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How To Find The Cheapest Things On Amazon

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This Toilet Spray Everyone Is Obsessed With

Top 5 Cheapest Items on Amazon!

We all poop. And it all smells. Unless of course, you have a bottle of the wildly popular Poo-Pourri sitting on your toilet. People who have used it love that the spray doesn’t just mask odors but actually traps them in the toilet bowl, so they never even escape to the rest of the bathroom. Just remember to spritz before you go! Bonus: Poo-Pourri is made with all natural ingredients and essential oils.

Save 20% On Diapers And 15% Off Of Your Baby Registry With Amazon Family

How It Works: Every new parent gets exhausted thinking about shopping, but makes things easier with a 20% discount off of diaper subscriptions and a 15% discount off items on a baby registry. The program is free for Amazon Prime members, but parents looking to snag some cheap Pampers can sign up for a 30-day free trial that includes the discounts and two-day shipping.

Things To Remember: Amazon Family is limited to one membership per household, so you cant register twice for double the diaper discounts. After your trial of Amazon Mom runs out, you also get a special $49 price for Amazon Prime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Warehouse Deals

What is Amazon Warehouse Deals?

We offer deep discounts on open-box items like TVs, laptops, tablets, home audio, kitchen & dining, home goods, outdoors, and more.

How do we fit in with Amazon?

Amazon Warehouse Deals is a part of that specializes in offering great deals on returned, warehouse-damaged, used, or refurbished products that are in good condition but do not meet rigorous standards as “new.” We also offer products in new and open-box condition.

Do Amazon Warehouse Deals’ products qualify for Prime or FREE Shipping?

Yes. Eligible items sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals qualify for Prime or FREE Shipping.

Do products come with a warranty?

No. Used products generally do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty but all of our items are backed by Amazons return policy. If you would like additional protection, you can purchase a warranty from Square Trade to cover certain items.

How do you evaluate a product’s condition?

We thoroughly test the functional and physical condition of each item and give the product a specific grade before selling it.

Your inventory keeps changing, is this normal?

Yes. Since we specialize in returned, warehouse damaged, used or refurbished products, we can’t predict future availability for any item, so check back often and order quickly.

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Check Amazons Daily Deals

Looking for Amazon Daily Deals today? Go to Amazons Gold Box Deals or click Todays Deals at the top of the homepage. From there, youll be able to sort by category, price range, discount amount, and type of deal. An Amazon Daily Deal lasts one day, and Lightning Deals can run out even faster. Each customer can only claim one, and the deal runs out either when it expires or when the total quantity has been claimed. Youll also see sales and coupons, and Prime early access deals can be found here as well. Sorting through these deals is a lot easier than looking for deals within a category or search page, so this is a great place to start.

Check Out Amazon Best Sellers For Gifts

45 Cheap Things On Amazon That Are Shockingly Useful

Want to know what’s popular for children, or red hot on the tech scene? Head over to for answers. Like a year-long gift guide, Amazon Best Sellers provides a selection of top products in over 30 categories. The hub also has convenient red and green arrows, showing which products are raising and dropping in popularity. The dynamic page also has additional tabs for Movers and Shakers, which are items that have spiked in the last 24 hours, Hot New Releases, Top Products, Most Wished For, and Gift ideas.

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A Grill Scrubber To Remove Stubborn Grease And Grime Without Breaking A Sweat

Promising review: “Absolutely amazing! They come in three different sizes, so you can conquer any zit, no matter how large or small. They are close to clear, so they blend in well with my skin. I’ll put one on a painful, irritated, head-less pimple in the morning, go about my day , and by the evening all the yuck has been sucked out onto the patch. It’s disgusting, but SO COOL! When I take the patch off, it looks like the pimple was photoshopped right off my face. ZAP! Leaving the patch on all day also keeps me from picking, which prevents nasty scars and making the zit worse. Seriously, I wish I had these in high school. Buy them for yourself, buy them for the teenagers in your life, buy them for everyone!” Lindsay & Eddie

Get them from Amazon for $4.70 .

Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

View Amazon Price Changes With Camelcamelcamel

A great tool for finding Amazon price histories is the website camelcamelcamel. The helpful site lets you track the sales and price drops of any product over the course of its existence on Amazon. All you have to do is copy and paste the listings URL into camelcamelcamels search bar and hit Enter.

When you bring up a price history page, youll see a chart tracking the price across time. Use the chart settings to adjust the duration shown, add and compare third-party prices, or remove the most extreme price changes.

As you can see in the chart above, whenever Amazon is out of stock of this Nintendo Switch , third-party sellers often appear with prices far above Amazons price, even when the units are used.

