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How To Find Influencers On Amazon

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Search Youtube For The Types Of Videos You Want The Amazon Influencer To Feature You On

How This Tool Finds Me Instagram Influencers Quickly! – Amazon FBA & Shopify
  • Search for something like: Jewelry Haul
  • Visit a few of the videos in the results.
  • If the links take you to Amazon, they are likely an Amazon Influencer, but not necessarily.

    Look at the link in the URL bar, does it say in it? Or just a traditional link?

    If its an link or if they link you to an Amazon Storefront or Amazon Live page, then you know they are an Amazon Influencer.

    What Is The Average Salary For Amazon Influencers

    Amazon offers different commission rates to its influencers based on different categories. Although it may seem small, the rate is between 1% and 3% . The commissions can add up and some influencers report earning as high as $1,500 per months.

    These are the Amazon affiliate commission rates in 2021:

    Amazon occasionally hosts special events that allow influencers to earn additional income, called Special Commission In Income. These special events include Bounty Events, Bounty Events, or Bonus Events.

    More information on Amazon Associates affiliate commission rates, and special events can be found at Amazon Associates.

    Look For Engagement Not Numbers

    While many influencers have amassed legions of followers, engagement and loyalty are more important than audience size. This means that you need to look at the number of shares, retweets, and comments a user gets, rather than the number of followers.

    Any social media/social listening tool will take care of this for you , though you can also measure engagement manually by dividing the number of engagements by total followers. According to MobileMarketer, average engagement ranges from 3.6% to 8.8%

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    Become An Amazon Influencer

    As an Amazon Influencer, you can make money promoting your favorite products through your own custom Amazon storefront.

    Do you have a large following on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube? Then what are you waiting for? Apply for the Amazon Influencer Program and start getting paid for product recommendations your followers will love. When it comes to monetizing your social media skills, joining this program is a no-brainer.

    Are you an Amazon Influencer? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

    How To Leverage Influencers To Sell More On Amazon

    What is the Amazon Influencer Program &  How to Qualify? 2021 ...

    Retail giant Amazon is responsible for nearly half of all online retail spend in the United States, so it makes sense for ecommerce sellers to use the platform to get their products in front of buyers. However, with hundreds of millions of products for sale on Amazon, it can be a challenge to get your products seen by the right people.One of the most effective ways to expose people to your product is through influencer marketing, which uses leaders in a specific industry to share your brands products and messaging with a key audience. This enables brands to reach their target audience in an organic, meaningful way today, influencer marketing is a $1.7 billion industry on Instagram alone. Why? Because it works.Consumers seek product recommendations from influencers nearly as often as they do from friends, according to one study that also found that 49% of consumers look to influencers when making product decisions.Read on to learn how you can work with Amazon influencers to increase your sales.

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    Why Do Brands Work With Amazon Influencers

    The power of influencer marketing speaks for itself. Consider that 88% of consumers have been inspired to make a purchase based on what an influencer has posted.

    For brands active on Amazon, there are a few specific benefits to think about:

    • Less friction when buying products. Consumers at large already know and trust Amazon. For reference, there are an estimated 75+ million households with an Amazon Prime account. Many of those account-holders shop on the site multiple times per week. Whereas new customers might be hesitant to purchase from a new site, brands can piggyback on Amazons credibility. The same applies to influencers.
    • Greater reach and an established social presence. Working with Amazon influencers, brands can reach audiences they otherwise couldnt themselves. This is particularly important for smaller, up-and-coming brands. Even if you dont have an active social presence yourself, affiliates can do the legwork of promoting your products.
    • Influencers know how to show off products in action. This is one of the biggest benefits of influencer collaborations at large. Creative influencers know how to present your product in the best way possible.

    Where Do Amazon Influencers Promote Brands

    To find Amazon Influencers, youll want to know where they promote brands.

    When you think of the term influencer it may conjure thoughts of Instagram, but the truth is they promote everywhere.

    Going back to 1996 when Amazon launched the , savvy brands have been partnering with Amazon Influencers on message boards, emails and blog posts.

    Now, there are far more options and Amazon Influencers are promoting anywhere they have a platform.

    In other words, anywhere they have influence over their audience.

    Here are the most popular and powerful channels where you can find Amazon Influencers promoting brands:

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    Use Amazons Storefront To Buy And Sell Products

    When you use Amazons storefront, you can buy and sell products. Youll need to input the information that Amazon provides about your product, such as the name of your product, the price you want to charge, and whether youre selling it direct to customers or through a third-party distributor. Youll also need to provide additional information about your product, such as a picture or video of your product.

    What Is Influencer Marketing

    How To Find Instagram Influencers To EXPLODE Your Amazon Sales / Amazon Influencer Marketing 2021

    Influencer marketing is an advertising strategy where brands partner with industry leaders to improve brand recognition, awareness, and loyalty by leveraging that persons influence over a specific audience.

