds items in their network that are the same FNSKU and in the same condition as those you reported lost or damaged, Amazon may transfer those items to your inventory in lieu of reimbursement.;

    What is covered by this policy?


    What is not covered by this policy?

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    Maybe Wait For Prime Day

    Usually held once a year, is a two-day sales event where you can score great deals on several Amazon products , as well as those from other companies.

    Robotic vacuums, coffeemakers and teeth-whitening strips were some of the top-selling products this past June.

    Hey, you know Prime Day is a big deal when the company hired three Grammy winners to perform: superstar Billie Eilish, H.E.R.;and rapper Kid Cudi.

    If you dont want to wait for Prime Day, you can see what products are trending. Search for the hashtag #FoundItOnAmazon on social media sites, like Instagram and Twitter, and it may lead to the to browse and buy stylish brand and influencer finds, all in one place.

    What Is Amazon Warehouse Deals

    Basically, warehouse deals consists of products that have been returned, damaged at the warehouse, used, and refurbished. ;These items just dont meet Amazons new standard, so they list them here. ;They also have some new and open-boxed items, but there are less of these. ;If you are an Amazon Prime member, then you can get the same 2-day shipping on eligible items.

    Amazon thoroughly tests each product to make sure that it is still functional before listing back on sale. ;They even grade their items to help you find ones that you are willing to purchase. ;Some of their grading can be a little general, but if you shop there enough, you start to understand how they are doing it. ;Here are their product conditions or grades.

    I tend to only purchase items that are New, which are harder to find, Like New, or Very Good. ;I have purchased quite a few items from warehouse deals and never had an issue with them. Amazon still stands behind their return policy, so if you have any issues, then you need to call them up. They have excellent customer service when it comes to returns. When you see the items listed, they will have a little description underneath listing the reason for the listing. ;I have found that these are pretty general, but some are quite detailed. ;It really depends on the product. Here is an example of one that is good.

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