Tip: Camelcamelcamel does not and cannot factor the cost of shipping and handling into the prices shown. The website will, however, let you know if the product qualifies for Prime shipping.

To help you shop, camelcamelcamel designates Good Deal and Best Price conditions for each listing based on its price history. If the price currently meets one of those conditions, youll see it noted at the top of the price history page. If youre on the hunt for a great deal, you can click Popular Products and Top Price Drops to see lists of products that currently meet those conditions.


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Find Anyone’s Amazon Wishlist With Just Their Email Or Name

How It Works: Whats the fun in asking a friend what they want for their birthday and killing the wonder from the start? Amazon allows you to search and look at anyones wish list, wedding, or baby registry, making you the master of gifts when it comes to that special occasion. All you need is an email or full name.

Things To Remember: In some cases, Amazon will even give you the shipping address of someone who has put up their wish list, allowing you to easily gift something to a friend without ruining the surprise.

Products With Suspicious Reviews

How To Get Cheap Amazon Products (FREE Amazon Deals)

Unsure about a product? You may want to think twice before trusting reviews. Amazon even recently banned 600 Chinese brands, including high-profile names like Aukey, Mpow, and TaoTronics, from selling on the site largely for posting fake or paid-for feedback. Fake reviews are big business on Amazon, and you need to read them with a practiced eye. Overwhelmingly positive reviews that rely on meaningless superlatives “great” or “awesome” are unreliable, as are reviews that regurgitate features without commenting on performance. Other red flags: weird syntax or tons of reviews posted in a short time. Use FakeSpot, which analyzes reviews for signs of fraud.

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Get Refunds On Lost Items Late Deliveries

Image: Getty

Amazon Prime offers two-day shipping, and many items usually include a guaranteed delivery date if you order by a certain time. But delays happen, especially during the pandemic. If you paid extra for expedited shipping and your order doesn’t show up at the appointed time, it will refund those extra shipping costs.

If an order is marked as delivered and you can’t find it, meanwhile, call Amazon customer service at 1-888-280-4331. An automated system will walk you through the order and offer to re-send or issue a refund, no questions asked. It’s unclear how many refunds Amazon will issue in a given time period. Frequent lost-item refund requests will likely get your account flagged, so don’t try any funny business.

How To See If A Product On Amazon Has Had A Lower Price

The steps below will walk you through the process of using the website. Essentially this involves copying and pasting the Web page address from Amazon into a search field on the camelcamelcamel site.

Step 1: and search for the item that you want to purchase.

Step 2: Triple click in the address bar at the top of the window to select the product URL, then press Ctrl + C on your keyboard to copy it.

Step 3: Navigate to the website.

Step 4: Click inside the field at the top-center of the window, press Ctrl + V to paste the copied Amazon product URL into that field, then click the Find Product button.

Step 5: Look at the resulting graph and information to determine the lowest price at which your desired product has been sold. Look around at all of the metrics on the page, because there is a lot of information to be found that can help you make a smart purchase.

You can then use the information on that page to decide whether or not you think the price currently being offered is a good one. Note that many of the lowest prices that you see for some products will occur around the end of November. This is due to Black Friday sales, which Amazon participates in to a significant extent. has reviewed and recommended a number of different products that you can find on Amazon. Click here to visit the SolveYourTech store and see if some of those products could be beneficial to you in your home.

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Dont Forget About Subscribe & Save

If youre like my family, and order household items on Amazon that youll need again & again you gotta be using .

Think things like dishwasher detergent, dog food, vitamins, household cleaners, toilet paper, shampoo, trash bags, deodorant, and garbage bags.

You setup a delivery schedule based on usage and Amazon sends products automatically.

The best part? Youll save anywhere from 10-15% on the products you have on your subscription plan.

Id give it a try as the extra savings makes the price comparable to Walmart and Costco on most items.and you never have to leave home.

The clincher is that youre under no obligation and can cancel the subscription at any time without penalty.

Ask the Reader: How do you find the lowest price on Amazon or do you tend to pay full retail price?

Get Free Cloud Storage

Gifts under $1 on Amazon

Do you need a way to back up your most important files? Amazon Drive will give you free admission to 5GB of storage absolutely free. Upload files, photos, and videos to the cloud to make sure you dont lose your most important files.

If youre an , you will also receive unlimited photo storage, as well as the 5GB of free storage. There are other freebie sites that offer free cloud storage, but Amazon is sure to outlast them.

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Find Textbooks For Way Cheaper By Looking At Amazon’s Websites In Other Countries

How It Works: Amazons main website is a great place to buy your expensive college textbooks, but what you might not know is that Amazons websites in other countries like France usually have the books you need for cheaper. You can even use Cheap River to see a books prices across the world and find the best deal, making that $225 biochemistry book $98.

