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How To Find Items To Sell On Amazon

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What You Can Do With The Best Products To Sell On Amazon

How To Find Products To Sell on Amazon FAST! (New Method)

Now that you have learned how to find a product to sell on Amazon, there are different steps you want to take to make sure you can sell.

Identifying your competitors and understanding what fits best is the first step to your success. Now, you will want to look at the next phase of identifying what type of product you want to sell.

Before you commit to a specific niche or product, I recommend you look deeper at how to find a product to sell on Amazon.

That means you have to look at the mechanics you are going to use to make your product successful.

Manufacturers and suppliers is one part of setting up the product you decide to sell as a success or failure with your product.

Another side of finding the best products to sell on Amazon is to look at setting certain goals and being able to grow the product as a business.

Keep the following things in mind when you are taking your decision of product selling to the next level.

* Who will buy your product?

If you see others with similar products, then it is a good indication that you can also be successful.

However, you want to know who is going to be interested in your product and how successful you can be.

The easiest place to start with defining who will buy your product is with basic demographics. Understand the age, gender and location of others who may want or need your product.

Then, look at what they need. What are the behaviors that would drive someone to your product?

  • How will you present your product?

Shipped By Amazon Vs Sold By Amazon

Amazon offers many items that are owned and sold by third-party sellers but fulfilled by Amazon. How does it work? Third-party sellers ship items to Amazons warehouses. Once the items are sold, Amazon ships them to customerseven with speedy Prime shipping. In return, Amazon gets a cut of each sale, and Amazon keeps costs down by not having to own as much inventory.

In general, buying from third-party sellers on Amazon is safe and works well, but a third-party sale can also be risky. You might not receive the product as advertised or in the condition specified. Some unethical vendors even .

Were going to show you a way to find items sourced and owned by Amazon until they are sold and shipped to you. That way, the items you buy are more likely to be authentic and in the condition advertised. Amazon sometimes offers promotional credits that only apply to items sold by Amazon itself, too.

Use Amazon Online Sales Tools And Feedback Tools

Try using online tools to find the best products on Amazon which list among the top selling products on Amazon.

There are a lot of Amazon best sellers tools that measure analytical data and give you an insight into what is selling best and what is being reviewed best.

You can try making an Amazon Associates Account which will allow you to earn commissions on the items that customer buy after visiting your site.

You can also try making a seller account on Amazon if you want to directly sell through Amazons platform.

You can use the Ahrefs service, which allows you to find the best keywords and SEO techniques for your website and product listings. This will help you to identify what is selling better.

And finally, you can use software like Feedback Five, Sage Mailer, Feedback Express, and which are built to help Amazon sellers recognize the best selling products online and to optimize their campaigns accordingly to reach a wide expanse of customers.

Online sales are extremely time-consuming and finding out what will sell better than everything else is a trial and error process. Amazon best sellers tools prove more than handy in simplifying these.

What works today may not work tomorrow, so there needs to be a lot of research done for sales to rise year on year.

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How To Determine If A Product Is Worth Flipping On Amazon

There are a few essential things you want to look for when looking for a top-selling product to sell on Amazon:

  • Low investment
  • Good profit potential
  • Low competition

Its so important to do your research into products and product sourcing opportunities as a beginner.

Amazon itself provides a list of top selling items that is updated hourly. This can be a great place to check out whats trending.

Once you know what an item is selling for you need to consider your expenses. That not only includes your price to purchase, but also selling fees. Amazon offers a FBA Revenue Calculator that can give you an idea.

Luckily, there are a number of that can make your job easier.

So You Want Your Own Amazon Business

Amazon FBA Product Research Guide 2021

Finding the right products to sell on Amazon is not always a quick process. If it was, everyone and their golden retriever would have a successful line of branded workout accessories with Amazon Prime. However, it is still easier than many think.

Dont forget, theres more to running a successful Amazon brand than just finding the right product optimizing your product listing with attention grabbing product descriptions, stellar customer service, and effectively managing your Amazon fees. But, the right product is a wonderful place to start.

Too many people start the journey of passion to profit only to quit because the barriers to entry were seemingly too steep. We get it, logging into Seller Central for the first time can be intimidating. With the above tools and strategies, we encourage the hobbyist the everyday entrepreneur, to dedicate one week to product hunting. You dont have to manufacture anything. You dont need an Amazon seller account. You dont even have to leave your house. Take one week to identify if there is a space on Amazon that sells well, has a need for better quality products, and can be easily produced on a budget.