    Done right, influencer marketing is a powerful strategy that works because of the trust that exists between the influencer and their audience. Influencer mentions function much like a recommendation from a friendbut at scale.

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    How Can I Get Amazon Editorial Reviews

    You can get Amazon Editorial Reviews for your products by performing general keyword searches in Amazon for your subject matter, then reach out to the Amazon Editorial Reviewer through their website.

    That said, I mentioned that Amazon Editorial Reviews are one of the most powerful pieces of content to drive your sales.

    So you may be asking at this point, what is the best Amazon Influencer?

    Amazon Influencer Promotional Channels:

    You can likely see the throughline.

    Anywhere you can easily share links and give recommendations.

    If youre looking for examples of each, Id encourage you to check out our post.

    Now that you know where they are, you can likely see why its hard to find Amazon Influencers.

    In a sea of affiliate programs where Influencers can promote any product they choose, you can imagine its difficult finding the ones promoting products on Amazon.

    Whats more? Those are the ones Amazon wants Amazon Sellers to partner with.

    So, how do you find Amazon Influencers?

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    Types Of Amazon Influencers

    Customers can discover you and purchase your products 2 ways:

  • Interrupt: When theyre not looking for you and not actively looking to solve their problem.
  • Think of opening up Instagram, scrolling through your feed to see what your friends or favorite Instagram personalities have going on and coming across an ingenious way to charge your phone from the sun while you camp.
  • You were not on Instagram to look for things to buy, but since you like Survival Gear or Camping, this is pretty cool so next time youre in the market for one of these, this is the one youll look at first.
  • Intent: The customer is ready to solve their problem and actively looking for you or someone to solve their problem.
  • Think of going on Google and typing in: How to charge my phone while camping or Best solar USB charger.
  • You want to buy something and you want to know which one to get, after youve done your research, you WILL get one.
  • Or you went right to Amazon and now you are ready for your camping trip and need a charger. So you see an ad from that solar USB charger or maybe they show up in an Amazon product search and because someone you Know, Like & Trust, has made you aware of them, you click on that particular ad or that particular listing in organic Amazon search results.
  • Therefore, there are 2 types of Amazon Influencers youll want to consider for Amazon Influencer Marketing.

    Think about where people go to solve problems, answer questions, fulfill desires or get educated on a topic:

    Visit The Links In The Medium Articles You Read

    5 Steps To Find Influencers for your Amazon FBA &  Shopify Brand [Guest ...
  • Visit
  • Search for the types of content that youd like to be featured on.
  • Visit a few of the articles in the search results.
  • If the links take you to Amazon, they are likely an Amazon Influencer, but not necessarily.

    Look at the link in the URL bar, does it say in it? Or just a traditional link?

    If its an link or if they link you to an Amazon Storefront or Amazon Live page, then you know they are an Amazon Influencer.

    The challenging part of course is, even after you find some, how will you know if theyre good?

    Without software, you wont know their traffic, views, engagement etc.

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    Why Use Amazon Live Influencers

    There are several benefits to working with influencers

    • Build brand awareness
    • Boost sales and organic rank on Amazon
    • Reach specific target audiences
    • Drives conversation / word of mouth

    When done correctly, influencer marketing has the power to drive qualified traffic that will not only deliver an immediate return on investment, but also add momentum to the Amazon listing. This helps increase Best Seller Rank, organic rank, and advertising impression share.

    How To Connect With Amazon Influencers

    Once youve identified an influencer youd like to work with, dont immediately reach out to them with endorsement contracts or free products. Instead, take things slow and establish a relationship. This will not only help them feel more comfortable with both you and your brand, but itll also help you ensure that this influencer is the right fit.

  • Follow. Determine which social network youd like to work with an Amazon influencer on and follow them on that specific network.
  • Engage. Make an influencer aware of your presence and show appreciation for their content by liking their posts and leaving comments.
  • Start a conversation. Your conversation may have begun already in the comments on the influencers posts, but take the next step and send an email. Often, influencers will list their email in their bio or link to their website. While you can certainly start a conversation with an influencer via direct message, its a good idea to send an email as well, as influencers are often overwhelmed by the number of messages they receive. At this point, you may even want to offer to send free products to the influencer for them to try out.
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    How To Find Amazon Influencers The Easy Way

    The easiest way by far to find Amazon Influencers is to use software.

    Here at Referazon, we happen to know of a great one called, Referazon.

    Referazon makes it simple to find Amazon Influencers quickly and manage your relationships easily.

    Heres how Referazon works.

    On Referazon you can search , , Blogs and YouTube.

    For Blogs and YouTube, simply click on the Blog or YouTube search and search for the type of content youd like your products to be featured on like:

    • The Best Gardening Tools
    • Beginners Guide To Gardening

    Referazon will find blog post articles and YouTube videos that you can get featured in and weed out any that are not Amazon Influencers.