Things To Remember: International editions of U.S. textbooks are usually in English, but sometimes things like page numbers and chapter questions can be different.

Replacements For Your Mysteriously Vanishing Hair Essentials

The included case makes this perfect to stash in your purse or gym bag.

Reviews: 293Star rating: 4.3

Even if you just bought a ton of them, bobby pins always go missing. This best-selling 75-pack comes with a plastic container, which hopefully will keep you from losing the pins. At least itll help you lose them more slowly for once.

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Ways To Save On Amazon

Before you buy something on Amazon, make sure youre getting the lowest price possible on the website.

In this article, Im going to outline some savings strategies Ive put to good use when shopping on Amazon over the years.

If youre a frequent Amazon shopper like I am, you know that finding the best price is as much a sport as it is a science. In these tips below, Ill share some tried-and-true ways that may save you money on your next Amazon purchase.

Take Advantage Of Quick Sales With Amazon Gold Box And Amazon Coupons

How To Get Free/Cheap Items On Amazon 2020 #freebiebabe

How It Works: A lot of us go crazy over Amazons Black Friday Lightning Deals, but what most dont know is that Amazon keeps these popular, limited time sales going all year long on . Amazon also runs a Coupons page, which offers instant discounts on items like food and fitness gear.

Things To Remember: Amazon changes out Gold Box Deals and Coupons frequently, so it’s best to check back regularly to see new savings. You can also save Gold Box items and Coupons to your Amazon account for easier access.

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Sign Up For Amazon Prime

Like me, you could decide to . For $119 a year, the perks include exclusive deals that help you save money. Prime benefits include:

There are also deals available only to Prime members. One example: this Netgear range extender. At the time of this writing, the Prime price was nearly half off its regular price and cheaper than the same brand at Walmart and Target.

If you choose to become an Amazon Prime member, make sure you plan to use all of the perks.

Explore Amazon Warehouse To Discover Returned Or Mildly Damaged Products At Knockdown Prices

is a hidden treasure trove within Amazon’s website where its returns are resold with big discounts.

It doesn’t have every product, and those it does will be in limited numbers, but it’s worth checking if there’s something you’re after and don’t need brand-new. In the past we’ve spotted an £84 trike for £44, £30 off a Nespresso machine and £250 off an HP laptop.

You’ll get an idea of an item’s condition before buying, but often it’s just the odd blemish on the box or some cosmetic wear-and-tear most wouldn’t care about. What’s more, you still have a right to return the goods in 30 days, as you normally would at Amazon.

A few times a year, it offers an extra 20-30% off already reduced Warehouse items, so keep an eye on our weekly email. See MSE Becky’s blog for full info on how it works and what you can get.

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Have Your Own Website Or Blog Tap Into Free Cash With Amazon Associates

If you’ve a blog or website, set up a free account with , a scheme where you earn Amazon vouchers or cash for linking to the site. Just follow the steps to add links and banners to your website. When someone clicks on Amazon from your site and makes a transaction, it’s recorded and you’re paid different rates of commission depending what products you sell and what categories they’re in.

Can You Get Money Back If An Item Drops In Price After You’ve Bought It

15 (More) Things You Need From Amazon

Amazon’s prices go up and down more than a yo-yo in 1998, so it’s possible to buy a product from its site and then notice the price drop within days.

While Amazon has no official policy on refunding the difference in price if this happens, some MoneySavers have reported success when contacting Amazon about price drops that occurred within seven days of purchase, including Keith who told us:

I bought an office chair for £118, then by chance on the very day it was delivered I noticed it was £98. I logged on to the online chat and politely asked about this. They immediately answered with a £20 credit to my card. Five minutes. £20 saved

We can’t guarantee you’ll have the same success, but if you notice an item dropping in price within a few days of buying it, it may be worth turning on the charm and getting in touch with to ask if it’ll refund the difference.

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Skip The Minimum Needed To Buy Cheap Add

How It Works: Amazon offers thousands of useful “add-on” items like lip balm, toilet paper, and USB drives for prices that often beat your local Walmart. The problem is, you need a total order of $25 to qualify for these deals. You can get around this by adding a pre-order item like an unreleased video game or movie to meet the minimum.

Things To Remember: Amazon does not charge you for pre-ordered items until they ship, so if you change your mind later about that Big Hero 6 Blu-Ray, you can always cancel the pre-order and keep your cheap add-on items. Amazon will also automatically ship your add-on items after you place your order, so you won’t be waiting until your pre-order ships for your add-on stuff.

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