You may be surprised by what you find.

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Many People Are Buying The Product

A profitable product should be popular and high in demand. If you sell products that people are not interested in, youre not going to make many sales. Products purchased by customers are products that satisfy a need or solve a problem. So, when researching product opportunities, look for useful products that are always in demand.

After finding products that fit the bill, look for gaps you can fill with your private label product. With a private label, you can source already existing products from a manufacturer, and improve on them, then sell them under your brand.

A good place to start is by reading negative reviews on product detail pages to identify customers problems. This gives you an idea of possible modifications that can serve as a unique selling point for your product. It may not even be a product feature. Sometimes, its as simple as finding ways to manufacture the product at a lower cost and offer it at a lower price. Knowing what to sell becomes easier if you can find out what their problems are.

Research The Shippable And Sellable Factors

While looking for products you need to first consider three things: Shipping cost, wholesale pricing, and Amazon Seller fees.

Try to purchase products considering the following specs:

  • The cost should be 25% to 35% of your target selling price
  • Your target selling price should be in the range of $10 to $50
  • The product should be lightweight, i.e., around 2-3 lbs. including box and packaging
  • Simple and sturdy items that would reduce the risk of loss from damage
  • Evergreen or everyday use items, meaning they can be used throughout the year
  • Better quality products when compared with the competition

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How To Find The Best Products To Sell On Amazon

I’m now going to walk you through some of the steps that I take to find a product to sell on Amazon.

1. Research To Find What Is Already Selling On Amazon

One of the fastest ways to learn how to find a product to sell on Amazon is to look through the in different categories to find out what is already selling.

From my experience, the easiest and fastest way for someone to is through private labelling a product.

What this means, is to find a product that is already selling on Amazon and then finding a supplier that is already making that product, and just slap your own label or packaging on it.

However, if you can just model a product that is already selling and profitable, and then just offer something slightly better or different in that market, and do a better job at your marketing, then you can make a lot of money selling on Amazon.

So that’s why I recommend learning how to find a product to sell on Amazon that is already making money and is profitable.

And like I said, using the will give you a lot of valuable data and information to help you to find out what is selling and profitable.

If you’re looking for some tools or resources to help you how to find a product to sell on Amazon, then I’d recommend . Jungle Scout is a powerful software that will make your life much easier in helping you do all the research you need to find profitable products it’s worth the investment.

Why is this data valuable?

2. Follow The Right Criteria For Finding A Product To Sell On Amazon

Before You Source Any Inventory Test Your Products

How to Find Top Products to Sell on Amazon 2022

Its important to note that most inventory sourcing options require an upfront investment in product.

But, before you hand over a large sum of money, its important to test the products and make sure they meet expectations.

You can ask suppliers and manufacturers to ship sample items to you. This gives you first-hand experience of the product quality

If you skip this step, you might learn the hard way when youre dealing with customer complaints and $10K worth of inventory in a warehouse that you cant sell.

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Characteristic Of Good Products

If you are wondering how to choose the right product to sell on Amazon, you should follow the proper evaluation criteria at the first start. We recommend you use these six metrics in the evaluation process. If a product can satisfy all of the requirements, there is a good chance that you have found the winner.

Price range is between 10-70$

We have found out that this price range makes it easy for not only impulse purchase but also and informed transactions. Surprisingly, any product over $70 can make potential customers become skeptical and start comparing prices on different stores for a better deal. Besides, lower-priced products in the range of $1-$10 are generally considered to be not worth the shipping costs. People tend to buy them in physical stores instead.

In a high demand

We are finding products to sell throughout the year and not just during certain seasonal periods. You can use Google Trend report, which shows you seasonal sales spikes with high accuracy.

Less than 200 reviews

Products with more than 200 reviews already have gained the customer base, and of course, it becomes harder to complete. Because customers feel safer to purchase products from the store when reviews are plentiful. If you are a new Amazon seller, building a list of positive feedbacks will enhance customers confidence and your compatibility..

Non-perishable, easy-to-store and easy-to-ship

You can choose to sell items that are original, low-cost, and simple to fulfil.

Easy for restock

Start Selling The Product On Amazon

The final step is to sell the potentially profitable product on Amazon to know if youve found a winner.

Test the product for 60 days. Closely watching its ASIN, adjusting prices to compete with other sellers, and optimize the listing for Amazon search.

If you need assistance with any of this, use a freelancer marketplace such as Upwork, FreeeUp, PeoplePerHour to hire an Amazon specialist to manage the listing for you.