    Youll be able to see their:

    • Email addresses,
    • Traffic, view and engagement stats
    • Social media accounts

    For Amazon Live and Amazon Influencer Storefronts, simply head to the Amazon Live or Storefronts search and select your main selling category and you can also drill down to your sub-category.

    Its that simple!

    From there, Referazon has an Amazon Influencer CRM where youll be able to easily keep track of your relationships, from building the relationships to how theyre promoting you.

    Referazon will even tell you how many people have seen the Blog Posts and YouTube videos youve been featured on each month.

    You could also search our database of thousands of Amazon Storefront and Amazon Live Influencers.

    That said, thats the easy way, you could potentially do this manually.

    Heres how

    Promoting Monthly Coupon Code Promotions To Their Social Email Blog & Video Audiences

    How To Find Influencers/Micro Influencers On Instagram To Promote Your Amazon FBA Products

    WHY YOU WANT THIS: These types of promotional code blasts to blog posts, emails & social drive sales because they are value & benefit-driven from a source the customer knows, likes & trusts. After youve built the relationship with the influencer, dont let it die on the vine, keep things going by rewarding their audience with regular coupon codes. This will keep your sales velocity going on Amazon which significantly improves your Amazon SEO, decreases your PPC costs and even better? Customers who use discount codes tend to leave more reviews.

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    Niche Influencers Allow You To Focus On Smaller And More Engaged Audiences

    How to find influencers on amazon. My interests include true crime, horror movies, and being in natur. Amazon marketing agencies can find influencers for you, although they will charge you heavily for it. Utilize the bio line by adding a link to your influencer page.

    Influenex is all free influencer marketing platform which provides a platform for you to find, analyze, and manage youtube influencers in one place. This is how to find amazon influencer pages, what they look like and how you can drive sales from amazon influencers. Acx audiobook publishing made easy:

    How does amazon influencer marketing program work when an influencer opens an amazon channel, they receive a unique code to track the sales of when the user uses the link to buy a product. Influencers are key to growing your amazon business. See the top 1,665 amazon influencers.

    The issue for amazon sellers and those new to marketing is finding the right influencer for their business. You can also find influencers through the amazon associates or amazon influencer programs. Amazon business everything for your business:

    The intellifluence community is built of more than 99,000 influencers. As a seller, this is potentially great news, especially if you can find relevant influencers who have been accepted into the amazon program. These audiences are also much more likely to align with your brand niche.

    Pin on Earn Online

    Earn Money From Bounties

    Amazon has various programs and services that influencers can promote within their virtual store. Influencers will earn a varying amount for each customer they attract to these programs/services. This money is referred to as bounties. One example of a bounty is if an influencer manages to get his/her followers to sign up to an Amazon Business account. In this case, Amazon gives a bounty of $US15 to the influencer.

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    Who Can Become An Amazon Influencer

    Amazons Influencer site criteria are not very clear. However, people who want to be a part of this program need to meet the below-mentioned standards:

    • They need to have an active YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook account
    • They need to have a good amount of follower base
    • They need to engage with their viewers
    • They need to post content that is relevant to products being sold on Amazon.

    Amazon once included Twitter on this list, but they removed it recently.

    Nering With Amazon Influencers

    5 Steps To Find Influencers for your Amazon FBA &  Shopify Brand

    have become a unique part of not only the influencer space but also the marketing space within Amazon. Collaborating with an Amazon influencer may allow your products to sell at a higher frequency. Consumers are more likely to purchase products that have been recommended to them by an influencer. This is because they are seen as trustworthy and know what they are talking about. While influencers do take a commission on certain qualifying products, consumers dont necessarily think about that aspect. First, they think that this is somebody who is similar in lifestyle to them, and has used these products, and they have worked for them.

    Using Amazon Influencers as a part of your Amazon marketing strategy will allow your business to grow. If you need help or want to learn more, contact us today!

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    Advice From Amazon Influencers

    To make landing the perfect Amazon Influencer easy for you, Ive collected tips directly from Amazon Influencers weve built great relationships with at our Amazon Influencer Marketing Agency, Referazon Express.

    Heres critical advice from top Amazon Influencers on what they look for in partnering with brands on Amazon and more.

    How Many Followers Do You Need To Qualify For Amazon Influencer Status

    Amazon doesnt specify how many social followers you must have to be eligible for the program. We recommend that you have at least 20,000 social media followers on at minimum one platform.

    You can still apply for Amazon influencer status even if your social media followers are smaller. However, your chances of being accepted are lower.

    Amazon Influencer requirements

    Participants must comply with several requirements in order to be eligible for the Amazon Influencer Program. The complete list can be viewed on the Amazon Associates Program Policies Page.

    What are the requirements to be an Amazon influencer?

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