After the 60 days, assess the performance of the product and determine if its worthwhile to keep in your inventory. If it is, continue to stock and optimize for more sales. If not, remove it and focus on another product.

In my experience, if you practice this strategy throughout the year, youll have a strong chance of finding a hit in each retail season as new products and manufacturers appear in the Best Sellers lists.

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How To Open An Amazon Account

To sell on Amazon, you can go through the following steps:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Scroll down and click the Selling on Amazon link .

Step 3: Select between Sell as a Professional or Sell as an Individual. As a beginner we recommend selling as an individual. Amazon charges $0.99 per sale. For a professional seller account Amazon charges $39.99 per month.

Step 4: Fill out the required information and once youre done then youve officially become an Amazon seller.

You can also use this video below detailing how to open your Amazon seller account.

How to Open an Amazon FBA Account

Use your personal information, you dont need a legal business right away to start an Amazon business.

Your personal tax information is perfectly fine because you can claim any earnings as personal income to start. If youre .

If you want to sell on Amazon from outside the US this is what you currently need:

  • A local bank in your country that supports whats known as ACH which only means that your local bank can receive electronic transfer payments from Amazon.
  • Your home address where you receive personal mail.
  • local phone number with your countries prefix.
  • A US EIN number. You dont have to be a corporation and have any type of legal status in the US to get this number. An EIN may be obtained by filing IRS Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number

There you go, its that simple.

Click The Best Seller Links

How to Start Selling Products on Amazon Successfully

If you decide youâre interested in an item on Amazon, you can click the best seller links at the bottom of the listing to get more ideas.

  • Go to the listing of an Amazon product youâre interesting in

  • Scroll down the page until you see the links to the categories itâs ranking in

  • to see other similar items that are ranking in that category

  • This is really just another way to access the best seller list, but it helps you find related products in niches youâre interested in.

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    Use Watchcount To See What Ebay Products Sell

    Another way to pinpoint the is to research whats selling on eBay. You can do this by using to see hot sellers on eBay.

    On you can see the most popular eBay items at any time as the site operates in real-time. reports the results produced by eBay that tracks votes by users when they add an item to their watch list. details the number of watchers and includes rankings as well as unique search capabilities.

    Are You Closer To Figuring Out What You Should Sell On Amazon

    I hope you enjoyed my guide to finding products to sell on Amazon. If you follow my advice, youll increase your chances of earning a nice profit margin and decrease trips to the store to buy Advil. Nothings worse than putting in hundreds of hours to market a product on Amazon, only to find that consumers dont want it, or a major brand is drowning you out. Before you get started, make sure you understand

    Also, make sure you understand that Amazons business is based on finding popular products, private labeling them, and then undercuting the competition. So if you want long term ecommerce success, you need to sell on your own site, or utilize Amazon affiliate marketing. Otherwise, Amazon will eventually drown you out.

    When choosing what to sell on Amazon, is my top go-to tool.

    Have you used a different strategy to successfully find new products to sell online? Are you an experienced Amazon seller? Id love to hear from you in the comments section below.

    Best of luck selling on Amazon!

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    What To Sell On Amazon In 2022

    REVIEWED BY:Meaghan Brophy

    Meaghan has provided content and guidance for indie retailers as the editor for a number of retail publications and a speaker at trade shows. She is Fit Small Businesss authority on retail and ecommerce.

    Katie-Jay aims to put answers in the hands of small business owners by leveraging over 10 years of retail and hospitality experience. With a background in gemology, she specializes in jewelry and luxury ecommerce.

    This article is part of a larger series on Retail Management.

  • 4Bottom Line
  • comes down to choosing products that are profitable, in-demand, and not dominated by well-established brands.

    In this article, well explore five of the best product categories to sell on Amazon in 2022electronics clothing, shoes, and jewelry sports and outdoors industrial and scientific and toys and gamesand walk you through the steps of how to find products to sell. Well also explore sourcing options and tools to help you build and run a profitable store.

    Research Products And Suppliers

    How To Find Trending Products To Sell on Amazon in 4 steps

    Once youre familiar with the nuts and bolts of how an Amazon store operates and how you can sell, its time to figure out what youre going to sell and who youre going to get it from.

    There are various Amazon product research tools out there, including Jungle Scout, the StartupBros Product Research Workbook, and the free Unicorn Smasher Product Research Tool. Ive put together a list of you can use, too.

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